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Found 12 results

  1. Riff_Raff_Rascal

    Ratnado - Skaven Shenanigans

    This is utterly ridiculous but I have a scheme. Thing-Things you need: Verminlord Deceiver, Screaming Bell, Balewind Vortex, X Skaven Assassins/Grey Seers Step 1: Skitterleap Screaming bell in their face. Ring the Bells of the great horned rat. You have fun whatever the result. Step 2: Scraming Bell attempts Summon Balewind Vortex. Dispelling be damned. Failing the spell be double dibley damned. But IF, successful rejoice. Step 3: At next combat reveal assassins FROM screaming bell. You heard me right, on top of the vortex. Next hero phase, skitterleap more wizards on top of it. Infinite Cosmic Powa!....with itty bitty living space. Tell me where I'm wrong. Have fun.
  2. Well of Eternity

    Changeling and Balewind Vortex

    Hi, My favourite topic - Balewind Vortex I had a discussion with my friend about Changeling and Vortex. As we know - Changeling can "steal" spells from wizards within 9". Let suppose that Changeling is within 9" from enemy caster which know summon balewind vortex spell (because your opponent has Vortex model). You don`t have that model but You have enough summoining points. Now - you have initiative in round I. Changelling cast Summon Balewind Vortex spell and.... (?) a) Changelling can`t use that spell because you dont have Vortex model b) Changelling can use that spell and summon vortex (-100 pts from your summoning pool) BUT if your opponent has only one model... he can`t use his vortex until Changelling is on table/on top of the Vortex? c) ...?
  3. Well of Eternity

    Yet another question about Balewind Vortex

    Hi! As we know, there can be no other model within 3" of Balewind Vortex and we cannot move any other models within 3" of Vortex but what about teleport/set-up another wizard/model/unit on top of the Vortex (e.g. with Sayl the Faithless spell). Is it possible to make Vortex "Two-seater" (and use Vortex to double te casting range for both mages on top of it if it is viable)?
  4. Strammefar

    Balewind Vortex

    Two questions: - If a Wizard fail to summon a Balewind Vortex, or the spell gets unbinded, does that count as the scenery and 100 points being used? Or may he try again in the next hero phase? - Is the Balewind Vortex removed from the game if the Wizard on top dies? Thanks in advance!
  5. The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury has the ability "Drawn in for the Kill" which, if successful, states that the whip he holds can bring a model to within 3" of himself presumably to be able to attack in melee combat. However, what about a wizard atop a balewind vortex? The vortex states that no model may move to within 3" (check, Bloodthirster is not doing that). Would the wizard atop the vortex be moved towards the bloodthirster, would the vortex stay, or would the vortex be dispelled? Can the bloodthirster pile in and/or attack in the combat phase?
  6. The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury has the ability "Drawn in for the Kill" which, if successful, states that the whip he holds can bring a model to within 3" of himself presumably to be able to attack in melee combat. However, what about a wizard atop a balewind vortex? The vortex states that no model may move to within 3" (check, Bloodthirster is not doing that). Would the wizard atop the vortex be moved towards the bloodthirster, would the vortex stay, or would the vortex be dispelled? Can the bloodthirster pile in and/or attack in the combat phase?
  7. urion

    Order of modifiers?

    So, I have recently run into a situation where the order of modifiers matters. The situation is a Branchwych with a Silverwood Circlet casts Balewind Vortex then casts Unleash Spites. The Circlet adds 6" to the range of her spells. The Vortex doubles the range of her spells. Would the final range of Unleash Spites be 30 (9" + 6" x 2) or 24" (9" x 2 + 6"). Some argue that the artifact comes first because it adds the 6" before any other spells are cast so that becomes the range of her spell (15") and then you follow the wording on Balewind Vortex and double it, but others argue that math has a predetermined order of operations and the correct "formula" for this is multiplication before addition. In the previous Warhammer fantasy rule set the order was spelled out specifically, but not any longer. What do you guys think?
  8. Jimbo

    Balewind vortex in scenery

    Hi everyone, what happens when a wizard is standing in scenery and casts a balewind vortex? Do you just plonk it on the scenery - in particular I'm thinking about being in a wood. jimbo
  9. I wanted to do something a little different with my Balewind Vortex to tie it into my Gaunt Summoner. He seemed like the type of guy to surf a screaming column of space magic, y'know?
  10. I've used the Balewind Vortex in conjunction with a Branchwych and the Silverwood Circlet recently for some really respectable damage output and I was wondering if anybody has used this combo and if so, how and where have they applied the extra 6+ inches to spell casting. I've been doubling the range of my spells with the Balewind Vortex first, and then adding the extra 6" on the end. So Mystic Shield would be 18 * 2 + 6 = 42 Rather than 18 + 6 * 2 = 48 This is a huge deal for the Branchwych's spell, which targets every enemy unit individually within it's casting range.
  11. I've been wanting to start this discussion for ages but wanted to wait until I was in a non-ranty mood for fear that my strong feelings on this issue would cheapen the start of this discussion. Anyway, it seems recently that more players are discovering the summonable Balewind Vortex rules and it is really dividing opinion. Personally, at our club, we have used them from the start of AoS (and the other scenery warscrolls for that matter - not sure why so many people ignored them but that's perhaps for another topic). Now, I'm not trying to claim that they're not powerful, they are, but what I would like to propose is that a) they have clear weaknesses and b) they are beatable i.e. An army without a vortex can beat an army with one. To me, the main weakness is it means your wizard can't move. I use a vortex with Alarielle quite a lot and it is annoying that, as long as she is up there, she can't be charging around elsewhere. For smaller wizards (Tzeentch Heralds etc) it means you know where they are and can plan to target them without fear of them scuttling away. Also remember that to banish the vortex, you have to do so at the start of your hero phase, so no blasting a unit with arcane bolt then retreating to be out of range of their shooting. Which leads me into the biggest counter to the wizard on the vortex - shooting. This is one of the most powerful elements of the game at the moment with gunlines popping up all over the place. Most wizards only have 5 wounds and can easily be popped of their perch by a fairly inoffensive missile unit. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the vortex evens the odds in a way. It gives a combat heavy army a bit of magical interference against the gunlines whilst they slog across the table, getting peppered with arrows etc. So those are my views. I completely disagree with anyone wanting to comp them out of the game or even out of tournaments. I say embrace them. I appreciate that one of the biggest issues for people is that it is a "free" summon, but so is the Wyldwood and nobody seems to be complaining about them. Would love to hear people's (non ranty) thoughts on this
  12. Necronomicon

    Balewind Vortex and summoning range

    Hi! Question about the balewind vortex rule: Does this apply to summoning? For example, can a wizard attempt to summon a unit of Skeleton Warriors within 36" om himself while standing upon the Balewind Vortex?