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  1. Tale of Piratey Gamers

    Dibs on drukhari with a dark eldar ravager as the ship
  2. Tale of Piratey Gamers

    I'll happily make a crew but turning up to WW might be difficult considering i live in australia
  3. model conversion - collections and ideas

    Sometimes simple stuff works really well. Chaos warrior to wight king.
  4. not super long left everybody, get those projects done
  5. Warhammer Quest - Malign Portents?

    There's an adversary card for normal skellies somewhere
  6. Alternative Skeleton Models

    Freeguild guard plus the box of skulls if you want some variety
  7. Questions About Game Content Structure

    Seeing as the others have answered your main questions I'll answer or go in depth to a couple of your more specific questions or the ones I actually know about. Terrain has exactly as much importance as you place upon it. It can be barely an addition or it can completely change how the game is played due to cutting long sight lines and giving negatives to cover etc. Stormcast have three battletomes because 1 is the old one, now obsolete except for the battleplans, 1 is the new vanilla stormcast one and one is the stormcast vanguard one. Battleplans vary from ones suited to matched play and ones that are more narrative focused. The matched play ones from the GHB and the open war cards are for your more "competitive" play and the ones from the other sections might be fun but quite often put one player at a bit of an advantage so as to give those holding out against insurmountable odds moments. Skirmish is awesome and a great way to get into the hobby but it doesn't really scratch the epic battle itch so much more the dramatic final duel moments, the narrative forum is the place to go for all things skirmish. It does however let you personalise a force or try out different forces without going mad and broke at the same time. I have a little skirmish warband for each GA and about 3 order ones specifically (knight questor's are super easy to kitbash together). Shadespire is a standalone board/ card game with really nice looking mini's which can be played in the normal game. I've yet to get into it but GW seem to be doing a good job of supporting it. Square vs Circle bases isn't something you'll have to worry about in friendly play but is contentious with the competitive community. If you can get round bases use them but I've yet to encounter a problem with my square based minis.
  8. Questions About Game Content Structure

    I have many answers and i will report back in a few hours with more when I'm free
  9. My advice is to pick up the starter kit, out costs slightly more than a start collecting box and gives you two playstyles to experiment with and nearly 1000 points of stormcast and bloodbound.
  10. Hinterland or AoS Skirmish?

    They are ghb points divided by minimum unit size divided by 5 Eg knight questor 100 points Divided by 1 (unit size) then divided by 5 = 20 Liberator unit = 100 points divided by 5 (unit size) divided by 5 = 4 Theres a pinned thread with the full points
  11. Help with an escalation league

    Skirmish is also an option, a hero a couple of units is all you'll need and you're not exactly asking people to commit super hard to start with which might help get more people involved.
  12. Alarielle and the Aelves Question

    orkoid fungus survives all obviously
  13. That is a fine looking rat! 9 days left everyone!
  14. Hinterland or AoS Skirmish?

    Skirmish is very simple but gets big pretty quickly, you might want to halve the renown gain after each match if you're running a campaign to avoid having 50 models on the field at once. Also i think usingt he skirmish rules and the hinterlands campaign system might be the way to go.
  15. 10 more days everyone! Get those projects done