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Found 400 results

  1. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Anyone have any thought, hopes dreams, army builds ideas about Nagash and his unquiet minions? Im hoping that nighthaunt get a decent chance
  2. With the upcoming Disciples of Tzeentch release looming, I decided to get back into Age of Sigmar with a new army. You may have seen my old Astral Templars on Warseer at one time but unfortunately they had to be sold because of financial difficulties. As things have gotten better I have gone back and forth on what game I want to collect and decided to go back to my roots in Warhammer and build a Host of Tzeentch; the first Warhammer army I made back in 2003. It's been a long time since the days of hunchies and when the first multipart plastic beastmen set came out. When the Tzaangors box was released with the Thousand Sons I knew the arcanites where coming and I took the plunge. These Tzaangors aren't completely done but they are a good show of where I will be going with them and the army as a whole.
  3. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    Two weeks ago I fell for the Death hype and bought myself a Death Army. I have a 1 day 3 game tournament coming up in 9 days. This thread will chart my progress with the army, report on my games in the lead up to the tourney and beyond. To begin here's the list I've submitted for the tourney: Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Nagash, (General) (800) Spells: Amaranthine Orb, Vile Transference, Fading Vigour Arkhan the Black, (320) Spell: Soul Harvest 4 Morghast Archai (440) 10 Skeleton Warriors (80) 10 Skeleton Warriors (80) 10 Skeleton Warriors (80) The First Cohort (160) The three spells on Nagash are (in my opinion) the best debuff, heal and damage spells. Arkhan gets the one I feel I can just about live without as he is more likely to be lost than the big fella. And here's a picture of the basic painted army so far. Still have two more archai in the process of being undercoated. As you can see I've gone with a bold but easy scheme.
  4. Here we gho(st)

    I have a picture in my head of men in blue polo shirts roaming the streets of Stockport looking for urchins left by the gradual decline of the north, offering them a pasty to come into the warehouse and pack boxes ready for tonight posting. In fairness nothing of the sort is likely to happen as Element Games provide excellent service and rounding children off the street is the socials job. But I do think that demand for this book will be immense. In a matter of hours 1000's of volumes will be winging their way across the nation and I for one cannot wait. Let's hope it lives up to the hype, and that we are all enjoying the filth we can raze tomorrow when the post arrived.
  5. First game with the new books

    So i regularly play against a Khorne player and have sometimes struggled to put together killer combos as good as his triple priest nonsense! This time I hoped things would be different, taking the Legion of Night allegiance and running the following; Manfred Arkhan 3x10 Skeletons 2x2 Archai 5 Blood nights Terrorgheist. We were playing that funky scenario where I was trapped in the middle between two ambushing forces. I chose to ambush myself with the Archai and knights, leaving the mortarchs, gheist and battleline in the middle. Gravesites were evenly spaced around the board. Giving Khorne turn one was the right move. He pushed cautiously forward on the right flank, bringing half his force into range to my big boys. Manfred piled in and began to hack his way merrily through blood warriors. Arkhan stood back a little and brought his magic into play - lowering the morale of my oppos reavers ready for the advancing gheist. Essentially this flank was taken apart by these three units, with the skeletons looking on somewhat bemused by the action. Stealing the double turn was helpful. It allowed me to bring my remaining units on his back line behind the left flank. The ambusher had become the ambushed! His mini brass stampede however had other ideas and decimated my Archai while his battle line dross fell in short order to the blood knights. It was a game of two flanks at this point, I had one to myself, she was contesting the other. The rest of the game saw the mortarchs race to the fray - killing everything in their path while the skeletons proved to be amazing speed bumps with combined with invocation and the grave sites. It was a big win to the undead, and I cannot wait for game two!
  6. Well the book is now officially out (although we've all seen most of it already over the last week) and as I understand it we pretty much have a week to ask any questions before the FAQ is put out in a fortnight. Any questions pop them in here and I (or you can, feel free :-) will e-mail them in to GW next Saturday. Edited to add questions that need answers. The Black Coach. Still has the hero keyword, but is not in the leader section in the back of the book? How are Morikhane and Deathless Minions supposed to interact with the Ceaseless Vigil rule from the First Cohort? Is Prince Vhordrai's Breath of Shyish a shooting attack to be used in the shooting phase? Can the Sepulchral Guard be taken in a Legion of Nagash army? Can the Legion warscroll batallions be taken outside of the Legion named on their warscrolls? If the Command Trait Mark of the Favoured kills the attacking model, what happens? How does ceaseless vigil interact with Skarbrand's Total Carnage rule.
  7. The Haunted Host

    My play group is beginning a Path to Glory campaign this weekend, and I am hearing the siren call of Death. I've made a post about the project on our Porchhammer blog, but also wanted to share it here. I'll link to the blog, but also put pictures here in my post so that I do not become that guy who is looking for blog hits. https://porchhammer.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=r3QkVmEBAAA.-UtnYeoW-kU6cFQWBuje2WIQgfj9OwAQMO1s00COfYewA5mc2kMMm1M1l3_KlkS_p9T2R_0-wUK6UEZprrgJ3A._EzrvGjaakZyv6ihWH9SVg&postId=8207328113694609694&type=POST I also made a recent post on learning to fall in love with AoS, and I would like to take a moment to thank this lovely community for helping me to do so. This is one of the most vibrant, friendly, and insightful GW related communities on the web, and I would not be having so much fun with this project were it not for you guys. Our campaign takes place in the Realm of Death, and I have painted up some scenery for the campaign along with some help from my wife. I was going for a spooky, Haunted landscape while using GW plastic kits, And here is the warband, the Haunted Host of the Tower of Souls, led by Aristion, a vampire lord. Special thanks to Old Woden for the kit ash inspiration. I bet that his vampire has been one of the most inspirational conversions of late in the AoS community. I opted for a hooded head from the wood elf kit and Manfred's ghostly sword when making mine. I have my doubts about how effective a warband this will be, but they were the models I was digging at the time, and for me this hobby is all about the aesthetics of my toys, so I went with it. More to come; my intention is to use the campaign as a way to motivate myself to painting a whole army a bit at a time, just as the GW corporate overlords intend! All praise, brutal criticism, and hobby ideas are always welcome!
  8. Hi everyone, brand new to the site and to AoS in general. I’m trying to decide on a faction. My friend, who is also brand new, was immediately drawn to Order. I’m thinking Death. My question is: When the chips are down, and it’s ‘end of days’ level of seriousness, would Death and Order side together against Chaos? Like, there is no death without life, from death springs life, that sort of thing, or would they be enemies to the bitter end? Hopefully this is the correct forum for this question
  9. Children of the Grave

    The beginning of last year (technically the end of 2016), I picked up a fairly solid chunk of Death models with the intention of putting together a Deathrattle army. With the impending release of both Malign Portents and Legions of Nagash and the free gaming event up at WHW for the AoS Open Day, I thought that now was a good time to grab my necronomicon and see what I could do. So my deadline for the army is 4th March and I'm away the beginning of February at the HH/Necro Weekender, so time is certainly not on my side (5 weekends) and I'm a notoriously slow painter! Until Legions of Nagash come out I can't be 100% sure of the composition of the army, however we all know that whatever happens, your basic rank and file Skeleton is going to be a good place to start. Just to complicate matters I had already decided that I wanted a slightly gothic Ray Harryhausen vibe rather than the increasing popular bleached bone or yellowed bone look Thankfully I had a bit of a head start as I'd already assembled my 50 skeleton warriors last year! (two units or 10 and one of 30) So over the weekend, I tidied up some of the mold lines I missed and had a run at trying to speed paint the basic skeleton. Both have been done using a slightly different technique - the one on the right took probably half the time but isn't discernibly different other than a brighter highlight on the skull. The purple glow in the eye sockets would needs a little bit of lightning too (and they've not had highlights on the belts or rust/verdigris on the metallics) After those successful tests, I decided to see how a larger number would go, so I grabbed a wooden baton and taped 14 models onto it (click for a much bigger version). I'm really quite chuffed with these (the two test models are on the right). Overall they took probably a morning of work - I could do them quicker but I decided I'd also have a punt at making a video on how to paint one which meant I lost a bit of time waffling into the camera on my phone I've started picking out the belts and similar which seems to be going fairly quickly, and am sticking with a very simple base > wash > edge highlight on the details. I'll do the glow , rust and verdigris on all 50 in one hit as it means you know they'll all match and likely quicker too. What this means is that I've another 34 left to sort - which I reckon I could just do in two batches of 17. Frustratingly I need to remove all the magnets on the bottom of the assembled models as I used a hot glue gun to add them (stick with superglue folks). I think though if I pull my finger out, and the UK weather is kind that I should be able to get all 50 painted up by the end of this coming weekend... (though I do want to pick up another 10 skeletons to increase the big unit size) So I've got two decisions to make - bases and the weapons Basing Probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I either go overboard with the base putting in more work than the model and requiring pins and whatnot, or I go basic, as I have with my Bloodbound with texture paint and a few grass tufts which just has no real impact. For speed, I'd like to stick with one of the GW Textured paint schemes as per the WD article (I photographed them all and popped them into a thread ages ago) - possibly using the red crackle as a base, but not sure. I'm sticking with the purple glow, but thinking I might use Turquoise as the accent colour, so this rules out certain schemes. Weapons My test models were done simply with Leadbelcher, Agrax and an edge highlight which I plan to rust up. One alternative to this that I have thought of is doing brass weapons using the same technique I use for my Bloodletters. Alternatively I could do a mixture (both techniques are the same amount of work).
  10. Legion of minty fresh

    I've recently embarked on a journey of death. Currently got 1700pts worth and enjoying the new book very much. I'll be logging progress of my army build as and when things get completed.
  11. Hi all, I'm a long-time member of warseer who's been occasionally popping here for AOS news etc since the advent of the handbook. With warseer down indefinitely I created an account here so I can continue my project log, hopefully keeping me motivated. I'm also participating in the season of war on Hobby Hammer and am considering entering the painting competition on Mengel's blog. I'm returning to the game following time away wanted to give it a fair crack, so didn't want to revisit/age of sigmar-ise my old elven armies in case it brought up any hang-ups (or didn't take). I'll use this post as a compendium of what's done so far. I managed to knock out the vast majority of the army in about 2 weeks (which with the undead isn't as intensive as it sounds); as I wanted to get the odd game in for the season/handbook release. The painting is hopefully at a decent gaming standard and I'm hoping to have a solid 1000-2000 point force painted.
  12. New cards are up: Two things to note: 1. it has the new size of 63 x 88 mm, previously tested with Maggotkin of Nurgle This is the same size as X-Wing pilot cards, Magic or Pokemon cards and will therefore fit a lot of sleeves. It has better readability, the print should be clearer on medium class printers and the cover should pop more. I'm working on redoin the old cards all in this new size and will update alll download links soon to these versions. 2. LoN has over 110 cards included, due to 6 different allegiances and 2 spell lores. Therefore, it doesn't fit the normal card boxes I designed for 40/70 cards. Together with the new size, I'm working on a solution to still cram the card box onto A4 sheets. Have fun.
  13. Allegiance Cards: Legions of Nagash

    Version 3.0.0


    All cards are available as print files with 3mm bleed and cutting marks, as a 'web' version (for viewing on smartphones/tablets), and DIN A4 printing sheet (if you use US letter format, you may have to scale them down - idk, just test it, because I didn't ;)) Overview and changes each set contains: cover / card backside, Battle Trait(s), Command Traits, Artefacts, the two core spells (Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield) on a single card, sub-faction specific spells card size is 63x88mm (same as most card games and fitting the standard size sleeves) language: English I tried to keep the original wording, but sometimes I had to abbreviate it to fit on the card without scaling down the font size. The rule intentions should still be clear. 'Dice' was continuously replaced with D3 or D6, 'wound roll' with 'To-Wound roll' (same for hit), 'Mortal Wounds' sometimes with 'MW' each set can be stored in a faction specific card box, with contents listed on the back (instructions) If you find any errors or have suggestions, please let me know. I had fun creating these cards and hope people will find them useful and have fun using them in their games. All rules, artwork and the Age of Sigmar logo © Games Workshop PLC These cards are for personal use only and you should always keep your General's Handbook and/or Battletome nearby to solve any conflicts from bad wording on the cards. These cards are only a playing aid and never could nor should replace an official publication. Please let me know if I have used anything you would like to be removed.
  14. Hi all, First time posting here! I've recently started a "Death" army after a few years out of the fantasy scene. Used to play Vampire counts and had over 15,000 points at one point so it's good to be back! I've a spare Yvraine (Ynnari 40k) model for some time and thought it would be a great base for a female vampire! Without further ado I present Melaina! Shes not completely finished yet but any constructive criticism or tips are more than welcome! I'll post more pics once compeltely finished!
  15. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Hey Everyone You can see I have posted comments on Flesh Eater Courts a bit. However i realised there is real no Discussion on the allegiance as a whole. Unlike other allegiances like sylvaneth and stormcast etc, where they have a thread dedicate on talking about their rules. I'm coming from a Sylvaneth play style, I had so many artifacts, spells and many other options to take when playing in match play. Now moving into FEC after reading the book, there is no real "Meat" as i would say. Amazing Lore don't get me wrong, but with the lack of Choices in list building. Which I understand everyone who is a death player is getting frustrated with the lack of choice in taking artefacts, most factions are! However I feel the Generals Handbook 2.0 Will change that, with hopefully seeing each allegiance/army that has their own battletombe with no "Meat". Where i think we will see powerful artefacts for FEC especially something cool like SCE have with their rider heroes giving their beasts traits, Spells that can bring back slain models or buff them up somehow. Also giving Magic buffing and combat buffing treasures. That is for every faction BTW not just generic Death ones we have today. Especially with one of the most powerful artefacts being "nerfed" in the FAQ late last year. So lets get this conversation going where we share what we want to see FEC get, i understand it isn't the most popular faction, however they have their own TOMBE and most people don't see them working competitively as a lot of the command abilities is about summoning which costs match play points. But I feel different where I reckon i have wrote a few list with FEC in my mind that would actually be considered "Top Table" worthy. For example i'll share you my 2K list and my 2.5K list that I am building up for a few tournaments here in Australia. Also want to discuss how people use different units in the game and tactics that they use with models like Crypt Ghouls in Ghoul Patrol. 2K List: Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookVarghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 1980/2000 2.5K Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookAbhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon(400)Varghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 2480/2500 There very similar lists, however I feel at the way the deadwatch works at 2.5K their quite powerful especially with the GK on ZD around in the hero phase and also having two Courtiers to bring back a whole back on a 5+ is quite powerful. So what is everyone recently running? Thinking about building? Conversions etc? Let's get this conversation going and see people just want to run mixed death. - Okami
  16. Let's Talk Competitive Nagash?

    Hi! A pretty casual AOS player here looking for some much needed and appreciated help with building a 2k Nagash list I'm considering going to a 2k Tournament in June and am thinking about possibly taking Nagash as I love him to bits. I'm not expecting to win by any means, but I'm confident it would be a good time What do you think makes a good Nagash list? Here are some ideas I have been playing with: A second list I was considering was dropping the cohort, upping the graveguard and putting in a mounted wight king to move around the table. Now both these lists are probably terrible but I would love some pointers on where to go with them! My thought process is that with Nagash on the table I'm gonna be struggling in objectives so I want to have some cheap fast units (dire wolves) to skirt around and take objectives. The black knights are a bit of a more serious counter charger for anyone who kicks off the direwolves. That would free up Nagash and his boys to do their thing while the necromancer sits back and provides Vanhels for Nagash to bang on the skeletons or graveguard so they can stay a solid wall pushing up the board.
  17. Hello there, I am selling my mostly unpainted death army. I can also be interested to trade for painted aos. here is the ebay link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/112811906055 1 x Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead (Basecoated in prime colors) 1 x Vampire Lord on horse (Unassambled, Count Mannfred on horse model) 1 x Winged Vampire Lord ( Russian alternative model, unpainted) 1 x Necromancer (Battlemage model with serpent staff, unpainted) 1 x Cairn Wraith (unpainted) 1 x Corpse Cart (unpainted, additional bits included) 1 x Mourngul (painted in prime colors) 50 x Zombies (mantic, painted, with command group) 50 x Zombies (mantic, basecoat, with command group) + additional bits and boxes for units
  18. Necromancer

  19. Nagash Lord of the Dead

    So with the new Death stuff coming I splurged on the big guy. So let's see Nagash in all his forms I am sure there are better painters than me on here so show him off
  20. The times, they are a'changin!

    So, I an every other death player, cannot wait for this new goodness. I feel that since gradually slipping into the hobby just over a year ago death have been one of the poor relations in AoS. Having played WFB for years I had hoped that now GW would be a little more consistent in their releases - we all knew a Bret or WE player who would look at the new releases then slope off to their 2003 book for example. But now, with malign portents on the way, and FINALLY a aelve book on the horizon, a little bit of parity is being restored. Here's hoping there isn't too much power creep (KO!)
  21. Evening gents, I was sent to this forum by a friend. Thought i'd share my recent project, the Undead Shadespire skeletons! I am working on some 40k stuff next, but after that it will be the Knight of Shrouds!
  22. The guns, they’ve stopped.....

    So, I guess this is the quiet week before it all kicks off. I’ve got my pre-order in already for LoN, MP, a few of the card thingies and 2 Knights of Shrouds. I’m debating a colour scheme for both. During this quiet week, I’d be really grateful if an expert here could have a punt at my earlier Carrion question. Lastly and most interestingly, I was chatting to my local GW guy on Friday. He said definitely new death models later this year. The only other thing he said in that context was “constructs” That of course could be anything. New bone giant anyone?
  23. Please post pictures of the leaders of your army, along with their story, tales of their endeavours and tales of their follies...
  24. I’m really intrigued by all the MP news and the portents rules that have been seen so far. However, the models of the Harbingers themselves don’t really fit with any of my armies (BCR, FEC and Disspossed). that got me to thinking of possible conversions or proxies to use these rules and the new gameplay style. Considering they are meant to be free if both players have them, it would be cool to have different ideas to convert them for each army all gathered in one place. So has anyone thought about converting or proxying them for their armies? If so how would you do it?
  25. Next Death Battletome

    Hi I've been thinking for the next death Battletome deathrattle seems to be a lock,but would anyone else like tosee themn do one similar to the tzeench tome, so have deadwalkers, deathrattle and deathmages all combined? Could then have seperate command tables and artifact and such like in the tzeench tome depending on who your general is, this would also get the deathmages and deadwalkers a battketone since Im not sure they could justify one on there own.