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Found 264 results

  1. Hey everyone, This is my first post in this forum I think. I earlier registered here but never visited again after that. But after all the leaks of the GHB2017I thought this might be a good place to discuss this topic, because for me this is very important. I startet playing Ogre Kingdoms with Warhammer Fantasy and was super excited that the Gutbusters found their way to the Age of Sigmar. I got even more excited after the release of the Beastclaw Raiders Book. I read a lot about the lore and found out that sometimes the Beastclaw and Gutbuster tribes meet each other to share their meals together. But after I had seen the leaks of the new GHB2017 I got really sad, because there was nothing in it for a Gutbusters player like me. As GW talked about the new Handbook they said that they wanted to update the factions, which got left behind. I also hoped after I had seen the newest "army books" that I would see a lot of different spells for Destruction wizards. Something like different spells for Butchers, Waaaagh! magic for Weirdnobs etc. After I had seen the leaks about points I think Gutbusters are in a pretty bad state at the moment. Especially because the old "Destruction Allegiance abilites" got nerfed very hard. I can see where these nerfs are coming from. But now as a Gutbusters player I only seem as allies of Beastclaw Raiders. My deepest dream would have come true if they had gotten extra allegiance abilites, spells and command traits. Another thing I have never understood is why Maneaters and Firebellies are seperate factions. I also had hoped that Maneaters would get a price reduction. I would say they are definitely weaker than Ironguts, but cost more. I think they are beautiful miniatures but I can't see them in a game, because they are not worth the price. Why don't summarize them all under "Gutbusters" Allegiance? I had hoped that GW seperated these factions from each other, because they wanted to expand on them later. But at the moment I have the feeling that GW isn't interested in investing in Ogors anymore. I found the idea of an Ogor Alliance extremely unique for a fantasy game. There are no other game systems where Ogres have an own organized faction. This is what made AoS and Warhammer Fantasy unique for me. But at the moment as a Gutbusters player i feel really left behind, especially because I had hoped that in the new GHB2017 there would be some ogor love. Maybe GW is working on a new Gutbusters book right at the moment. But for me it doesn't look that way. What do you think about the state of the Gutbusters?
  2. Good morning all, I thought it was time I got a thread together to gather all my thoughts and progress on my Ironjawz army (perhaps branching into Destruction in a broader sense). I will be including modelling, painting, army lists, battle reports etc etc, I didn't want to do it as a separate blog or anything as I like the idea of keeping it within this Destruction sub forum (which for my money is the best part of the forum at the moment - some great chat, really enthusing me for this army). Hopefully @Ben and the Moderators are cool with this decision. As well as this thread, you will also be able to hear about my exploits on my podcast - The Black Sun. You can find all the most recent episode on this forum, or check out iTunes or - It's not family friendly like most of the other podcasts out there, but is entertaining I like to think. Also I am reasonably active on Twitter, and usually like to post photos of most my games etc. Follow me @the_black_sun I do actually have armies for all 4 of the Grand Alliances in AoS and whilst I am working on all of them simultaneously in various ways, I've definitely noticed my focus begin to increasingly shift towards Destruction. Disclaimer - when the Dark Aelves are released in whatever guise they may be, I am likely to abandon ship and spend all my time in the Order sub forum, being that they are my true Warhammer love, but for now, I'm all about the Ironjawz! I've always been a fan of Orks in Warhammer 40,000 but have never actually played Orcs & Goblins in WFB. So whilst the detractors and troggoths bemoaned the pseudo 40K look of the Ironjawz, I think for me this aesthetic really drew me in and got me going green. So I have already actually played a bunch of games with Ironjawz, having gone "all in", as they say, on the release, but these were all at 100 SCGT points and included a Magma Dragon just to make up the points (oh, and its pretty good!). I figured with the impending release of the General's Handbook, now was a perfect time to draw a line under what's gone so far and start afresh with the new system. We won't get into all the recent allegiance nonsense, you can read about that in other threads. Suffice to say, the Battleline "unlocks" for Ironjawz and the Destruction traits and artefacts make for a pretty nice combination. I'm not saying Ironjawz are going to be out there winning events (certainly not with me using them, if my abysmal results at Call to War are anything to go by!) but I am hoping and somewhat confident they can be competitive...and we have a pretty extensive thread on that right here in this forum! So this is pretty much just an introductory post for now. I have already painted some models (not as many as I would've liked); Megaboss Krunk, who can be found in the gallery and 5 Brutes. I will take some better photos and add them to this thread as soon as possible. I am reasonably happy with the level of the paint jobs and whilst not my best work, believe the army will look nice upon the table. I've intentionally kept the basing quite plain, though I am consider scraping off some areas and adding the flavour of the month; Agrellan Earth, just to add some interest. Using my 40K Ork bitz box I have been able to customise my models and this combined with some reposing has allowed me to make all 20 Brutes so far individual. Just a bit of a shame I got my Gore-gruntas after the Brutes as mixing in their Jagged-Hackas would've been super cool. Considering another 10 Brutes just for this purpose. This weekend (Thursday night to Sunday) I am attending Bossfest, a camping, drinking, gaming extravaganza. Whilst there will be various games being played, I am hopeful of getting in a good few games with Da Black Sunz, which will be the only AoS army I'll be taking. These will be my first games under the General's Handbook and will be played to 2,000 points using the Matched Played Battleplans. Many people in attendance will be practising for my 1 day event, Rain of Stars, which is removing the army restrictions and adding a sideboard (as the event is two weeks after the book drops), so we will also allow that over this weekend, therefore some of the armies I play may not be exactly true to the book. However, this should allow for some solid competition and really stress test the army. The list I use personally will be General's Handbook legal though. For now, my pool of Ironjawz models is; Maw-krusha (happy to use as Gordrakk or Megaboss), Megaboss, Warchanter, Shaman, 20 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz, 3 Gore-gruntas. I am not adverse to buying more though! 2 more boxes of Gore-gruntas are definitely happening after assembling some this past weekend - amazing models. It's worth pointing out that aesthetics are definitely a consideration to me in this army. Here is the list(s) I am currently considering for the weekend; Da Black Sunz - 2,000 points Gordrakk - 700 Megaboss - 140 Warchanter - 80 Weirdnob Shaman - 120 10 Brutes with Jagged Hackas - 360 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 10 Ardboyz - 180 Ironfist - 60 Total - 2,000 points Nice to hit the 2,000 points dead on really! That seems a challenge in of itself under General's Handbook. The main change I am considering is dropping Gordrakk for a baby Cabbage. The 180 point difference is nice as it allows another battleline unit - in this case Gore-gruntas (mostly just to get all my models on the table). If I wanna keep the big man in there, I can also include the Gore-gruntas by dropping 5 Brutes. What do people think on this? Seems small to me! I'll leave it there for now. This afternoon I'll add my thoughts on Command Traits and Artefacts! Thanks for reading, Chris
  3. I guess I'll start with, Hello! I've played two games so far and am wondering if I need more chompas. I am having trouble deciding. I have 20 spears and 10 chompas. I'm not sure that was the best thing to do. Looking at range vs chopping power. I've stumbled onto one other misstep I've made do far as well. I'm more sure about this one than the chompas vs Spears. I have a mob of 20 Morboys. I'm thinking 2 mobs of 10 would actually be more useful. none of their abilities/rules seem to gain from large mobs. Any thoughts on these would be welcome! Thanks for reading!
  4. If you don't use Twitter, you can alternatively enter at the Stronghold over here:
  5. My homemade roge idol of gork!!
  6. My homemade Rogue idol of gork!
  7. My homemade Rogue idol of gork!
  8. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  9. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  10. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  11. My homenade rogue idol of gork!
  12. So I rocked up to Rain of Stars with my "mostly Grots" list: Goregutz the Troll Hag 400 Stompy the Rogue Idol of Gork 480 Char the Magma Dragon 520 Grimjaw the Dread Maw 440 Morejaw the Dread Maw 440 20 Grots (the Green Moon Clan) 120 3 Fanatics 90 This list was intended for SCGT style tournaments (where monsters can always score), so it suffers a lot under the GH. I only had one hero for example and a low model count for scoring. Game 1 I was drawn against the replacement player Laurie - we had a mutual friend Bowlzee and he was a true gent. He had had to use a borrowed army, which was: Archaon Hellcannon Varanguard Harbinger 5 Marauder Cavalry 10 Plaguebearers 10 Plaguebearers 3 Bile Trolls The Battleplan was Blood and Glory (4 objectives - you can claim and then move off). Deployment I had essentially one decision to make, which was whether to go double Dread Maw or Dread Maw plus Magma Dragon. My thinking in taking the latter was that the Magma Dragon could get its 2 D6 mortal wounds against the blocks of 10 Plaguebearers in cover (I knew they had wards), so i could put early pressure on his objective on my right. I regretted this in hindsight. I basically feinted with the Grots on the left and put all my other units on the right. Laurie put his Hellcannon on my left with a bunker of Plaguebearers to stop my Dreadmaw killing it. I made my General Char, the Magma Dragon, so he could take Bellowing Shout for +1 to hit. I let Laurie go first. Battleround 1 Laurie moved up his cavalry and turned the Varanguard Nurgle (so they benefitted from the ward save from the Harbinger). The Hellcannon did a casual 9 mortal wounds on the Magma Dragon. I responded by surging forward with really good rolls for Rampaging. The Magma Dragon was wounded, so i sent it into the Marauder Cavalry and shot 7 wounds off the Plaguebearers. The Troll Hag also shot some wounds off the Varanguard. The Rogue Idol made it into the Varanguard. My Dread Maw emerged on the far right and made its charge into the Plaguebearers on the objective. It thought rolling a triple one for three 2+ wound rolls was acceptable. However, it still finished off the unit. The Rogue Idol fluffed its attacks, such that only one Varanguard died, with another left on one wound. This was costly as the double pile in meant it got 4 whole models worth of attacks instead of 2. The grots advanced on my left and strung out a line towards the middle of the table - the trap was laid. The Marauder Cavalry did 3 wounds to the Magma Dragon. In hindsight, I should have taken the first turn and just alpha striked the Magma Dragon (with mystic shield) into the Varanguard before they got their ward saves up and killed the whole unit, then i would hope that Archaon would fail his Slayer of Kings roll. At this point I'm holding 3 objectives, but only scoring at the end of the game. Battleround 2 Crucially - I lost the initiative. Archaon sidestepped the Rogue Idol and advanced towards the Troll Hag. The Hellcannon did another 9 mortal wounds to the Magma Dragon - killing it. The lone fanatic popped out of the Grots and charged Archaon (rolled an 11 I think - that's why the grots are out of frame) - pinning him in place unable to charge Goregutz the Hag. 30 points versus 700. Boom! The Varanguard inflicted heavy damage on the Rogue Idol. Stompy finally killed the second Varanguard (but Laurie rolled obscenely well for ward saves all game). Archaon smashed the Fanatic - raging with fury. In my turn, the Dread Maw failed its mystical terrain test (I had no choice as the terrain was where the Plaguebearers had been guarding his objective). My luck went to pieces from this point on. Stompy and the Troll Hag still failed to kill the Varanguard. The Grots engaged the Plaguebearers and did zero damage. I lost a few in return and a few more to Battleshock. Battleround 3 I lost the initiative again. This time the Hellcannon took off the Rogue Idol. Free of the fanatic, Archaon went towards my table edge to capture my objective (instead of attacking). The Troll Hag finally got rid of the Varanguard. The Dread Maw passed its mystical test, but rolled terribly for movement. The Grots retreated forwards towards the Hellcannon - hoping I would get a double turn to kill off the crew. Laurie had 2 objectives and I held 2 also. Battleround 4 I lost the initiative again ( so no Grots triumphantly taking down crew) Now it was down to trying to prevent a major loss. Archaon came back from the objective and attacked the Troll Hag. In combination with the Hellcannon he killed it. The Plaguebearers and Grots exchanged some inconsequential attacks. In my turn, the Dread Maw managed a decent move to recapture the objective that Archaon had previously nabbed. The Grots now had to retreat and formed a patchy line so as to block the Plaguebearers from getting any models within 6 of the objective. Battleround 5 Now thinking that I've missed a turn somewhere. Anyway - I think I finally won the initiative and held onto my objectives. Laurie couldn't get a major. In his turn, Archaon came down and rolled well to kill off the Dread Maw. He would have gotten a minor victory anyway due to kill points. I was disappointed with how few Kill Points i got. Laurie didn't make any mistakes other than because he didn't know exactly how fanatics work. I thought I played it pretty well, especially on the left flank where the grots held up a much more valuable chunk of Laurie's army (and could have taken out the Hellcannon crew with a double turn). I certainly focussed hard on the objectives, which helped and rightly didn't even try to touch Archaon. Visually, Archaon and the Varanguard against the monster mash looked amazing. A really fun game for both of us. In hindsight again - why didn't I just use the shooting attack of the magma Dragon to fry the crew of the Hellcannon - effective range of 34 inches - derp. I think I was focussed too much on using the double damage against blocks of 10+ models to clear off the objective. After that game I shelved the Magma Dragon and went for Double Dread Maw.
  13. Warbossowie! Gork i Mork przemowili (a moze to byl glos Gorkamorka?)! Czas skrzyzowac choppy, chompy, stikki i stabby i udowodnic, kto w Warszawie jest najlepsiejszym Warbossem! I nie bedzie to bitwa na papierze, theory-hammerowcow, statsiarzy i punktowcow. Zaden szanujacy sie orruk, grot, ani tym bardziej ogor nie umie liczyc do trzech, wiec nie bedziemy walczyc na punkty tym razem! Wszystko w rekach Morka (albo Gorka). Przed nami kampania na zasady RAW Path to Glory i Age of Squimar...eee..Sigmar (wybaczmy GW blad w pisowni) - Sciezka do Slawy dla Najsurowszego Warbossa Jakiego Widziala Warszawa (ang. WAR SAW RAW BOSS;)). Najlepsiejszy Warboss zanim poprowadzi swoje Wielkie Waaagh! Bedzie poddany przez Gorkamorka wielu probom, spotka sie z innymi Warbossami na tradycyjnym orrukowym swiecie Feast of Pork© i przeleje rzeki Battle Brew(zanim nastapi przepowiadana przez prorokow prohibicja w GHB17). Zasady kampanii sa proste jak budowa choppy i znajduja sie w pdfie, do ktorego link ponizej*: Gork i Mork przeznaczyli Rytualna Skale Orkow(Orc Ritual Rock) dla swojego wybranca, gdzie bedzie mogl zlozyc glowy poleglych Warbossow. Jest to przepiekny element scenerii ufundowany przez Mini Monsters ( ), czesc ich orkowej kolekcji, ktora znajdziecie na stronie. Reszta Warbossow nie odejdzie z pustymi rekami. 3 kolejnych wodzow dostanie znizke 20% na produkty Mini Monsters! Zgloszenia przyjmuje wstepnie pod tym postem, a docelowo tak, jak w pdfie, na maila Wpisowe do uczestnictwa w kampanii to 15 pln. Szczegoly w pdfie. Wasz Prophet! * - zasady byly proste... teraz po konsultacjach z Morkiem (albo Gorkiem)wydaja sie bardziej zawile niz same zasady PtG;)
  14. Hello there traveller, This is slightly overdue but alas here we are - Da Bad Grinz - I won't lie, it took me a lot longer to come up with the name (In fact it came to me one particularly unpleasant night during some sort of fevered dream state) than I care to admit, I'm quite particular about naming things so I don't want to commit and decide to change in a months time! Similar to other topics of this sort I'll be posting progress as well as thoughts and questions to those of you who have more answers than myself. As such any feedback or help you are willing to offer - please do! I'll also make an effort to comment on certain things I struggled with and any solutions I found so that others may benefit. My Ironjawz consist of a start collecting box, a Weirdnob warband, a black orc big boss I recently acquired and another unit of brutes that is constructed of other models within the GW and FW range. Another thing I don't care to admit is how long it has taken me to assemble all of this, it seems I'm quite slow and overly thorough with mould lines, even going as far at times to scrape edges when I know they're there but can't see them. Anyway time to attach some bad pictures of grey plastic dappled with milliput as I'm currently in the process of filling every gap that I can see, probably making more of a mess in the process. This is Megaboss 'Daddy' Waaghbux - Not 100% on the name but it makes me chuckle. Apologies for the blutac, I haven't attached his hands as I want to magnetise them both for future ventures, and the skull parts too as I'm in the process of sorting any gaps first. Also different head on this guy which was fun and satisfying to do. Here we have my Weirdnob who has no name, probably because I like calling him a Weirdnob. And my Warchanter Garth whose chest pieces caused me an absolute nightmare as I decided it was a good idea to glue them together so sub-assembly purposes, in the end I've pinned both and drilled his nips ( managed to go straight through one chest piece with my drill which was rad cool) Brutes, they were all a dream as I was able to stick their chest pieces together separately for painting purposes, and still manage to wriggle them into place for when I do eventually glue them. All apart from peg leg there second from the right, he's the only one who won't do that and as such I've had to leave his chest pieces separate to get them in - which is why they look weird propped up in there. Okay so technically I've lied, I have only constructed five out of my fifteen 'Ardboys. I plan on having them all with two single handed weapons, and I'll probably get another Weirdnob Warband to round them out to 20 'Ardboys and for the other Brutes too. I've also decided not to bothwe with any Milliput goodness on these guys as I'm going slightly insane with it, and also the joints aren't bad at all, none of them are over flat pieces of armour so I'm chill. Very Excitingly I've done a minor addition to my drummer and added a spare axe to his back for cool factor and also so he legitimately has two weapons. I've used two small lengths of wire and twisted them tightly using an electric drill to get this rope effect, and after a bit of manipulation I'm happy with the results. Gore-Gruntas are super super cool models, the number of gaps in their faces and undersides annoy me, as well as the backs of the riders themselves having lots of joints to fill, also on the two normal pigs the ears were fairly frustrating. In fact the one on the right didn't go in properly before the glue set so I've had to fill a couple of mm here and there around the ears but it makes no difference now. Also the boss has a second choppa, because he's the boss and gets an extra attack so it's fluffy or something. The weapon was an unused one from my Brutes and fit perfectly. And finally my rag-tag band of Brutes from across the realms. Featured as the Brute boss with claw and smasha we have Grumlok and Gazbag in the centre, the friendly Moonclan Grot offering emotional support in the bromance. Either side of Grumlok we have Badruk on the left and Grimgor on the right (Jagged Gore-Hackas), both direct descendants from their name-sakes (or so they tell everyone). And finally the two resin models from Forgeworld have yet to be named, for the one with the big axe (Gore-choppa) I'm thinking Ludwig 'Eadhunter, and for the one with the wyvern wing standard (Jagged Gore-Hacka) I'm thinking 'Blahblah Wyvernsmasha' or something along those lines. And that's it for now! I'm putting them all on Shattered Dominion bases, I'm looking to use a colour scheme that compliments their skin and armour. But this post is probably illegally long or something like that now so I'll stop here. I'm away for the weekend so progress will be slow for a while. I'm super stoked to get them on the table but that won't be for a long time yet as I don't want to put them on their bases until everything is basically painted. I've pinned all their feet for painting access and drilled some pieces of wood for them to sit on. Okay seriously I'll stop now, if you've read this far then thank you for feigning interest. Thanks team Will x
  15. Hey gang, I'm back with a new project! I tried my hand at some Stormcast , but they just didn't have that green skinned appeal I've loved since I painted my first plastic Kev Adams orc almost twenty years ago. Ive been admiring the Weirdnob Shaman from afar since it came out, so once I'd settled on Ironjawz he was an obvious choice for first mini. Pretty happy with the results, can't wait to get cracking on this box of brutes I just bought. I've even cooked up a little short story for him. If reading about psychodelic orky vision quests isn't your cup of tea, just skip on down to the pictures at the bottom. Otherwise, enjoy a sneaky peek at Wurrgrim the shaman's first steps into a larger world!
  16. Hello everybody About the rule "release the fanatics" it says "At the start of any charge phase... set up the fanatics within 1 inch of the unit that is hiding them, The fanatics can then charge" Yesterday my opponent released his fanatics during his charge phase, but his unit was already engaged, so when he released them, the fanatics were already less than 3 inches from my models. In this case, can the fanatics still perform a charge move? Or are they locked in combat immediately after the release? Because the rule says, under the section CHARGE PHASE, "You may not pick a unit that is within 3'' of the enemy" And in this situation the fanatics are within 3'' when they are released. What do you think?
  17. Took about a month off-and-on to paint these. Finally at a point where I feel fine about calling them done. Could definitely do another round of highlights, and maybe will at some point.
  18. Waagh to you fellow muscle-loving psychopats. I'm preparing a 1500 army my local tournamets (I do have a 1000 points Ironjawz army and 2000 points Beastclaw Raiders Beasthammer-oriented army) but for 1500 I'm... not pleased. I could do a typical 2 Big Guys, 2 Mournfangs and a Hunter Beastclaw one, but I find it lacklusting at such points. So I thought to myself - "Hey, I like big muscled sweaty dudes, let's add some more of them!" and I've came out with something like this Allegiance: Destruction Frostlord on Stonehorn (460) Huskard on Thundertusk (340) - Chaintrap 3 x Ogors (120) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 3 x Ogors (120) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 3 x Ogors (120) - Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists 3 x Leadbelchers (160) 3 x Leadbelchers (160) Total: 1480/2000 In theory, I'll have both some bulky lads to run thru the frontlines, a zoo-oriented sniper called Thundertusk and some Lead to rain down my enemies. That's the plan, but I'm not sure how it may work in game? Any pointers / ideas? I'm trying to avoid taking puny goblins since they are neither muscles nor sweaty.
  19. Oi! I thought I would follow everyone else’s example and start my own painting thread, highlighting (pun intended) some of the things I have been working on. Short background, I’ve been seriously painting minis for almost two years, dabbled in 40k stuff when I was a kid, few years ago I painted some Orks, but this period is my first time actually trying to learn how to paint. The hobby aspect of AOS is I think the thing that really motivates me, I’m not the best player but I love to paint and think up conversions, so basically I see myself as a hobby hero, which absolutely informs how I create armies and play. Right now my project is...IRONJAWZ! I picked up the Ironjawz originally when they first dropped, I was new to AOS and I’ve always loved Orks in 40k, so this was a no brainer. I painted them up, played one game, and then moved on to Skaven (love those little ******). I’ve came back around to the Ironjawz and stripped my old models, bought some new ones, and am currently trying to get ready for a local tournament here in Alberta. I’d like to take the Ironjawz but I have to do a LOT of painting in not that much time, so we will see. First batch of Ardboyz here, I knew I wanted a red colour scheme, but clearly this is A LOT of red. Next batch is coming up soon, should be a bit more colour variation.
  20. Leaders: Frost Lord on Stonehorn -Pelt of Charangar -The re-roll everwinter command trait. Huskard on Stonehorn -Pelt of Charangar Huskard on Thundertusk Battleline: Mournfang Pack - 2 models Mournfang Pack - 2 models Stonehorn Beastriders Battalions: Eurlbad
  21. Hi there, Some of you might have seen my pitiful thread in the Painting section where I started a bit of a journal around painting Ironjawz. All I bought initially was a box of 5 Brutes which I have nearly finished painting now. SO ... the question is what should buy next? I spoke to @Chris Tomlin around what would make a reasonably strong (for Ironjawz) 500/1000/1500/etc list but I thought it would be a bit of fun to run a poll and whichever model/box wins gets bought and assembled/painted next. There is one caveat though... I am really not a massive fan of the 'Ardboys , which are, as far as I understand, the old 8th Edition Black Orcs re-packaged? Perhaps I was spoiled by the Brutes but I really do not dig them very much. Is it possible to make a decent Army without 'Ardboys?
  22. I originally posted this in the Chaos sub forum, but this should really be posted for everyone who may want it. I created a template that I've used for making Disciples of Tzeentch stat cards. Though you can make slight modifications and make these for any faction in AoS. I plan on getting my set printed up on large form playing cards through a company. If you have any questions please let me know. And if you make anything for an army, please share it and help the community out. Here is an example from my completed set.