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Found 25 results

  1. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    There doesn't seem to be enough love here for the former Empire. Is anybody playing with their Empire army under the Freeguild / Devotee of Sigmar / Ironweld / Collegiate Arcane? To start the ball rolling here is a 2,500pt list I recently used. The list is a traditional Empire list with the addition of a Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar, using a Voltan model) and Gryph-hound (because I had a spare 40 pts). I've learnt a lot with this list and will be looking to make slight amendments for the next match... Free Guild of the Empire 2500 Leader Type Points Models 1 Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar) 360 1 2 Battlemage 100 1 3 Freeguild General 100 1 4 5 6 7 8 Battleline 1 Freeguild Guard (swords) 240 30 2 Freeguild Guard (swords) 80 10 3 Freeguild Crossbowmen 200 20 4 Freeguild Archers 100 10 Freeguild Greatswords 480 30 Gryph-hound 40 1 Artillery 1 Cannon 180 1 2 3 4 5 Behemoths 1 Steam Tank 300 1 2 Celestial Hurricanum 320 1 3 4 5
  2. Hello everyone so I'm primarily a 40k player with an avid interest in fantasy and by proxy AoS (but my friends got into 40k so...) and I've been trying to make a lot of my models backwards compatible and the three factions I'm interested in (in AoS) are Death, Dark Elves, and Free peoples so I'll be trying to make as much of my 40k models backwards compatible. But I think I have some cool conversions you may enjoy So first and foremost the images I shared so long ago here I'll reupload. I'll probably be using these as Varghesits if/when I get my Death army working. Now if I uploaded everything properly you should see my Executioner / Incubi conversions I'd love feedback and everyone's thoughts and I'll try to post everything I view as compatible, and if everyone is okay with it I'll try and squeak in models that I just find too cool not to share if you'd like.
  3. Allegiance Cards: Free Peoples

    Version 2.08.00


    All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), and DIN A4 printing sheet (if you use US letter format, you may have to scale them down - idk, just test it, because I didn't ;)) Overview and changes each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Trait(s), Command Traits, Artefacts, the two core spells (Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield) on a single card, sub-faction specific spells card size is 41x63mm (same as X-Wing upgrade cards) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed.
  4. Hammer & Anvil

    The city of Aldaz-Got was brought down seventy years ago. It was once a Kharadron Overlord skyport and fortress that was smashed down by a Bloodthirster of Khorne and a legion of red daemons of the Blood God. The Stormcast Eternals and Kharadron Overlord fleets pushed the legion back to whence they had come, and the city was saved. Mostly. The city now sat smashed upon the ground, much like a plate fallen from a server's grip. The ruins were scattered amongst the ground and the forces of Order: Freeguild regiments, Kharadron Overlords and many duardin refugees and mercenaries moved in to claim the broken city. A palisade was constructed around the ruins, though these wooden walls quickly turned to stone in months. The buildings were mostly repaired. The machinery and mechanisms were repaired. A sky-scraping tower was built for the Kharadron Overlord fleets to dock at and trade while passing through this region of Shyish. Fritz, watching the buzzing city below the cliff he stood upon, tied his bushy, wet hair into a topknot above his head. Shaking his tired head in order to awaken, he turned back to his horse and grabbed her by the reins, then led her down the path toward the large duardin-built gates. The two guards who stopped him were Arkanaughts sporting sabres and axes. They approached slowly, their masks hiding any sort of stoney emotion hid behind the lenses covering the helmet of their suits. Fritz held up his arms and one of them patted him down, a third wandered out with a volley gun. These people were very well-defended from the local wandering dead indeed. The gate opened, and Fritz walked in. The inside of Aldaz-Got was much more lively. There were duardin of all types from across the Realms. After leaving his steed at the local stables, he wandered off to find a blacksmith to repair his equipment while he was staying in the merchant town. A group of human treasure hunters passed by followed by a few mercenaries and Fyreslayers, one of which nearly raised his axe at Fritz angrily for having bumped into him. The man aimlessly wandered through this new city, finding himself inside of what was obviously a tavern. It was a cozy place, built of stone and full of mechanical wonders. Clockwork and steam ground on noisily inside, the place was full of music and singing. The bartender was a bald duardin whose head was covered in tattoos with several orange nails driven into his skull. The hunter approached tiredly and tossed a few Sigmarite coins upon the bartop. "I'd like an ale, sir." he said. "Aye. Here for anythin' lad?" he asked, turning to fill his drink with a barrel called B--man-. The few middle letters had been worn out with time. He sighed as his drink quickly appeared before him. "Aye, I am looking for a blacksmith." he smiled sheepishly. The bartender let out a hearty chuckle. "Came to the right damn place, I'd say. Find Grom's shop down the street. Grom Snorrisson. The duardin makes fine blades but also can beat out a few nails and armor plates if he needs to." Fritz smiled. "Of course, thank you." he wiped his mouth with a napkin and left the stein upon the bartop, leaving the tavern to head down the street to the local smithy.
  5. I posted here a while back before I got sucked into the new Warhammer 40k 8th Edition. I have a sizable Free Peoples collection, but I think I need to downsize it- I just don't think I can paint all of these wacky infantry, at least not for the time being. I have the following models ready-to-use. It's light on infantry, but at least for a while I don't think I can get the other 60+ infantry painted up. 1x General, 1x Grey Battlemage, 1x Warpriest, 1x Witch Hunter, 1x Gunmaster 20x Freeguild Guard w/ Halberds and Shields 30x Freeguild Handgunners (or Crossbowmen, they're unassembled) 1x Cannon, 1x Hellblaster Volleygun (or Helstom Rocket Battery, it's convertable) 1x Steam Tank I'm pretty sure this is 1500 points exactly. Using allegiance abilities, artifacts, Great Companies, etc., can this be made into a conceivably viable force? Or are these unit just not viable at all?
  6. Southern Rumble Writeup

    Hey guys, Attended our last tournament at Southern Wargamers for the year. This was the first tournament since the Generals Handbook 2017 has dropped, and I was looking to try out my Free Peoples. Since I am 99% sure I'm going to be attending Cancon next year (Australia's largest tournament), I made some last minute changes to my list so that it was more similar to what I think my final form will be. This meant assembling, undercoating and getting a base coat on 13 more miniatures one day before the tournament! Ultimately, my list for the tournament looked like this: Freeguild General - Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, Stately War Banner - General - Indomitable Freeguild General on Griffon - Greathammer and Shield, Armour of Meteoric Iron Gunmaster 20x Freeguild Guard 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen 10x Freeguild Handgunners 20x Freeguild Guard 10x Freeguild Handgunners 10x Freeguild Greatswords 5x Freeguild Pistoliers 3x Demigryph Knights Hellblaster Volley Gun Cannon So the changeup from my previous lists are the addition of 20 Freeguild Guard, a Gunmaster and Hellblaster, changing the 20 Handgunners into 2 lots of 10, and dropping a Freeguild General and a Cannon. This allows for another tanky unit, which also gets the benefits of a great company. It means I can afford to be more aggressive with one if need be. We did not know the scenarios before the tournament, they were rolled for each round. Game 1 - Sylvaneth - Scorched Earth I started the tournament up against a Sylvaneth list. He had the extremely tanky Treelord Ancient, Branchwych, 30x Dryads, 2x5 Tree Revenants, 2x3 Kurnoth Hunters with bow and 6x Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes and a Household battalion. The game started fairly well, he managed to teleport his Ancient and Treelord forwards but the Ancient failed the charge. The Treelord went in and was quickly felled by my shooting. The big trees teleport close to the Free Peoples lines Sadly, this was followed up with a lot of whiffing on my left flank. The cannon failed to dent the Treelord, the Freeguild General on Griffon went into him and whiffed completely. Something he would continue to do in the next few combat phases. Ultimately, the game was decided when I failed to keep someone on my centre objective. My opponent managed to summon more Wyldwoods near the board edge, which allowed his Scythe Hunters to teleport in as well as the Tree-Revenants. Because of this, I started migrating some of my units towards that section to hopefully give some relief and stall them out one turn before burning my objective. I moved my unit off, then moved my Freeguild General off as well. So it basically came down to losing by 1 point later on. He left his right objective really weak as the Tree-Revenants disappeared to provide additional support (and ultimately burn my left objective). My army eventually made it across the board, and stole his objective for 1 turn, and then burnt it in the 4th turn. We were only going to get 4 turns in the game, and sadly I didn't manage to roll high enough to draw on the objective points. Ultimately my Griffon also fell, after whiffing for like 3 combat phases straight, he got a miracle phase where he dealy like 10 wounds all at once, but the rest of the army failed to finish off the Ancient over 2 turns. So a bit disappointing start to the tournament. Definitely a learning experience, and I still haven't quite worked out how I'm going to play Scorched Earth. I think one poor thing I did was put all my fast stuff on one flank. It meant when that flank fell into trouble, I didn't have anything mobile to quickly scoot over and help. Major Loss Game 2 - Death with Nagash - Duality Of Death This game was against a majority Deathrattle army led by Nagash. He had a 40 Skeleton unit, 2x20 Skeletons, 20 Grave Guard, Nagash, a Necromancer and 2x Wight King (1 with banner). I felt I had the advantage in this matchup as my Griffon can take the objective turn 1. Especially if I kept him away from Nagash who could potentially one-shot him. Since I had more drops, this didn't end up being too much trouble. The Free Peoples line prepare for battle As it so happened, the game was a bit of a non event. He got the first turn and moved up as fast as he could. Sadly for him, his Wight King was not close enough to the objective so would not be scoring turn 1. In my follow up turn, my Griffon General took the objective closest to him. The rest of the line moved up, and I scored the first point of the game. Immediately after, I got the double turn which basically secured the game. The line moved further up, and started shooting the enemy units. The Demigryphs managed to get a charge into his Wight King and Skeletons near his objective. This ultimately decided the game, as the Demigryph's for the first time managed to do 2 things! The first was actually kill the Wight King in a single go, that was pretty amazing and not expected (Only just I might add), and that was only with 2 of them too boot! The third one attacked the Skeleton unit (Which had Danse Macabre on them) and killed 3 Skeletons which prevented them getting the +1 attack. In his turn, there was not enough room for Nagash to get close enough to the objective. The army slowly moved around, but basically, the Death just couldn't get to objectives fast enough. Nagash wipes out the Demigryphs and moves onto the Swordsmen The rest of the game the Death basically marched towards their deaths. I had moved up far enough that my Crossbows and Handguns were in range, and I could just hold the line with them now. So the Skeletons just marched and marched, but got shot and shot. Nagash did wade through a chunk of the army after he knew he couldn't catch up, but that was game as he couldn't catch me after 3 turns of scoring to his zero. Major Victory Game 3 - Order - Knife to the Heart The last game was against a mixed Order army. Mainly Free Peoples with a few random extras. His list was composed of a Freeguild General with Stately War Banner, Freeguild General on Griffon, Bretonnian Lord, 30x Freeguild Guard with Halberds, 2x10 Freeguild Handgunners, 20x Freeguild Greatswords, 5x Freeguild Outriders, 5x Grail Knights, Steam Tank, Hellstorm Rocket Battery. The game started off a bit concerningly. His Hellstorm took out my cannon crew, his Griffon took out the Pistoliers and his Brettonian Lord took down the Demigryph Knights. In retaliation my shooting managed to make a huge dent in his Freeguild General on Griffon and mine took out his Outriders. I then won the initiative roll, and my Freeguild General went after his backline which was extremely fragile. I took out his Griffon, and did a few wounds to the Steam Tank. I initially thought I might be able to auto-win by taking on the Handgunners, but reading that it only came into effect from turn 1, I went after the Hellstorm instead and finished it off. At this point, my opponent knew he was in trouble with a rampaging Griffon in his backline and his own Griffon downed. He kinda threw caution to the wind, and charged everything into the line which ultimately did not go well for him. Now you see a Steam Tank... soon you won't... He quickly doubled back his Freeguild Guard (Slowed down by the deadly terrain), while his Greatswords engaged my Freeguild Guard. They both slowly whittled each other down, while my other Freeguild Guard and Crossbows gave chase across the board to the enemy objective. At the end of the day, the Freeguild General on Griffon managed to kill all 30 Freeguild Guard, before being joined by the infantry to claim the objective on turn 5. The long slog had paid off, and I had tabled my opponent apart from his Freeguild General. I do feel sad for my opponent. I outranged his army, so ultimately he had to engage me. And engaging a line of Freeguild Guard which has extra shooting phases is just nasty. Even if he had won the initiative for turn 2, I think the only difference would've been a Minor rather than a major. Major Victory So that was it for the day, I managed to come in fourth place out of 12 players. I'm happy with the result, but feel that I probably got off a bit easy on my matchups after losing the first game. The 2nd game was almost an automatic win. I think if I had played against Stormcast or Tzeentch I would've been in a bit of trouble. Overall I like how the army played, but definitely need to get a bit more prepared for moving and having my army out and ready to go. I was comfortable with the amount of models I was moving around (even if I was sloppy sometimes), but the army setup in round 1 took a lot of time (and is the only game we didn't finish). That being said, I am considering changes. Two things I'm currently considering are getting more heroes. The current thought is to swap out the Gunmaster + Hellblaster Volley gun for a Warrior Priest and a Battlemage. The cannon could be a stronger piece also, but it's easy to transport (Which will be important going interstate). Hopefully I get more games done in the next 2 months, as I'm going to need a lot of practice for Cancon.
  7. Let`s chat: Anvilguard

    Hi Folks, the new campaign system Firestorm for AoS is in the way and with it new allegiance abilities. The Anvilguard's Implacable March is the one I found most interesting. Anvilgard armies are made up of some of the hardier, more ruthless armies of Order, drawing from the Stormcast Eternals, Free Peoples, Devoted of Sigmar, Dispossessed, Darkling Covens, Scourge Privateers and Order Serpentis. Very exciting is the Battalion of the Scourge Privateers the "Realm Reavers". Here is a example army list: Allegiance: Anvilguard Leaders Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Wicked Cutlasses - Scourge Privateers Battleline 20 x Black Ark Corsairs (160) - Vicious Blades & Repeater Handbows - Scourge Privateers Battleline 2 x Scourgerunner Chariots (200) - Scourge Privateers Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline Behemoths Kharibdyss (180) Battalions Realm Reavers (180) Total: 1240/2000 Sadly we cant fit the Realm Reavers in a Allied Detachement, but some fast Drakespawn Knights made it in. The battalion rule says: A Black Ark Fleetmaster, 2 Black Ark Corsairs units, an unit of Scourgerunner Chariots and a Kharibdiss. Feared Taskmaster: In your hero phase a battalion unit within 8" of the Fleetmaster can do one of the following; move as if it were the movement phase (not run), shoot as if it were the shooting phase, charge as if it were the charge phase, or if there are any enemy units within 3" pile in and attack as if were the combat phase. Capture That Beast!: Re-roll wound rolls of 1 against Monsters. ...During our hero phase the enemy is forced to move 6" away from us (on a roll of 5+ that means 1/3 of the enemy units engaged are affected), but at the same time the Feared Taskmaster lets the Realm Reavers charge after the enemy. We cant do that immediately after the 6" move, but it can be used to encircle the enemy. Things get interesting with flying Units like dragons though, which can encricle the enemy easier. Whats your thoughts and armylists with the Anvilguard allegiance? Kaleun -> some teleporting Stormcast might be brutal in a Anvilguard armylist
  8. Middenfryd

    (Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post, but I've had this idea cracking around in my head ever since they had dropped the free city generator) Fritz dodged out of the way of the gor's ancient rusted blade. The second axe made an attempt to bite his shoulder, but just as the axehead was swinging downward in an overhead arc, Fritz rammed the beastman in the muzzle with his plated shoulder. The beast growled as it hit the gnarled white tree behind it. Fritz brought his hammer down upon the creature's skull, sending splinters of bone and bits of chaotic brain across the tree trunk. A warhorn sounded. The monster hunter turned, gripping his gorey hammer and sword tightly in his gauntleted fists, gazing upon his work. The clearing was full of dead gors. All the work of Fritz's blade and hammer. He sighed, breathing. He felt the sweat bead beneath his gambeson, and he spat upon the mossy earth. Torches in the distance. Howling warcries. More of the ******. A flash of skin swung past him and the mercenary Falk, his body free of any form of armor save for the metal iron plate he wore upon his belt and the horned helmet upon his skull. Falk brought up his axe. "Hail, brother. Fancy seeing you here!" "The hell are you doing here? Falk, did you follow me?" "No. Yes. I did. I saw you in town earlier. These beasties are going to attack the town. If they burn the town, I get no beer tonight." he licked his lips, adjusting his helmet. He pulled the shield from his back. "The Freeguild regiment are making a defensive line back there. We need to cull this herd and make a retreat." "No. We do not retreat," Fritz snorted. "Eh? They've got over a hundred gunners. Cannons! Fritz, you stupid? Did you get clubbed in the head? A wall of shot will send these monsters back to their caves." "We won't leave any left standi-" he had no time to finish, as the stampeding brayherd was upon them. They crashed through the trees. Trailing them was a great minotaur. A mad duardin sporting a great fanning mohawk fell upon the gruesome monster's head and began smashing away at its skull with a giant battle axe. He was screaming, though whether in terror or anger, Fritz couldn't really tell. "By the way!" shouted Falk as he bashed the head of an ungor with his shield, "Ulf is here too!" "Fantastic," Fritz cleaved the throat out of another ungor, "now we can all die together!" The squad of monster slayers fought all night in that clearing, not retreating til they had thinned the horde, crept their way back to the town like bloody, injured cats and allowed for the Freeguild regiment of Prismheart to unleash volley after volley of gunfire on the great herd in the vast stretch of fields just outside of the city. The sun rose, and the three slayers watched from the stone battlements near the Ironweld Arsenal's cannons that sent mighty cannonballs into the horde of beastmen down in the field. Lightning crackled in the sky, announcing the coming of a Stormhost. "Thank Siggy's ******," Falk laughed, still covered in gor gore. He pulled free a flask from his hip, tearing off the cap with his teeth and began guzzling the contents down. "Ye want a drink, mate?" he offered it to Fritz. "No," the warrior replied just as another volley was sent hailing into the battle. Ulf reached out with a ham-sized fist and snagged the flask, wandering over to the ramparts to watch the battle by his lonesome. "Wild loner, that fellow." Falk shook his head. "You in town for a while?" "What the hell do you think?" Fritz asked as the Stormcast Eternals began to bleed into the heart of the enemy, waving swords and hammers as though they were feathers. Ulf watched with patient wonder. "Yes. I was hired to find them out and rescue some prisoners. Then they showed up. I guess they knew something was afoot and decided to send in the entire herd before I could get there. I hope the prisoners are alright." "Well, Sigmar's lads have it now. They won't stop til the whole forest is turned upside down, every spider shook from its nest and every gobbo fallen on its ******." he winked. "I suppose. Why even do we exist if they are here?" Fritz breathed, picking up his weapons to return to the battle. "Because m'boy, Sigmar's lads can't always be there. Free men must fend for themselves. Ulf, will ye be hopping on my horse with me?" The duardin grunted, picked up his axe, and hopped over to the barbarian warrior. "See you in the stables, then?" "Aye, can't let the Freeguild's damned Demigryph knights have all the glory." he laughed. The battle would continue until the late afternoon.
  9. GHB 2017 Experience One Month Later

    So it's been a month since the Generals Handbook 2017 came out. I gave an initial battle report in my last blog entry, and now on the eve of my 3 week holiday, I figure now is as good a time as any to write down some further thoughts. Since my initial battle, I've managed to get in another 3 games. 2 of them were using the Matched Play scenarios, while the other one used the Open War cards. I've been using the following Free Peoples list during these outings: Game 1 - Sylvaneth - Battle for the Pass The first of the 3 games was Battle for the Pass vs Sylvaneth. The Sylvaneth player dumped a Wyldwood on what would ultimately be my objective , and being an army with battalions outdropped my army easily (Either way he would've out dropped me). Deployment finished Overall this game went pretty smoothly for me, as my opponent deployed pretty far back (Given we needed to reach objectives in the mid-field). His Tree-Revenants went after my cannon, but bounced off the crew and were shot down by the cannon in return (Due to being locked in combat, couldn't move into range of something better). By the end of my turn 1, I already had control of both side objectives and was ahead on points. The Freeguild Guard race up to get control of the objective, while on the far side the Pistoliers do the same Ultimately it took too long for my opponent to get up to the side objectives. I had left a Gryph Hound and Greatswords back to prevent my opponent teleporting onto the Wyldwoods on my side of the board, so the Sylvaneth had no easy way to catch up on points. Eventually Durthu did get into the fight, smashed aside the Freeguild Guard, Demigryphs and Handgunners before being bought down. Durthu about to smash the Demigryphs, but on the far side the Griffon has dispatched of the Scythe Hunters The counter-attack was ultimately far too late. Durthu was felled by combined firepower, while the Ancient did finally control the objective the Freeguild General on Griffon had managed to demolish the rest of the army and even stole control of the enemy objective on the last turn. While the Freeguilds took heavy losses towards the end of the game, it was a resounding victory overall. The Ancient takes the side objective, but in the background the Griffon is busy gobbling down a Branchwych Game 2 - Wanderers - Open War The second game (played the same day) was against a Wanderers army. The Open War cards I remember was that we had diagonal deployment, the objective was to kill as many enemy models as possible (doubling that number if you slew the enemy general). I believe the twist may have been one army has to finish deployment first, and gets first turn unless a 1 is rolled. My opponent got choice of board edge, and got a lot of mystical terrain. Coupled with the Wanderers ability to teleport around at will, this made the game quite difficult. Deployment finished, the Wanderers appear to be on one side... My opponent got the first turn, rolled a bunch on his mystical terrain, and then both units of Glade Guard and the Nomad Prince teleported towards my main army, and took off a bunch of my Freeguild Crossbowmen. Wild Riders appeared in the backline to go after the Cannons, but thankfully failed their charge. I think both spells failed on the Eternal Guard. In my turn, all I could do is move forwards to get into range. I think the Handgunners went after one of the Waywatchers (may not have bee in range of the Glade Guard), while the Crossbowmen took some shots at some of the Glade Guard. Both Cannons I believe fired at the Eternal Guard and took some off. In combat, the Griffon ate one of the Waywatchers, while the Demigryph Knights killed 2 of the Wild Riders. Crossbowmen heavily depleted, but initiative could swing the game The rest of the game is pretty hazy. The Wild Riders basically spent most of the game going after the Cannons, failing charges, and all that. The Greatswords ultimately finished them off, but got lost in the sea of dead models. The Eternal Guard were so heavily depleted by the initial attack by the Griffon and Cannons they were basically out of the game for the rest of the battle. I believe the Nomad Prince and at least one unit of the Glade Guard (the one that hadn't taken casualties) teleported back over to take some shots at the Griffon. The Griffon had a chance to get into the Glade Guard and Prince, but ultimately failed to kill the Spellweaver in one turn so didn't have the opportunity to charge them. The Freeguild General on Griffon failed to take out the Spellweaver, so was locked in combat for another turn Ultimately, a lot of mistakes cost me the game, but getting reckless with my General was the worst one. The game was pretty even, but I decided to use him and my Demigryph Knights to go after the enemy when they teleported back over to my side of the battle. This ultimately cost me the battle as the General was slain my a Glade Guard model, and even with the combined might of all my shooting, I couldn't take out the enemy General in return (The -1 to hit was pretty tough). My General on Griffon was eventually laid low by reflected mortal wounds off the Eternal Guard also (If it seriously mattered, I would not have done this but I knew it didn't matter by that time). Game 3 - Sylvaneth - Knife to the Heart Last game I've played (and the last for a while :() was once again against a Sylvaneth army. We originally rolled up Scorched Earth, but decided to re-roll it since we had both already played that scenario. I won the roll off for deciding territory, and decided that I would take the side with the Arcane and Damned terrain, letting my opponent having the Mystical and Deadly. He had placed a Wyldwood base somewhat close to my deployment area pre-game, and I knew that he would be looking to alpha strike due to his Ancient having the Moonstone of Hidden Ways. Deployment finished, Durthu, 2x3 Kurnoth Hunters, 10x Spite Revenants all waiting to come out from the Wyldwoods Right from this turn 1, he summoned a new wyldwood with the Branchwych, buffer up the Treelord Ancient, and then teleported everything. The Ancient and Tree Revenants appeared behind my lines (With the Revenants only just being outside 10" from the Gryph Hound). The stuff coming out of the Wyldwoods appeared from the front. Unfortunately for the Sylvaneth though, the Ancient missed with his ranged attack, Durthu wasn't in range of the Handgunners. The Treelord and one unit of the Hunters managed to get in a charge, with the Hunters taking a lot of firepower from the Great Company to lose a Hunter before even fighting. A fairly lacklustre round of combat saw the Ancient only being able to kill a single Pistolier, while the Hunters killed some of the Freeguild Guard (including a few running due to battleshock), another Hunter was bought low. The Freeguild Forces get off quite easily given the army of Trees bearing down on them In return, the Free Peoples line held and blew the Ancient out of the game. The Handgunners even got to split their fire between the Ancient and the Tree Revenants with more fleeing due to battleshock. A devestating turn of events, even Durthu took a wound from the cannons. A good portion of the army gone already Ultimately there's not a huge amount more to talk about in this game. The Greatswords were killed by Durthu and the Tree Revenants, but the combined firepower of the Free Peoples was too much. One of the cannons even managed to roll 2 sixes for damage against Durthu when he had a single wound remaining! (If only it was the first turn!). The Freeguild General on Griffon got into the backline and deleted all the Dryads in a single turn, and that was about it. Thoughts So those are summaries of the games I've played so far. I think it's important to note, that it has only been a month, and we don't exactly play every week, so people are still trying things out. My opponent in the last game wanted to see how the Moonstone worked, and I think alpha striking his Treelord turn 1 was not exactly the best game plan. But here are some thoughts I have Freeguild General on Griffon This guy has done work for me every game. Sometimes he whiffs a round though, but it's going to happen from time to time of course. He is amazingly tough as well, but I haven't come up against many armies with mortal wounds yet. 20x Handgunners At some point I think I'm going to have to either make another 10 of these guys, or build up command for another unit. I've only gotten away with them being in 20's due to either my opponents not understanding their strength, or getting extremely lucky in my last game. Gryph Hound I'm still not sure I actually like this guy or not. His warning cry abilitiy has never gone off, even though I've played 3 armies which actually have 'teleporters'. My opponents will just make sure to put them further than 10" away. I guess in a way, this is fine, as it gives me a pretty critical turn to retaliate. Think I'm going to have to play around a bit more with him, my army is 1960 points so if I did drop the hound, that's another 10 Freeguild Guard I could fit in. Demigryph Knights They just... never seem to do damage. They're alright with tankiness, but without any buffs (The only one I can give being Hold the Line), they just can't deal any damage. Dunno, my gut feeling is that ultimately they'll be cut from the list unless I'm making a Freeguild Regiment. I feel I'd rather the utility of something like Pistoliers or Outriders, but for now, being painted they'll be sticking around. Maybe the Cavalry Halberds will be better? Perhaps I just have this thought of how Lances should work (Go in and blitz away half a unit) and they're just never going to be able to do that. That's about it for now. Obviously not a huge amount of experience yet, but when I'm back from my holiday, there'll be our first GHB 2017 tournament two weeks later. Should be a good work out for the Free Peoples (But getting everything painted in time is going to be trouble!).
  10. First GHB 2017 outing

    So originally the group had organised this day to play Skirmish or Path to Glory, that went straight out the window as soon as people heard that the GHB 2017 was dropping on the Saturday. Instead, the day was filled with much fun getting in a game of the new edition. For me, I'd be bringing out my Free Peoples, a force I've been building up on the side the past year or so. I also bought some Beastmen along from my 8th days, that with a few extra models translated basically into a 2000 point force also, but they stayed in the case today. For my first outing, this was the list I was bringing Freeguild General - General - Indomitable (Add 1 to save rolls within 6" if didn't charge) Freeguild General with Stately War Banner Freeguild General on Griffon - Armour of Meteoric Iron 20x Freeguild Guard 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen 20x Freeguild Handgunners 10x Freeguild Greatwords 3x Demigryph Knights 5x Freeguild Pistoliers 2x Cannon 1x Gryph Hound Which rounded the force out to 1960 points. Some of the models were 'on loan' from my older warhammer armies, potentially to be re-based in future. Note that I forgot to pack another 10 Freeguild Guard, so in this game the Freeguild Archer models are subbing in for Guardsmen. My opponent was packing a mixed Destruction list based on his GHB1 list. His list looked something like Ogor Tyrant Moonclan Warboss with Great Cave Squig Moonclan Grot Shaman Frostlord on Stonehorn 6x Ogors 20x Moonclan Grots with Spears 20x Moonclan Grots with Bows 3x Fanatics 6x Ironguts Gargant Everyone else at the club was playing Scorched Earth, and what would you know it, we rolled it up also. Definitely happy enough with that, since it's the only scenario in the new book that's completely new. After setup was complete, the board looked a little bit like this: The armies prepped and ready for war My opponent got the first turn due to finishing deployment first, and got ready to roll with his new allegiance abilities. The stone horn revved up, and sauntered forwards 6" in the hero phase while the Ogor Tyrant was bolstered by the Moonclan Shaman with a Mystic Shield. The army for the most part ran forwards, eager to engage the enemy. Of course, I knew I had made a mistake as soon as the Frostlord surged forwards. The Frostlord managed to successfully charge the Greatswords, wiping them out before they could retaliate, and razed my side objective for an early lead. He rolled a 2, so was up to 5 points at the end of his first turn! A large hill to climb. In my turn, the Freeguild great company swerved off to the side. The Freeguild Guard were bolstered with Inspiring Presence and quickly marched to block a potential charge against the gunline from the Stonehorn. On the right flank (unseen in most pictures!), the Pistoliers stayed on the objective but moved into shooting range of the Gargant whom had surged up the field. The Freeguild General on Griffon kicked his mount forwards, eager to engage the Gargant. In the shooting phase, the cannons took a toll on the Tyrant, dealing 5 wounds but failing to take him out. The Handgunners had some of their unit still in range, but only managed to take 1 wound from the Stonehorn . In the combat phase, the General on Griffon flew over the Gargant to attack it from behind, felling the towering gargant which fell to empty ground. The Freeguild units re-organise their battleline to take on the oncoming threat My opponent then won the initiative, and chose to go first. The Tyrant bellowed at the Ogors nearby, urging them forwards. The Grot Shaman was a bit too cautious though, and wasn't particularly feeling in the mushroomy mood, and failed to cast mystic shield. In the backline, the Frostlord decided that the Cannons were tastier treats, heading around the back to take out the Free Peoples artillery. The Ogors smashed into the Freeguild line, but not before being peppered with shots from both the Handgunners and Crossbowmen, downing two Ogors before they even made it into the battle. The Stonehorn smashed into the cannons, dealing 3 wounds with it's charge to one of the cannons. The Ogors make it into the Freeguild, but without the backup of their Tyrant As it so happened, the Frostlord beat both the Crews to death but the cannons were left around. The Ogors were unable to punch through the Freeguild Guard, whom took down another Ogor in retaliation. Still, the points were counting up, the Destruction were now up to 8 points and taking a convincing lead. The Freeguild General sent the command, it was time to show these beasts what disciplines and training was worth. He swiftly sent the order to the Guard, Crossbowmen and Handgunners to hold the line. The Griffon after finishing off it's meal, swooped on after the Grot Archers on the far flank while the Demigryphs swept up the hill, looking to take on the Grot Shaman if the Tyrant was felled. In the shooting phase, huge volleys of shot and bolt were shot around. The handgunners hammered the Stonehorn, taking out 6 wounds, while the Crossbowmen split fire between the Tyrant and the Stonehorn. The Tyrant was felled, but the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds remaining. Fearing for his life, the Grot Shaman ordered the Grots to let loose the Fanatics, which crazily swung into the Demigryphs. In the combat phase, the Stonehorn finished off the cannon that was in range. The Griffon swept into the Grot Archers, but his aim this time wasn't convincing, only managing to kill a few while sending more running due to the Griffons bloodroar. The Fanatics managed to kill a noble Demigryph Knight before being savagely pecked to death. The Ogors still couldn't get through the Freeguild guardsmen, their blows being parried and blocked while the Guard dealt a few more wounds to the Ogors. Still, the Free Peoples were still far behind, with only 4 points to Destructions 8. What happened next, was that the Free Peoples won the initiative roll. However, it looked like it might be better off to let the enemy take the turn, their backup was still far off in the Ironguts, and the Stonehorn and Ogors both on their last legs. So the Destruction got to go, with the Ironguts deciding to stay in the backline. Unforeseen was the cunning Grots having the foresight to retreat from combat with the Griffon, keeping the objective in their favour. The Stonehorn tried to smash it's way through the lines again, but was shot down by the Freeguild Handgunners stand and shoot. Additionally, the Crossbowmen of the Great Company provided supporting fire to the Freeguild Guard, shooting it's way through the Ogors who were bought down in a hail of Crossbow bolts before they could even land a blow against the Freeguild Guard. The Ogors in the Freeguild backline were finally cleared up at the loss of the Greatswords and Ironweld Arsenal, but the points were racking up, they had now accumulated 11 points to the Freeguilds 4. Now was the time for the Freeguild to take the offensive to the enemy. We would have to make sure we claimed the enemy objectives in this turn, to stall their own resources while catching up in our own. The entire Freeguild company surged up the board, with the noble Gryph Hound been relegated to supply duty keeping the middle objective. The Demigryph's swung around to the side, they would need to keep the objective on the far flank safe in future turns. In the combat phase, the Griffon managed to wipe out the far objective, finally the Freeguild had taken superior control of the battle. The points now were 7 to 11 in favour of Destruction, could they keep their lead? The army marches forwards while the Demigryph's make their detour towards the far objective Destruction won the roll off this time, and were more than happy to play on the defensive. Cautious of the blasting the Ogors had received earlier, and unsure where the Freeguild army was heading, the Ironguts backed off. If the Handgunners wanted to shoot them, they would have to work for it and the points were still racking up. the Destruction force now had accumulated 13 points, while the Free Peoples were only on 7. Still, the Free Peoples marched on. Marching the forces up and over the hill. The Crossbowmen at the doubled, their firepower would be needed in the final turn. The Handgunners moved up, blasting away at the Ironguts but not managing to get much damage through. The Demigryphs in the meantime had taken the far objective, while the Freeguild General on Griffon had swooped around to harass the Grots from the rear. The Freeguild Guard and Griffon both made their way onto the Grots holding onto the objective. The Guard managed to kill a few, while the Griffon added to the count, but at the end of the day, many Grots fled but 3 remained, crucially keeping the objective for the Destruction forces. The Free Peoples were catching up, now 10 points to 13, but were they catching up fast enough? The Grots died well, and still held the objective at the end of the fourth battle round The initiative roll would be crucial, if the Free Peoples held the initiative they would surely take the game, razing the objectives, but if the Destruction won they could still accumulate points. As it so happened, Destruction won the roll off and the Ironguts surged forwards. In a show of pure bestial fury, they smashed into the Freeguild Guard and smashed them into the ground, the Grots still held the objective and the Destruction ended with 15 points. In the final turn of the game, all focus was on the 3 Grots. If the Free Peoples could kill those Grots, they would hold 2 of the enemy objectives and be able to raze them for bonus points, if not, the Destruction would run away with the victory. The General ordered the Handgunners to stand fast, while the Crossbowmen mounted the hill. The Grots however, were short and sneaky, hiding behind the much larger Ironguts. The Crossbowmen could only slay a single Grot, while the Generals pistol failed to wound. Would the Grots win the day? The Handgunners plonked away at the Ironguts, dealing massive damage laying 3 of them out. As it so happened though, both the Freeguild General and General on Griffon managed to slam into the Grots. The Freeguild General, leading his forces, got the job done, slaying the 2 Grots. Finally it would come down to how much bonus supply could be gathered from the Destruction objectives. The dice were rolled, and in total the D3's came up as 3 and 1, meaning the Free Peoples would get a total of 6 points, bringing them up to 16 points to Destruction's 15. Victory to the Free Peoples The end of the game, the Free Peoples had snatched the victory at the final hour Wow, what an amazing first game. It was excitingly close. Losing one of my side objectives first turn was devestating, as it put me on the back foot from the start in terms of victory points. Still, I managed to claw it back right at the end of the game. Definitely some things I bought away from this game is that with my Great Company, and even having only 2 home objectives, I felt it would've been difficult to manage both keeping my own objectives while engaging the enemy. I badly misplaced my Gryph-Hound (Which was essentially useless in this matchup), and should've kept him on my far objective, freeing up the Pistoliers to go do some work. I also think it was a mistake to have all my fast stuff on one flank (Especially given the point I just mentioned). My opponent held one of his objectives with just his single Grot Warboss, a faster unit on that flank could've given my opponent more grief, potentially muddling up his battleplan even more. Putting both my cannons close by as well was also a huge mistake. I knew there was definitely the possibility of him going around the back rather than smashing into my lines with the Frostlord, and should've separated the cannons to stop them both going down in one shot from the Frostlord. I also didn't split my fire with the Crossbowmen efficiently enough at one stage during the game. I probably could've killed both the Frostlord and Tyrant with the Crossbowmen, but instead focussed more fire on the Tyrant which overkilled him, while the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds. It didn't make a difference in the end, but something to keep in mind in future. Overall though, great game to kick off GHB 2017 with. Looking forward to getting more games done in future!
  11. The Fall of Hollenstahl

    "We're beset on all sides by the vile rat-people, the bellowing hordes of Chaos, and strange cold-blooded lizard creatures. Our once glorious city is facing its most challenging times yet, but we will endure these hardships because if we don't then who will? Hollenstahl may have fallen but the Great Watch has not!" -Watch Captain Hans von Greijen *** Private Rotschild, a son of a nobleman forced to join the Watch after the Great Invasion despite a life spent reading and studying, but showed surprising talent with a blade when push came to shove.
  12. Glory to the Free Peoples

    Hi all, New blog here. In my second entry I'll probably talk more about myself, but here's the main thing. I love the Free Peoples. Always enjoy the idea of us regular joes, teaming up together to fight against the alien, the monster, the enemy within! I've collected Witch Hunters in Mordheim, and both Dogs of War and Empire in previous editions of Warhammer (Amongst many other armies!). But my thoughts at the moment belong with the Free Guilds. I've also always been a bit of a grouch about how slow GW is at doing some stuff, and supporting older armies. There are some armies (like Freeguild!) that basically have almost all the components to be a real army in the game, but they're held back by lack of battalions and heroes - basically, lack of a Battletome that brings all the goodies out. Maybe GW don't do it because there was initially some very negative perceptions of Beastclaw Raiders and Bonesplitterz, releases without new units. Even I didn't really enjoy it that much, but it did breath a lot of life into those armies. So what I've set out to do in my free time (and perhaps, even my not so free time), is set about creating some rules about what I would do for the Free Peoples within the Age of Sigmar. I certainly won't promise something as awesome and outstanding as Tyler Mengels custom Tomb Kings rules, but I do want to create what I kind've call a mini-tome. A battletome that lacks fluff, but has all the cool rules, allegiance abilities, command traits, magic items, and battalions. I'm no writer, so fluff isn't my forte, but I reckon I can give a shot at the rest of the stuff. Today, I'm putting out there my rules for Allegiance Abilities, and to a lesser extent Command Traits. My thoughts behind the Free Peoples, or more specifically the Freeguilds, are that they should be the Imperial Guard of the Age of Sigmar world. Humans, are nothing special individually. Not as tough as a Duardin, not as graceful as an Aelf, not as strong as a Stormcast Eternal. But what they lack individually, they make up by fighting united, in regiments of soldiers side by side. Strict training and regimental discipline means that the sum is greater than the whole! And that's where the Allegiance Ability comes in. My version of the Allegiance Ability for Free Peoples is called Orders. Any Freeguild General (whether on foot, horse, griffon or demigryph to come!) can give an order to a friendly unit nearby. This gives them limited perks that help them out just that little bit. If you need your Handgunners to be that little bit more effective this turn, order them to Bring it Down! Giving them re-rolls of 1 to hit. How about those Pistoliers need to get into the fight, order them to move At the Double! to help them run further. Your soldiers may be facing mighty beasts that cut swathes through their ranks, but the order for the men to Stand Fast! will help them keep their courage and stick around. Last but not least, sometimes men just need a reminder to Aim for the Weak Point! Ensuring their blows land true. Whatever you need your soldiers to do, there's an order to give them! As long as your soldiers understand of course... One thing that's possibly quite debatable about my allegiance ability, is the fact that you can potentially cause more harm than good. Under the pressure of battle, Generals can give bad orders, or maybe the unit misunderstands the Generals intention. Either way, sometimes a unit will be confused and won't be able to perform their action this turn. I really like this idea, and I borrowed it from Warmaster where you could Blunder your order. It's a really interesting dynamic, in that the further away you are there is a chance that things could go wrong. Luckily, we are talking about trainer soldiery, and they will be back into order within the turn. I do think it's something that could be debated though. Allegiance Abilities to date, only give benefits, never downsides. You don't want to feel that something that should be benefiting you for taking a Free Peoples army ends up being a downside. So we'll see what the feedback is, perhaps it will just revert to Order Lost, but I want to keep it around for now. In regards to Command Traits. Not super happy about 4 and 5 and 6 at the moment, as they're basically just too similar to Grand Alliance Order. I do like number 1 and 2, they're personally my favourites because they tie into the Allegiance Ability and allow you to eek out an edge. Anyway, let me know what you all think! Hope you enjoy, and hope that GW sees the Glory of the Free Peoples and brings out a battletome. But in the mean time, I'll feed my thoughts your way! FreePeoplesAllegiance.pdf
  13. Future of the Free Peoples

    In the current lore, the old Empire is basically out of the picture. Free Peoples models still being produced, but but no Getting Started set or battletome. Keyword lumps them in with discontinued lines like Bretonnia, and as a faction they're split between Freeguild, Devoted of Sigmar, Collegiate Arcane, and Ironweld Arsenal... currently a "limbo" between compendium and modern faction. Where do you think the Free Peoples are going? Are they one foot in the grave? Or on their way to a flashy new re-release?
  14. Free Peoples MSU

    I'm mainly a 40k player, so I'm accustomed to the meta of MSU- a large number of duplicate small units with more tactical flexibility than a large unit. Many units in AoS however, especially Free Peoples, get buffs for being in large groups of 30-40 models. Should such armies focus exclusively on large blocks of units, or is there a benefit to MSU in Age of Sigmar?
  15. Free Peoples - Short Range Shooting?

    As a 40k player used to playing Tau, I'm not accustomed to AoS units with short ranges like 14" or 16". Actually, having foot troops with ranges below 30" feels totally foreign! In AoS, I assume, it's uncommon for armies to really open fire until the second or third game turn, once units have moved a little? Or are there tricks for even short-ranged armies to get nice alpha-strike damage? I hear that Freeguild Handgunners are very powerful, but with their short 16" range they're limited to controlling/covering only one objective! I feel like the ability to camp one objective, and shoot at another, is critical to a shooting army's success. How does this work in AoS? Are Crossbowmen better for this sort of tactic? Or is there something I'm not realizing about Handgunners?
  16. Free Guild Guard with Swords and Shield

    First rebased Free Guild Guard aka Swordsmen. Did some repainting as well to work better together with my Stormcast.
  17. Free Guild Demigryph Knights

    Command Group for my unit of six Demigryph Riders, painted in 8th and rebased and repainted some for AoS
  18. Joining Order: Cathay?

    Salutations all! Recently, I decided to dip into some of my older projects and interests and I had the idea of creating a Cathay-themed army for Age of Sigmar. Overall, I know exactly what models I'm going to gather together to play, but here's the thing; what would be effective? I really have no idea. I had thought Free Peoples as a base, using the Freeguild and their various weaponry to form a solid core of Cathay warriors. My good man, Joe, over at Watchful I Studio produces some gorgeous, if limited, casts of Qin-era infantry and did me a solid to equip them as needed. However, I want to play the army in a more traditional Cathay theme, so the Freeguild regiment isn't really on my mind, as for one, I hate Outriders and Pistoliers, and for two, they are out of character. The thing I love about Age of Sigmar is that the system allows you to pull from anything you want to build your lists, so a properly themed army is easily done. However, I like winning games as well. I am a gracious loser, and I enjoy the fun of playing, but every once in a while a good win is good for the soul. So as for an army list to begin working with, here is what I have so far. I will provide a brief explanation of any non-faction units afterwards. Freeguild General - Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, General, Strategic Genius Freeguild General -Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, Stately War Banner Battlemage 30 Freeguild Guard -Swords, Shields, Sergeant, Drummer, Banner 30 Freeguild Guard -Spears, Shields, Sergeant, Drummer, Banner 20 Freeguild Greatswords -Sergeant, Drummer, Banner Celestial Hurricanum 3 Demigryph Knights -Preceptor, Banner, Hornblower, Lances and Swords 5 Reavers -Harbinger 20 Freeguild Crossbowmen -Marksmen, Banner, Pipers -1980 points The Reavers here from the Dawnspire kit will be stand in for the Hung Auxiliaries from the old Cathay sourcebook. Other than that, this list generally functions on the normal Freeguild premise that I've seen so far on the forums. It seems a solid base to me. I'd like to work in maybe a few more gunline-type units I think, like another unit of Crossbowmen, and also a unit or two of Bretonnian Archers. Between the two, they make a good base for traditional Chinese (erm...Cathayan) phalanx tactics. The points though just aren't there, but this list was meant to be more competitive than fluffy. What are your thoughts?
  19. Future of Free Peoples/Order humans

    I've been tempted by Free Peoples a number of times during the last few weeks, but won't take the plunge because I fear that the human factions are due for a major overhaul to make them more unique to AoS. I realize that no one probably knows where GW is heading in this regard, but what are your thoughts? Are the current Free Peoples doomed to be a static faction that gets replaced by a new line of post-apocalypse humans? Is Steam punk in their future in an attempt to make humans more unique? Where do you think it is heading?
  20. So I've finished my Seraphon, I'm about halfway done with my Tomb Kings and giving thoughts to the next potential AoS project. In 40k I play Imperial Guard with tons of infantry so the idea of the army of Regular Joes really appeals to me. With that in mind I have a couple of questions about the Free Guild. First what kind of models should I look at as I'm building up to around 1000pts. My local gaming group is mostly narrative leaning towards competitive (stupid Kurnoth hunters ). Is pure Freeguild alright or should I shop around in Ironweld and Collegiate as well. I would like to keep the focus on infantry so I'd rather not hear 'bring 15 cannons, ally in Stormcast, and min squad the cheapest Free Guild you can'. I also have no idea as to the effectiveness of any given unit (other than Mathhammer) as no one I know plays Free Guild. Secondly just how difficult, or perhaps tedious, is painting Free Guild? I have an IG army with 180+ infantry Guardsmen so I can paint hordes. My concern is that the Free Guild infantry look very frilly and fluffy with lots of little details that stand out poorly if not painted well. Any advice would be welcome as well as links to painting tutorials for Empire dudes. Thanks all! Its time the regular Joes showed all these giant monsters, chaos beasts, and super-humans the strength of humanity (with guns)!
  21. Free Guild Guard with Swords and Shield

    First rebased Free Guild Guard aka Swordsmen. Did some repainting as well to work better together with my Stormcast.
  22. Free Guild Demigryph Knights

    Command Group for my unit of six Demigryph Riders, painted in 8th and rebased and repainted some for AoS
  23. 1000 points Free Peoples

    I'm considering getting into AOS, and one of the armies that sparked my interests are the Free Peoples Would love your opinions on the following list and what you would change Freeguild General on foot with Freeguild shield 100 points Celestial hurricanum with wizard 320 points 30 Freeguild Crossbowmen 300 points 10 Freeguild Guard with sword/shield Helstorm rocket battery 180 points I'm honestly not sure about the celestial hurricanum , Its really expensive and other then having a wizard and the +1 to hit, i mostly plan on hiding my general behind it, so he can't be shot down as you wont be able to see him But for 320 points i can get ALLOT more troops I went for a Helstorm rocket instead of a cannon for the simple reason that it can target things even if there hiding Thanks!
  24. Starting Point

    So to kick off the new army I made a quick trade with a buddy looking to clear out some old Empire stuff. He played 8th ed. but just couldnt get into AoS so I was happy to trade him some other game items for this. Here's a pic and then I'll walk through what your looking at: 1 General on foot with hammer and pistol 20 Handgunners 20 Greatswords 30 Freeguild Guard I feel that it's a pretty darn good start since the handgunners and guard are Battleline units and the Greatswords are just absolute blenders in combat. What I really love about this army is the synergy between units. So many bonuses to hit (and sometimes to wound) make this an extremely deadly force. I can get those guns to hit on a 2+/2+ (not without some effort of course) and the fact that they have rend can ruin someone's day. The only unit I'm not excited about is the Guard, I just feel like they are incredibly basic. Sure, they can become good with the same buffs as anyone else; Im just not as amazed at them as the other units. As you can see in the picture, I opted to base them all on 32mm. Some local guys were telling me that 25mm would have been better but frankly Im not fond of that idea. I already have a bunch of spammy 25mm troops in my Death army, so im not looking for that. Truthfully, with the wide stance of the swordmen (Guard) and long barrels on the handgunner, I just think 32mm look better. Now that everyone is based I'll begin the painting assembly line. Im looking to go for a black and purple scheme which I think will make them stand out nicely. Now I looked up the points at my local store (The GHB isnt released to the public yet) and this comes in at 860 points. My goal is to get it to 1000 and start playing (Read: Winning) games with them. There are a few directions I could go here and I'm nt set on one or another: -drop 10 of the Greatswords (bringing me back down to 700 points) and add a tank -Add a few more Guard and try the Free Guild Regiment formation
  25. Freeguild Archers

    My favourite Empire infantry kit. A real joy to model and paint! painted by bottle