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Found 214 results

  1. Hi all, I'm seeking wisdom on the application of using Vanhel's Danse Macarbe on my Wight king General with the Red Fury command trait. Does Red Fury activate immediately after my second 'pile in and attack' as well as the first? (providing I roll high enough). Thereby making my humble wight king attack four times a turn? Your guidance is much appreciated.
  2. Hey there, Just started soulblight and have written a list for 2.5k for something to work towards and am chasing some critique or advice. Idea behind it is to cast the vampire on abyssal terror spell on the block of 10 bloodknights and buff them with the zombie dragon command ability and mystic shield them if necessary and just basically run everything up behind summoning skeletons to hold points etc. Here's the list: LeadersVampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440)- General- Vampiric Sword & Shield & Chalice- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookVampire Lord On Abyssal Terror (220)- Vampiric Sword & ShieldVampire Lord (140)Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight Battleline10 x Blood Knights (520)- Soulblight Battleline10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient BladesUnits2 x Bat Swarms (80)2 x Bat Swarms (80)2 x Bat Swarms (80)Total: 2500/2500 I currently have 1k worth with a vampire lord on zombie dragon and 2 units of blood knights, I would be keen on duel faction if someone can suggest some cool stuff/combos. Was also looking at possibly cutting back on points and adding a mourngul but we'll see what response I get or whether it's necessary.
  3. death

    Hi i'm trying to make death army and I need some advice. My list: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 440 Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (Totem) 120 Necromancer 120 Corpse Cart 80 Blood Knights x 5 260 Morghast Arcai 240 Zombies x 40 (Battleline) 240 Total: 1500 Point Total model: 51 I'm trying to make synergy with Wight King + Necromancer + Corpse Cart + 40 Zombies : Front line And have Vampire Lord on ZD + Blood Knights + Morghast Arcai : Flanks Magic synergy with Morghast + Corpse Cart Should I remove Morghasts and add Dire wolves and make more synergy with my front line and add Grave Guard or Hexwraiths or Black knights for more flanks?
  4. I'm toying with a Soulblight army, and I like some of the utility Bat Swarms bring via their -1 to hit in the shooting phase rule. However, the GW models are abysmal. What are some good alternative models I could us instead? I'm aware of the Lord of the Rings bats, but I'm not in love with the cost ($13 per swarm - 6 of these for $78 is gross). There are also the Reaper bat swarms, but I'm unsure of the quality of the sculpt.
  5. So this is what I'm thinking for 2k FEC list to play for a while idea is the king on ZD can summon a gheist with sword or if I need to help on objectives I have them points to spend on other death units, the king on foot is going to be the one out of GA:Death I know this will bug some people but his command ability is just much better , and the necro is to dance the horrors to get maximum effect out of them.
  6. 11 Jan 2017

    Continuing to paint more fluffy units to use with my TK. Vampire lord on abyssal terror, what 4x move on buffed necroserpents is fluffy...
  7. I want to do a settra that fits more in the nighthaunt realm. I was thinking doing some sort of kitbash with a mortis/throne?? What do you guys think? Ideas?
  8. Looking for a bit of advice. I have an army mostly built of Deathrattle units and I'm thinking about picking up one of the Start Collecting sets to add to it. I currently have: Wight King w/ Black Axe Necromancer Cairn Wraith 2 x 10 skeletons with swords and shields 20 skeletons with spears 10 Grave Guard 5 black knights Which set would bring the most to my current force? The Skeleton Horde one would give me a Mortarch, another 10 skeletons, which I would probably use to make a unit of 30 spearmen and some more black knights, where as the Flesh Eater Court set would give me a Vampire Lord on a dragon, some vargheist and some ghouls (which I believe don't synergise all that well with deathrattle). Could the Malignant set even work? Any advice from more experienced players would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Just as the title says, what do people think is generally stronger ~ faction-specific armies, backed up with the special artifacts, traits, and such, from the newer tomes, or taking a general army of the cream of the crop from across the breadth of one of the four Grand Alliances? I've (so far) gravitated towards Grand Alliances over faction specific forces with both Destruction and Order, but now with the new Chaos Battletome coming out, I can't decide whether I want to go faction-specific for my next 3k points, or to stick to my theme of pulling the best from each race.
  10. Hi everyone, my first post on this forum. I have recently rebased and revamped my old TK models that have been sitting in a box unused for a couple of editions. I'm looking to try and have a reasonably competitive list using only tomb kings war scrolls. This is the list so far, all comments and critiques welcome Settra-360 (general) Royal warsphinx-340 Tomb King-100 Liche Priest-120 Tomb Herald-100 10 Skeleton Archers-100 10 Skeleton Archers-100 10 Skeleton Warriors-80 10 Skeleton Warriors-80 3 Skeleton Chariots-140 15 Tomb Guard-240 3 Necropolis Knights-160 Tomb Legion-80 TOTAL-2000 The idea behind this list is to use the bonus's to hit and wound from Settra, royal warsphinx and tomb king in conjunction with the liche priest spell and tomb legion battalion ability. This will allow the tomb guard and necropolis Knights to generate bonus attacks from hits and wounds (potentially on a 4+) using Settra to launch them at the enemy once fully buffed. I realise the skeletons could be better in units of 20 however I would not be able to take the tomb legion battalion. Thank you for your feedback.
  11. 07 Jan 2017

    First models complete of 2017: 10 zombies to go in my TK list. Basically i I copied a netlist (written by domus) and there were 40 points spare so I was able to upgrade 2 of his units of zombies to skellys to stay more on theme but the last unit had to stay zombies and I had none painted.
  12. Started Warhammer about a month ago and I am creating a 2k death army. My army so far is comprised of the following... Arkhan the Black Necromancer Wight King w/ Axe 30 skeleton warriors 5 Black Knights 2 Morghast Archai I was wondering how I am doing so far and what units I should add/remove to have the best composition that works within the rules. I am discovering new rules every day and don't want to purchase too much or too little of units. This army is currently 1180 in points.
  13. It's time to get started on a new project, and for once I'm working on a pretty current one. I got sweptup in the delusional grandeur of the Flesh-Eater Courts, and picked myself up King Vlagorescu's host. Add that to the twenty ghouls, Varghulf, and Zombie Dragon I already have, plus my favorite necromancer for magical support, and it's starting to look like an army For the sake of consistancy the ghouls and Varghulf will be stripped and repainted. I'm really looking forward to working on this project! I'll be back with an update once everything is built
  14. Considering selling my FEC army for something else, would consider trades for Daemons only but would have to be same Value or with money either way. Quite a large lot and mostly painted Points wise, over 5k and value wise £841 retail from GW. I would be looking for around £350 for everything posted (recorded of course and postage inclusive would be UK) Complete army list on scroll builder Books, FEC and Death grand alliance 3 Terrorghiests, one painted one part one plastic 1 Zombie Dragon, painted 4 Morghasts painted 60 Crypt Ghouls, 10 plastic, 10 part 40 painted 18 Crypt Horrors, one undercoated, two built as Courtiers, 3 plastic rest painted 40 Zombies, 20 built 20 NOS neferata Undercoated Zandri dust and washed with Serphim sepia Konrad Von Carstien painted Henrich kimlier painted Wight King undercoated Ghoul king on foot painted 10 Hexwraiths undercoated Vargulf Painted
  15. After this FAQ.... I've had to make serious changes to my competitive FEC. With changes, now they're just grand alliance death... but I feel it's possibly stronger.. C&C welcome.
  16. So I've been trying to think of a credible Nagash list for a 2000 point game and I'm struggling. I don't think the old Nagash plus Neferata combo is viable any more (without double casting due to the rule of one) and without the summoning pool. Morghasts are 20% more expensive than in SCGT, which is fatal as far as I'm concerned. Thus far, I've though about combining Nagash with a Ghoul Patrol formation, just to get some bodies on the table and allow for an alpha strike to hold up the enemy; and about having a generic hero as General to give Nagash the 5+ ward save. Any ideas welcome.
  17. Hello folks. A quick introduction is in order. I'm Bill Castello, 1/3 of the hosts of the Rolling Bad Podcast, and I have started this blog in the back, dark corner of TGA to allow you to have a good laugh at my expense. I have been into AoS since it first came out (day 1 adopter) but I never played a single game of WHFB in my life. I have played GW games since Rogue Trader came to my FLGS when I lived in Germany. It has been a hell of a ride, and I have loved every minute of it. I did take the obligatory 10-15 year break from the hobby as I explored model railroading and scale modeling. As to modern times, after AoS came out I joined up with 2 friends from the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, Elric Edge and James Tapia, and started a podcast called "the Rolling Bad Podcast". (you can find it here on TGA in the podcast area). We decided that we all had to go to a big tournament, and we chose the Las Vegas open in February of 2017. At the time of the decision, I had plenty of time to make my army and get it painted. I was going all Seraphon, all the time. Why Seraphon? Well, I blame Luke at the Phoenix Arizona games workshop store. I was there on a business trip and he forced me to buy a Seraphon Getting started box and the big Thunderhost box set as well. (and by forced, I mean he showed them to me and I impulse bought them.) I liked the fluff and the background and they seemed very fun, compared to the no-magic-having Stormcast I was playing. So, in for a dime, in for a dollar. I bought it all. I got a lot of it built and some of it painted as well. Then it hit me like a ton of dread saurian. Not only did they not perform well in matched play, but I was not enjoying the painting either. It was becoming a chore, and it was certainly not fun. I hemmed and hawed, and hemmed... then hawed. I cogitated. I slept on it. (literally, I had the Seraphon battle-tome under my pillow one evening.) Then it hit me. I did not like the Seraphon army. I'm not knocking them, but they weren't firing me up to play or paint. They were not my cup of tea, as it were. What to do? I have always played some version of undead or death in every game system I play (Cryx in warmachine etc.) I like the look and feel of Death, and they got a little love with flesh eaters, right? But, It was too late to change armies, wasn’t it? Nope. I dashed off to the FLGS and bought the Skeleton horde Getting started box. I already had a Zombie Regiment box and some Skellie boxes scattered about the nerd ranch. (FYI - I call my house and all things in it, the nerd ranch). The rest of the army is coming by way of the FLGS and Santa Claus's benevolence. So, that's how this little blog starts. An idiot, inexperienced player with buyers remorse decided to change armies with 44 days before a Games Workshop sponsored major event and has dreams of doing well (like going 1-4 would be awesome!) Feel free to lambaste me and call me names, I am retired military and have a thick hide, you'll not hurt my feelings. Call me anything, just not late for dinner! And if you feel like being encouraging and supportive... well that's great too First night's progress? One box of 10 Skellies is assembled... From those Skeletons will issue forth the forces of death and destruction, laying wasted to all that stands between me and my destiny!!! I can't say I will blog every night, but I will try to keep it updated, so you can all laugh and enjoy the ride with me. Thanks for coming!!! Bill
  18. Hey we have a tournament coming up soon in my neck of the woods and I want to take some carrion. Now with the circling high above rule how would you work that with objectives? It says the enemy ignores the carrion, but does that mean if i placed them on an objective they could just move onto it? Even if my models are blocking it? Sorry if this seems silly or has been answered already.
  19. Okay so I've had a vampire lord on dragon sitting on my side forever and I finally got round to building it and I decided to swap the head for an old dark eldar archon head and it got me thinking about converting a full death army using aelves models, dragon princes for blood knights, regular high elves painted like spirits to use as skeletons etc. now what I was wondering is would this make sense at all and also would it be a major problem for playing it at comps if I made it completely obvious they are dead and not dark aelves
  20. Hi folks, Bit of a lurker on TGA, don't get much time to access the site as unfortunately it's banned by my IT Department at work, probably a good thing! I've been meaning to set up a painting log for a while here showing my progress with the Flesh-Eater Courts which I have been painting and playing since early September. I am thoroughly enjoying the army. A lot of fun for a surprisingly low scroll count army! Like a lot of players my list at the moment tends to work around Ghoul Patrol, Horrors and Characters on Beasties. I've had a play with Royal Menagerie and am working on lists for both Attendants at Court and a mixed Death list, potentially working in Neferata as a general. Anyway some of you may have seen my Flesh-Eater Courts via Twitter but thought I'd share them here too. I'm always looking for constructive criticism and would appreciate any tips! If anyone wants a break down on the bases let me know as I've taken photos stage by stage. I'm currently working on Neferata. Proving to be a bit of a chore! I'm trying freehand and NMM techniques on her and I'm having mixed results. I'll persevere! Again any tips hugely appreciate! 😄
  21. Hi guys, Been crafting a 1000pts FEC list as I think they may have some potency at this level. This is what I have come up with Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 400 Red Fury, Cursed Book 20 Crypt Ghouls 200 10 Crypt Ghouls 100 Reserves: 300 The idea is to bring on a unit of Flayers and a unit of Horrors from reserve when and where I need them. The big unit of ghouls charge forward with the King who buffs them up, and the smaller unit hold a backline objective or harrass. My only concern is whether the Horrors and Flayers pack enough of a punch to rely on this gimmick. However I cannot see a better list that uses the GKoTG at this level. C&C appreciated!
  22. I haven't really figured out what a Coven Throne is worth (probably not its points?), but has anyone ever run Arkhan and the throne together so that Arkhan can cast Beguile. Would be interesting use him to cast it on something like a Stonehorn (on an average roll, needing a 10 on 3 dice) or other big unit and charge him into it, forcing him to flee or do nothing and waste its output for a turn. The pair is 600 points and it's probably not worth it, but had the idea and wondered if anyone has pulled it off for a good story.
  23. So I've been tabling every opponent in the ITC events (only 2) here in the United States and I must say this is a pretty strong lis and want everyone's opinion and advice of continuing the success of Death. Thanks guys! LeadersVampire Lord (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Ring of ImmortalityNecromancer (120)Crypt Ghast Courtier (80)Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (400)- Artefact: Ring of ImmortalityUnitsCrypt Ghouls x 40 (400)Crypt Ghouls x 40 (400)Crypt Ghouls x 30 (300)BehemothsWar MachinesBatallionsGhoul Patrol (100)Total: 1940/2000 The Vampire Lord was chosen to give any of the ghoul units an additional melee attack in combat maximizing the dice at now 4 each! The necromancer on a nightmare for maximum distance and the range to allow a unit of ghouls the ability to attack twice. That's strong. Crypt ghast courtier is a needed model for the formation, but is not bad as it can replenish up to 6 ghouls every hero phase. Aborghant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon I find more appropriate due to his spell that allows units in range to reroll wound rolls. And is a Ghoul King which gives the ghouls the ability to reroll 1's to hit. Ring of immortality to maximize him back. Maximize ghouls, and formation helps with deep striking and every unit of ghouls rolls a d6 to replenish. So basically one unit of ghouls can receive 4 attacks a piece, reroll ones, attack twice, and reroll wound rolls. Not that bad! Been working out very well. And if kept near vampire lord, they have the 5+ invulnerable save too. Replenishing with formation and courtier. Very nasty list and I've made no friends playing this.... Enjoy guys and I look forward to some revisions and opinions! - Alexander Hemedinger.
  24. I've been playing chaos extensively for over 25 yrs. I've obviously amassed a large collection in this amount of time.(30k+ pts worth). I've been thinking of either: A. expanding my chaos forces with skaven. Pros- Works with what I already have. Adds LOTS of ranged attacks to an army that sadly lacks it. Lots of really cool monsters/characters. Cons- Horde army. LOTS of rats to paint. Or: B. FEC. Pros- From the little I've seen, a pretty hard to kill army with a lot of attack output. Lots of cool monsters/characters. Good synergy. Easy to paint. Cons- Not sure here, hence the posting. Here's your chance to convert me to death.