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Found 441 results

  1. Hello everyone so I'm primarily a 40k player with an avid interest in fantasy and by proxy AoS (but my friends got into 40k so...) and I've been trying to make a lot of my models backwards compatible and the three factions I'm interested in (in AoS) are Death, Dark Elves, and Free peoples so I'll be trying to make as much of my 40k models backwards compatible. But I think I have some cool conversions you may enjoy So first and foremost the images I shared so long ago here I'll reupload. I'll probably be using these as Varghesits if/when I get my Death army working. Now if I uploaded everything properly you should see my Executioner / Incubi conversions I'd love feedback and everyone's thoughts and I'll try to post everything I view as compatible, and if everyone is okay with it I'll try and squeak in models that I just find too cool not to share if you'd like.
  2. S133arcanite

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Anyone have any thought, hopes dreams, army builds ideas about Nagash and his unquiet minions? Im hoping that nighthaunt get a decent chance
  3. TheR00zle

    The Sultan's Fleet

    Hi everyone, I recently reread the Dreadfleet Novella set in the Old World, I really enjoyed the twist at the end involving one of the characters, The Golden Magus. Since the book ended on such a cliffhanger and The End Times happened, we sadly did not get to see more of him. So I have decided to create a new battle-tome/faction involving the magus and the forces of the Galleons Graveyard. Im looking for those people who are willing to help with unit ideas, lore, and artwork. well then lets get sailing on the high seas!
  4. Matthew Noble

    Allies and allegiance abilities

    TL:DR Do you believe gw intend allies never gain from allegiance abilities or do the rules allow for it to potentially apply? Hi, please discuss and be nice to everyone. I want this to be a thought provoking process not a how to break the system. No one wants that. With that allow me to explain a theory I have with allies having recently purchased the Legions of Nagash battle time. Reading the allegiance abilities of each kind of army I've noticed the rule for Deathless minions is this, 'Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a friendly DEATH unit within 6" of your general or another friendly DEATH HERO. On a 6+ the wound is negated' This is the same as it is for the Grand Alliance AA. Now I'm building a Legion of Nagash force (not yet decided on the specific legion yet). But I'll likely want to use some of my painted Flesh Eaters to get me into a game sooner. But this got me thinking, when do these abilities apply to allies if at all. In the GHB17 for the Flesh Eaters AA it has a similar except it specifies FLESH-EATER COURTS as the keyword which 100% rules out applying to any allies. So again does that mean in the LoN book was it a deliberate choice to keyword DEATH instead of LEGION OF NIGHT for example. So again in GHB17 on page 76 I decided to read up about allies. It states 'Allied units are treated as part of the player's army, except that they are not included when working out the army's allegiance or the number of battleline units in the army, and an allied unit cannot be the general.' So that states they are part of your army for all intents and purposes. Other than the general it doesn't state allied heros can't have an artifact thought I'm not 100% convinced they can. However the next bit in GHB17 is telling when it comes to AA, 'Remember that in most cases allegiance abilities only work for units with the appropriate keyword, ' and then the book provides and example. I underlined 'most' because that is what got me thinking that the GHB17 isn't ruling out AA applying the allies. So going back to LoN book, Deathless minions for each of the 'Legion of xxx' and the Grand host of Nagash' AA may now mean that even an allied DEATH HERO can provide the ability. There is more to discuss, especially concern the Magic selection but I think the above is at least a good starting discussion. It also makes me wonder if anyone has noticed in other battletomes similar keyword uses that may have been missed that could apply to allies.
  5. "Come closer boy, and if you have a coin to spare I'll tell you about the Galleons Graveyard and of its master." All conversions artwork and lore for the Sultan's Fleet page shall be posted here.
  6. TheWilddog

    Nagash's Muster

    With the new Legions Of Nagash Battletome finally giving Death some love I have started the process of rebasing and finishing my Death army. My first goal is to focus on getting both a Grand Host Of Nagash and a Legion of Sacrament list up and painted. I have most of the cheap units painted (80 skeletons, 60 zombies, 10 Black Knights, 10 Dire Wolves) just need to get them rebased. I also have Nagash and Arkhan in the box ready to be built. My first step to getting this project going is converting a Mortis Engine. I had an old Screaming Skull Catapult lying around from the End Times when I converted one up to go with my Vampire Counts stuff. I loved the model so I decided to add some bits and turn it into a Mortis Engine. So here is my first completed model for my Legions of Sacrament list.
  7. Agent of Chaos

    Battle Report; Stormcast vs Nagash

    Sometimes you arrange a 2000 point casual game in your local GW and someone brings Nagash, Arkhan & 2 x Morghast… To be fair I had tailored a Khorne army to smack around his Tzeentch army last time we met so all is fair in love and war 😁 At first I was dismayed as I only had a fairly run of the mill Stormcast force, using the hammerstrike battalion but with very little in the way of unbinding/mortal wound protection and was clueless as to how I would take down Nagash let alone his friends. However AOS is first and foremost an objective game which means on your day anyone has a chance if they play to the scenario. We used Open War cards and the scenario was to burn the 3 objectives in your opponent’s half for the win. Given the objectives only needed to be destroyed at the end of your turn if they were uncontested and not held, this meant Scions of the Storm had the potential to be decisive so I was not without hope. With this in mind I placed both units of liberators in the sky together with the prosecutors and of course the 2 units of retributors from the battalion. On the table went both units of Judicators, one on either flank, along with the Vanguard Raptors and all 4 heroes. Nagash stood proud front and centre with Arkhan on his right and the Morghast on his left, assorted units of skeletons and grave guard sitting behind on the objectives or awaiting their time in the grave. I won initiative and gave Death the first turn. This proved a good move as offensive spells were out of range and I needed a double turn somewhere if I was to be any chance. Nagash came strolling forward, quite rightly without a care in the world, as did Arkhan and the Morghast. My heroes put out their buffs and then it was onto movement. I’ve had games where units have stayed in the clouds until turn 4 or 5 and been next to useless however this was a game where I would have killed to have a until come down late onto an objective. Of course both liberators and the prosecutors all passed their roles and came down straight away… sigh… I sent some liberators to the far left corner and used the other unit to screen my judicators on the left, supported by the Lord Castellant and Celestant on foot. The Judicators on the left shot at Arkhan and did a couple of wounds. Seeing as the prosecutors came down I figured I would go all in with the hammerstrike on Nagash, although I held back the Celestant on Dracoth figuring I needed him alive as long as possible. After being shot by Judicators and Raptors, missed with the Dracoth breath (as I would all game) and forgetting to shoot with the prosecutors (my bad), and being hit by the first super charged retributor unit, Nagash had taken 8 wounds… just 8 more to go 😒 Nagash struck back and wiped the second unit of retributors before they could swing and there the combat ended. Death started round 2 where Nagash proceeded to cast spell after spell with glee, healing wounds and nerfing my forces along the way. I did have the spellshield for unbinding but with +3 to casting rolls I think his lowest roll was 11… sigh… Then in combat something unexpected… Nagash retreated (that’s good) But the Morghast charged the Retributors instead (that’s bad). Arkhan also withdrew and charged the Liberators who had dropped into the Death territory while a unit of grave guard hit them from the other side. The Morghast wiffed and only killed a single Retributor, taking 5 wounds in return, while only a single Liberator fell to Arkhan (allowing him to heal the wounds caused earlier) and the grave guard. My turn 2 and my shooting and retributors made short work of the Morghast (they’re not so tough) while my liberators and judicators on the left continued their advance down the flank. The Liberators in combat with Arkhan and the grave guard again stood tall, losing another member but holding strong. It was here that I won initiative for a crucial double turn heading into round 3. The Celestant on Dracoth and Prosecutors charged the skeletons sitting on the right hand objective while the retributors stupidly charged Nagash. In hindsight I should have just used the retributors to screen the objective from Nagash as they died horribly in melee as the previous unit had. The liberators on the left continued to hold off Arkhan while I successfully cleared the skeletons off the objective and burned it at the end of my turn to take the lead. At the bottom of round 3, Nagash did his spells, then charged and killed the Celestant on Dracoth while another unit of grave guard accounted for the prosecutors. Arkhan finally moved away from combat with the liberators back to the centre with a view to start heading towards the objectives in my territory. I won initiative turn 4 and sent the remaining unit of liberators into combat with the grave guard on the left while the Judicators pulled back to block Arkhan’s path to the objective. At the bottom of turn 4 Nagash moved back towards the right flank however it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to reach my 2 objectives in the right corner. Arkhan charged and killed the Judicators on the left and now had a clear line to the objective, guarded by a single Gryphhound. Not much for me to do in round 5, killed some graveguard and attempted to retreat the lord castellant onto an unmarked objective but he fell several inches short. Had he made it I would have burned it for an unassailable lead. Remember how I said it would have been nice to have a unit come down from Scions at this point? Our allegiance ability seriously sucks… In the final turn Arkhan made his charge on the poor gryphhound, burned the objective and we came away with a draw! The primary lesson out of this was always play the scenario! My opponent was guilty of chasing after my units in his backfield and losing site of my objectives until it was almost too late. Nagash is killable however I really struggle to see what Stormcast could bring that would do enough damage, and if you don’t take him out he has so many options for healing up wounds. The constantly returning skeletons and graveguard are a pain but they don’t really do much. Overall an enjoyable game and at least I can say I fought Nagash and lived… mostly…
  8. Okami

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Hey Everyone You can see I have posted comments on Flesh Eater Courts a bit. However i realised there is real no Discussion on the allegiance as a whole. Unlike other allegiances like sylvaneth and stormcast etc, where they have a thread dedicate on talking about their rules. I'm coming from a Sylvaneth play style, I had so many artifacts, spells and many other options to take when playing in match play. Now moving into FEC after reading the book, there is no real "Meat" as i would say. Amazing Lore don't get me wrong, but with the lack of Choices in list building. Which I understand everyone who is a death player is getting frustrated with the lack of choice in taking artefacts, most factions are! However I feel the Generals Handbook 2.0 Will change that, with hopefully seeing each allegiance/army that has their own battletombe with no "Meat". Where i think we will see powerful artefacts for FEC especially something cool like SCE have with their rider heroes giving their beasts traits, Spells that can bring back slain models or buff them up somehow. Also giving Magic buffing and combat buffing treasures. That is for every faction BTW not just generic Death ones we have today. Especially with one of the most powerful artefacts being "nerfed" in the FAQ late last year. So lets get this conversation going where we share what we want to see FEC get, i understand it isn't the most popular faction, however they have their own TOMBE and most people don't see them working competitively as a lot of the command abilities is about summoning which costs match play points. But I feel different where I reckon i have wrote a few list with FEC in my mind that would actually be considered "Top Table" worthy. For example i'll share you my 2K list and my 2.5K list that I am building up for a few tournaments here in Australia. Also want to discuss how people use different units in the game and tactics that they use with models like Crypt Ghouls in Ghoul Patrol. 2K List: Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookVarghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 1980/2000 2.5K Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookAbhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon(400)Varghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 2480/2500 There very similar lists, however I feel at the way the deadwatch works at 2.5K their quite powerful especially with the GK on ZD around in the hero phase and also having two Courtiers to bring back a whole back on a 5+ is quite powerful. So what is everyone recently running? Thinking about building? Conversions etc? Let's get this conversation going and see people just want to run mixed death. - Okami
  9. Dracan

    Legion of Nagash Spell Cards

    Hi Guys. With the new Legions of Nagash tome i thought it was a good time to put some effort into the old army as vampire counts was always my first love ever since i started fantasy in 7th edition. So as a first step with the process into getting them all on rounds and give them the TLC required to be my pride and joy again, I decided to spend the time and make some game aid spell, ability and artifact cards similar to what Killax and others have done for the chaos factions. This not only got the undead juices flowing but gave me an excuse to read all the book properly Images are either from GW books or just plain old google images and i cant take any credit for any of the art so hope thats not an issue... (mostly MTG I think) Hope you guys find then usable/enjoyable. C&C or suggestions on art are always appreciated. Regards Dracan Legion of Nagash Spell Artifact and Command cards.pdf
  10. hellalugosi

    Katophranes Unleashed

    Just as a side project while I work on organizing my local tournaments and the AoSFanzine, I thought i'd get back into doodling up concepts for stuff. I'll be updating this thread with content as I attempt to construct a full force of Katophrane Dominion with art and custom warscrolls. CONCEPT: As Nagash is eventually thwarted by the forces of order, he will probably scramble to restore his ruined lands. Hopefully this leads to some unlikely returns, as Nagash restores the katophranes to a physical unlife, only manifested if they can manage to protect their soul shards, the one resource that keeps their life and memories intact. Knowing they must serve him in this life, in contrary to their last, they change their guiding principle to the collection of knowledge, stealing the lives of the best Scholars, Warlords, Mages, and more in shards that they soon come to hoard. Their leader and the rest of the nobles of course are constantly plotting to overthrow nagash, but know fully well that nagash is near impossible to get a drop on. With this, they commit his will in the war of the realms, but use the opportunity to search for the right combination of knowledge to destroy nagash and take shyish for their own as an ultimate revenge. The Katophranes are a genius people, gatekeepers to constructs and magical mechanisms that far surpass the best scholars in the realms. Due to the Noble's importance in society, they enlist the most elite warriors in the ranks, who now after returning from the deathless limbo are tirelessly hungry to destroy their foes, each fueled by their hatred of Nagash. From elite warriors of the Katophrane Guard to the gargantuan construct The Nihilossus, there are plenty of ways to play the Katophranes! First warscroll for now: KATOPHRANE GUARD I'll have more soon! Stay Tuned!
  11. Tobjen99

    Legion of Night: help with tactics

    Hi, i started with warhammer AOS after christmas and love it. I would like some help with tactics, artifacts, commandtraits and maby wich spells i should choose. My list: Legion of Night Heroes: VLoZD, general, Amaranthine Orb Vampire Lord, Vile Transference or Spirit Gale Necromancer, Overwhelming Dread Necromancer, Fading Vigur or Spectral Grasp Battleline: Skeleton wariors, 40, spears Dire wolf 2x5 Other: Grave Guard: great wight blades, 30(one group) Morghast Hardbringer, spirit halberd Vargeist My plan is to field the warriors on one side and the grave guard on the otherside and push forward to the limit off "The bait" battle traits effect, they will be supported by 2 necromancers. I think i will put one off my units off direwolfs on one of the edges with the vampire lord behind or maby put the vampire lord in the middle to support my skeletons. Vargheist and Morghast will be in ambush with one unit off direwolf and maby the VLoZD(if i use Above Suspicion). I can also use the command trait "Blade off dark summons" to summon the direwolf i want to have in ambush. Well that was some off my thoughts^ I don't know if they will work or are allowed, in my head it looks awsome! My opponents is a SCE, Khorne mixed with Slaves to darknes and Seraphon. Thanks for any tip, i have played 2 games so far with a Sacrament list but i did not like how sacrament works, i prefer more speed/ ambush!
  12. Hi, new here but been under te same name on Carpe Noctum for years. Greetings to all my fellow death players!
  13. With the Legions Of Nagash and Malign Portents I have finally found the motivation to finish the Shyish themed table I started awhile back. I collected a bunch of terrain for my Shyish board, assembled it but never got around to painting it. My hope is to really get on it. Here are my first two pieces, a set of the Hobbit Ruins and a Shyish themed Realmgate.
  14. Prometheo567

    Starting a Flesh-eater Courts army

    Hi. Sorry if this is (or similar petitions) has been answered already. If so, please feel free to delete or block this thread. I am coming back to AoS after some time without playing Warhammer. At Warhammer Fantasy I usually played Tzeentch Chaos Warriors and Vampire Counts, so while I guess that Legions of Nagash would be a stronger start, I feel attracted to FEC's lore and I am hoping I can assemble an usable army. My meta is pretty casual but there are some competitive players and I would like to have a chance against them. What I currently have assembled are Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist, Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and Abhorrant Ghoul King on foot. Around 6 Crypt Haunter Courtiers, a Crypt Ghast Courtier, a Crypt Infernal Courtier and a Varghulf Courtier 53 Crypt Ghouls 6 Crypt Horrors And a Horror/Flayer unassembled. Maybe I could try to get another courtier... I see that Deadwatch armies are often recommended but I am guessing that I need around 18 flayers (plus courtiers) to make it work and honestly that sounds like a strong money investment. On the other hand, I could use an Abattoir if I risked using 3-strong horror units. Is that too risky? Anyway, probably I shouldn't go above 1000 points on this army with the minis I have. If you have any suggestions to make, please do so. Thank you in advance.
  15. Congratz

    Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    Hey there I really love the theme of the tomb kings and i really want to make a tomb king army. Problem is the models is out of production.... Do you guys have any resolution ? Great day!
  16. Gorthor21

    Progress on my Death army

    After the recent move we now have an area dedicated to our nerdy pursuits. My intent with this blog is to have a place where I can post updates on my armies and writing. Mostly I have been focusing on my Death and Destruction factions, though the Orruks are still unprimed and waiting for more boys to make the effort worthwhile. So far I have the majority of my nighthaunts painted with a basic two tone drybrush that seems to be my go to for cloth-like texture, smoke, and wood. I hope to update this blog regularly instead of posting in my painting blog so I can keep all of my hobby posts together in one place. On the bottom shelf you can see my Delvers of the Deep changecult and above that is the mixed order army I feel I have been posting way too much about. All of these armies will eventually make their way into my fiction so I can feel that I have done something more with my hobby than just painting for the sake of painting. Mind I am not much of a gamer in the sense that I don't play in tournaments and the last game I played was well before the first general's handbook came out. Anyway here are the pictures.
  17. Hi all, I'm a long-time member of warseer who's been occasionally popping here for AOS news etc since the advent of the handbook. With warseer down indefinitely I created an account here so I can continue my project log, hopefully keeping me motivated. I'm also participating in the season of war on Hobby Hammer and am considering entering the painting competition on Mengel's blog. I'm returning to the game following time away wanted to give it a fair crack, so didn't want to revisit/age of sigmar-ise my old elven armies in case it brought up any hang-ups (or didn't take). I'll use this post as a compendium of what's done so far. I managed to knock out the vast majority of the army in about 2 weeks (which with the undead isn't as intensive as it sounds); as I wanted to get the odd game in for the season/handbook release. The painting is hopefully at a decent gaming standard and I'm hoping to have a solid 1000-2000 point force painted.
  18. deynon

    Corpe cart, this "black sheep"

    Lately I've started to test the Corpse cart as a model. I'm still not finished with my tests about such a unit, but I'm anyway seeing that few players value such a unit quite enough execpt with really specific armies, There are a lot of sinergies that it gives with zombies and dire wolves. But what I'm referring to are the itself specific abilities that it has. I have anyway to separate the two versions of the Corpse Cart; I'll start with the one that I value a little less: Corpse cart with baleful brazier. Here we have e way to decrease the ability of the enemy wizards with the Balefire fire.. Not too much, but it's range it's not little and can help to negate some spell to be casted or aid the dispelling of our own models. Malefic fumes are a bit interesting, but rarely they will be appliable cause the movement of the model itself and the range of the ability; added to it also the random it requires at the end... it's an ability that has only occasional usefulness. The version that I really value instead it's the Corpse Cart with unholy lodestone. This version directly improve the casting rolls, in some ways it's like having the Allegiance Ability "The Black Disciples" from the Legion of Sacrament but referred to all the the Death Wizards. Ok the range it's "only" 18" but it means at the end a diatere of more than 36" (you have to add also the volume of the model itself that increase the effective area covered by the ability. And then we have another ability that it's quite interesting: Locus of undeath. That even if only with 6" range let you reroll the dice for the deathly invocations, so like having a general with the command trait "Master of Death" of the Grand host of Nagash. I'm experimenting particularly the Corpse cart with unholy lodestone and taking not that I have infantry units that have the same speed around I'm finding it quite interesting. I'ts ability combined means that it vould be in range almost always to dive the bonus to cast and the reroll when necessary for the deathly invocations made by the heroas . In close combbat i's not so bad either... better than simply 10 zombies and it has enough wounds to survive random shooting. And you what do you think about such a model?^^
  19. Hi, people. Here is some progress on my Warband of Dread Solstice. As you can see I've added another five black knights and black Kurfurst. And something much bigger will come after. A little background on my Warband: The great Empire of the world that was provided to Sigmar many souls of great heroes for his Stormcast's army. But there were not only heroes. Many of that great warriors lost their faith in last days of the old world. Some of them were trying to find salvation in dark Gods promises of eternal life in unending slaughter, some in the bottom of the wine bottle celebrating the End Times. These apostates, traitors and oath-breakers were buried by the weight of their sins and under the wreckage of the world that was. Millenias after, by the strange power of an ancient mechanism, they were brought to life if their existence can be called so. The strange person, ancient living dead, known as Prophet of the Twin-tail comet turned to this raised warriors of the old world with such words:"Maybe Sigmar think that we don't match to his shiny holly citadel, maybe He even didn't know of our existence, or maybe He's turned his sacred face against us. It doesn't matter for, because we are the damned sons of Sigmar, and now our accursed father will face us and tell us for why he abandoned his children.".
  20. Gumbalina

    Legion of minty fresh

    I've recently embarked on a journey of death. Currently got 1700pts worth and enjoying the new book very much. I'll be logging progress of my army build as and when things get completed.
  21. Onderrion Dawnseeker, Knight of the Citadel, Master of the Order of Onyx Templars and General of the armies of Ipilas drove his sword into the face of yet another walking corpse. It collapsed at his feet as the magic animating it dissipated. He was amazed that another did not immediately replace it. Taking advantage of the reprieve, he surveyed the battle. His bodyguard lay dead at his feet, almost indistinguishable from the other bodies there. His armies were hard pressed, the horde of the dead seemed numberless. Even with the assistance of the mighty Stormcast from the Host of the Hammer it looked as though the day may be lost. The Freeguild general tried to remember why they had left the security of the city walls to take the fight to the dead instead of holding fast within Ipilas. The city was well prepared for a long siege and had already endured for 3 months. Aid had been requested from Vona and Ivrine, sister cities which made up the Grand Triumvirate of Chamon. Almost immediately, his head filled with an unbearable noise, like the screeching wail of the banshees in the dead host and he remembered why he was here. Wailings and whisperings had afflicted him the entire time the dead sat outside the city. His desire to be rid of them had pushed him into making the rash decision to attack. His moment of clarity was brief and Onderrion fell to his knees, hands on his ears as he tried to block out the pain. In his distracted state he did not register the approach of the ghostly horsemen. They flew up the hill, scythes ready to reap his soul. Azzerius, Knight-Questor of the Host of the Hammer smashed his shield into a group of skeletons, which disintegrated from the impact. He ran towards the hill where he had last seen Onderrion fighting a group of deadwalkers. The general had disappeared from his viewpoint and Azzerius was determined to make sure that the man made it through this battle, if only to see him hang for leading the army of Ipilas into such a hopeless position. Sigmar himself had charged Azzerius with a quest to retrieve an ancient artifact from the bowels of the city but the enormous army of the dead surrounding the walls was making it difficult to begin his task. His small force of Stormcast had arrived at the city hours ago to find a great battle underway and immediately launched themselves into the fray. From the snippets of information he was able to gather from the mortal soldiers the general Onderrion had ordered all forces to attack the army of the dead head on, in a desperate attempt to drive them from the city. The Knight-Questor knew that such an attempt was doomed. He continued on his path regardless, striking down the forces of death with each swing of his sword, glaring through his helm at the hill where the general had been. The pain in his head subsided and Onderrion got to his feet. Groggily he tried to grasp his surroundings. He cried out as he heard the wailing again but slowly realized it was different as his head did not feel like it was trying to turn itself inside out. He turned to the source of the sound, shocked to see a group of hexwraiths hurtling towards him. He realized that he had dropped his sword and scrabbled in the dirt to find it before it was too late, knowing the whole time that it already was. Suddenly the air filled with a mighty roar and a flash of gold blinded his eyes. A few brief chaotic moments dulled his senses and then he felt himself pulled to his feet by a powerful grasp. He opened his eyes to see one of Sigmar’s chosen before him. All of his life Onderrion had idolized the soldiers of Sigmar. He dreamed of earning a place among the Stormcast. His every wish was to have his soul taken and reforged by the god-king into the mightiest of warriors and take his place in the realm of the Heavens. And while he had fought alongside them in the past he never had the chance to meet one up close before. He was so taken aback he barely registered that the demigod was speaking to him. “Well? Answer me man!” Azzerius demanded. The Knight-Questor stood above the General of Ipilas, helm in hand, barely holding his wrath in check. His war-sword was thrust into the ground beside him as he waited impatiently for an answer to his questions. When no answer was forthcoming, he spoke again. “We need to get back inside! We will not survive this, their numbers are too great. And each man you lose only serves to increase their host. What could have possessed you to take the fight out here?” He paused briefly, not giving the man time to respond. “Never mind that now, order the retreat General. I will deal with you once we are safely inside the city.” The Stormcast turned to look out at the state of the battle, determining the best way to withdraw and save as much of the army as they could. LIES! DECEPTION! The voice in his head whispered sharply to him as the golden giant berated him. After months of incessant prodding and poking, of his mind being under siege as much as the city, of missing the silence of being alone, Onderrion’s sanity finally gave way. Finally he recognized the voice. It was the god-king himself! Sigmar had chosen him and was preparing him for the reforging process. This creature before him was obviously a child of the dark gods, some foul daemon sent to distract him and lure him away from his destiny! He would not allow himself to be tricked. He bent slowly and retrieved his sword. As he stood up, he stepped forward onto a rock, bringing him eye level with the golden daemon. He knew what needed to be done and accepted his transformation willingly. He struck like the lightning that would soon bear him into battle. Azzerius turned back to the mortal before him. “I see a way to…” His words were cut off, quite literally, as two feet of cold steel erupted from the back of his head. His helm slipped from his hands and fell to the ground. The sky above rumbled and divine lightning shot down to return the soul of the fallen Knight-Questor to Azyr. Caught in the godly blast, Onderrion Dawnseeker’s physical body was vaporized. WELCOME MY SON. He heard the voice that had tormented him for so long. No, he realized. Not tormented. Prepared. The lightning struck and he was changed. He felt the weakness of mortality leave him as the reforging stripped it away. A new power filled him and he rejoiced in the god-king’s blessing. No longer was he Onderrion. Now he was Onderyx, bringer of the Storm. A sense of purpose and clarity filled his mind like never before. He knew his quest. Sigmar had revealed it to him now. He retrieved the helm and war-sword that the lightning had brought him and, placing the helm upon his head, he gazed out over the battle still raging around him. He saw the truth of it now. An immense force of Stormcast brothers fought against the servants of the dark gods. Victory was theirs! As he watched, a small group of golden daemons were overwhelmed by his fellow immortals and the rest of the chaotic army soon fell to their might. He heard the voice of the god-king in his mind once more. TAKE THE CITY! BRING ME THE GRAVESTONE SPHINX! I present my converted Knight of Shrouds, a fallen Freeguild general who, in his madness, believes himself to be a Knight-Questor. Simple enough conversion. Hope you all like it.
  22. Vortumnas

    Optimizing Lords of Sacrament

    Lords of Sacrament comes to 790 pts, i.e. 10 less than Nagash. Collectively, LoS gives more wounds and two behemoths compared to the Supreme Lord of the Undead, but it gives less spells, is less mobile (if you want your necromancers to benefit from the mortis engine), and is arguably less durable, especially if Nagash is in his first cohort. So, I've been trying to think: is there a way LoS is worth taking over Nagash/first cohort? I'm admittedly new to AoS, but I'm a longtime 40k player (off and on since 3rd ed), and played Vampire Counts in WHFB back in the day. I've got a lot of old models I'd love to breathe new life into and want my Arkhan to kick ass. I figure: what are the major advantages of LoS? +1 spells per turn per caster in the battalion +1 to saves and +1 to cast in range of the ME So, maximizing those, and considering Arkhan's command ability, I'm wondering how viable a hero-heavy council of necromancers is. Something Like: Arkhan 4 Necros 1 Vamp Lord 40 Spear Skellies 2x5 Dire Wolves 10 Hexwraiths 3 Spirit Hosts 1 Mortis Engine Lords of Sacrament 1990 Either the Skellies or the Hosts start in the grave, while the other screens for all the necros. Everything with decent movement advances and pulls the other screen out of the grave for cover. Hit the enemy with 5 arcane bolts, 2 Vile Trans/Orbs and 5 Dread/Vigour/Van Hels. Plenty of Deathly Invocation to go around and big enough units to take the heat, except the wolves, who are for obj grabbing anyway. I feel like this is crazy, but I like it. What would you change? What am I missing?
  23. Izotzuhure

    Spaniard in Sheffield

    Hi there! I've been into Warhammer for a long time though I quit the hobby for six years, so now I'm trying to get back into it with Age of Sigmar and maybe some 40K in the future. I have nearly finished my "pirate" themed Death army and I'm quite excited with the new Idoneth Deepkin release (I think I sense a pattern...). Since I moved to Sheffied I haven't had much time to play games or chat with people about AoS, so this site is also a way to keep the momentum going.
  24. RuneBrush

    Children of the Grave

    The beginning of last year (technically the end of 2016), I picked up a fairly solid chunk of Death models with the intention of putting together a Deathrattle army. With the impending release of both Malign Portents and Legions of Nagash and the free gaming event up at WHW for the AoS Open Day, I thought that now was a good time to grab my necronomicon and see what I could do. So my deadline for the army is 4th March and I'm away the beginning of February at the HH/Necro Weekender, so time is certainly not on my side (5 weekends) and I'm a notoriously slow painter! Until Legions of Nagash come out I can't be 100% sure of the composition of the army, however we all know that whatever happens, your basic rank and file Skeleton is going to be a good place to start. Just to complicate matters I had already decided that I wanted a slightly gothic Ray Harryhausen vibe rather than the increasing popular bleached bone or yellowed bone look Thankfully I had a bit of a head start as I'd already assembled my 50 skeleton warriors last year! (two units or 10 and one of 30) So over the weekend, I tidied up some of the mold lines I missed and had a run at trying to speed paint the basic skeleton. Both have been done using a slightly different technique - the one on the right took probably half the time but isn't discernibly different other than a brighter highlight on the skull. The purple glow in the eye sockets would needs a little bit of lightning too (and they've not had highlights on the belts or rust/verdigris on the metallics) After those successful tests, I decided to see how a larger number would go, so I grabbed a wooden baton and taped 14 models onto it (click for a much bigger version). I'm really quite chuffed with these (the two test models are on the right). Overall they took probably a morning of work - I could do them quicker but I decided I'd also have a punt at making a video on how to paint one which meant I lost a bit of time waffling into the camera on my phone I've started picking out the belts and similar which seems to be going fairly quickly, and am sticking with a very simple base > wash > edge highlight on the details. I'll do the glow , rust and verdigris on all 50 in one hit as it means you know they'll all match and likely quicker too. What this means is that I've another 34 left to sort - which I reckon I could just do in two batches of 17. Frustratingly I need to remove all the magnets on the bottom of the assembled models as I used a hot glue gun to add them (stick with superglue folks). I think though if I pull my finger out, and the UK weather is kind that I should be able to get all 50 painted up by the end of this coming weekend... (though I do want to pick up another 10 skeletons to increase the big unit size) So I've got two decisions to make - bases and the weapons Basing Probably one of my biggest weaknesses. I either go overboard with the base putting in more work than the model and requiring pins and whatnot, or I go basic, as I have with my Bloodbound with texture paint and a few grass tufts which just has no real impact. For speed, I'd like to stick with one of the GW Textured paint schemes as per the WD article (I photographed them all and popped them into a thread ages ago) - possibly using the red crackle as a base, but not sure. I'm sticking with the purple glow, but thinking I might use Turquoise as the accent colour, so this rules out certain schemes. Weapons My test models were done simply with Leadbelcher, Agrax and an edge highlight which I plan to rust up. One alternative to this that I have thought of is doing brass weapons using the same technique I use for my Bloodletters. Alternatively I could do a mixture (both techniques are the same amount of work).
  25. Tronhammer NZ

    Curse of Years

    Just wanting to make sure I have the correct interpretation on how this resolves. If I manage to get this ability to trigger on a 1+ (and then subsequently <1), does it fail on the roll of a 1, or does the unit just get removed, seeing as though it is impossible to roll less than a 1, allowing it to trigger until there are no wounds left? That seems to be the intent of the spell text. I realise most tournament packs count 1's as automatically failing, but I just want to check the 'vanilla AOS' effect of this. *** I had a 3 player game today where the TK player had managed to throw enough Mystic Shields onto the unit of 6 Necropolis Knights to give them a 1+ Save. Arkhan came in, cast Curse of Years on them, and rolled: 1st Roll: 2 Sixes 2nd Roll: 1 five and 1 six 3rd Roll: 1 four 4th Roll: 1 four 5th Roll: 1 three 6th Roll: 1 five 7th Roll: 1 two By this point, my ally (at the time) said that he thought the unit would be deleted. I thought there was a chance it would fail on a 1, so I kept rolling to see. Ended up causing 25 mortal wounds before I rolled a 1. That spell is insane if you get lucky up front. Turned the tide of battle for sure, and saved my Aelven ally's butt. Alas, he only repaid me with betrayal.