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Found 287 results

  1. Hello! I'm new to AoS and I started with Death, the themathic I like the most Me and my group like to play matched play, and was a deception to know that summons must be counted as part of the army (reserve). Maybe the other way was too over. To summon 10 or 20 skeletons over and over again hehe BUT! A games workshop manager of the city i live said me that you cannot create a new unit, but you can instead regenerate units who has lost models. I knew that, for example, the ability of the skeleton standard bearer let you put d6 skeletons on your hero phase. That doesn't cost reserve points. But what the gw manager said is that I can launch the spell summon skeletons on a unit of skeletoms to regenerate slain models (just as standard bearer does). It sounds me as he is trying to convince me that summoning can be as I wanted to be, but I prefer to play as rules intend to be. We like matched play and thats the way we want to play, so please, answer me: Can I launch the spell "summon skeleton" to a unit of skeletons in order to refill the unit? Thanks!
  2. The Following is an example of how Death could be easily transformed into a legitimate grand alliance through some new rules and a few new models Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 1 DEATHLORDS Allegiance - The Lords of Death: - Instead of setting up a unit during deployment, you can declare that it is in the Realm of Death. Any unit with the DEATH keyword can be set up in the Realm of Death (the unit does not require the DEATHLORDS keyword) - Once per turn, in your hero phase, you may summon one unit from the Realm of Death (18" from caster, 9" from enemy, this is their move). "Traits of Nagash" Nagash may gift his Mortarchs with his aspects (Similar to allegiance traits -but named chars can take) 1. Sight of Nagash: +6" to spell ranges 2. Speed of Nagash: Re-Roll failed charges 3. Will of Nagash: +1 to all casting and unbinding rolls 4. Anger of Nagash: Reroll wound rolls of 1 5. Defiance of Nagash: -1 to hit in the shooting phase 6. Vigor of Nagash: Heal 1 wound in each Hero Phase Spell Lore: Lore of Undeath Morkharn: 5+ Heal D3 wounds or models on a unit, or D6 if the unit has 10 or more models. Sulekhim: 6+ cause D6 wounds to any model within 3" of the caster Khizaar: 5+ 12" 2D6, unit takes wounds for each point exceeding bravery Razkhar: 5+ Summon any unit of of any size (any unit, any size, except behemoth or hero)(18", 9" from enemy, this is their move). Ryze: 7+ Summon any behemoth Khandorak: 8+ Summon any hero (inc. Behemoth) Scroll Changes: Nagash - knows every spell in Lore of Undeath as well as every spell available to any DEATH allegiance. Mannfred - Wind of Death: pick a direction, then roll 4D6". Every unit touched suffers D3 wounds. DEATHMAGES (sub faction of Lords of Death) All DEATHMAGES have the following rule Puppetmaster: This model can be fielded with any DEATH army without breaking the allegiance, despite not sharing the particular allegiance. - They also may know 1 spell available to the current allegiance. Scroll Changes: Mortis Engine - Add NIGHTHAUNT keyword - Change to 250pt Add the following rules: - Partially Ethereal: this model ignores rend of -1 - Death Trampled: This model gets +1 to hit (all attacks) on any turn it has charged - The Reliquary: All death models within 2D6" have a 6+ save to all wounds. If you roll doubles, the model takes D3 wounds instead. - Also, when this model dies, all enemy models within 3" suffer D3 mortal wounds. DEATHRATTLE Allegiance Ability: Dying in Wait Instead of setting up a death unit, you can instead place them to one side as "Dying in Wait". In any movement phase, you can roll a D6 for any of these units: 1-2: The Dead Slumbers: Nothing happens, roll again the next movement phase 3-4: Unearthed!: set up at least 9" from enemy models & this is their move 5-6: The Restless Dead: set up at least 9" from enemy models - the unit can still make a normal move DEATHRATTLE Allegiance Traits 1. Steadfast Horde: Units within 10" of your general do not have to take battleshock tests 2. Skeletal Horror: Enemy units within 10" of your general have -1 bravery 3. Bonemaster: All Battleline units within 10" of your general gain +2 models when using their banner to restore models 4. Reinforce the line: units dying in wait treat a roll of 2 as a 3 if setting up within 15" of your general 5. Veteran of 1000 wars: Reroll save rolls of 1 for your general 6. Eternal Hero: Your general heals 1 wound in each of your hero phases DEATHRATTLE Artifacts 1.Venerable Armor: -1 to hit in the combat phase 2.Blackshield: +1 save vs all shooting attacks 3.Sword of the Ages: When this model piles in, all units within 3" immediatly suffer 1 mortal wound 4.Decrepit Crown: This model can reroll faied charges 5.Cursed Pendant: this modle can unbind 1 spell as if it were a wizard 6.Doom Axe: Pick one weapon to be a Doom Axe. All hit rolls of 1 cause a mortal wound Warscroll Changes: Black Knights (180 pts): - 2 attacks each, 3+/4+; 3 damage on the charge - improve armor save to 4+ - For every 6+ wound roll, the attack does one mortal wound in addtion to normal damage Grave Guard (140 points for 10) - 1 attack each, 2 damage - 4+ natural save Standard bearer: D6 heal: 1-3: restore 1 model 4-5: restore 3 models 6: restore 5 models Wight King > Wight Lords (5 man box set, 220 points) - Absorbs all existing wight king models - 3 wounds each - Standard of the Forsaken: all Death units within 10" of this standard have +1 attacks - - OR Standard of the Eternal: all Death units within 10" of this banner have a 5++ save (1 standard per unit) - Weapons: Tomb blade (3) attacks at 4+/3+, -1 rend 2 damage - - OR Black Axe, (3) attacks at 4+/4+ -2 rend 2 damage. - Champion has +1 attack New Units Wight King: Awesome "celestant on dracoth" size model on a cool skeletal mount. - Commander of the horde: all deathrattle within 8" of this model have +1 to wound - Lord of Bones command ability Skeletal Dragon: Dragon model with zombie-dragon like attacks. - No breath attack, 5++ save, 16 wounds. Skeletal Arbalest- New skeletons with bows kit - Same as skeletons, but with shooting instead of melee. 20" range. Always 5+ to hit no matter what, or 4+ if within 10"
  3. WIP Fell Bats/Bat Swarm. Trying to keep with his fluff by making a creatures of the forest/more natural than undead feel but obviously tried to link them in by using more Ruins on the the base. This is pretty much all I'm going to do modelling wise so far, next I'm going to start painting what I've got.
  4. For Years I have awaited the arrival of the new Death Battletome. WHEN WILL IT COME. will it be a tomb kings remake. Will it be something else? Who and What!?!?!?
  5. Starting a thread to keep progress with my AoS/Hinterlands warband anecdote hopefully keep neck motivated to finish. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who travelled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realisation he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared bloodlust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travellers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  6. So I thought it was time to take stock of my growing Vampire Counts army and give them their own plog. Especially considering how old my general one is and how clustered it is. As the title suggested I am going for A Lahmian army, so some stunningly beautiful and dangerously ambitious female vampires at the head of this Khemri style army of the undead. I plan to introduce some tomb kings elements into my force, mixing it with the more traditional vampire counts models, let’s hope eBay will be kind to me. The Undead were my first love in Warhammer, and have been something I have been collecting since I was in primary school, so I’m very excited to finally be able to bring together a completed force that I can use. Age of Sigmar has given me that push to get something playable together and finally start exploring that side of the hobby. Anyway I have decided to open with the first unit I painted in this “new” version of my undead, The Legion of Nehek:
  7. Hello! I want and like to play matched. Could I use a Mourngul in my army? Is the model official? Is from forgeworld so I'm not sure it's legal in matched play of Age of Sigmar.
  8. Hi all. I was just pondering the Tomb Kings compendium -have an upcoming match against an Ironjawz player- and fell over the Screaming Ammunition rule where you subtract 2 from bravery of any units attacked by it.. "Screaming Ammunition: A unit that is attacked by any Screaming Skulls must subtract 2 from its Bravery until the end of the next battleshock phase." As I am reading the wording, this works even if you don't hit anything? Ie. just by ATTACKING a unit, this debuff will take action. Am I correct in this? (as a sidenote, if you couple that with three tomb banshees and vampire lord on abyssal terror's command ability - opponent uses two dice for bravery tests, pick the highest- you might possibly have some fun with the poor orks).. What do you think, am I reading this correctly? This automatically works?
  9. Graveyard Hills, by Rob Hawkins
  10. Graveyard Hills, by Rob Hawkins
  11. Spooky Cornfield, by Rob Hawkins
  12. Spooky Cornfield, by Rob Hawkins
  13. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  14. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  15. Haunted Crypt, by Rob Hawkins
  16. Hi everyone. I've been playing Warhammer for 20 years now, and Age of Sigmar, while not my favorite in terms of the lore, has evolved into a great game with some great models. I've been a member of the Carpe Noctem forum, and decided to jump in here as well to get my fix of AoS discussion. Undead (Vampire Counts with a smattering of allied Tomb Kings) and Skaven are my main armies. I've been documenting my armies' progress and lore, along with my various terrain projects on my blog: Thanks for having me! --Rob
  17. Hi guys ! New here and moderately to the game as well. I'm trying to build a tournament list with a Death army, not abusing stupid spams (chariots, Necro Knights...) The thing is, my tournament meta is pretty stupid : 18 Skyfires list (even 27), 18 Necro Knights, Hurricanum on Balewind... I don't want to take that road but don't feel like fighting a bazooka with a knife neither. Here is a take on what feels for me acceptable (single Mourngul only I mean) : Leaders - Settra The Imperishable - Ruler of the night (360) - Vampire Lord On Abyssal Terror (220) Deathlance & Shield Artefact : Cloak of Mists and Shadows - Necromancer (120) Nightmare Artefact : Ring of Immortality Units - 3 x Necropolis Knights (160) - 40 x Skeleton Warriors (320) Spear & Shield - 40 x Skeleton Warriors (320) Spear & Shield - 10 x Zombies (60) Behemoths - Mourngul (400) Total: 1960/2000 Using the 4x Movement-double attack combo for the skeletons brick, support/threat with the Mourngul, zombies for objective and Necro Knights for fast movement hunt. I already know that using 12 Chariots or 18 Necro Knights is "better" but as I said, not on my watch. What do you think ?
  18. WIP Varghulf conversion. I tampered with using feathered wings to help with the fluff of it being some kind of wild beast but in the end I felt like membrane wings were a better fit and gives me a chance to mirror the skin tones on its chest. Used a 40k model again which is becoming an unintentional theme.
  19. Snap from a recent battle. Opponents Mourngul sweeps in to kill (eat?) my little Hunting Hound. Dont think it was a fair fight really :0)
  20. Hi all.. am thinking of going down the VLoAT route and am looking for some inspiration.. How have you done yours!? Is it as simple as using the Mortarch mount, as for example I know Mannfred rides an Abyssal mount!? Thanks all..
  21. I am starting a death army, and was wondering except for GW are there anywhere else that sells undead models, i am not playing tournements so alternate figures are fine.
  22. Here is the Black Coach I painted for my Death army. I was surprised to see that the Black Coach is no longer a vampire, although that is fine with me since the "Black Coach" historically is not associated with vampires. I, like many others, am not a fan of Finecast so I looked for the metal coach on Ebay and found one for half the price of the Finecast one. I'm happy with the overall appearance of it. I didn't want to use colors that were normally seen on the Black Coach, besides black obviously, so I went with yellow robes for the wraith and dirty white for the lace curtains.
  23. Presenting Batlazar Khepri, Master of the Order of the Coptic Stag.
  24. Hello everyone. I am new to the community, but not to AoS. I am currently playing AoS and AoS: Hinterlands in my local community. I have a Hinterlands campaign going right now and I also play regular AoS, mostly 1000 point games though. I am working on two Chaos armies as well as a Death army. I am also in the process of rebasing a Nurgle army that consist entirely of metal chaos miniatures from the 80's, with a scratch built war altar thrown in for good measure. I recently collected and painted it for playing 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but it turned out to not be to my liking so I am converting it over. I enjoy the AoS28 aesthetic very much and also enjoy gritty and realistic paintjobs. I consider myself more of a painter/modeler than a player.
  25. Hey all- I'm building some online tools for AoS in a similar spirit to TonyP's amazing Warscroll Builder ( I noticed that WSB doesn't support the GA:Death "Beasts of the Grave" versions of the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon - only the FEC versions of both. Azyr, the army builder included with GW's AoS app, seems to support both and provides point values for both versions (320pts for both models under both FEC and BotG factions). Oddly, the GHB doesn't include any points for the 'Beasts of the Grave' faction and the GHB 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata/update didn't either ( Neither of these BotG warscrolls are mentioned specifically in any of the FAQs. Two main things I'd love to get your thoughts on: - From a Rules perspective: what I gathered reading through some older posts here was still some split opinions on whether the BotG version was supported/valid for Matched Play (last thread around Dec 2016). No question, GW could be clearer by including their BotG points in an updated 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata or directly FAQ'ing these two models. However, the question of whether they are valid for Matched Play seems more definitively settled now as Azyr includes both versions and points them both. Is that the general consensus? Is Azyr is now *the* definitive resource in these sorts of questions? - Practical reality: Do folks generally come across the GA:Death / 'Beasts of the Grave' version of these models 'in the wild?' Do you use them in your lists? Has this somewhat confusing difference been a source of contention in any games you or your friends have played? All this to ask, what is worth supporting on my end as a tools developer! Thanks for your time and help!