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Found 39 results

  1. Part 1: Prologue Thunder rumbled and echoed over the distant ragged mountain peaks that surrounded Wortbad. One of the moons pierced the heavy black clouds that rolled and writhed over them and silver light picked out the tops of tangled dead trees. The woods that filled most of the land between the Evernight Peaks and the village were dark and foreboding, even in daylight, at night they were full of terrors. Horrific things prowled the winding paths between gnarled and clawing branches. Spirits of the restless dead, flesh eating creatures, ghouls, ghasts, wolves, bats, vampires and worse. ~ ~ ~ The chill Autumn wind scoured Sorrow Fen and whipped the long coats and tattered robes of the Nachtjägers. Professor Fangmorder pulled his broad brimmed hat firmly down on his head and squinted with his one good eye through a small brass spyglass. After a few minutes of studying the boarded-up doors and windows of Wortbad and noting the numerous crude wards, made of string, twigs, bones and dried flowers hung from door and window frames, he closed the spyglass with a click. He turned to Grimming and nodded sombrely. “It is as ve feared. The willage is deserted again and looks wery much like it vas overrun by Deadwalkers recently.” he said with a heavy Harrowmark accent. Grimmig took a long breath, as if to ready himself. The Shaman-Priest hefted his grandhammer and said “Den dere is da Holy vork of Sigmork to be done!” with fury in his eyes. ~ ~ ~ Godfather Viktor and I are about to start a five game campaign for the Halloween season. In the past we have always aimed to play a themed game to celebrate Halloween but for lots of reasons they have never happened. This year we decided to play a mini campaign over a few weeks to make sure the seasonal game takes place, even if we can't play on the 31st of October itself!
  2. Greetings everyone, I have something to share with you all today which is very special to me as I have put a lot of work into this. I present my gaming supplement for Age of Sigmar titled: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - Version 1 Here are some screenshots of what to expect: This is a supplement to play narrative skirmish games in Age of Sigmar, and I've tried to make it look like the real deal. Enclosed you will find not one, but two campaign systems outlined. The first (titled 'The Hinterlands Campaign') is akin to Mordheim or Frostgrave. Players can create a Warband of a dozen models and battle it out for treasure, gaining skills and experience but also running the risk of injury and death on the way. The rules for the Hinterlands Campaign are 4 pages long. Just like the core rules. This is not meant to be Mordheim transplanted into AoS, but a skirmish system that embraces everything I love about Age of Sigmar. You'll find Battletraits, Artefacts, and Time of War rules all have a place in the system. On top of that, the book also introduces a second way to play; the Realm Master Campaign. The Realm Master Campaign is an additional 2 pages of rules (plus a custom battleplan to set your imagination off) and details how to run an RPG set in the Mortal Realms. It is akin to D&D or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but is a simple system set firmly in Age of Sigmar at the same time. I would love to know your feedback and thoughts on the rules contained. And if you want to use them, please do! This is what they are here for! I plan to work on this book further by adding in a hobby section with example Warbands and also a Warband Roster to help manage your games. If you have any more ideas please let me know. Here's the download link: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - by Sam James <- Download Link Enjoy!
  3. NOTE: This first post is continually updated. Last update 05/03/2017 DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A FAN MADE PROJECT AND IS 100% UNOFFICIAL. IT IS NOT ENDORSED BY GAMES WORKSHOP IN ANY WAY. Hello everyone, welcome to my project called, Hinterlands. Hinterlands is a Skirmish Campaign system for Age of Sigmar. It is similar in scope to Mordheim or Frostgrave, but tries to stay as true as possible to everything we love about Age of Sigmar. Version 1 was released in October 2016, and since then I have been very honoured with the positive response. It has become the #1 downloaded file on TGA with over 2,500 downloads and more excitingly, games of Hinterlands have been happening all over the globe! The rules are free to download, and what you'll find are: Clear concise rules (the core rules are no more than 4 pages) for playing skirmish style campaigns and RPG style campaigns. Professional presentation (I have tried to make this look like the real deal!) Full modularity of the rules (so you can tweak/add/remove whatever you fancy without causing headaches for yourself with a long list of knock-on effects) You can download the latest version from the following link: Hinterlands: Skirmish Campaigns in the Mortal Realms - by Sam James <- Download Link Here are some screenshots of what to expect: Hinterlands Version 2.0 NEWS: January 2017 sees the first update to Hinterlands! FAQ & ERRATA The eagle-eyed among you have found a few grey areas in the rules. Rather than constantly update the file (forcing people to re-download on a regular basis), I have instead decided to keep a living FAQ for the version. This will grow as you give more feedback, and when version 3 eventually comes out all these questions will be clarified and updated. Here is the current FAQ: Your questions and feedback is super useful, so please keep it coming! UPDATE: 05/03/2017 VERSION 2.1 I am thrilled and honoured with the community response to Hinterlands and would like to thank all the players who have downloaded the rules and tried them out on the battlefield! This started out as a personal project and a challenge to myself to make something that looked like the "real-deal", the Games Workshop logo on the front cover is a relic of that humble beginning as I really never expected the rules to receive this much attention. I have decided to remove the logo to make sure everyone knows this is 100% unofficial and to make sure that no ill-intent is perceived by any party. As I had to update the version to do that, I took the opportunity to incorporate all the FAQ clarifications into the rules . The rules do not play any differently to version 2.0, but I would recommend downloading the latest version so you do not have to consult the FAQ. Future Updates and Involving the Wider Community With version 2.1 I think the rules are now a solid foundation. Gaming groups can tinker with any part of the rules and adapt/add/delete as they see fit. This makes customising Hinterlands super easy. So why should I have all the fun? I want to open up Hinterlands now to the wider community, so if you have a neat idea for some add-ons or would like to take these rules and make something even better out of them, DO IT! But even better, why not share it with the wider community too? If you are happy to do so I would love to start updating this first post with extras other forum members have made. So let's see what you can do - bottle (Sam James) As Hinterlands grows I want to share and spotlight the extra additions gaming groups are coming up with. I would be more than happy to share something you've made for Hinterlands here in this post, so send me a PM if you've got something neat! The following section will showcase extra content made by players which you can incorporate into your games of Hinterlands. Feel free to talk and discuss any of these extras here in this thread too. AoS28 - The Dark Age of Sigmar (Hinterlands Expansion) The first community add-on for Hinterlands I want to include is Ex Profundis' fantastic AoS28. Now, AoS28 is something much bigger than Hinterlands, you can use any ruleset with it (from Hinterlands, to Frostgrave to Mordheim), but I am honoured that @Bruticus wants to support the Hinterlands rules with the project too. With that in mind we worked on a quick expansion to the standard Hinterlands rules, to allow more room for creative freedom to let you explore those dark corners of the mortal realms without limit or constraint. Essential Links for AoS28 Ex Profundis - The home of AoS28 on the web! AoS28 Facebook Group - Already 500+ members, including Mr John Blanche himself. TGA AoS28 Thread - Crammed full of WIPs and inspiration #AoS28 - The official twitter hashtag Hinterlands Expansion - If you are playing games of AoS28 with the Hinterlands Rules, please feel free to use the additional rules below: Shardsfall - Mordheim Flavour for Hinterlands Download link: Shardsfall The next bit of extra content I want to share with you is, Shardsfall by @Grand Exemplar. Most of you who played Mordheim a lot will know Hinterlands is only loosely based on it (and is probably much closer to Necromunda). This set of extra rules here injects many classic Mordheim rules back into your AoS Hinterlands games, from selling shards of Wyrdstone after each battle to having psychology of old, like Frenzy and Hatred. I will say the presentation isn't very dressed up, but there are 28 pages crammed with rules so if you read through the Hinterlands rules and find a few of your favourite Mordheim rules are not there, you might want to have a look at this for inspiration.
  4. My upcoming node-campaign is finished and the final art is off before I send this to the presses for some hard copies. The Siege of Var Asai - takes place between up to four factions. The goal is the siege of Var Asai - an ancient and massive former chaos stronghold that guards a portal between the Realms of Fire and Metal. It is currently held by a clan of Chaos Ogors that follow the ways of Khorne. Comes with Siege rules from Azyr Empires and some alternate "advanced" rules for AOS as well as the node layout and campaign system. Much lighter than Azyr Empires. Should have the file ready for upload by end of month. Was a lot of fun putting it together, as always.
  5. Deep within the Whispering Shadow Mountains lies the Cavern of Eternal Rebirth. It's secrets hide far from the prying eyes of beings great or small and, from crystalline depths, hordes pour forth through realmgates to spread chaos across the worlds. Not only mortals threaten all they encounter. The curtain that holds back the Realm of Chaos is thin here, perhaps thinner than any other place. Daemons of types innumerable join the ranks of the five Gods they serve, spreading their joyous bile, change, blood, treachery and pleasure. The floor of the cavern lies close to the magma that sits beneath, intolerable heat seeping up to bathe its denizens. They themselves, of all Gods and none, share one common trait. Their skin is as red as the lava below. Constant war takes place between the factions of the orders of chaos. The floor is strewn with their broken trophies from rivals and sallies into the mortal realms. But perhaps the darkest secret of the cavern is that every time a warrior or daemon meets its demise, another will grow from the deepest recesses of the magma pools. Is this the very foundation of chaos itself? This is the foundation of my project that will probably take several years to come to fruition; if indeed it ever does. Each set of servants of the chaos Gods will have a section of the cavern that will take up a two by two tile. The idea is to create an entire gaming board with armies to match. Each part will reflect the nature of the God they worship. My starting point is to use a Slaves to Darkness force that can fit into any of the separate forces, hence the unifying red skin and armour developed from the stuff of the cavern itself. It will begin by joining with a Tzeench force being developed for the summer campaign at my club, the Pompey Pirates. First step 500 points. A massive undertaking which will probably, in honour of Tzeench, change as I go along. But who wants to think small and besides, I will end up with several armies to play games with. The new skirmish system I have heard about will be my friend with this too, with small bands roving the depths and issuing forth. Paul Twitter @ugluk1974 Neverending Horrors pour forth....
  6. Very complex system, had a lot of playtesting last year. Due to its complexity, not for everyone but it facilitates empire building and progressing characters. I am releasing a new campaign system later this month for my annual public campaign which is a lot lighter in rules, but for those of you interested, feel free to take a gander at Empires.
  7. until
    The campaign rules kick off for the Louisville Wargaming Annual 2017 Campaign.
  8. Event Title: Var Asai Narrative Campaign Rules Kickoff Event Author: Auticus Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 05/06/2017 12:00 PM to 05/06/2017 01:00 PM The campaign rules kick off for the Louisville Wargaming Annual 2017 Campaign. Var Asai Narrative Campaign Rules Kickoff
  9. So, last year we had 5 books for the realmgate wars campaign: might battles, quest for ghal maraz, balance of power, godbeasts and allgate. This year we are entenring april and not a world about a campaign. Will there be one at all?
  10. Version 1.11


    The Siege of Var Asai expands on the Azyr Empires campaign system with a node-based rules-lighter version. Team up in factions and see who can claim the brutal fortress of Var Asai!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Azyr Empires is a modified version of a Mighty Empires hybrid campaign that has gone through over twenty years of play. Build your heroes up, expand your realms, and create an empire that outlasts all empires...
  12. Me and a few mates have never played AOS before and thinking of picking it up and building 2000pt armies. What were looking into doing is some kind of ongoing campaign where we can build our armies up whilst playing over say the next 6 months. One game a month where we have a deadline of either a certain points or certain troop types built and painted ready to play. Similar to white dwarfs tale of four warlords. Just wondering if any of you guys have attempted this successfully and any tips and help with suggestions of game types for different points levels and views on doing it points or specific units? If i can create something with a ongoing narrative for it aswell will be a bonus. As a bit of a guide these are the armies 3 of us have picked - Nurgle mortal, death and a Sylvaneth army. Cheers
  13. HobbyHammer is pleased to present this AoS Narrative Event down in the South East of England by the sandy beach of Ramsgate on the weekend of the 29th and 30th July 2017 Welcome to the next instalment of The Rise of Empires series! We really wanted to bring you a 2 day full event as soon as possible. Be prepared for a full 2 day immersive story telling event! This event is limited to 24 persons so make sure you get in there quick. Over the course of the two days, you will be thrown into an immersive map campaign telling epic tales of your army pushing for territories. This will be played over various sized games from Skirmish level to full on warfare. There will be events happening over the weekend that will set you back or propel you forward into dominance as this is of course.. The Year of Change! You will also have the opportunity to create your own General and play him throughout the campaign in a first for narrative event. Do not come here thinking this is a tournament where the winner will be there person who majors all their games. This is a narrative event in which the story comes first. We want the hobby to take president and as such awesome prizes and awards shall be given for hobby and narrative orientated feats. There shall be no prize for overall Champion. Instead for Best Army (Painted) Coolest Army (Themed) Most Epic moment Highest Renown Best Sportsman Best Story Worst Luck! We will also have the venue open on the Saturday evening for open gaming and drinking. The Pack will be coming shortly. So stay tuned for that. Tickets are priced at £40 and includes lunch on both days, there is a bar in the venue serving anything you like (including Real Ales), these are all very well priced as it is a social club. Tickets will go on sale at 8pm on the 26th February, it will be first come, first serve and decided by the timestamp of the PayPal transaction. If you do not get a ticket you will have option to have full refund or be placed on the reserve list in case of drop outs. Anyone who sends money before 8pm will be placed to the back of the queue. Last day for refunds is the 1st July. (after this, it is hard to find replacements) Paypal £40 to (friends and family) Write your real name, email address and contact details in the comments box. Who is ready to defend their territories and expand their empires? Rise of Empires: Border Wars - Narrative Event - Margate (29th/30th July)
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Border Wars! The newest online map campaign for Age of Sigmar. Please download the document if you would like to get involved in this worldwide online AoS campaign, paint, play and write. Gain your territory and expand your empire. Please visit for more information.
  15. Version 4.1.


    This is the Mordheim rules adaptation for Age of Sigmar I made for our gaming group. Check for the most current version. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!
  16. Inspired by the excellent discussion @Kamose about narrative and matched play I decided to share my experiences with a narrative (but with matched play rules) campaign I'm running with a couple of friends. Also as i'm writing this up I would like to thank everybody on this forum that helped me design this campaign by giving feedback or just sharing their experiences. The total campaign can be found below. Honshu is a recently discovered island filled with untold riches and ripe for the plunder. Four greedy and ambitious pirate captains set sail but only one will succeed. One brave slayer pirate captain is looking for a glorious death or, failing that, riches. Supported by his former clan he sets sail to Honshu. From the Ogre Kingdoms comes a former Maneater who has always dreamt of becoming a Pirate King. With the discovery of Honshu, the promise of treasure is finally big enough to form his own Ogre crew. A Dark Elf Black Ark Fleetmaster is looking to make his name by plundering, raiding and razing every place of name or value. The island Honshu will be the first stepping stone to get a position in the court of Malekith. A particularly sneaky Skaven Warlock has convinced a warlord to embark on the pirate life. While the warlord thinks he is after the riches of Honshu, the warlock will be going after the relics of the Old Ones. And if the Warlord finds out... well it's the nature of a rat to abandon a sinking ship. The first campaign day saw all players decide where to make landfall. As ever welcoming host I managed to roll a 1 so I had no choice in the matter. On the north end of the island the dwarfs grabbed the initiative and decided to claim 4. Bamburgh Castle and the mine for the ability to bring an extra war machine. The Ogres had to make 6. Bone castle their temporary home, gaining the benefit of 3. shimmer-glass spire buffing their magic. On the South East end the Dark Elves (me) made landfall first. While my captain and most of the crew were busy on a supply run a small contingent was left behind to protect the ship. However late at night the always sneaky Skaven arrived. The Skaven Warlord had sent a small group of rats to steal the supplies of the Elves. While the Dark Elves were busy 'inspecting' the inside of various bars the sneaky Skaven managed to get the cargo of the ship. They decided to stick together and run quick-quick through the left flank. They had three pieces of essential cargo with them. If they managed to carry them out of town they would seize the initiative and seriously hamper the Dark Elf Captain. But on the third turn the Dark Elves emerged but would it prove to be in time. While the Rats raced down the left flank, the Elves moved to intercept them. When the forces clashed the Skaven resistance seemed futile as the first three rats died but the survivors were holding on. And then the Executioner strode into the fray. But the unexpected happened. One lowly Skaven Clanrat sensed his chance for glory and treasure. He managed to single handedly kill the Executioner, two corsairs and a Shade. Furthermore he tied up the last corsairs while the rest of the Skaven managed to get away. The Skaven won a minor victory meaning they could decide where to hole up. The Skaven Captain decided to skulk around the southern edge away from all the action in typical Skaven fashion. Next up: the sadistic Dark Elves managed to capture a dwarf maiden to sacrifice. Of course the Dwarfs could not suffer this indignation and sailed forth to save her. But will they be in time? I will write up the next battle later today. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I had playing this game. The fact that the result directly effects the campaign was very exiting. And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for that pesky clanrat.
  17. I have officially completed the first Efengie Campaign Book! This is the culmination of about six months of running themed Age of Sigmar events at my FLGS. It came about because I was creating battleplans for the monthly Age of Sigmar Game Day (like a tournament, but more casual) at my FLGS. In order to establish a narrative and give the events fun story-oriented stakes, I decided I would write a fluff piece after each event to describe what happened, and slowly flesh out the ongoing story of our not-quite-campaign. Efengie was the old tongue-in-cheek setting for my local store's Warhammer Fantasy campaigns, which we ran on a regular basis for roughly 10 years before Age of Sigmar was released. The store owner drew the original map (I drew this one myself) based on the layout of the store, which resulted in us having locations like Fort Snack, and Mount Cola. The Port City of Bludor was literally a blue door that was adjacent to a particularly flood prone area of the back storage area. Some, like the Trade City of Register or the cities of North Couch and South Couch didn't make the cut because they were a little too silly. I have given that setting a makeover to find it a home in Ghyran. This book includes five battleplans built on the framework of Warhammer World's Clash of Empires. It includes two new Time of War rules representing the Vale of Efengie as well as the Gates of Eucebium, a ring of ancient Realmgates erected by the Wanderers. It has plenty of fluff and photography from the events to round it out, and also includes a Map Campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules. Enjoy!
  18. Over the years, my wife tried Warhammer Fantasy and found it unappealing. But with the change to AoS she wanted to give it another try so we could play games together. We played a small demo, just to get her acquainted with the rules and assess if she would enjoy playing more. And she did! So now we are planning a long, slow burn action RPG AoS narrative campaign for us to play. The plan is for her to start with a single hero; a brave young woman bent on saving her village that is trapped in a realm filled with daemons and undead and chaos. As she hunts for additional help, she'll find other heroes and brave individuals willing to follow her. By the end, she'll be commanding a whole force that will fight through hordes of chaos to get back to and defend her village--with the goal of using magic to move the village to a safer place. I'll share rules that I build for this campaign on this post. We plan to do it slowly as we'd like to paint the models we use and build as much scenery as we can stomach for the campaign. Neither of us are great painters, but I think we'll enjoy the campaign more if we put down models that aren't just bare grey plastic. So I'll also post pictures of parts of the campaign as they happen. I'll be ordering her hero soon, but it may be weeks or a month until we are able to start. Until then I'll start brainstorming ideas and sessions. Would love to hear from people that have also done this kind of action-RPG AoS campaign!
  19. Here is the latest entry leading up to our first game. The Pass of Hidden Hands Alarik stepped out of the realmgate onto the soil of Ulgu, his retinue close in step. Having so recently been among the purifying light of Sigmar's kingdom, the sudden and complete blackness of Ulgu blinded him. His eyes desperately grasping for light as they struggled to adjust. After a few moments he could make out some blurry shapes within the small halo of ghostly violet light emitted by the realmgate. The blasphemous realm immediately wore on his nerves. The shimmering white and gold armor of Alarik's host had so often seemed to him a radiant manifestation of Sigmar's fury. In the deep, uncaring darkness of the shadows realm however the glittering armor and shimmer of storm infused magic of Alarik's host seemed little more than a dim candle in a vast, uncaring night. As Lord Relictor Balhoth stepped from the realmgate Alarik's eyes had adjusted as much as could be expected in such a place, and he peered back to meet Balhoth's gaze. Balhoth looked somehow more powerful in this domain. In a realm that so drained Alarik with its hidden and wretched nature, Balhoth seemed to emit an aura of hidden arcane potency just out of tangible sight. "How fitting for a dark and brooding land to welcome such a dark and brooding man, how dramatic." Alarik scoffed to himself. Despite Alarik's distrust and subtle mockery of the macabre nature of the Relictor, Alarik could not deny the power of his presence. Like most Lord Relictors, Balhoth was adorned from head to toe in dark Sigmarite armor. Grandiosely segmented into gold trimmed plates forming around each limb of Balhoth's towering figure. The suit of armor crowned with a menacing skull masked helm. For and moment Balhoth's pale, skull visaged helmet appeared to glow with a ghostly light which defied reason in so dark a place. The Lord Relictor's black armor plates seemed to come to life, licking at the air in ethereal, black tendrils. Disturbed by the dark and deathly aura around Balthoth Alarik squinted,focusing more intently on the Lord Relictor, hoping to reason the sight out of existence. Doing so seemd to work and caused the shadow tendrils and ghostly glow of Balhoth's mask to disappear and Alarik immediately began to distrust his senses in this world. "What a wretched place." Alarik cursed aloud, still facing Balhoth. "I met no resistance coming through the gate Balhoth and it worries me." "I expect frontal assault is not the way of this realms denizens." Balhoth offered in reply."I know little of this realm Alarik but I fear we may miss the brutal honesty found in the frontal assault of a Khornate horde." Balhoth continued."None have returned from this realm, it is unlikely our rescue mission will end well." Alarik frowned inside his helmet, glad the rigid facial features forged in his the mask fo the helm hid his repulsion at the sad truth of Balhoth's declaration. Why did he ever hope to find comfort in the words of the Lord Relictor? Balhoth was seldom wrong but even more seldom was the Lord Relictor comforting. Cold, tactical truth was his fluency. A fact which Alarik almost hated as much as he valued it. "Pleasant thought Balhoth. If I get frightened I will dream of the bloodied platues of Aqshy." The Stormcasts had arrived. Just as Lord Grufflz told Rulk they would. "He is so smart smart he is." Rulk thought to himself. The skaven commander known as Grufflz had seen one of the stormcasts dragged off into the darkness by a dark figure the skaven forces only knew as the broody one. Grufflz did not know much about the broody one but he had been seen sporadically in the region lately. Up to no good Grufflz was sure of, which made Grufflz respect the broody one. it takes brains to scheme and made things so much more interesting. Rulk drooled and snorted in excited as whispered to himself. "Storm bullies so dumb dumb getting caught by broody one. Lord Grufflz will skewer them. So glorious." Rulk could see the Stormcasts adjusting to the darkness. They seemed so slow to move and adapt to him. He wondered how they ever had success fighting when they moved so slow. Remembering his duties Rulk let out a low hiss to signal to his troops nearby it was time to draw the Stormcasts into the darkness. To prepare for Sigmar's intrusion on Lord Grufflz bounty. The broody one after all was know to attract warpstone some how. Expecting the Stormcast to arrive in search for their kidnapped companion Lord Grufflz had cunning had his force hedge up the foliage in some areas. The terrain was chocked with this wooden vines. With some manipulation by Rulks men the only clearing the the vines would decide the path of the Stormcasts without them know it. "It needs to look natural, and smooth smooth. We need to give them a path without them knowing we doing it." Grufflz had explained. The next part of the plan was Rulk's favorite. He grew giddy as he remember Grufflz commands. "Remembers cunning ones, stay low low and hidden. Push their feet so softly. Bring them to us. If they wander nudge them here and nudge them there. The are large and blunt, they will not notice you." Such an exciting command to sneakily force the path of the Stormbrutes. Nudge them ever so slightly off course without them noticing. Rulk reveled " So much fun can be had in the dark. So much tricky tricks." Rulk wondered to himself why Lord Grufflz had passed on participating in such an exciting sneaky challenge."Other things he need be doing. So smart, so important." Rulk of course did not realize he had been sent on what could likely turn out to be a suicide mission. If Alaraki did notice the skaven skulking in the darkness he would end them as he sought to end all followers of the chaos pantheon. To Be Continued..... (I will update a narrative version of the battle report when I get a chance)
  20. until
    HobbyHammer is pleased to present this AoS Grand Narrative Event down in the South East of England by the sandy beach of Margate on the weekend of the 29th July 2017 Welcome to the next instalment of The Rise of Empires series! We really wanted to bring you a 2 day full event as soon as possible, tickets will go on sale closer to the time but be prepared for a full 2 day immersive story telling event! This event is limited to 24 persons. Who is ready to defend their territories and expand their empires?
  21. I have tried a fair few of the campaign book battleplans and found so many are great fun. Interested to know how many others have tried them out and which have been the most fun to play for you? and of course which ones didn't work as well.. How did you build your army lists to theme to the battleplan?
  22. ~ Chapter One ~ Athos looked upon the field of battle. Around him, his forces made ready for first-contact with the enemy. Across the broken landscape, dotted with withered trees, long drained of life by the recent incursion of Nurgle’s corruption, were gathered a multitude of orruks. Bonesplitterz, these particular brutes named themselves, though Athos cared little what names they chose for themselves. He cared not the name of his enemy – only their death concerned him. War-horns blared to life from within the rudimentary formations of the orruks, dozens all at once. The horde started to chant and roar broken-speech challenges to their opponents, taunting them to action. Throughout their midst, Athos could see the shapes of hulking warlords barking orders at the smaller brethren that surrounded them. There were others as well – sorcerers – judging by their dress; all feathers and special ornaments of bone and wood that the orruks reserved only for their shamans. They’ll prove a more difficult challenge, Athos thought. A far greater one than all the rest of their ilk combined. The Stormcast were the greatest warriors of Sigmar’s hosts, each and every one of their kind a warrior of unparalleled skill, stamina, and strength…but strength of arms could only do so much against a foe who wielded the chaotic power of raw magic, the ability to rip chunks of Earth from the ground, or else twist the fabric of nature to their destructive will. “The orruks are out in number this morning.” It was Calanius, the Lord-Relictor of their force. He had come to stand beside Athos to survey the enemy before battle was joined. In his right hand, the Relictor carried his prized banner, decorated with gothic depictions of a Stormcast soul’s returning to their God-King's embrace. “They’ll die all the same, few or many, it matters not,” Athos replied. “It’s their sorcerers that worry me. I count a dozen at least, though there’s almost surely more of them skulking about.” “We’ll handle it,” Calanius told him matter of factly. “We always do.” We do, Athos merely thought, because we cannot die. If we fail, we’ll merely come back again. That is our gift, and in other ways, our curse. Though not all resented the immortality bestowed upon the Stormcast by their God, some were…less enthusiastic. Athos had had a family once, a loving wife and daughter, though he could remember little of them now. Their faces were blurry images in his mind's eye, and their voices were muffled echoes. Athos wondered how much longer it would be before those lingering thoughts faded as well. How much longer would it be before he forgot them entirely? He wondered if he would ever see them again. A lifetime ago, death had offered the promise of reunion, no matter what came, but now… “The orruks are moving, Lord-Castellant." Calanius's voice, calling him back to the present. “We should begin," the Lord-Relictor then told him as Athos returned to the present. He saw the orruks then, a seething tide of green flesh and bone-weapons, and all of it pouring directly towards the forward lines of the Stormcast formations. Athos clenched one steel gauntlet around the hilt of the warhammer he carried. He pulled the weapon loose from the bonds on his back and raised it high for all around him to see. The weapon's steel-head glinted with the sunlight of the new morning. “Aye,” Athos spoke. “By Sigmar’s grace, let us bring swift death to these foul beasts.” **** A cold intelligence watched the storm of battle rage. Over a burning fire, the Gaunt-Summoner, One of the Nine, chanted eldritch words of power. The words of his God. His prayers were answered, and foul power poured from the flames. His minions danced and flayed their limbs about the ritual, chanting in a variety of alien tongues. Their devotion, their energy, their very life-force, gave power to the ritual. From far away, the Gaunt-Summonder heard the warhorns of the orruks, and he knew the time had come. From within his robing he produced an old book, wrapped in the skin of flayed man. As his elongated fingers opened it, the cries of a thousand damned souls screamed from within its pages. He cackled, knowing each of the voice's many names. In his freehand, the Seventh of the Nine raised a dagger, its twin-faces etched with ancient runes chiseled by the talon of Tzeentch itself. The wailing of the damned grew louder. The Gaunt-Summoner hissed through multiple rows of fanged teeth, and then he plunged the dagger down, directly into the pages of the book. The world shuddered. It was begun. The starting locations for the Stormcast and Bonesplitterz forces. Meanwhile, the Gaunt-Summoner and his cult perform an unholy ritual, unbeknownst to either force. The Stormcast forces advance, splitting their forces into three prongs. Priority switches to the savage orruks, who gleefully bellow as they surge forward. The orruks rush forward and charge headlong into their hated foes. After a fierce round of combat, the smaller unit of Liberators are wiped out to a man by the Bonesplitterz boar riders. All across the front, bodies begin to pile. In the heavens above, the sky trembles. Just as it appears the Stormcast will be overrun, the surrounding woods break, and a swarm of Sylvaneth pour forth from the shadows of Ghyran's foliage - directly into the already engaged Bonesplitterz!
  23. Forward The hand of Father Nurgle had been cleaved, but the foul taint of his touch lingered yet. Ghyran was saved, though at what cost? The Realm of Life bore the scars of Chaos’ corruption – scars that might never truly heal. The first stage of the Realmgate Wars were concluded, and righteous Order had claimed victory. Now, the forces of Sigmar and his allies seek to restore the lands taken back from the foul minions of Chaos. Across the Mortal Realms march the mighty Stormcast Eternal. Champions of their God-King, they bring wrath and fury to their foe – they bring swift death. Upon the Mortal Realm of Ghyran, one such force of Sigmar’s mightiest champions marshal themselves for war, moving against yet another threat. Victory is assured. The Stormcast shall never falter.
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    The first book of the Efengie Campaign series contains 5 Battleplans based on Warhammer World's Clash of Empires framework. It also includes 2 Time of War rules for battling in the Vale of Efengie and at the Gates of Eucebium. But that's not all, each battleplan includes a fluff piece storying the event at which it was originally run, and there's even a map campaign for use with the General's Handbook map campaign rules!
  25. Hi everybody, Thanks for checking this campaign out and feel free to use and edit it as you see fit. I'm looking for some feedback on this campaign as I worry that when somebody gets in the lead he might be hard to overtake. Backstory: A friend and me introduced two friends to the hobby and got them excited enough to try a campaign. As a result we play them with some houserules to keep things simple but we might drop some of them during the campaign. Every campaign turn the armies grow a little to help the new players keep up. I always wanted to replay the old Lustria campaign so I tried to convert it to AoS. We play Ogres, Skaven, Dark Elves & Dwarfs but the armies are interchangeable. The campaign has a nice pirate theme because that fitted the models perfectly. The set up is to play two one vs one games followed by a massive multiplayer battle every turn. In the one vs one games it is possible to claim territories which reward relics (VP's) and small advantages. The multiplayer games allow the captains to gang up on the player in the lead to restore balance and because multiplayer games are fun Would be grateful for any and all tips, tricks and feedback regarding map campaigns in general and my campaign specific. ps. I excluded the scenario's at the moment because I have not completed the last scenario's. Hope to add them tomorrow Pirates and Plunder basic set up v1.2.pdf