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  1. I just dusted of my fantasy chaos units and Was thinking... Can the Slaves to darkness hold There own? Or do you need other chaos units to make them competitive? If so...tip on good synergies? I would like to make a StD only army, buy at the same time want something that wont lose every game. How do you play your StD for 1000p and 1500p? Share your wizdom!!! Im open to mixing with demons If thats a competitive way o play
  2. !!!!UPDATED WITH PRICES!!!! Hello. So I've got a few impulse buys that I've decided will probably never see the sweet end of my brush as other projects take priority. Id rather these get used by someone instead of collecting dust. And if I can get some $$ for projects that will be getting done then it all works out. the inevitable new releases of Death, Grots and Ironjawz, these will just continue to collect dust. CHAOS Gaunt summoner on disk: opened but new on sprue Gaunt summoner on foot with eight familiars from silver tower AND disk of Tzeentch from chariot kit. (Was planning on a magnatized conversion) Chaos Lord: from slaves to darkness. Opened but new on sprue. (Was planning a Cursling conversion. ) $25 for all + shipping I'm USA based, Kansas City Mo. to be more precise. PayPal is preferred. Thanks for looking.
  3. I currently run an all Clan Pestilens list, and this is a thread to write down tactics, strategies and spread the dirt.
  4. Im New to age of sigmar just picked up the generals handbook and the grand alliance chaos book and starting to plan my first army for 2000pts. Im liking a Mortal Nurgle theme with Pestilant skaven. Heres what im thinking so far: Blightguard formation: Lord of plagues Rotbringer sorceror 4 units of 5 putrid blightkings Pestilant Clawpack: Plague priest 3 units of 10 plague monks Plague Furnace This takes me to about 1700 just unsure what to add to it thinking of getting the skaven starter set which would give me a plagueclaw that i could add to it to get a bit of range or i also like the looks of the bloab rotspawned. With being new to Age of Sigmar wanted to seek advice from experience players on where to expand my list or if any changes they would make?
  5. So I was thinking about running an all cavalry slaves to darkness list and was hoping you guys could give me some advice and criticism on it. 1K 1.5K 2K Also, how would you expand this to 2.5K? I was thinking of getting a warshrine in there and maybe a lord on manticore but those two are already worth 500pts. Thanks!
  6. PATH TO SLAMBO So with news of the new Slambo sculpt coming out, me and a couple of my fellow club mates have been looking forward to combining the release with our newfound love of the hinterlands skirmish ruleset. I was going to try and make some content for a campaign revolving around each player's warband being led by a different slambo, who would not only be the only named model in their warband, but would fight against other slambos in a highlander-esque conflict using the hinterlands ruleset. Thinking about custom command traits and battleplans, anyone have any ideas? I'll be using this post as a masterpost and will update it as I make content and art!
  7. Hey all, I am keen on starting up a Host of Slaanesh army for a tournament and am looking for some critique before I spend my hard earned money. I know Slaanesh probably aren't in the best place right now but I've been wanting to do a Slaanesh army for ages, anyhow here's the list; Leaders Keeper Of Secrets (280) - General - Trait: Lord of War - Artefact: Favour of the Gods Herald Of Slaanesh (60) Battleline 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 20 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (240) 10 x Daemonettes Of Slaanesh (120) Units 10 x Seekers Of Slaanesh (240) 2 x Exalted Seeker Chariots Of Slaanesh (280) Battalions Daemon Cohort of Slaneesh (40) Total: 1500/1500 Idea is to deploy in one drop and counter my opponent where possible letting them have first turn in necessary using the 10 daemonettes as a screen so I can get the advantage of the bigger units after. For 2k I'll add another exalted chariot and a herald for every unit to capatilize on the locus of beguilment. I was also considering adding mortals particularly Hellstriders and taking the 'beguiling gem' artifact and baiting a first turn charge with -2 to hit but I think I would rather spend points elsewhere. Thanks,
  8. I've been working on my Nurgle Rotbringers army for awhile and the first batch of troops is basically finished (some small base work and detailing to be done) with only 5 days to go before the Holy Havok team tournament. I figured I would share the force here for those that might be interested with the the hope that it might inspire some ideas for folks. The current force is: The Glottkin Bloab Rotspawn Chaos Warshrine (Kitbashed) Harbinger of Decay (Kitbashed) 15 Putrid Blight Kings 30 Chaos Warriors Hellcannon I have another Hellcannon on the table that just needs its highlighting and glow effects that should be done by the end of the week. I have a number of other units I'll be adding here as I finish them. Sorry about the bad lighting on these photos; I'll try to get some better ones up later for those interested. Enjoy!
  9. Tzeentch be praised!! Welcome to my Tzeentch AoS PLOG. To start with, a little background. I'm based in Manchester in the UK and I've been on these forums for a few months now, mainly as a lurker but also an occasional poster. I've recently moved house and have been itching to get back into painting - all of my stuff has been packed up for a couple of months now. The birth of my son last year really impacted the amount of time I had to paint; but I suppose that's what comes with fatherhood. I've decided to start this PLOG to give me an additional incentive to find time to paint - I'm a painter first with my hobby, and a gamer second. I've been to numerous Throne of Skulls tournaments held at Warhammer World, where my armies have been nominated for best painted twice and I've won the coveted award once. I'm a perfectionist, and I've been known to strip a model and start again just because I've not been able to get a blend right. Anyway, enough of that rubbish. My favourite Chaos god has always been Tzeentch; the magic, the mystery, and the fact that even in the face of losing game after game I know that it's all part of Tzeentchs' plan. I've had Silver Tower since it was released - I love all of the models in that box and really wanted those to form the basis of my AoS force. I want my force to be striking, and draw the eye - basically, I'm aiming to paint an award winning force again. I've decided to start by painting the Gaunt Summoners (I have both the one on foot and on disc) and the familiars to get a feel for an overall colour scheme. From these, I'm starting with the familiars - basically because if I ****** them up I have replicas from the box. So without further ado, here's a completed Blot, and a WIP of Slop. Bases will be completed at a later date, once we have a better idea of how the realm of metal looks. C&C is always welcome.
  10. This is the first hero model I've painted for my yellow Bloodbound. There is a lot of blood and I didn't really know how much I'd like it but I decided to be liberal with it as it drips from the portal down onto the man's arms, armor and the ground. It turned out better than I thought it would. I normally take it easy on the blood. Anyway, enjoy!
  11. I have a Maggoth Lord model that I'm planning to magnetise, so it can be run as any of the 3 available lord options. What I'd like to know is which one do you think is the best from a gameplay standpoint? And not just which one is the best, but which one gives the most flexibility in terms of army composition, and what does each one synergise well with?
  12. Currently building up my Khorne Bloodbound army, have pointed everything I have up at over 2k points. Dont yet have the battletome, but have got all the various warscrolls printed out, anyway so back to my question, I need advice on what battalions and "optimal" picks I can make with the models I have (listed below) looking at making a decent 1k, 1.5k and 2k points armies, theres a few units I want IE: Bloodthirster but im confused as to what would be the best build for him as well. Models Owned: 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne 1x Daemon Prince (Axe, Wings & Mark Of Khorne) 1x Exalted Deathbringer 1x Skullgrinder 1x Slaughterpriest 1x Slaughterpriest with hackblade & wrathhammer 1x Aspiring Deathbringer 1x Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne 1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord 2x Bloodsecrator 2x Bloodstoker 2x Khorgorath 2x 5 Blood Warriors (starter set minis) 2x 20 Bloodreavers (starter set minis) 2x 10 Bloodletters Models Wanted: 1x Bloodthirster (unsure on loadout) Valkia the Bloody Skarr Bloodwrath 3x Dragon Ogors 1x Dragon Ogor Shaggoth 6x Bullgors Unit of Chaos Knights or Marauders on horseback 1x Balewind Vortex too for the Sorcerer Lord Thanks for reading and your response if your able to help out with battalions that'd be ace!
  13. Hey guys, Recently heard about AoS28 which has completely grabbed me by the narratives. I am gonna try my hand at a small warband that I have been wanting to do for years inspired by Berserk, Junji Ito novels, Lord of the Rings and plenty of stories about heroes who fall from grace. The story behind the warband will be about a hero who has drawn the eye of Papa Nurgle and is a reluctant minion of chaos, trying to evade nurgles messengers while battling the corrupting pestilence that has been bestowed upon him by his unwanted lord. The champion of the warband is not a follower of chaos and has no ties to the dark powers. He is nothing more than a mortal with the usual mortal selfishness, greed and desires. The battle reports I post will hopefully mark the fall of the character and his descent into madness that drives him into accepting Nurgles embrace and drags his retinue with him. This is all WIP and may change, especially when I get a chance to properly go through the Hinterlands rules. Characters: Wjolnir's Retinue Leader: Wjolnir | A former smuggler cursed with a growing plague that has covered the left hand side of his face and body with angry sores and boils, a tell tale sign of nurgles involvement. He is harrased by nurglings, plagubearers, visions and hallucination, all promising him reprieve if he submits to the Grandfather of disease. Wizard: Unnamed Seer | An old crone who has taken to following Wjolnir, recognising his true potential and power. While never truly travelling with the retinue the seer is always nearby watching and aiding from the shadows with the grace of a puppeteer pulling strings. Wjolnir regards her as an ally of convenience. Elite: Shan Rackham | Originally Shan was a hired bodyguard to Wjolnir who served as the heavy muscle when business deals went wrong. But people should not be fooled by his immense size, Wjolnir quickly recognised that Shan possessed a keen mind as well as martial prowess and he quickly became a trusted confidant and friend. Shan accompanies the retinue in service of its captain, serving as his second in command and most talented fighter. Warriors: Originally leading a vast band of mercenaries, most of Wjolnirs followers have left for more lucrative business propositions or fled seeing their captain cursed by the gods. The remaining stragglers are slaves and those who see Wjolnir's affliction as a blessing and see him as a herald in human form. Wjolnir is a cursed individual destined to be challenged by those seeking nurgles favour, religious zealots and witch hunters. He is a veteran of many brawls and handy with a vast array of weapons but this can take its toll on even the hardiest of individuals and he is no exception. His greatest enemy is himself as he struggles with his inner demons and his faltering body. He struggles to stay positive in the face of such adversity as he knows should he falter he will surely become a pawn of the ruinous powers.
  14. Really excited about this project. I've been playing a lot of Frostgrave and Kill-Team and this is kind of a combination of both!! So here's the beginning of my Khorne warband. 1st: Bloodletter 2nd: Chaos Chosen 3rd: Skullreaper 4th: My Warband Leader. Khato the God of War!! More to come!
  15. Daemonic reinforcements have arrived to the corrupted spires of the Mireguard, with still more on the way. Joining the ranks of the Horned Legion are the maliciously adorable Nurgle Chaos Furies (kitbashed) and the pustulant plague bearer horde. Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks. More is on the way in the coming weeks as well!
  16. I just finished up my Nurgle Chaos Furies kit bashes and I'm super happy with how they came out. I'd love some feedback if people have suggestions. I'd also be interested to see what other folks have done with their Furies if they've likewise built some. Enjoy!
  17. Hi All, I had meant to get this set up before starting this project but never seemed to have the time, i've got around 1k painted so far though so i'm starting it earlier than i usual though as i always seem to get these plogs set up after the entire army is finished. This plog is for my current project, The Wolfs of Ghur. It's one of many unfinished projects I have from 8th ed and with the release of the Bloodbound it seemed to fit the army far better than it every did WOC. The theme is basically a tribe of barbarians living in the mountains of Ghur, they were once devotees of Ulric but with the coming of Chaos into the mortal realms they were tricked into following the Blood Wolf AKA Khorne, though there actual understanding of Chaos and Khorne himself is very limited, they are actually under the impression that they are on the "right" side. There's quite a long peice of fluff below that I wrote for them for anyone interested in that part of the hobby. Start of the Age of Chaos... War. It was something that Arf Ulricson had never thought to see in his life time. For time unremembered his people had lived a peaceful existence in the shadow of the looming Mount Fauschlang. His father had once told him a story of battle with the ferocious Greenskins that littered the plains of Ghur, but it had been a lifetime since they ventured this far north and braved the Everwinter. His people had lived uneventful lives, hunting the wild beasts of the mount and quietly giving praise to Ulric, ruler of winter, the wolf God. Now war had come and the wolf clan would put their skills as hunters and beast masters to a new purpose, helping their God’s ancient ally, Sigmar. It was said that Ulric and Sigmar had been warrior kin in some long, now all but forgotten pantheon of Gods and whilst the worship of Ulric had seemingly been reduced to their single clan, Sigmar had a great following throughout every realm and was said even to work among the people still. Arf had never in his lifetime heard the voice of his god Ulric but he was confident in this, Ulric would have his people aid Sigmar in this war against the usurper Gods. Centuries Pass... Betrayal. Even now, after days had passed Rein Ulricson seethed with anger. He sat in his hut deep in contemplation, going over and over what he had been unable to comprehend how his people had been so utterly betrayed. The Clan had made war against the chaos followers for as long as anyone still living could remember it was said there had once been a time of peace where his clan were mighty hunters and made great sport of the beasts of the mountains praising Ulric, but those days had gone with the summons of Sigmar. He had stirred the Wolf Clan to war in his name as the “ally” of the White Wolf. They had fought at the last stand of the Wolf Gate, in the very of the shadows cast by Mount Fauschlang . Their resolve determined not to allow the Warbands of men that had faltered and turned to the Chaos Gods to reach the portal that would lead them directly Sigmar’s realm, Azyr. They waited for help to come from, for the Wolf Gate’s gaping maw to poor forth the armies of the heavens to crush the oncoming horde. They waited and they bled. They bled and died until the snow littered ground ran red. Sigmar, the so called God King had turned his back on them, on all the Realms. Their blood had been good enough to flow alongside him but not to be saved by his might even as they fought to keep his kingdom from intrusion. Rein had no choice, he had had to surrender, with fully three quarters of his warriors dead or dying, outnumbered one hundred to one even the mighty Warriors of the Wolf, as they had become known, stood no chance. To surrender was not the way of the wolf, but as the headsmen he had a duty to protect his clan and ensure the survival of his pack. Truth be told even in surrendering he had expected little mercy, but the Warbands they fought carried banners of feather and wing rather than the skull totems the blood warriors branded, and that meant there was a chance, no matter how slim his clan may live to see another moon. Even from the bird worshippers Rein had not expected to be treated as they were, his warriors confined but unharmed whilst he himself was presented to their chieftain as a Clan leader of regard rather than as a mere captive. He had been taken aback to witness the chieftain for the first time, a giant of man resplendent in a cloak of pure white feathers, the snow seemed to fall around him as if somehow repelled from touching his form. Brilliant sapphire eyes stared out from his lean features capturing the gaze of all in attendance.There was something avian in his movements, smooth and graceful but not quite normal for a mortal man. Those eyes reminded Rein of an experience he had had many years ago during the proving ceremony that marked him as the next Ulricson, leader of the clan. As part of the ritual ceremony he was to imbibe the smoke of the Lupus flower, a rare plant known only to grow at the very highest peak of Mount Fauschlang, somehow sprouting among the heavy snowfall. The flowers fumes were said to allow you to speak with Ulric himself and receive his wisdom to guide the clan through the Everwinter. He himself had not heard Ulric, but had seen the White Wolf. He had looked down from the snow covered peaks and seen its majectic form stalking through the mountains valleys after some unseen prey. Then abruptly it stopped and looked up directly towards Rein. It had let out a ghostly howl that Rein may have taken as a warnin, though he could not fathom of what, and started bounding up the mountain slopes. As it ran the snow fall got heavier and heavier. Then the snow that came down started to turn red as it mixed with tears of blood falling from the heavens. By the time the wolf had reached its immaculate white coat had turned a blood red and it stared directly into his eyes piercing his very soul before it lunged to rip out his throat. He had awoken in terror and confusion, but never had he confided this terrible vision to anyone as it was forbidden to share what Ulric had deigned to show his Ulircson. Now as he stared into the eyes of the Bird gods Chieftain he felt that same penetration of his very being and in the same form of vision was shown the history of a long forgotten in a realm unknown beyond his fathom. He saw the “God King” Sigmar, but not as a God , just a man, no not “just” a man but a devout mortal follower of Ulric. Sigmar had been but one of many chieftains but called on the power of the Wolf God to unite all the clans in his name in a bid to secure mans place in the Realm, or at least that is the purpose he had feigned. Once he had brought all the kingdoms of men under his rule he still sought for more. He usurped the power of Ulric and took his place on the ancient pantheon, leaving Ulric's noble followers little more than a shield for his foes to break on whilst the rest of his realm prospered. He had been no brother to Ulric as Rein had been brought up to believe in his clans long years of war; he had used the White Wolf to gain his own power and then left mighty Ulric to be forgotten, much as he had forgotten Rein’s clan in his haste to cower in Azyr. Rein had been left reeling. A myriad of questions and emotions about to explode from his skull as he digested the history of a world in a matter of moments. He was forced to regain control quickly as the great Chieftain had not kept Rein and his people alive simply to unveil this betrayal as a final insult before death; he had meant this as an offer for salvation. An aspect of his God remained alive, Kharnath, the Bloodwolf, Wolf-Father was among the pantheon of new gods that had come to challenge Sigmar now as he basked in the adoration of his stolen followers. With this knowledge imparted and the Wolf Gate evidently cut off from Azyr and the betrayer god, the great chieftain of the bird God and his warriors left the shadow of the mountain and the Wolf Clan without further conflict or compassion. As Rein sat brooding alone, staring into the fire, he knew what must be done. His clan would grow to be great again, they would tame the beats of the mountain and hone their blades in the name of the Bloodwolf. Biding their time until once again the Wolf Gate opens and the betrayer makes his false claim of the realms. They would be waiting for him, teeth and claw...
  18. Hello everyone, I'm Jake (sometimes Bruticus) and I have been painting Age of Sigmar for a while now, but somehow I've never started a blog here. I've been working on a Chaos Warband that are pledged to Malal, the forgotten Chaos god that likes to pick fights with the others. This warband is full of conversions and is inspired by the illustrations of Adrian Smith, Mike Mignola and the anime Berserk - among other things.
  19. I'm currently collecting a Chaos army but I don't really know how I can make my army competitive and was wondering if people had any ideas? I'm also planning on having Tzeentch theme. 1x Archaon Everchosen 1x Chaos Lord 2x Sorcerer Lord (May use one as a Gaunt Summoner) 3x Varanguard 15x Chaos Knights (5x Glave, 5x Ensorcelled and 5x Magnetized with 2-3 Banners) 12x Chaos Warriors (All 2 hand weapons, 1 Horn, 1 Banner) 1x Gorebeast Chariot 1x Warpfire Dragon (Forgeworld) Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. _____Snaeper's Mini-Blog and Forum_____ For Khorne! Chaos! And the good of the forum! So I think I've made enough threads in this section to warrant me making a mega-thread to keep my stuff contained. For those of you that don't know, I play both mortal and daemon flavors of Khorne, as well as some Slaves to Darkness with a few other generic Chaos Monsters and Daemons mixed in! I have a sizable collection at this point and plan to continue to expand the model count mostly because my friends/game group field other armies and/or have interest in doing so. I also just happen to like Khorne flavored stuff as well as the generic Chaos range. I plan on using this thread to ask questions, play with theoryhammer, mathhammer and practicalhammer, as well as discuss tactics and results of games that I play with my army. I'm also open to those of you who might have more limited ranges to post lists that you're interested in so that I might try them out for you and let you know how they run against a certain army. Mind you, my roommates/friends are not always able or willing to drop everything to play a game! Presently, my model collection includes: Bold = Assembled and Primed, Italics = Unassembled, Color/Bold = Painted or in the process of painting. Khorne Bloodbound: Mighty Lord of Khorne Skullgrinder Aspiring Deathbringer w/Goreaxe and Skullhammer Aspiring Deathbringer w/Blood Axe and Wrathhammer (Not currently assembled, going to convert a Goreaxe/Skullhammer model I have) Exalted Deathbringer w/Impaling Spear Exalted Deathbringer w/Ruinous Axe and Skullgouger Skullgrinder 2x Slaughterpriests w/Bloodbathed Axes Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Skarr Bloodwrath 3x Mighty Skullcrushers 15x Blood Warriors 20x Bloodreavers w/Meatripper Axes 20x Bloodreavers w/Reaver Blades 10x Wrathmongers (planned, none of them are assembled and I may make 5 Skullreapers instead) 1x Khorgorath Khorne Daemons: Blood Throne Skullcannon 30x Bloodletters 6x Bloodcrushers Bloodmaster, Herald Skulltaker Skarbrand Daemons of Chaos: Daemon Prince Soulgrinder Be'lakor Monsters of Chaos: 10x Warhounds Chimera Slaves to Darkness: Exalted Hero of Chaos Sorcerer Lord 12x Warriors w/Weapons and Shields 5x Knights Gorebeast Chariot Chaos Warshrine Other: Tzeentch Magister I do plan on further expanding the models, and will detail my reasons and plans when I do.