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Found 343 results

  1. Dr Nicklesteins Lab

    The first force I've begun was Dr Nicklestein and his experiments in the realm of metal. Dr Nicklestein was a good, if eccentric, Doctor living near the city of Havenbrook. One day his wife took ill with with a wasting disease, in his frantic attempts to cure her he slowly descended into madness, his experiments becoming more deranged in his desperation to save her. It was all for naught as his wife died in his arms. Loseing her destroyed what little sanity he had left and he began practicing necromancy alongside his "science". He now seeks more "material" to continue his experiments and bring his beloved back to life. But the people of havenbrook are beginning to notice..
  2. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Hey Everyone You can see I have posted comments on Flesh Eater Courts a bit. However i realised there is real no Discussion on the allegiance as a whole. Unlike other allegiances like sylvaneth and stormcast etc, where they have a thread dedicate on talking about their rules. I'm coming from a Sylvaneth play style, I had so many artifacts, spells and many other options to take when playing in match play. Now moving into FEC after reading the book, there is no real "Meat" as i would say. Amazing Lore don't get me wrong, but with the lack of Choices in list building. Which I understand everyone who is a death player is getting frustrated with the lack of choice in taking artefacts, most factions are! However I feel the Generals Handbook 2.0 Will change that, with hopefully seeing each allegiance/army that has their own battletombe with no "Meat". Where i think we will see powerful artefacts for FEC especially something cool like SCE have with their rider heroes giving their beasts traits, Spells that can bring back slain models or buff them up somehow. Also giving Magic buffing and combat buffing treasures. That is for every faction BTW not just generic Death ones we have today. Especially with one of the most powerful artefacts being "nerfed" in the FAQ late last year. So lets get this conversation going where we share what we want to see FEC get, i understand it isn't the most popular faction, however they have their own TOMBE and most people don't see them working competitively as a lot of the command abilities is about summoning which costs match play points. But I feel different where I reckon i have wrote a few list with FEC in my mind that would actually be considered "Top Table" worthy. For example i'll share you my 2K list and my 2.5K list that I am building up for a few tournaments here in Australia. Also want to discuss how people use different units in the game and tactics that they use with models like Crypt Ghouls in Ghoul Patrol. 2K List: Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookVarghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 1980/2000 2.5K Allegiance: Flesh Eater CourtsLeadersAbhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist(400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsCrypt Infernal Courtier (140)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookAbhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon(400)Varghulf Courtier (160)Battleline6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)6 x Crypt Flayers (320)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)3 x Crypt Flayers (160)- Flesh Eater Courts Battleline (Crypt Infernal Courtier General)10 x Crypt Ghouls (100)BehemothsTerrorgheist (320)BattalionsDeadwatch (160)Total: 2480/2500 There very similar lists, however I feel at the way the deadwatch works at 2.5K their quite powerful especially with the GK on ZD around in the hero phase and also having two Courtiers to bring back a whole back on a 5+ is quite powerful. So what is everyone recently running? Thinking about building? Conversions etc? Let's get this conversation going and see people just want to run mixed death. - Okami
  3. Hi guys! I decided to make a topic here for an Allegiance I don't play. So please don't lynch me for it What has lead me here however is diving into the deep for Age of Sigmar's many Warscrolls (for Khorne tactica) and sidetracked as this sounds, I think a lot of design within Death is extremely cool but also seems to have an odd approach to some of the Keywords. It's something I'd love to talk about with you guys! Especially since GH2017 has given you some very cool Allegiance abilities. Let me say first that one of the prime inspirations for this topic has come from @WoollyMammoth's posts, many of which contain a good ammount of critism but perhaps want to dive too deep into the shoes of designers. Sometimes looking from the outside in gives another perspective. Keywords Keywords are however the subject of this topic and this is where I'd like to ask you guys about! Instead of looking what can be fixed with un-created Allegiance abilities I'd like to discuss how you guys feel about several Keywords on Warscrolls. Specifically the Warscrolls who seem to lack Keywords. To date this is the list of Warscrolls I'd like to see obtain one additional Keyword. I feel that this simple step could at least give Death Allegiances a push in the right direction as I feel a lot of army design power actually comes from the diversity in the ways to construct them. Allegiances (and thus Factions) all are tied to Keywords so the moment they are rarely found on Warscrolls it could lead to very restrive design. My proposal Corpse Cart gain Keyword Deathrattle Dire Wolves gain Keyword Deathrattle Zombies gain Keyword Deathrattle Morghast Archai gain Keyword Deathrattle Morghast Harbringers gain Keyword Deathrattle Arkhan the Black gains Keyword Nighthaunt Mortis Engine gains Keyword Nighthaunt Necromancer gains Keyword Nighthaunt Mannfred, Mortarch of Night gains Keyword Soulblight Neferata, Mortarch of Blood gains Keyword Flesh-Eater Courts See below for more! Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead gains rule: Lord of Death: Nagash, Supreme Lord of Undead can always be your general and does not count towards the limit of Ally points spend in Matched play. Question What would you Death players think about Warscroll updates? The following Warscrolls obtaining the following Keywords? What I'd love to know from you guys is if in your opinion it would make narratively and visually sence for these Warsrolls to obtain these Keywords. I get that the Necromancer would probably gain more benifits from recieving all relevant Keywords but I do think it would make sence for him to be an Ally for many forces, afterall a Necromancer is a practicer of the Lores of Death but not ****** an death individual. Many thanks for reading in advance! I hope to have a go at Death with this soon @Sedraxis' home. I feel that this is an relatively easy step that would make the Death Allegiance very interesting and allow for much more different army builds, as logical Allies that become part of the Allegiance allow for more Ally points spend in models that truely feel like Allies. Cheers,
  4. Tomb Kings vs Freeguild

    Last night I was lucky enough to get in another game of AOS, this time against a Freeguild army being commanded by Ryan. With all the fire power facing me, this was going to be a great test to see if the the Tomb Kings could weather the storm before making it into combat. Since my last game earlier in the week I wasn't convinced at the low points level that Ushabti were a good choice. In my mind they need a Tomb Herald in order to mitigate the casualties they take and I simply couldn't afford one at this points. I settled on the following: Tomb King - Master of the Black Arts, Cursed Book Necrotect 20 Skeleton Legionnaires 3 Skeleton Chariots 6 Necropolis Knights Warsphinx Ryan was running 90+ models in the following force: General on Griffon General 2 x 30 Handgunners 30 Halberdiers 2 x Helblaster Volley Guns So much fire power and with the detachment rules I had to really pick my approach carefully. Out of simplicity we picked the same mission I played previously and set the objectives. Ryan won the roll off and put down a unit of Halberdiers. Deployment My basic idea was to always go through the scenery piece on the right and flank Ryan's force that way. It wasn't going to me a simple task however with his artillery and a unit of Handgunners happily waiting for me to advance. Now, there was two ways of playing this game, moving my heroes up to camp nearby the objectives or take the fight to the enemy. Option B, always being the preference for me. Order of deployment is listed in the photo above. I was happy for Ryan to have a large piece of terrain breaking up his deployment and it would also prevent some of his detachment shenanigans from kicking in granting extra bonuses against my charging units. The Necropolis Knights ended up in the perfect position in my mind and with the nearby Necrotect, they would have the movement capability to scale the terrain and begin their crusade of annoyance. Early Turns I gave initiative to Ryan so he wouldn't get a double turn. He activated his command ability and his battle line stood defiant. His General swooped down with his Griffon however in order to capture an early objective. Cheeky ******! There would be none of that happening. The Necrotect buffs the Snakes as does the Tomb King with his command ability. The Necropolis Knights move up 11" to get nice and personal with the Griffon general and then charge in the relevant phase. I pile-in, roll 21 dice and Ryan removes his Griffon. So like any amateur gamer trying to document his adventures, I've missed a turn, but allow me to bring you up to speed! I won the initiative grab and rather than get the ****** shot out of me for not benefit I decided to take it and keep the fight happening. The Necropolis Knights eventually would charge the Handgunners taking horrific casualties in their stand and shoot reaction (I lost around 3 snakes). I killed 10 in the following combat however and between the Helblasters and Handgunners in Ryan's turn they had a single snake left on 3 wounds and his unit was looking rather unhappy. Like the annoying person I am, we rolled off for initiative and again I had the option of taking it. It would be silly not to and I grabbed it healing a snake in the hero phase right away. All my forces slowly wandered up with Mystic Shield and the Necrotect's buff both augmenting the Warsphinx. The Warsphinx is just within range of its fiery breath and a roll of 6 for damage takes the Necropolis Knights out of combat with the unit. This frees up the Knights to charge and get into contact with both of the Helblaster Volley Guns and thanks to the Necroserpent's D3 damage, they're easily overwhelmed and destroyed. Battleshock takes care of the remaining Handgunners. Late Game Ryan brought his Halberdiers into the fight, charging my Skeleton Chariots. He swung in combat, and I was about to take 5 wounds and remove a model when the Tomb Kings allegiance ability was in range and kicked in negating 2 wounds. I did a few wounds back and brought in units to counter-charge. The Tomb King's command ability went onto the Warsphinx as did the Necrotect's. The Necropolis Knights healed another model and moved well out of range to lick their stone wounds. The Tomb King led the charge (Cursed Book helping the combat in my favour!) into the Halberdiers backed up with the Skeleton Legionnaires and the Warsphinx. The super-steriod 'warkitty' killed 3 with its 'Thundercrush' ability before mincing around 12 in the combat phase. Ryan swung back putting a few more wounds into the Skeleton Chariots but then the Tomb King stepped in and swung with his world-stopper, killing 9 Halberdiers. After the melee had finished, battle shock reduced the unit to ash. Ryan threw down some late game lead at the Warsphinx putting down a hearty 7-8 wounds onto the Warkitty. At this point with only a single hero facing off against 1200+ points still facing off against him, me controlling the objectives, Ryan conceded. Conclusion I certainly learnt a few new things in this game. Firstly, I need to make a concerted effort in reading up on my opponents Warscrolls. I could believe the sheer amount of fire-power that the Handgunners produced, what amazed me was it was on a 2+ at one stage. I need to ask way more questions during the game rather than get caught in terrible situations like that. However, lucky for me I survived it and lived to tell the tale. Secondly, playing to win isn't always the right way to play. For example, I think in this game it favoured my force immediately over Ryan's. His army is very static in nature and loses a lot of its advantages if it moves. I simply could have camped on the objectives and hung back forcing him to move his units of Handgunners in order to have any impact on the game whatsoever. Honestly, I get pissed off when people do this to me, so I wasn't going to do it to Ryan. I was hoping to convince myself about the Warsphinx and its capability but to be honest, I'm still sitting on the fence about it. I do like the fact it is a single based model and able to move into positions that 6 Ushabti simply cannot. Having some extra shooting is nice as well and being a large model it immediately paints itself with a target and Ryan did manage to ping some wounds off it late game. Thanks for reading!
  5. Another blog after my destruction one This army is born with the gh 2 , I really like the idea of an army of ghost coming out of nowhere Summoned by their ancient ruler . So here are my 3 unit of six spirit host in their first step , just a hand of nihilak oxide diluted 2:1 with lahmian medium: and now as with every army I start the conversion for the general, it's still a wip I need to add other wrapping and change the bottom part of the scythe ,I'm particularly fond of the Crown the wing are just hood's decoration not meant to be real wings Next will be converted banshee starting from sister of avelorn comments & critics welcomed
  6. So I thought it was time to take stock of my growing Vampire Counts army and give them their own plog. Especially considering how old my general one is and how clustered it is. As the title suggested I am going for A Lahmian army, so some stunningly beautiful and dangerously ambitious female vampires at the head of this Khemri style army of the undead. I plan to introduce some tomb kings elements into my force, mixing it with the more traditional vampire counts models, let’s hope eBay will be kind to me. The Undead were my first love in Warhammer, and have been something I have been collecting since I was in primary school, so I’m very excited to finally be able to bring together a completed force that I can use. Age of Sigmar has given me that push to get something playable together and finally start exploring that side of the hobby. Anyway I have decided to open with the first unit I painted in this “new” version of my undead, The Legion of Nehek:
  7. Liberator Prime Stoneham cleaned the ichor from his warhammer and counted his troops: half a dozen Liberators, a couple of Judicators, and Judicator Prime Sparrowclaw. The assault on Marrowpeak had been successful, but at great cost: scorch marks revealed where lightning had burst the faithful back to Azyrheim, and the bodies of broken bloodbound lay heaped around each crater. “Sparrowclaw, get everyone together. We need to find a realmgate to take us back to the musterhalls.” The Judicator Prime nodded, and called orders to the remaining Hallowed Knights. The route to the realmgate would take them through Candlefane Vale. The thought filled Stoneham with something close to dead. He muttered a quick prayer and twisted his hammer in his hand. “Sigmar protect us.” ±±±±±±±±±± The Duke Mauvaises Graines surveyed his estate. He could see workers toiling in the gloom, sowing crops for the changing season. Bitter winds swept through the fields, carrying with it the ever-present howl of nighthaunt. “A storm’s coming, sire,” croaked Morrlyn. The seer consulted a pocket dial, watching its green pin spin slowly counterwise. “Something the matter, old man?” “I’m not sure sire. There’s copper on the air. Blood and thunder.” Lightning cracked. Storms were rare this deep in the Candlefane Vale. When they came they could be brutal, washing hamlets from existence and driving ancient creatures from the barrows. He looked back out at the men in the field, and felt a fatherly tug in his heart. He called into the keep, “Riverblood!” Out from the chamber stepped a colossal warrior. Lord Riverblood was the head of Mauvaises Graines' knightly order, and the Duke’s equerry. “Sire, can I be of service?” “Sound the alarm bell. I want the freemen in from the fields. And form up hunting parties – I want to make sure we’re ready if some foul leviathan crosses the vale.” “As you wish.” From the rear of the castle, an animal cry went up. The smells in the air had drawn the attention of the Duke’s menagerie, and they began to bay at the sky. “Care to take a walk, Morrlyn?” ±±±±±±±±±± Further down the valley, thunder rumbled. The Hallowed Knights paused at the crest of a great barrow, sighting stars to get a fix on the realmgate. “To have Voss’s Prosecutors with us now,” muttered Sparrowclaw, “Or even Otford’s lantern to see by.” “Have faith, friend.” Stoneham clapped the Judicator’s shoulder, “We’ll see the halls of Azyrheim by tomorrow’s night, I swear it.” “Movement!” The shout came from Jentar, a Liberator at the crest of the mound. She gestured to a glimmer some hundred yards off. Gaunt shapes loped across the fields, led by brute in rusty plate. “Form up!" Stoneham bellowed, "Liberators to the front, Judicators behind. Don’t attack until the last second: for all we know they could be the faithful.” “Hah!” Sparrowclaw laughed, “Better to place your faith in gods than miracles.” Beneath his silver mask, Stoneham smiled. ±±±±±±±±±± The Duke halted as he saw the glimmering shape on the hill ahead. Riverblood had taken his knights rimward, while he, Morrlyn and the house guard made for the Marrowpeak pass. In another flash, he saw it: a lightning beetle. Twenty legs tottered, supporting a silver-blue shell glistened in the starlight. Its mandibles clacked together, in some crude approximation of language, shouting at his men. “Steady yourselves, men of Shyish. These things spit electricity and have hides as thick as steel. But, if you can, spare its life. Remember – it, like you, is merely afraid.” Morrlyn cast him a withering look, “Is the menagerie not full enough, sire?” The Duke ignored the old man, and drew his blade. “Form on me, faithful of Candlefane!” Lightning flashed. ±±±±±±±±±± So, with RAW17 just around the corner I figured it was time to paste my hunter and leviathan's backstory. The Duke of Mauvaises Graines is my hunter, a noble warrior and benevolent lord of the Candlefane Vale... sort of... The Duke's my ghoul king, converted from an Orruk brute with leftover bits from a Crypt Haunter kit. He'll be my hunter for the event, seeking to expand his menagerie. He'll be supported by Morrlyn – a necromancer/old Mordheim dreg – and an array of ghouls and gals. Riverblood will be the Court's general, heading up an Abbatoir. I kept the Ironjawz theme for his conversion, kitbashing the weapons from a Morghast as cleavers. He made his debut at Blackout a few weeks ago, and was impressively sniped off the table in the first turn of three of my games. These noble warriors will be defending the Vale from beastly intrusions. Knowing I'd be taking a court to RAW, I got in all kinds of knots about what Leviathan to make. I wanted it to be a metaphor, playing into the delusions the Flesh Eater Courts are known for. Initially I thought about having some sort of large spirit host, the souls of the court, doubling as a monster they wanted to capture. I also thought about having a mirror-tree, in which the court see the monsters they are reflected back at themselves. I then thought about getting some sort of noble stag and making it a hunting party... but I couldn't find the right kind of thing for that. I then listened to the recent Hardcore History about the romans and celtic tribes, and started thinking 'Man, what would the court see those formations as?' The thought was still with me while I read Plague Garden, and I thought there might be something in the whole 'locking shields' vibe of Stormcast chambers. I'll be honest, I hoped the models would be knit together more tightly than the sculpts allow, but I still like the idea. To the Stormcast, acting as one body is the best way to wield the strength of every warrior in the chamber – to be the anvil or the hammer. But to a ghoul king? That's just a great shiny creature with way too many legs and sharp bits. Anyway, four weeks to go and I think everything's together. Just down to list selection now. Might blog about that in a week or so.
  8. New to AoS/Death - advice please!

    Hi all new here and just looking for some advice. I used to collect warhammer and 40k when I was 9-13 ish but never played properly, just painted some models to a fairly poor standard and hardly played at all. I've had a read of a lot of the threads on here so feel like I'm catching up with whats changed since I stopped - a lot! Anyway, I'm looking at a death army, just general death for now until there's more battletomes. I currently have the following: - 1 x Necrach on nightmare (old metal figure with hood and dagger) - 1x Necrach (old metal figure with hood and dagger) - 20x skeletons with spears and shields - 20x skeletons with swords (and other close combat weapons, maces etc. but count as swords) and shields - 3x dire wolves (to be added to if they are to be used obviously - just standard goblin wolf mounts) - 8x empire knights to be converted to blood knights I was thinking of removing the daggers on the necrachs and replacing them with staffs to fit the warscroll for a necromancer so essentially I have 2 necromancers. My main question is where to go next? I'm thinking start collecting! Death skeleton horde and deathrattle barrowlands box - would this give me a solid starting point for an army?
  9. Skeletons - swords or spears?

    Hi everyone, So I have 60 skeletons to build and I am left with a dilemma. So... swords or spears? Which do you prefer? Why? What are the benefits of either? Is there really a difference (lower hit roll vs range for back row etc)? Would really like the communities thoughts on this one lol. Cheers.
  10. Bat Swarm Alternative Models

    I'm toying with a Soulblight army, and I like some of the utility Bat Swarms bring via their -1 to hit in the shooting phase rule. However, the GW models are abysmal. What are some good alternative models I could us instead? I'm aware of the Lord of the Rings bats, but I'm not in love with the cost ($13 per swarm - 6 of these for $78 is gross). There are also the Reaper bat swarms, but I'm unsure of the quality of the sculpt.
  11. My analysis about Death in GH2017

    I realised some video about the new allegiances in GH2017, I'm still waiting the eventual compendium before creating my final opinions for this new release. In the while you can share with me the opinions about them. GH2017 review Grand Allegiance Death: Flesh Eater courts: NIghtHaunt: Soulblight: Do you share my thoghts about? Or no?
  12. Rule Question. Mourngol Ally

    Hi! I don't have the new book or havn't found the answer by googling or skimming through multiple forums. What death armies can the Mourngol ally with? The keywords for the Mourngol is "DEATH, MALIGNANT, NIGHTHAUNT, MONSTER, MOURNGUL" Because I heard somewhere that it's some ally restrictions unless you build a Grand Alliance army. - I want to have a flesh eaters army but heard some can't ally with them. So which subfaction can the Mourngol ally with?
  13. And here we are. Cause as it been said in other topics the artifacts doesn't count for the mounts. In case of the Coven Throne how we do apply it? Cause none it's a mount, but we have different sources of attacks. The spirit hosts are still anyway not a mount, otherways it would be the same as for the maidens if you allow them to attack. Do you want to give it to the queen by herself? But it's not like she's the only "rider" eventually... so... Do we reevaluate the coven throne thanks to "the saccarine goblet" ? Sincerly I think all the attack of the model would be improved. The spirit host at the end are still represented as skeleton warriors, wriiths, banshees and knights, so I don't find them compatible with the term of "mount".
  14. Summoning Bat Swarms

    When casting to summon Bat Swarms, the spell says to set up 3 Models, but the the unit size is min 2 max 8. Does this mean I can set up 2 for the points for 2 or alternatively set up 3 for the points for 4?
  15. So this is my very first post so yay! I have recently gotten back into warhammer with AoS and I went with the Death alliance (I like skeletons). But now I am yearning more and by that I mean I want to convert some Death models. Some units have been easy to convert, like grave guard. But I am stumped with certain units, primarily tomb kings. So I am hoping to pick peoples brains for my growing conversion obsession. I got a few ideas, but if people have better ideas or modelling tips it would be a big help. I am looking to make a Necrosphinx or a Warsphinx - I am thinking of using an Arachnarock Spider or a Hellpit Abomination as the base for a Necrosphinx. For a Warsphinx I was thinking about a Stonehorn, Magmadroth or Bastiladon for the base. In a similar vain I am looking at a Verminlord or Treelord to convert into a Bone Giant. I am also thinking of maybe using Tyranid or Necron models to form some conversions. But I am unsure what to use them for. Finally I am struggling to think of decent models to build up some skeleton chariots or sepulchral stalkers Thanks for reading. I am currently on a conversion kick and could really do with some second opinions and advice, so I really hope someone replies.
  16. Need help-first army death

    Hey guys I have a question about painting and army building. Currently i can't choose between Start collecting flesheater-courts or start collecting beastclaw raiders. I love both army's looks and playing style, all though i am not sure which one is harder to paint. I know the points for both armies. If it's not too much, it would be reeally nice if you could show me the size of the miniatures (picture) in comparison to a hand. Also which army is the more expansive to collect, because BCR have a very small model count, while FEC units can be converted to a bunch of things (start collecting box alone has a huge amount of choices.) Thank you for reading!
  17. Nagash Rules

    Hey guys...... Some help/advice would be awsome. i recently bought Nagash and noticed that he has a staff and sword that you can use for making the model. As you can only use one or the other for making the model, does that affect his warscroll? so do you get to use alakanesh or zefet-nebtar? Or both? sorry guys I'm new to the game thankyou so much ?
  18. Hye guys I am currently looking for a good, easy way to paint ghouls, and by extension the entire flesh eaters start collecting box. If possible wiht as little paint as possible because i am now to wargaming and this isnt going to a competion.
  19. NOTE:This isn't meant to pick on anyone (i can't pick on anyone because I haven't even bought my first army) and is not meant to be a counter argument against Horde Players rejoice thread.This is just something interesting I found while looking for my first army.Feel free to correct me if I make"anymistakes" Earlier this day while debating should I choose beastclaws or flesh eaters for my first army, I found an article called "massive regiments horde players rejoice" and (no offense to the creator of the thread, he just said what was going to be in the new handbook).It was bombarded with people (again, no offense) saying that this is the end and hordes are OP now.With my limited knowledge of AOS and economics i would like to disprove that: 1. This isn't a videogame: In video games, OP strategies are a HUGE problem, because people can get away with them.It isn't the same in wargaming. Except for tournaments, nobody has to up with those douchebags. Also I am willing to bargain there isn't a lot of people with INSANLY OVERPEWUUUUVERD lists because of casual nature of AOS (again I have no experience but I think I got that one right). 2.THE COST (dramatic music): I heard GW minatures are a bit expansive (cough cough) but almost every horde army (except for probably flesh eaters because of their awesome start collecting box and the fact that they get 20 ghouls for 20 pounds and skeletons get 10 guys for 15 pounds) is insane.Let's take deathrattle: the backbone of their army are skeletons.I saw many complaints about 40 man skeletons being OP for their bonuses.10 skeletons are 80 points, so 40 skeletons are (correct me if I'm wrong) 320 points.on GW website, skeletons are 10 pounds for 10 guys.So in order to make a 40 man unit you need 60 pounds!Being only 320 points you would need at least two of them, so thats 120 pounds!For what?640 points of skeletons that require a lot of paints and are not interesting to paint.For 120 pounds, I can afford (need 15 pounds but some hero will pay for that) Icewind Assault box, that comes with around 1500 points of interesting to paint OGRES ON MAMMOTHS.Not only that,you can also try a lot of different weapons and configurations.I think I many would go with Icewind Assault. So I think that now i can make an argument that for 2k deathrattle army, you would need 300+ pounds, not including bottles of agrax earthshade and ushabti bone. I didn't make this argument to make all death players seem like rich douchebags, I just wanted to say that it seems pretty funny how people make this into such a big deal.I just wanted to say that If you ever lose in a tournament because some guy with 120 skeletons and n'gash destroyed you, just remember what kind of money he spend on them. Also that is a pretty big IF because I don't understand how somebody can be mentally stable after painting 120 skeletons for just ONE army.
  20. Hey guys justa quick question: Whatts the size of a terrorgheist?i am thinking about starting AOS with one start collecting box and i am confused about the size of a terrorgheist If anyone could send me a picture comparing it to a hand it would be great.
  21. Need help-first army death

    Hey guys I have a question about painting and army building. Currently i can't choose between Start collecting flesheater-courts or start collecting beastclaw raiders. I love both army's looks and playing style, all though i am not sure which one is harder to paint. I know the points for both armies. If it's not too much, it would be reeally nice if you could show me the size of the miniatures (picture) in comparison to a hand. Also which army is the more expansive to collect, because BCR have a very small model count, while FEC units can be converted to a bunch of things (start collecting box alone has a huge amount of choices.) Thank you for reading!
  22. Graveyard Hills

    Graveyard Hills, by Rob Hawkins
  23. 2000pt Soulblight List/Question

    Hello all - I had a question regarding a potential Death list that I was building, as a friend of mine is selling me some of his models that he wants to get rid of (very cheaply, to boot): Allegiance: Death Heroes Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - General - Command Trait : Ruler of the Night - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Cursed Book Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Units 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 6 x Vargheists (320) 4 x Bat Swarms (160) Total: 1980/ 2000 The idea for this list is fairly straightforward - Keep VLoZD up/healed, and use him to fly towards key battles/flanks, and buffed up Deathless Minions saves and buff either himself or a key allied unit with his command ability. The 2 Vampire Lords can fly 10" and have great utility this way, as well as being able to debuff a key enemy unit, and throw out the obligatory Mystic Shield/Arcane Bolt. The Bat Swarms I can sub out for more Vargheists, but I plan on flying them up towards key shooting units, since they only have to be within 12" to debuff them with that -1 to hit rolls (since this doesn't stack, it's better to have x4, rather than 2x2, and can receive Deathless Minions bonus). Blood Knights will do what Blood Knights do... haha. Some variations: 1. Dropping 1 Vampire Lord, 4 bat swarms will buy me 300pts for another unit of Blood Knights, and dropping 4 x Bat swarms will give me 3 more Vargheists. I don't fancy the Coven Throne, and have decided to ignore it in this list. 2. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, 2 bat swarms, add Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror and 3 Vargheists. This is one less hero, but the spell for the Vampire Lord on Terror, DOUBLES a unit's move characteristic... In that case, the Vargheists would receive the Command Ability + Mystic Shield + Hellish Vigour = 24" fly, 4+ save, 28a/3+/3+/-1/2 reroll failed hits that generate more attacks per model killed. These would be the crowd-clearers, 3. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, Vargheists, Bats, Add 10 more Blood Knights and Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror. This would basically be Blood Knights 2 x 10, 1 x 5, and heroes... Vampire Lords would buff a Blood Knight deathstar to have 30 wounds, saving on 3+ with mystic shield (2+ vs attacks with no rend), 5+ Deathless Minions save, 20" move (buffed), 30 attacks, rerolling failed hits... that do D3 damage on the charge (!!!). A one-trick pony, that buffed up, on average against a 4+ save base, would = 24 wounds. Even if something crazy like Khorne Skullreapers or Bloodwarriors, the extra save would sustain their numbers, allowing for a model to regen each turn. Thoughts? Concerns? I know it's not massive model count, and lacks shooting, so armies like Khorne will give me some trouble, but the ability to soak up mortal wounds, heal, and regen models, as well as flying chargers a la Vargheists, will allow me to fly into some Thundertusks, should I ever face them.
  24. Coven of the Damned

    Hey guys, I'm a new AoS player. Have been playing Warhammer since 5th edition and with the drop of AoS I moved onto Bolt Action and Kings of War, both of which are great games. But with points in AoS I'm keen to give it a spin and start a new army rather than recycling one of my old WHFB ones. So I thought I'd start a Soulblight army for a couple of reasons: - low model count - I'm keen on having to not do too much painting as I'm learning the game and seeing if I like it. Although I've not played yet I get the sense that it can be tough to play to time when you have huge model counts in this game. - I've never done undead before, so it's good to try something new - I had Empire and Bretonnians in WHFB. In KoW I went for something non-human and did a monstrous Nightstalker army and it was good fun. If GW were to release some nice human faction minis I'm pretty sure my wallet would scream out in horror, but for now I'll do another non-human army before I inevitably swing back in the future. I am a bit apprehensive about starting this army because its not an 'updated' faction. It worries me that a new book and minis may drop that would change how I approach it, but I guess that is the risk you take if you don't want to do one of the few new/updated factions. I'm going to try and keep the army pure-Soulblight; except for sometimes maybe summoning some Dire Wolves when I have odd points left over when putting a list together. The units Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - He'll be low down on the painting schedule but I'll do one eventually. He looks like a total wrecking ball when you pop red Fury on him. Been rolling some dice in theoretical combats (hope I'm not the only one who does this :-) ) and he looks capable of putting Greater Daemons down in a single round of combat. I'm sure he would be a shooting magnet so that could make him tricky to use. Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror - I'll have to find an alternative mini to use for him as he is now out of production and I'd not be keen on picking up the original off eBay as it looks pretty pants (anyone have any ideas on a good alternative?). His spell looks completely ridiculous so I definitely want one soon :-) Vampire Lord - Looks like a nice, solid and relatively cheap character. His spell is good so is hard to see a list without one in it. I imagine he will always be on a steed or will have wings and carrying a chalice. With not having to pay for these upgrades I don't see why anyone would use one on foot. Am I missing something? Coven Throne - Is an interesting one. Fantastic model, good damage output against low defence units and really fast. Its spell would make it great on a flank I think to get in some one on one engagements and grind down the enemy behind the safety of Beguile. I think its command ability is great and could swing games in your favour at the right time, but when running it as the general I don't think I'd want it on the flank or in an isolated part of the board, so that sits at odds with its combat utility I think. I'll paint one up at some point to give it a run to put theory into practice. Count Mannfred - Looks very useful and a good upgrade on a regular mounted Vampire Lord. If there were spare points floating around I think making that upgrade would make sense. Vlad , Isabella and Konrad - In a super fast army, the slowest thing is 10", I don't really see a place for these guys. Bat Swarms - I think I'll be trying to get in at least one unit of these in every list due to their nice ability to disrupt shooting, which seems to be so strong in AoS. Fell Bats - Same points costs as the Bat Swarms but with a better damage output. I could see the point of these guys if it weren't for the Vargheists. Where I have the option of taking 3 Vargheists or 6 Fell Bats for the same points, it seems like a no-brainer as the damage output of the Vargs is much better. I could see a place for the Fell Bats as chaff and blockers. I've converted some models for these so I'll probably run them in non-competitive lists. Vargheists - I'm keen to paint 6 of these I think with the intent of running them sometimes in units of 3. I see them as good light-character hunters and clearing out light units. They look very vulnerable so I'd think that I would have to be careful about when to commit them to combat as I think I'd be wanting to prioritise their combat over others before they get smacked down. Blood Knights - I'm super exited about these guys and they look like a hard as nails Battleline unit. Never mind being battleine, they'll put down the enemy elite without breaking their stride. They look like they will excel at demolishing nil-Rend units as they have a 3+ save, which I could boost to 2+, getting wounds back, reviving slain models and ripping through the enemy on the charge. Overall I think the army is going to require careful use of charges and selection of which combats to fight first. I think that the best option sometimes will not be to throw everything into combat in a single turn, but to stage the charges over multiple turns, particularly if more than one Rending enemy unit needs to be fought in the same turn. Painting So to get started I've painted up four Bat Swarms and 12 converted Fell Bats. I think this will be all the bats I'll ever need. Currently on the painting table is a couple of Vampire Lords mounted on steeds. I'm aiming to finish these this weekend.