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Found 132 results

  1. Event Title: 40kBrawl Presents Bugman's Brawl! An AoS 2000pt Tournament Event Author: 40kbrawl Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/25/2017 09:00 AM to 02/25/2017 06:30 PM Wish I found this forum sooner! 40k Brawls first Age of Sigmar tournament on February 25th in Salisbury, Wiltshire is closing in so fast and we still have a couple of spots left. 2000pts using the The generals handbook for army composition. Measure from bases for movement, range etc. Missions are 3 missions from the handbook with 1 secondary objective - all explained in greater detail in the pack. Have a read and sign up when you're done - it's going to be a good one! Sign up thread is below, Spaces only secure once payment is received. Facebook event page; PayPal of £15 to 1. Jake Valten Harding- paid. 2. Alex Kennedy- paid. 3. Adam S-J paid. 4. Joe Shepherd- paid. 5. Elliot Haugh- paid. 6. Finn Milton - paid. 7. Laurence East - paid. 8. Liam Chamberlain - paid. 9. Sam Kha Doran - paid. 10.Chris Goldsworthy - paid. 11.James Allen - paid. 12. Tony Kirby - paid. 13. Rob Brunton - paid. 14. Ben Van Buul - paid. 15. Andy Davies - paid. 16. Rulespack; As we are fighting before Bugman, it is only right that each player brings along a goblet to honour him! Therefore players that bring along a cool looking goblet, tankard or stein on the day to drink out of will receive and additional 2TP’s! any questions give me a shout! Simon 40kBrawl Presents Bugman's Brawl! An AoS 2000pt Tournament
  2. Hey all, Brand spanking new and finally at the ripe age of 40 now getting into the hobby. I would say in order of priority for me with Warhammer/War Gaming is 1) The Hobby, 2) The community, 3) The Lore, 4) The Gameplay. That being said though I do have a healthy desire to play the game and understand that the playing of the game is what binds all of my priorities together. So far my status is that I've invested way too much money in setting up my workstation and buying the supplies now its off to do some painting!
  3. Every week I try to post Age of Sigmar tactics on This week's post is about Buffs & Synergies With a good army, the whole is better than the sum of its parts. The different units do not only work well together, they make each other stronger through synergies. The goal of this article is to help you understand the role of buffs and their targets. I hope this will help you build stronger armies and improve your positioning during your games. I hope you enjoy it. Anny criticisms and feedback is always welcome!
  4. Version 3.9.


    This is the Mordheim rules adaptation for Age of Sigmar I made for our gaming group. Check for the most current version. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!
  5. Event Title: South Coast GT 2017 Event Author: Dan Heelan Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 04/21/2017 04:00 PM to 04/23/2017 07:30 PM This is the UK's largest singles Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event, returning again for its 8th Year. Date for SCGT2017: 21st - 23rd April 2017 This thread will contain updates & info, the main central source of info is here: South Coast GT 2017
  6. About Us HATE meet every Wednesday from 6pm til 11pm at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club 42-44 Pollard Row, London E2 6NB We pride ourselves on being a laid back and accepting group but we do have a few rules: Don't be a ******! Whatever terrain you use, please look after it. And return it to the box it came from at the end of your game. If you're able to, put your gaming board, mat and terrain box back before you leave. Costs: Tabletop Games £5. Boardgames and Roleplaying £2. Your first visit is free Amenities: As it's a working mens club, the bar is open all night for us and the prices are proper reasonable. But given the combination of the atmosphere, the easy access to alcohol and the popularity of Blood Bowl please be advised that we are a noisy club! Useful links: - Our Facebook group. - Our challenge board for organising games. - Our dedicated AoS group. @SplonkersHATE We look forward to having you down!
  7. Hi all, I'm an old collector and painter and have only in the last few months been getting into playing age of sigmar. I'm from Young, NSW, Australia and I'm looking for other players close by to play against
  8. Event Title: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 Event Author: Terry Pike Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 09/30/2017 12:00 AM to 10/01/2017 12:00 AM Full details will be added a later date. We just wanted to get the event in the calendar so people know when it will be! Expect the format, prizes & extras to be similar to last year! FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2
  9. Hi guys, I paused my Warhammer Quest painting progress, to move on with my first Age of Sigmar army. Playing once a week with a friend for the last couple of weeks, and we love it so far. i chose the flesh eaters.... Just love their background story. I used to collect Bret, so I felt like a continuation :-) here is some pics, I'll try to post as often as I can.... But my hobby time is limited.
  10. until
    Full details will be added a later date. We just wanted to get the event in the calendar so people know when it will be!
  11. Welcome to the first Legacy of Ink and Blood entry. Posed shot during match set-up: Warriors of Chaos enter the Blood Forest. Terrain from the Fanticide Range by Architects of war / Alien dungeon (R.I.P.) Scenario Setting: The Realm of Life is steadily growing poisoned, tainted with the blight of Chaos and their troops who revel in miasma and disease. Vast black shardes of volcanic rock have jutted from the despoiled lands once lush with green. Many portions of the majestic forest have withered and fell to decay. Once a haven for the Nobler races, their people now wage war at the borders attempting to stifle the majority of the approaching armies. It is on the borders of Ghyran, in a key strategic location, where rival factions of the same evil ilk collide. Battle Report 1: Watchtower Scenario Chaos Grand Alliance Clans Pestilens vs. Clans Verminus Realm: Ghyran, the Realm of Life Matched play points per side: 800 After several practice games using Stormcast Eternals and a smattering of different Aelves and Khorne units, my friend Phil and I felt well versed in the rules of AoS. It was time to begin our consecutive ongoing battles. Phil's army consisted of primarily Clans Verminus Battle line units, but included Rat Ogres and others from various Skaven hordes. Since any units under a Grand Alliance are playable in an Age of Sigmar army, he was able to field the points despite having a rather modest collection for our first encounter. Despite being unde 1k, we followed the guidelines of the Generals Handbook for a Vanguard sized game. These smelly beasts were led by a Skaven warlord as well as a Wizard. A Doomwheel accepted the role of his main heavy-hitter in the fight. My Pestilens chaos force was led by Epidemius, and consisted of Plague Bearers x 10, chaos Warriors x 20, some Hounds and the like. A giant gargaunt, intoxicated and unpainted, led my way. The watchtower Scenario is in the first Age of sigmar hardcover book. Phil was the Guardian with his Skaven infesting the objective with a unit of Clan Rats. In this case, the watchtower simply was replaced with a suitable piece of forest ground, affording removable trees for aesthetics. My Pestilens were the invaders. My objective was to eradicate and clear the woods, including using the Lure Them Out command ability to ensure success. We agreed ahead of time to end the game at the end of turn 4, as Age of Sigmar is a scenario based system and this would prevent a war of attrition. Whoever had the most models within the objective terrain would constitute the victor. As you will see reading on, this simple stipulation coupled with unique the command ability for each force produced a very climactic ending. Round One: As the Guardian, Phil placed an entire unit of Clan Rats in the objective to hold it firm. We missed in the instructions that he also could of included a Hero as well. While the back-placement kept him safe, make a note for your matches, as increased muscle up front is an important option for the defender. This was compensated, however, by the fact that he placed both of his separate Battleline units into one large group. We both made numerous rookie errors during this first battle, and they seemed to only enhance the fun! He opted as the guardian to take the first turn, and began advancing his troops to reinforce the woods. This was an important time for his placement, and he chose well, being able to see where I had positioned my forces on the opposite edge of the 4' x 6' table. For my deploy, Epidemius and accompanying Warriors of Chaos took the center, storming toward the skittering eyes of the defending rodents. On the left flank was the Gargaunt, and to the far right you can see my Chaos Hounds advancing with intent to engage the Doom Wheel and prevent it from supporting the central battle. With a move of 10" and a guaranteed run of another 6", they made impressive headway with that intent. This careful positioning and advancement adequately reflects the beginning of the battle. More to follow soon as these mutually repulsive armies clash in the second round! also forthcoming is a bit of fluff and backstory about our Hero's and their loyal troops. Thanks for reading.
  12. Sunday the 5th of March 1,000pts per player 2 players per team same alliance 3 games 1 day Tournament pack to be added soon Event Details on Facebook: Tickets: Imps Gaming 15, Crofton Close Lincoln LN3 4NT 01522 535103
  13. Hi! I just finished the third article on This week's Post: Maximising your Deployment I discuss how and why you can: Know who will decide on the first turn. Know the threat range and average damage output of all units in the game. Adapt to your opponents drops. Pressure enemy key targets. Pull apart enemy synergies. Deploy your key units last. Pressure objectives. Focus on objectives that are the least covered by your opponent to force them to spread out. Focus on objectives that are pressured by your opponent to pressuring them into investing more units. Deny teleportation by using their 9″ minimum distance. Pressure teleportation opportunity’s by punishing your opponent for failing long charges. I would love your input and feedback! Did I miss anything? What would you like to read about next? Let me know!
  14. In this last article, we discuss how you can maximise your deployment in Age of Sigmar. I discuss what the threat range is, how you can adapt to your opponents drops, how to deal with teleport army and a lot more. Read the article here: Have a great day!!!
  15. Hi guys a bit quiet on here i'm not that active on forums but we have a lot of stuff to talk about and plenty of AoS to get our teeth into. We are planning lots of Narrative play and relaxed play at the club over the next 6 months as well as still running with the competitive play. We have invested in some new scenery and will hopefully get some time to work on some new boards in the near future. I have spoken to the student union and am organising some home and away match ups, i have also put us out there on a new Lincolnshire, Humberside and yorkshire gaming group saying we are up for club vs club warfare. Will give you more information as i get it any questions please comment below. hope to see you all in store soon. James
  16. until
    This is the UK's largest singles Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event, returning again for its 8th Year. Date for SCGT2017: 21st - 23rd April 2017 This thread will contain updates & info, the main central source of info is here:
  17. I finished my first Kurnoth Hunters unit. more images:
  18. I finished second part of my 20-dryad strong unit. More images on:
  19. Hi All! I have seen a lot of players missing out on great opportunities or being overly eager with their double, losing them the game. I have written an article on optimising the double turn, what are your thoughts on this topic? Also, this is my first tactical article and I would love some feedback :D.
  20. This is the same story posted earlier but I can not seem to edit mistakes I caught on subsequent proof readings. So here is an edited version with some grammer and readability improvements. Alarik stepped out of the realmgate onto the soil of Ulgu, his retinue close in step. Having so recently been among the purifying light of Sigmar's kingdom, the sudden and complete blackness of Ulgu blinded him. His eyes desperately grasping for light as they struggled to adjust. After a few moments he could make out some blurry shapes within the small halo of ghostly violet light emitted by the realmgate. The blasphemous realm immediately wore on his nerves. The shimmering white and gold armor of Alarik's host had so often seemed to him a radiant manifestation of Sigmar's fury. In the deep darkness of the shadows realm however the glittering armor and shimmer of storm infused magic of Alarik's host seemed little more than a dim candle in a vast, uncaring night. As Lord Relictor Balhoth stepped from the realmgate Alarik's eyes had adjusted as much as could be expected in such a place, and he peered back to meet Balhoth's gaze. Balhoth looked somehow more powerful in this domain. In a realm that so drained Alarik with its hidden and wretched nature, Balhoth seemed to emit an aura of hidden arcane potency just out of tangible sight. "How fitting for a dark and brooding land to welcome such a dark and brooding man, how dramatic." Alarik scoffed to himself. Despite Alarik's distrust and subtle mockery of the macabre nature of the Relictor, Alarik could not deny the power of his presence. Like most Lord Relictors, Balhoth was adorned from head to toe in dark Sigmarite armor, adorned with bones and sinister looking charms. Grandiosely segmented into gold trimmed plates forming a formidable aegis around each limb of Balhoth's towering figure. The suit of armor was crowned with a menacing skull masked helm the expression of which seemed to both embrace and mock the threat of death. For a moment Balhoth's pale, skull visaged helmet appeared to glow with an ethereal light which defied reason in so dark a place. In contrast to the ghostly countenance of his helmet The Lord Relictor's black armor plates seemed darker and reason was betrayed once more by Balhoth's appearance as tendrils of black mist appeared to leap chaotically around Balhoth's silhouette. A disturbing aura of death and night that licked hungrily at the darkness that enveloped the Stormcasts. The dark and deathly aspect Balthoth had been possessed by frightened Alarik. A feeling he had all but forgotten since his reforging. Alarik feared he was about to witness the betrayal of the Lord Relictor at the hands of some terrible gift of power and madness granted by Ulgu itself. Alarik squinted, focusing more intently on the Lord Relictor. Alarik hoped to will Balhoth into a less blasphemous form of existence. As equal measures of fear and anger grew in Alarik, his attempt to focus on Balhoth and center his thoughts seemed to work. To Alarik's surprise and relief the shadow tendrils and ghostly glow of Balhoth's mask began to disappear and Alarik immediately began to distrust his senses in this world. "What a wretched place." Alarik cursed aloud, still facing Balhoth. "I met no resistance coming through the gate Balhoth and it worries me." "I expect frontal assault is not the way of this realms denizens." Balhoth offered in reply."I know little of this realm Alarik but I fear we may miss the brutal honesty found in the frontal assault of a Khornate horde." Balhoth continued grim but resolute."None have returned from this realm, it is unlikely our rescue mission will end in anything but death." Alarik frowned inside his helmet, glad the rigid facial features forged in the mask of the his helm hid his repulsion at the sad truth of Balhoth's declaration. Why did he ever hope to find comfort in the words of the Lord Relictor? Balhoth was seldom wrong but even more seldom was the Lord Relictor comforting. Cold, tactical truth was his fluency. A fact which Alarik almost hated as much as he valued it. "Pleasant thought Balhoth." Alarik returned." If I get frightened I will dream of the bloodied platues of Aqshy." Despite the forced levity in his words Alarik knew the chances of finding Halvir were slim but why had the God King created him if not to venture into such places and bring hope to those in opposition to the dark pantheon. He knew it was not a mission forged in the cold, calculating reason that so endeared his Lord Relictor to him, but a need to find his lost comrade that burned within Alarik. Some memory from a forgotten life, just out of reach that drove Alarik's desperate foray into Ulgu. Ulgu hid it's secrets as if sentient and maniacal, adding the fate of any who dared tread its paths to its many secrets. As Balhoth had so poignantly stated, those that had entered Ulgu had never returned from its insidious clutches, but his brother in war would not be left alone in this cursed place to die or worse. The Stormcasts had arrived. Just as Lord Grufflz told Rulk they would. "He is so smart smart he is." Rulk thought to himself. The skaven commander known as Grufflz had seen one of the stormcasts dragged off into the darkness by a dark figure the skaven forces only knew as the broody one. Grufflz did not know much about the broody one but he had been seen sporadically in the region lately. Up to no good Grufflz was sure of, which made Grufflz respect the broody one. it takes brains to scheme and made things so much more interesting. Rulk drooled and snorted in excitement , whispering to himself. "Storm bullies so dumb dumb getting caught by broody one. Lord Grufflz will skewer them. So glorious." Rulk could see the Stormcasts adjusting to the darkness. They seemed so slow to move and adapt to him. He wondered how they ever had success fighting when they moved so slow. Remembering his duties Rulk let out a low hiss to signal to his troops nearby it was time to draw the Stormcasts into the darkness. To prepare for Sigmar's intrusion on Lord Grufflz bounty. The broody one after all was know to attract warpstone some how. Expecting the Stormcast to arrive in search for their kidnapped companion Lord Grufflz had cunning had his force hedge up the foliage in some areas. The terrain was chocked with this wooden vines. With some manipulation by Rulks men the only clearing in the vines would decide the path of the Stormcasts without them knowing it. "It needs to look natural, and smooth smooth. We need to give them a path without them knowing we doing it." Grufflz had explained. The next part of the plan was Rulk's favorite. He grew giddy as he remember Grufflz commands. "Remembers cunning ones, stay low low and hidden. Push their feet so softly. Bring them to us. If they wander nudge them here and nudge them there. The are large and blunt, they will not notice you." Such an exciting command to sneakily force the path of the Stormbrutes. Nudge them ever so slightly off course without them noticing. Rulk reveled " So much fun can be had in the dark. So much tricky tricks." Rulk wondered to himself why Lord Grufflz had passed on participating in such an exciting sneaky challenge."Other things he need be doing. So smart, so important." Rulk of course did not realize he had been sent on what could likely turn out to be a suicide mission. If Alaraki did notice the skaven skulking in the darkness he would end them as he sought to end all followers of the chaos pantheon. To Be Continued..... (I will update a narrative version of the battle report when I get a chance)
  21. Just as the title says, what do people think is generally stronger ~ faction-specific armies, backed up with the special artifacts, traits, and such, from the newer tomes, or taking a general army of the cream of the crop from across the breadth of one of the four Grand Alliances? I've (so far) gravitated towards Grand Alliances over faction specific forces with both Destruction and Order, but now with the new Chaos Battletome coming out, I can't decide whether I want to go faction-specific for my next 3k points, or to stick to my theme of pulling the best from each race.
  22. Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 - Nominations Introduction Back in June, @Ben ran an episode on the Bad Dice Podcast (episode 135, check it out here) on building a community, where he talked about the importance of building a community. The AoS scene has gone from strength to strength in 2016 and that community is such a vital part of our hobby. I, and the rest of the @TalesOfSigmar Podcast team, have really enjoyed being a part of it over the past 12 months so we wanted to go ahead with a little idea we had recently in an attempt to recognise all those fantastic people out there who do so much for the Age of Sigmar scene. With this in mind, until 23:59 on Christmas Eve you all have the opportunity to nominate someone who you feel has gone above and beyond that of the ordinary hobbyist and deserves some recognition. We have discussed a few starter suggestions which will be included in the following post. Nominations If you want to make a suggestion, reply to this thread in the following format. (If you need guidance on content, check out the nominations below. [Name(s)] [Reason(s) for Nomination] [Details] Voting From 00:01 on 25 Dec 2016 (subject to slight delay by the fact I may be asleep) until 23:59 on 31 Dec a new thread will be opened with a poll and everyone will have one week to vote for their favourite nomination. If we have too many nominations we'll conduct a bit of shortlisting and, after some discussion, put forward a select few through to poll. Following a week of voting the Age of Sigmar Community Champion Award 2016 will be awarded to the individual or team with the most votes. That’s right! Team! In the same way that your Command Groups in your units aren’t just formed by Champions, you have Musicians and Standard Bearers of all shapes and sizes to back them up with drums, horns, flags or other assorted totems. Don’t forget that your nominations can reflect the great work of a pairing or group. Summary In conclusion, this is an opportunity to share the Age of Sigmar love amongst those who have worked so hard over the past year to build the foundations of this latest iteration of the game we all know and love. For Sigmar! Dan, Adam and Chalmers - Tales of Sigmar Podcast
  23. until
    Hi guys, my store is running an event in january and we're really excited about bringing it to the bay area! We're still working on an event pack to make it easy on our players, but I can start posting the event info and answering questions. What is the Game Kastle Winter War? The Winter War is a 2 day, 5 game, 2000 point Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament hosted by Game Kastle Mountain View, which will be held annually at the beginning of January. We here at Game Kastle are committed to bringing our gaming communities the highest quality events, and as such we are proud to present you with our first official independent ITC GT. Come spend a weekend immersing yourself in a fantastical themed event complete with special scenery rules, scenario and fantastic prizes for every participant. The first place player will take home a Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle table, and 3 pieces of terrain that have been painted in the Winter War theme. More information on prizes, army composition, scenarios, and more will be coming shortly when we release the full players packet. But most of all come and enjoy the excitement of playing your favorite game in an event we hope will have a ton of fun at! Building up this community has been a lot of fun, and we want to provide all our players with a special weekend! Dates: 1/7/16 - 1/8/16 Location:Game Kastle Mountain View 550 Showers Dr Mountain View CA, 94040 Entry: $50 to cover the entire weekend entry, you can buy your tickets and register online here, Schedule: SATURDAY 1/7 9:00 registration 10-12:30 Round 1 - Blood and Glory 12:30-1:30 LUNCH 1:30-4:00 Round 2 - Gift from the Heavens 4:00-4:30 break 4:30-7:00 Round 3 - Three Places of Power SATURDAY 1/8 (there will be a flea market in the morning) 1:00-3:30 Round 4 - Take and Hold 3:30-4:00 break 4:00-6:30 Round 5 - The Winter War (for details check the event packet coming soon) 7:00 Awards