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Found 20 results

  1. Black_Fortress_Immortal

    Darkling Covens - 2018 Year of War

    Hello, This year my FLGS is having a "Year of War" slow-grow Path to Glory campaign and painting/modeling contest for each month that culminates in a top-prize for the year in December 2018. Each unit has to be purchased/ordered from there, and is graded on originality, conversions, paintjob, uniformity, and basing. For the first month, we have to pick our General and paint it up, and I have chosen Darkling Covens. I'm going to update this over time.
  2. Hello everyone so I'm primarily a 40k player with an avid interest in fantasy and by proxy AoS (but my friends got into 40k so...) and I've been trying to make a lot of my models backwards compatible and the three factions I'm interested in (in AoS) are Death, Dark Elves, and Free peoples so I'll be trying to make as much of my 40k models backwards compatible. But I think I have some cool conversions you may enjoy So first and foremost the images I shared so long ago here I'll reupload. I'll probably be using these as Varghesits if/when I get my Death army working. Now if I uploaded everything properly you should see my Executioner / Incubi conversions I'd love feedback and everyone's thoughts and I'll try to post everything I view as compatible, and if everyone is okay with it I'll try and squeak in models that I just find too cool not to share if you'd like.
  3. gummyofallbears

    Lets chat! Dark Elves/Exiles

    Hey everyone! Recently took the plunge on a Dark Elf army. I have a lot of stuff, but was wondering the main synergies and strong units. Are there any auto includes? Strong Units? Not strong units? As the title says, lets chat!
  4. Groomy

    Mr. Malus Darkblade on foot

    This has been one of my favorite models in my collection for 12k years. Never had any vision on how to paint him until now. I like the result tbh. Hope sharing it will give some of you ideas, thoughts or just something to look at. I'm glad the full point cost for skirmish have been made by Rafal for this guy is definitely going through the circles of skirmish, path to glory and on to the full scale battle of AoS in the future. Man I got some exciting narrative thoughts to apply to him...triumph and treachery much?
  5. Black_Fortress_Immortal

    Darkling Covens - 2000pt (Thrall Warhost)

    Hello all, I was contemplating the viability of this list: Allegiance: Order Heroes Sorceress On Black Dragon (340) - Darkling Sword - Command Trait : Reckless - Artefact : Quicksilver Potion Dreadlord On Black Dragon (340) - Lance of Spite & Tyrant Shield - Artefact : Quicksilver Potion Units 10 x Dreadspears (80) 10 x Dreadspears (80) 10 x Dreadspears (80) 40 x Darkshards (400) 10 x Black Guard (180) 20 x Executioners (400) Battalions Thrall Warhost (80) This list would deploy in 2 drops (1 if you subbed in another sorceress on dragon, rather than the dreadlord, but no need), letting you go first, or allowing the enemy to. Luckily, your shields on the battleline, allow rerolls of 1s and 2s in combat (1s in shooting) which can be somewhat useful, but the power is from the battalion and quicksilver potion use. In the hero phase, you can charge and/or pile-in and attack with a chosen unit within the battalion that is within 12" of an enemy unit and 18" of your sorceress. Because of the musician ability for charges for Darkling Covens, you can choose to reroll 1 dice from the charge roll, or the entire roll if both are rubbish, from the commander's trait, Reckless. If facing long shooters, you can move up (just keep your executioners or blackguards mystic shielded, whichever you choose to be 10 or 20), or allow them to go first and get in range. Move up your line, hopefully hitting with the 40 darkshards, and letting the dreadspears die/get hit in combat. Remove models to allow a > 1" gap between your dreadspear coherency to allow a hero-phase charge from your executioners/blackguards. With 14" fly and 14 wounds, it's not uncommon in your hero phase to - 1. Thrall Warhost charge-to-attack with Black Dragon/executioners/blackguards 2. Move/Shooting/Charge Phase to get the second Black Dragon and executioners/blackguards engaged 3. Activate quicksilver potions on the Black Dragons for two quick pile-ins 4. Regular combat phase with executioners/blackguards The above allows for DEVASTATING priority attacks, as not much can stand up to mortal wounds from the executioners and possible 9 dragon maw attacks at -2 rend, D6 damage each, BEFORE the enemy can even counter. This is useful when facing Khorne, since the enemy can die in hero phase (and shooting with 80 darkshard 4+/4+ shots), as well as bypassing grot fanatics, since the charge and attack are performed in the HERO phase, NOT the CHARGE phase. The rerollable charges can reliably fly your dragon over the frontline to flank and hit the backline, or the rear of the front. Noxious breath can get a few mortal wounds off against hordes of units, and the bladewind spell is mostly meant for killing ranged units/wizards with crappy melee profiles. Let me know what you think
  6. Miyokari

    Dark Elves Question

    Hiya, I used to play a lot WFB before, mostly as Bretonnia/Dark Elves/Wood Elves and sometimes lizardmen. Recently I returned to Age of Sigmar as the rules to the game really looks neat and I like that battles are way faster than they used to be (and rules are way simplier to understand). I touched Khorne and build a small army of his, but I don't feel the army at all hence why I started looking towards Dark Elves/High Elves and wanted to ask.. Is the army viable at all? I don't want to pump money into something I won't have fun with, I don't play for winning but I don't also want to be stomped 20:0 due to my units being inferior. I am mostly wondering if Dark Elves have more than only one viable warscroll, or can I play one battle with X units then next week with Y. If this is written in wrong section, please excuse me, I am new to the forum
  7. Old Woden

    Dark Elves WIP

    Finished most of the modelling so far, I just have Malus Darkblade left to make. Here are a couple of photos of some character models I'm finishing working on. Mainly a conversion for both Morathi and one for Malekith.
  8. Greetings! I am fairly new to warhammer and looking for advice concerning a mixed aelf list as well as the lore behind it. Some background; I've been interested in WHFB since I was 12 (I am now 23) but didn't get into the hobby because of financial issues and a mother stating "This hobby is not for girls". I got myself some goblins anyway and really enjoyed painting. Years later I purchased the Island of Blood set, painted some of them and read the whole rulebook which I thoroughly enjoyed, I love big rulebooks! I never got to play the game because of lack of friends but now (after 11 ****** years!) I've finally found someone as excited as I am about delving deeper into all aspects of the hobby. My new friend have never played the game for similar reasons as me, but he's got a ****** ton of miniatures and books so he gave me some of his wood elves. I've had trouble deciding which army to go for but with AoS I get a chance to mix some of them. I've always liked the elves and since I have IoB and was gifted some wood elves I was thinking I could put them together and potentially adding dark elves as well. This is the Order-elf stuff I have atm: Island of Blood elves 12 Wood Elf Dryads 8 Wood Elf Glade Riders. Apart from that I have the Storm of Sigmar box, just to freshen up my painting skills and get into the new rules. I also got the General's Handbook and once I get paid I'll buy the Grand Alliance: Order book and probably the Sylvaneth book as well. I plan to get some more elves but not sure which ones to get. I would like to start of with a 1000pts list, or maybe a 1500pts list to learn the game. I am mainly interested in playing with points and later moving on to larger point games. Another thing is that I want to get a hold of some material to get into the lore of all the elves so that I can combine them in a way that makes sense to their history. I'd prefer physical books rather than reading long texts online. Getting to know their lore will also help to plan the colour scheme for the miniatures. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could suggest me some basic reading material for the dark, high and wood elves and give some examples of which units works together. I'd love to use a ton of magic and sneaky ranged units, but some sort of "tank" unit would be nice, don't wanna be too squishy. Thanks in advance!
  9. Clue

    The Executioners

    Welcome all. So the first unit which I've decided to finish up are my Har Ganeth Executioners. So far 9 of the 10 are complete, I just have the standard to go. Given the idea behind Har Ganeth I have decided to theme my army in red. This way I can build an army of Har Ganeth with Khaine as the core theme. Comments and Criticism Welcome! Well without further a due here are my executioners: Clue "It is said that a fully-trained Executioner knows the way to kill any creature with but a single blow, whether by decapitation, disembowelment or a single thrust through the heart."
  10. KrecikOwsik

    Dark Elves in Age of Sigmar

    After many years I've decided to come back to Warhammer but I see a lot of changes appeared since my last game. I'm collecting Dark Elves army but a lot of stuff is out of stock on GW site. Are dark elves going to get AOS rework or will they be totally erased from AOS universe? I can't find anything about it.
  11. Eclairs

    Cult of Pleasure

    Hello all, welcome to my first blog post! I got a little confused between this and a project log thread, but rest assured it'll all mostly be documented here. As the title says, I've started the steady decline into the seedy Cults of Pleasure that plague many a city. Ive uploaded several images of a colour scheme that I'm very much set on. Those miniatures however are for a 3rd edition/realm of chaos project. The final image, the bare plastic chap, will be the leader of my Dark Age of Sigmar warband. His colours will be pink and blue, again, but I'm hoping to reproduce it in a less garish tone. i have 10 spearmen to paint up before I tackle the character, but his skin shall be grey, and his hair shall be blonde, like all my elves! I hope you all enjoy the 'eye-candy' even though they're of iPhone quality! cheers, Sean
  12. Here's my Black Ark Fleetmasters for my nautical themed (Dark) Aelf army called The Eldritch Voyage of the Kraken Lord. Had a lot of fun converting a chariot rider/Dread Lord into a Fleetmaster complete with oversized Kharibdyss mandible Murder Hook! Not the best photos but, just finished these guys last night. What do you think? Is the hook too much?!
  13. BadgerBuddha

    2k Scourge Privateer list

    So, I had an idea for a list centered around scourge privateers, since I love the monster hunting pirate aesthetic. Problem is, the faction doesn't really have a lot of units to choose from so I tried to find complimentary units to slot in the list to flesh out the army a bit and fill some holes in the unit selection. Without further ado: Black Ark Fleetmaster - General - 40 Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart - 260 Assassin - 80 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Black Ark Corsairs - 200 20 Phoenix Guard - 400 5 Gryph-Hounds - 200 5 Gryph-Hounds - 200 Kharibdyss - 200 So, what do you guys think? The Phoenix Guard has similar ability to Crosairs, so I figured they would synergize well. Should the corsairs be armed with vicious blade and hand crossbow or vicious blade and cutlass? Basically, the theme of the army is to use the Gryph Hounds and their dating strike ability to kite units out of enemy lines to be boxed in by infantry, while using the monsters and assassin to take down enemy heroes.
  14. Have:Warmahordes:Cephalyx mind slaver + drudges NIB 30 shippedFeral Warpwolf built 12.00 shippedWarpborn stalker 5 man unit Built 12.00 shippedTroll lot: 95.00 + shippingMin bone grinders (no champ, using a model on cork for champ)7 fennbladesMadrak world endergrim angusHoarluk doomshaper rage of dhunia1 bomber 1 blitzer (old model converted, see pic)2 slag trolls axerimpalerJanissa KOW:30 panther riders NOS 30.00 shippedMalifauxSeamus - resurrectionists starter 10.00 + shippingWOK:2 goritzi starter boxes both NOS, 1 in shrink 30.00 each shipped, 55 for both shippedWants:AOS:iron Jaws Megaboss (may take more than 1)Iron Jaws tomeSylvaneth tomeKurnos hunters (both kinds)Drycha (new one)Flesh eater tomeCrypt horrosCrypt flayersTomb kings:CharriotssphynxsCatapultsBow horsemenNight haunts:Spirit hostsBlood knights (Or dragon princes )Daemons/tzeentch:let me know what you gotStormcasts:5 judicatorsprotectorsdecimatorsany of the non character dracoth ridersbow dude!HurricanumsSkaven:Storm fiendsJezzailswarp lightning cannonsCataputsacolytesdrillersWeapon teamsArmy trades would be interesting to meNecrons:SPidersWraithsDZC -ask me, starting from scratch
  15. Hi everybody, Thanks for checking this campaign out and feel free to use and edit it as you see fit. I'm looking for some feedback on this campaign as I worry that when somebody gets in the lead he might be hard to overtake. Backstory: A friend and me introduced two friends to the hobby and got them excited enough to try a campaign. As a result we play them with some houserules to keep things simple but we might drop some of them during the campaign. Every campaign turn the armies grow a little to help the new players keep up. I always wanted to replay the old Lustria campaign so I tried to convert it to AoS. We play Ogres, Skaven, Dark Elves & Dwarfs but the armies are interchangeable. The campaign has a nice pirate theme because that fitted the models perfectly. The set up is to play two one vs one games followed by a massive multiplayer battle every turn. In the one vs one games it is possible to claim territories which reward relics (VP's) and small advantages. The multiplayer games allow the captains to gang up on the player in the lead to restore balance and because multiplayer games are fun Would be grateful for any and all tips, tricks and feedback regarding map campaigns in general and my campaign specific. ps. I excluded the scenario's at the moment because I have not completed the last scenario's. Hope to add them tomorrow Pirates and Plunder basic set up v1.2.pdf
  16. When Aos dropped last year the paint had just finished drying on the last model of a 2000pt Dark Elf Army I had been putting together. After 48 hours of confusion and disappointment I ordered the starter set and embraced AoS. Now I have the Generals handbook I have returned to the Dark Elves and it is no longer legal for matched play - it was Karond Kar themed with Corsairs and Lokhir Fellheart, and Corsairs are only battle line with Scourge Privateers. So here is what I have got and what I need to add and what I need to get rid of, for a fun competetive list. I'll bracket the needs and get rids. Any alternative suggestions would be welcome. Dread Lord on Black Dragon (need) Dread Lord on foot (get rid) Lokhir Fellheart Sorceress 10 Dark Shards 10 Dark Shards 10 Dark Shards (need) 30 Corsairs 10 Drakespawn Knights 1 War Hydra 1 Kharibdyss 1 Scourge Runner Chariot 5 Doomfire Warlocks (get rid) So if I get rid of the Warlocks and Dread Lord on foot (his abilities relate to the now reduntent exiles keyword) and add 10 more Dark Shards - to fill that last battle line slot - and add Dreadlord on Black Dragon I will have 1960 pt matched play army. Alternative suggestions welcome.
  17. This Battalion requires "One unit of Cold One Knights or Cold One Chariots". Since Cold One Knights no longer exist, having been replaced with Drake Spawn Knights, what was the point of including this option for 80 points in the General's Handbook? There are a dozen or more examples of this sort of thing spread across what once was Wood Elves, High Elves, and Dark Elves. Have we gotten an official response from GW clarifying or explaining why they so hideously broke Aelves?
  18. Grønlykke

    1000 points army

    I have not played fantasy before and was thinking about starting an AOS army: Dieter von Steinhof - general 100 Udo Zimmermann - priest 80 Franz "Verrückt” Braunsweiger - steam tank 300 Maas Saxen – handgunners leader 100 Leopold Plecken – guard leader 80 Malahir ”The Shadow” - Shadowblade 120 Morahti – 220 1000 (english is not my first languish) ”They will hunts us down and hang us for treason... but not if we find it... Then we will be heroes and more important... we wil have a fighting chance!" The bald priest whispered to the two other men around the table. Dieter looked at his two old friends for a moment and drank from his beer. "Let's do it! I am only a Captain of the City Guard, but I know that Maas Saxen and Leopold Plecken will follow me... so that is 10 handgunners and 10 guards." Franz Braunsweiger emptied his beer and called for another round." Very well, you know I am in as long as it involves driving Gisela.. happy days ahead!” Udo frowned ”It will not be happy days!! It will be noticed that we... and especially that dammed tank of yours is missing... and people will not be happy..." Franz was about to said something about his beloved steam tank, but new beers where brought to their table and they all went silent. Dieter still smiled and then said "What a group we are; A fighter, a priest, and a crazy steam tank commandor set for saving the world...” ”And an Aelf...” They all looked up at the shadow loming over them. ”Aaah Malahir... we did not see you...” ”Pepole don't see me... Unless I want them too. I think it is time I repay my debt to you.” The aelf answered in a low voice. Udo frowned again and said ”So dramatic...Are you bringing that girl of yours when repaying Dieter?” ”You do not like, Morahti?” Malahir ask back. ”Oh no! It is not that... it is just that... she makes me... a little uncomfortable.” Udo and Franz did not look pleased, but Dieter still smiled and said ”We can trust them... and now we have an assassin and a mage in our little party as well... All we need now is a dwarf!” Only Franz laughed and Dieter continued ”...It is settled then... lets change this bloody war!"