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Found 14 results

  1. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    There doesn't seem to be enough love here for the former Empire. Is anybody playing with their Empire army under the Freeguild / Devotee of Sigmar / Ironweld / Collegiate Arcane? To start the ball rolling here is a 2,500pt list I recently used. The list is a traditional Empire list with the addition of a Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar, using a Voltan model) and Gryph-hound (because I had a spare 40 pts). I've learnt a lot with this list and will be looking to make slight amendments for the next match... Free Guild of the Empire 2500 Leader Type Points Models 1 Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar) 360 1 2 Battlemage 100 1 3 Freeguild General 100 1 4 5 6 7 8 Battleline 1 Freeguild Guard (swords) 240 30 2 Freeguild Guard (swords) 80 10 3 Freeguild Crossbowmen 200 20 4 Freeguild Archers 100 10 Freeguild Greatswords 480 30 Gryph-hound 40 1 Artillery 1 Cannon 180 1 2 3 4 5 Behemoths 1 Steam Tank 300 1 2 Celestial Hurricanum 320 1 3 4 5
  2. Hi all I'm a slow painter but these days I found a club where I can paint at least once a week and I finally made a few progress on various mini waiting for a long time. First, my Blood Warriors from the Storm of Sigmar box. As an eternal Slaanesh follower, I converted them a bit to become Slaaneshi enslavers :
  3. Free People Allies

    So what is everyone thinking of running for allies with Free People? There's a serious lack of heroes in the Free People, so I feel like that's an area that could use some supplementing. Do you all think that the Hurricanum is too expensive and takes up too many of our allies points now?
  4. WTB: Empire

    Looking to buy Empire units. Currently looking at all and anything. Most notably, artillery, crossbowmen, cool stuff lol. I don't mind paying shipping to Australia so long as it's fair and well packed really. Show me what ya got! Cheers everyone
  5. Hi Guys, Figured it might be a long shot, but does anyone have a gotrek and felix model they would part with? Preferably after these ones, but will take the older ones (anything really haha): I'm in Australia, payment via paypal preferred. Thanks for looking! Crispen.
  6. Questing Knights

    Are there enough Monsters in the meta to run Questing Knights? Are they good enough without the monster buff to take them anyway?
  7. Ive been thinking about starting a Free people army. 1000p is what i want to aim att first. But i have no clue about the do's and dont's in this army. How would you play a 1000p with competitive focus? I like swords and shield battleline and handgunner. They good? Please be dirty..since my gaming group is all about the competiive side of the game. Thank you in advance //KIM
  8. Demigryph Knights

  9. Hi! Just before the Old World exploded I painted 20 knights panther. I am a slow painter and I have very little hobby time, so this took me a while. As compendium scrolls are now being disallowed at many tournaments, I am no longer able to use them as Empire Knights in tournaments. The last tournament I went to disallowed compendium but allowed TK and Brets, and the TO allowed me to run them as Brettonian Knights of the Realm. Now, the next tourney will ban Brett's also, so I was wondering if there are any good "counts as" warscrolls for my beloved knights?
  10. Free people list building help

    Hey, I'm preparing for an upcoming local tournament (my first AoS-tournament and my second warhammer tournament) using the SCGT comp pack, but with legacy scrolls allowed. I would love to get some feedback on my lists. Basically I wan't to use my Free people army, but with some added punch from the Stormcasts. LIST # 1 HEROES Empire General (4) - Stately War Banner Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Wizard (18) King Louen Leoncoeur (20) Knight Vexillor (8) - Pennant of the Stormbringer UNITS Empire State Troops x 30 (12) - Shield & Sword Empire Crossbowmen x 30 (18) Paladin Retributors x 10 (20) WOUNDS: 121 TOTAL POINTS: 100 / 150 King Louen provides battle shock immunity to the state troops, making them good objective grabbers. The crossbowmen, backed by the generals "Hold the line"-ability and the hurricanum, will be firing 60 shots hitting on 2's and wounding on 3's, with one third of the wounds resolved at rend -1. Retributors and Vexillor of course provide a heavy hammer. LIST # 2 HEROES Empire General (4) - Stately War Banner Celestial Hurricanum With Celestial Wizard (18) Empire Master Engineer (4) - Pistol King Louen Leoncoeur (20) Celestant-Prime (16) UNITS Empire State Troops x 30 (12) - Shield & Sword Empire Handgunners x 20 (12) WAR MACHINES Empire Cannon (13) WOUNDS: 97 TOTAL POINTS: 99 / 150 Very similar to #1 but with the Retributor hammer traded for a Celestant Prime, and the crossbowmen switched to handgunners. Fewer wounds, and fewer non-hero scoring units, but with a cannon. --- Any thoughts and comments would be much appreciated. Cheers, Job
  11. 1000 points army

    I have not played fantasy before and was thinking about starting an AOS army: Dieter von Steinhof - general 100 Udo Zimmermann - priest 80 Franz "Verrückt” Braunsweiger - steam tank 300 Maas Saxen – handgunners leader 100 Leopold Plecken – guard leader 80 Malahir ”The Shadow” - Shadowblade 120 Morahti – 220 1000 (english is not my first languish) ”They will hunts us down and hang us for treason... but not if we find it... Then we will be heroes and more important... we wil have a fighting chance!" The bald priest whispered to the two other men around the table. Dieter looked at his two old friends for a moment and drank from his beer. "Let's do it! I am only a Captain of the City Guard, but I know that Maas Saxen and Leopold Plecken will follow me... so that is 10 handgunners and 10 guards." Franz Braunsweiger emptied his beer and called for another round." Very well, you know I am in as long as it involves driving Gisela.. happy days ahead!” Udo frowned ”It will not be happy days!! It will be noticed that we... and especially that dammed tank of yours is missing... and people will not be happy..." Franz was about to said something about his beloved steam tank, but new beers where brought to their table and they all went silent. Dieter still smiled and then said "What a group we are; A fighter, a priest, and a crazy steam tank commandor set for saving the world...” ”And an Aelf...” They all looked up at the shadow loming over them. ”Aaah Malahir... we did not see you...” ”Pepole don't see me... Unless I want them too. I think it is time I repay my debt to you.” The aelf answered in a low voice. Udo frowned again and said ”So dramatic...Are you bringing that girl of yours when repaying Dieter?” ”You do not like, Morahti?” Malahir ask back. ”Oh no! It is not that... it is just that... she makes me... a little uncomfortable.” Udo and Franz did not look pleased, but Dieter still smiled and said ”We can trust them... and now we have an assassin and a mage in our little party as well... All we need now is a dwarf!” Only Franz laughed and Dieter continued ”...It is settled then... lets change this bloody war!"
  12. Free People vs Sylvaneth This was my first battle using the Generals handbook. I was commanding a mixed force of Free peoples and Stormcast eternals, and was facing the Sylvaneth and The Everqueen herself. The scenario was Blood and Glory which meant holding four objectives in four corners of the board. Starting from round three, if any player held all four objectives, a major victory was scored. If a player held more objectives than the opponent at the end of the game, a minor victory was scored. The Sylvaneth army Alarielle Treelord Ancient Spirit of Durthu Drycha Branchwych 3x10 Dryads The Free people army King Louen Celestial Hurricanum Freeguild General Knight Vexillor 20 Freeguild guard 10 Freeguild guard 30 Freeguild crossbowmen 10 Paladin Retributors Deployment The entire Sylvaneth army, except 10 dryads, set up on the Free people left flank. The Free people army sets up directly across, with the Freeguild guard at the front. The right flank is held by the small unit of guardsmen. Battle round 1 Sylvaneth 1 The Sylvaneth army bundles up and moves into one of the wyldwoods on the Free people left flank. Ten dryads move up the right flank. Free people 1 The Free People line trundles slowly towards the Sylvaneth, getting within 20” to fire off some shots at the Spririt of durthu in the woods. The spirit has a 2+ armor save, rerolling ones and shrugs off the shots. Battle round 2 The Free People win the initiative, but decide to give the turn away. A crucial mistake as it turns out. Sylvaneth 2 Drycha charges forward and fires off her Swarm of squirmlings at the Freeguild crossbowmen, killing 22 of them. Alarielle moves forward and throws the spear of Kurnoth at the hurricanum, dealing 6 wounds. Alarielle and Drycha then crash into the Freeguild line, wiping out the unit entirely. Free people 2 The Vexillor summons the power of the stormbringer pennant and moves the retributors within charge range of the dryads and the two treemen still left in the wood. The power of the pennant and the shemtek storm from the hurricanum kills 8 dryads. The retributors decide to charge into the treeman ancient. King Louen tries to charge the other dryad unit, but fail the charge, needing a five, and is left hanging on the left flank. The retributors put some wounds on the treemen, but not enough to kill anyone of them. Battle round 3 Things are looking grim for the Free people. The main line of units have been wiped out, and the retributors are fighting an uphill battle against the treemen in the woods. Sylvaneth 3 Alarielle and Drycha charge the Freeguild general and the Knight Vexillor hiding in the left corner, protecting one of the objectives. The dryads on the right flank walk the spirit paths over to the left flank, securing the objective in their own territory. The vexillor and the general are killed. The retributors continue to fight the treemen. Free people 3 King Louen charges the branchwych, but fails to kill her. The hurricanum kills the dryads on the right flank with a combination of shemtek storms and comets. The retributors kill the treeman. Battle round 4 The free people control the bottom right objective, and thanks to the king, the top right objective is contested. Sylvaneth 4 Alarielle flys back towards her own territory, getting ready to shoot at the retributors and charge King Louen. The King kills the branchwych. Free people 4 The hurricanum move in front of the objective on the right. The king bravely retreats from Alarielle, still contesting the objective. Battle round 5 The Sylvaneth now control two of the four objectives, and the only Free people forces left are six brave swordsmen, the King and the celestial hurricanum. Sylvaneth 5 The Spirit of Durthu walks the spirit path, jumping from the wyldwood on the left flank to the wyldwood on the right flank, in front of the hurricanum. However, he fails the charge and is left standing in the wood. The queens spells kill King Louen, turning him to a pretty wildwood, and shooting takes care of the last remaining retributors. Free people 5 The free people choose to bravely guard their objective, not moving at all. The battle ends in a minor victory for the Sylvaneth, since they control three of the four objectives.