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Found 236 results

  1. I was wondering on peoples opinion on what is over costed in the generals handbook for death? Why would make it come competitive? i personally think the morghasts are overpriced at 240. and nagash is almost unplayable at his current points. what do you guys think?
  2. Hi, new here and wanting to crowd source some good ideas. I am heading down to Warhammer Fest for the 1750 points tournament in May. It will be my first ever tournament. I am going mainly for fun, but would like a list that at list will be fun for others to play against and wont get steam rollered. On top of that, I have a budget of £110 (£30 a month plus £20 i have tucked away.) So it will be a (fun) challenge simply to make a list and paint it I hope. I already have: Arkhan 30 skeletons (20 with spears, 10 with swords) 8 Grave Guard 5 Black Knights Necromancer Necromancer on nightmare Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade Cairn Wraith Banshee I was thinking thinking of getting another get collecting skeleton horde, and making a unit of hexwraiths and taking another Mortarch down (not sure which). I think the vampire lord's spell to reduce attacks would probably be very useful? I am not sure if two Mortarchs is good or a lot of points...
  3. When did the Blood Knights disappear from the GW website? Did this just happen recently?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking at building my first real tournament list and have been having a lot of fun with soulblight but I'm struggling with the high cost of them. So my 2k list is as follows. vamp lord on zombie dragon (ruler of the night, item dependant on final list but between cursed book, tomb blade or unholy sword) vamp lord on abyssal terror 3 x 5 Bloodknights with all the bells and whistles 1x 6 vargheists 3x 2 bar swarms now this list I've been pretty happy with but I've seen that I could get some real bonuses from having some summoning in there. So the question is do I drop the vargheists summoning points enough for a big gribbly like a terrorgheist, or do I drop the bat swarms for a more refined summoning pool. Or keep the list as it is, or drop a mix of vargheists and bat swarms.
  5. Hi all, I was using the screaming skull catapult at a tourney the other day. I played three games. My first two opponents told me I didn't need to actually hit to put my target at -2 bravery which i was fine with, (obviously). My third opponent and good friend told me I did need to hit however. I know it doesn't specify when you "hit" or "wound" the target but I couldn't really argue it. Is there anything concrete on this I've missed? Thank you
  6. Hi all, Long time Fantasy Battle player taking my first steps into a whole new army for AoS. Before AoS dropped i had planned a new Bret army for 9th ed but now that hasn’t happened i find myself with a large collection of models and not really feeling the compendium scrolls for Brets so I’m looking at doing that old favourite the Mousillon army Soulblight seems to fit this brief best (for me at least) plus it means once ive got the core knights down i can look at expanding into more death units. So im after advice on my list below aswell as any tips or tricks on playing them! I have a small club tourney coming up and this is what im looking at Allegiance: Soulblight Leaders Vampire Lord On Abyssal Terror (220) – Going to use the old Hypogryph model - General - Deathlance & Shield - Trait: Red Fury - Artefact: Cloak of Mists and Shadows Battleline 5 x Blood Knights (260) - Converted knights mixed with black night and Graveguard parts - Soulblight Battleline 5 x Blood Knights (260) - Soulblight Battleline Units 3 x Vargheists (160) Converted Pegasus knights mixed with Black night and Graveguard parts 2 x Bat Swarms (80) – Using a mix of the LoTR swarm and the old fantasy battle ones Total: 980/1000 Any advice or comments welcome J
  7. What is the best alliance, could it be Death, Order, Chaos, or Destruction who KNOWS???
  8. For Years I have awaited the arrival of the new Death Battletome. WHEN WILL IT COME. will it be a tomb kings remake. Will it be something else? Who and What!?!?!?
  9. Hey all! Really wanted to get Settra out on the table with my nighthaunts, but couldnt get him anywhere (obvi). Decided to Convert one up in a Barrow wight style. Decided to make up some Barrow Knights that burrow (Necropolis Knights) for the same reason. I donno, i think its cool. Let me know!
  10. Hi all, I am getting ready for my local stores 1k ladder in two weeks time and am fiddling with some list building. I just came in from the cold around Christmas time after having briefly played Warhammer fantasy in the 90's. Not having to contend with Nagash's old look and all, I dove right in. Anyways, I could use any help with list building. 1k is just a bit constrained for my wishes, as I'd love playing Arkhan, for fluffy reasons, but can't get the list working with him. He really is better with a friendly necromancer (having the 'skeleton' keyword and all), and playing a necromancer, I'd be stupid not having other buff able units, zombies, mordants, skeletons in the list. No no no, not in a 1k list. So here's my new ideas. A quick and killy list, with some possibilities for holding onto objectives with spirit hosts as well. Vampire lords Death artifact Sword of Unholy Power is for summoning a deep Morghast harbingers team in first turn. Spirit host for holding objectives as well as dishing out some mortal wounds. Blood Knights for bringing on the pain. Zombies for rambling around looking silly - and battleline. Here's the list. Please tell me if I am making some godly mistake here.... List could also include 10 x dire wolves instead of blood knights Allegiance: DeathLeadersVampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: Flying Horror- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Sword of Unholy PowerBattleline10 x Zombies (60)10 x Zombies (60)2 x Morghast Harbingers (240)- Deathlords Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline5 x Blood Knights (260)- Soulblight BattlelineUnitsTotal: 1000/2000 Or maybe something like this to give the zombies more of a reason for being there, as well as having some cheap harassing dire wolves: Allegiance: DeathLeadersVampire Lord (140)- General- Mount: Flying Horror- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Sword of Unholy PowerBattleline30 x Zombies (180)10 x Zombies (60)2 x Morghast Harbingers (240)- Deathlords Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt BattlelineUnits10 x Dire Wolves (120)Total: 980/2000 Could also chuck the dire wolves and extra zombies and gun for an extra pair of morghasts. Even though I think that would be not so good an idea... Anyways, what do you think?
  11. FLGS running a slow grow and was planning on running death for it and painted up these guys. Now having a wobble though so might be switching to chaos.
  12. I have been kicking around an idea for a new list. My current list (legion of death, vlozd, necro, vargheist, and Mortis E) has proven great at fighting Ironjawz and some mixed destruction. (I have yet to face BCR or cunnin ruk) However one match with my 1k legion of death list against some storm bros made it abundantly clear how much I rely on keeping my wight king safe at any point level... (plz no more meteors) *Beware this list is an abomination from a lore perspective* Allegiance: DeathLeadersCoven Throne (260)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Night- Artefact: Cursed BookArkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament (340)Necromancer (120)Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120) (w/ ib)Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon (400)- Artefact: Cloak of Mists and ShadowsBattleline30 x Skeleton Warriors (240)- Ancient Spear10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)- Ancient Blades5 x Black Knights (120)- Deathrattle BattlelineUnits10 x Grave Guard (160)- Great Wight BladeBattalionsLegion of Death (60)Total: 1980/2000 I think this list should serve well against most lists and most ghb scenarios. The idea is to run as many high priority targets as possible while not relying on any one model to function. Focusing on abusing the magic phase. I have a few concerns about the list, mainly does the loss of the coven throne wreck me? If so how do I mitigate? Is it too greedy to run 30 skels and 10 GG rather than 40/5? Thoughts?
  13. So I had always thought that in Matched Play you could take smaller units of Zombies and combine them. On the latest Facehammer, Terry was talking about how you can't do that because you're taking a unit beyond it's starting size? I had always thought about it as taking two separate units and making it one new one. So what's a necromancer to do?
  14. Ok so it's a new year and I'm trying to get on top of posting my work as and when I do it got a little lazy last year. to start off is some of the things I finished last year.
  15. I'm toying with a Soulblight army, and I like some of the utility Bat Swarms bring via their -1 to hit in the shooting phase rule. However, the GW models are abysmal. What are some good alternative models I could us instead? I'm aware of the Lord of the Rings bats, but I'm not in love with the cost ($13 per swarm - 6 of these for $78 is gross). There are also the Reaper bat swarms, but I'm unsure of the quality of the sculpt.
  16. Hello all, so I was wondering. I understand that named characters don't get to take faction command abilities. My only problem is that I am thinking of adding Heinrich Kemmler as the general of my army and he doesn't come with a command ability like most other generals. How should I tackle this? In this case, do I get to choose a faction ability for him anyways, or is he stuck with only Inspiring Presence? Thanks all Kind regards Tomas
  17. 'Ivan Dracoth' Vampire Lord for my new Death Army
  18. Hey there, Ive been testing an army with Tabletop Simulator for awhile before buying the models. The army was successfull so far, I had three wins out of three matches but they are just pitch battle without any objectives and with the same opponent who plays a melee/witch elf heavy Dark elf army. Some opinions would be great before I buy anything and invest into the army. The list follows as: Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead - 900 (General) Count Mannfred - 160 w/ Barbed Nightmare Necromancer - 120 (with an artifact, tried out the mortal wounding one according to the battle turn and it worked pretty well) 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 40 x Zombies - 240 1 x Corpse Cart - 80 -------------------------- 1980 So the idea was building a huge zombie wall in front, while dealing a quite good damage in the first turns of combat with all the stacking buffs, which allows Nagash to eliminate targets with huge magic phases. Count Mannfred is there to help zombies in combat or hunt down enemy characters. He also allows Nagash to cast Winds of death as well. Necromancer is there to give Nagash his spell and make one unit of zombies pile in and attack twice. As I said, I do not know how this will work in objective games and against other opponents. Some feedback or ideas would be great! Thanks.
  19. Isn't death kinda hard to play? I mean they literally have nothing that can reach up to 20 inches. The way to get around it to by Skel Archers off eBay. From this guy named Lazarus. But that's it. The Next highest ranged attack is (I think) is the Crypt Flayers battle cry at 10 INCHES!!! Though one AMAZING factor death is that they can regen guys AND raise units, so you can just walk off like those Irondrakes were never even there. Something else cool is that the heroes from death compliment each other, unlike Chaos and Destruction, who's heroes can't really help each other. But I REALLY think that death needs a new alliance. Or some sort of tomb kings copy. Anything would be nice, Especially because it is the smallest Alliance and had little to no factions.