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  1. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    I do have nef... So this would be nice to be able to do a court but a lot of points i can't spend on blood knights with two dragons 😮
  2. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Does anyone reckon the blood palanquin has a place? Even in casual? I have a fun conversion idea for one or a mortis engine for a legion of blood / soulblight. And wondered if it could work in a list
  3. Lightbox

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    Does anyone have pics of brets as blood knights or black knights at all? I'd love to see how they're done. Also unfortunately it's a no on the chaos front. I already have more thab enough chaos stuff!!
  4. Lightbox

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    You guys are really starting to convert me to the idea of death bretonnians 😮
  5. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Ooh wow that's really cool to hear! Perhaps I shall have to invest in some extra wolves!
  6. Lightbox

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    Kind of regretting having sold my dark elf dragon now!! I'll have to see if I can find one secondhand for cheap Or look at making some other cool conversions... Also since this is in the painting and modelling section. Do cavalry armies with mixed heraldries/colour schemes or ones with more unified looks work best?
  7. Lightbox

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    I have seen those models! A very nice idea Love your bases too! Yeah I think order draconis will be what I go with. And great spot on the Pegasus idea! I do like my peg lord I hadn't thought of archmage for the damsel. Good idea, thanks And yeah freeguild is definitely a good port of call for my archer and militia models! (or at least the militia I haven't converted into zombies...) Will also be able to use the enchantress model I'm getting off my friend as a mounted archmage! Glad to know that the draconis idea is feasible. Now I just need to start freehanding dragon symbols to make them fit with such a name I'm gonna end up with welsh knights aren't I? Heheh This does mean I now need to get an aelven dragon and stick a bret on top of it XD Bret themed order draconis actually sounds like a fun little idea, especially finding ways to add little dragon motifs and the like, either with paint or conversion.
  8. Hey folks! So I do love the bretonnian models, heavy armoured knights are amazing after all! But my issue is that whilst I would love to build up my unbuilt stuff and use all my knights with current bretonnian rules I do fear I may not get too much use out of them especially when they get inevitably dropped from matched play. Though we are a casual group I'd still like to be able to use these lovely knights in other more modern armies or ways as well! So as such I'm looking for interesting ways to use the models either as proxies or to convert into. Some ideas I've had: -Bret models as order draconis rules -Using spare weapons from outriders to make shooty knights. -Using helmets and riders for the newer stormcast chamber with the sequitor bodies and possibly the pallidors for bretonnian gryph chargers. -Making bretonnian demigryphs (Issue being demigryphs aren't good enough for me to want lots. -Painting them into blood knights (already got some blood knights alas) I love heavily armoured European folks so interesting ways to use them would be great. I'm thinking stormcast with bret heads may be something to look at though I much prefer my regular human knights than supersoldier lightning poster boy ones Though if there are fun cavalry esque ways to play stormcast I may be interested heheh. If folks can suggest ideas or even let me know which ones would be feasible or plain awful then I'd appreciate it.
  9. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    Whilst my knowledge of the old world is basically nonexistant... medieval knights + cannons is cool okay!! Also since bretonnia doesn't exist in mortal realms lore wise they'd just be a kind of free peoples cavalry... also I wanna use my bretonnians :( I have models and nothing to use them for save turning them into blood knights for death but I don't really need more blood knights. #BringBackHumanKnights 2k18 Though I am tempted to run brets as a second warlords force depending on how quickly I can get my ironweld and freeguild stuff painted.
  10. Lightbox

    Selling/trading - Big Oldhammer Clearout

    Hey @Double Misfire! Wondering if any of those mordheim marienburg or reikland models are still available? (They'd make perfect militia freeguild guard models!)
  11. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Went well I take it? I'm planning to rock my chainrasps 1) for backfield objectives and 2) because I don't want to have to buy, build and paint loads of dire wolves I mean I guess I could make them ghostly wolves or just be lazy and do them all black with red eyes for like shadow creature wolves Though I can see the idea behind the fast tanky front line to hold things up for your knights to get in and skewer.
  12. Lightbox

    Starting Free Guild Army - 1000 pts List?

    Personally for his points cost I find the general on griffon to be amazing! Very scary and mobile and his command ability is pretty nice on himself or others when you don't want to hold the line. Ironweld wise helstorm rocket batteries can be very nice as they don't need line of sight, don't really need an engineer and have long range. Otherwise cannons with a gunmaster to let them reroll their hits is brilliant too! @Double Misfire is the man to talk to about big guns of the ironweld! Can't comment on greatswords as not used them yet but they don't look bad tbh. Demigryphs definitely aren't the most competetive but are very lovely models and make fun anvils. Handgunners vs Crossbows is an age old debate, both are good. Crossbows are generally considered good in a large unit whereas handguns good in multiple small units to maximise the sharpshooters with long rifles.
  13. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Legion of Blood Discussion

    Yes.... yes I do mean rasps XD Curse GW for all their similar unit names!! I mean 20 chainghast does sound fun though (if very expensive £££ wise)
  14. Lightbox

    Lightboxes free city and guild

    So I've made a start on my freeguild tribal guard which I'll post WIP pics of later. I also am considering options for my next month of warlords and might chuck some bretonnians in! Having some knights in shiny armour would really add to the army I think Also may be planning some bret-based outrider conversions too... fun fun!
  15. Lightbox

    AoS 2 - Ironweld Arsenal Discussion

    So since I have a couple of the models I'm considering that for the tale of warlords campaign with my freefolk / ironweld of adding in some bretonnians to give me the fast moving tally ho charge! I am also considering buying outriders and making that unit into either outriders or pistolliers and then a bret horse unit into the other because I'm slightly insane and like the idea of fancy knights in plate armour and horses riding around with guns... because it's the realm of metal and as Gunther the mad always says the best cavalry charge is one where BANG BANG GUNSHOTS YEAH!... to be honest he says that about every type of fighting unit, no wonder he's an engineer! Anyway having the fast objective grabbers would be nice especially if some of them are also able to pack a right wallop! Just a shame Pegasus knights lost their pile in twice ability... they're now just like demigryph knights... but more expensive... and faster... and probably better when charging... But anyway my previous times playing ironweld have found them defensive but poor mobility unless I want to risk my guns so I'm hoping cavalry will prove useful for all my charging around. What about everyone else? I wanna see what tactics and cool stories people are coming up with! And whether folks are finding more useful combinations? Anyway I'm thinking this possible list for month 2 (month 2 will be expanding our start collecting forces up to 700 points or so, one of the new units being battleline) Battlemage - 120 (red or amber, depends which conversion I do) Guard - 80 (halberds) Steam tank - 260 Knights of the realm - 220 (NEW UNIT) Or Battlemage - 120 (red or amber, depends which conversion I do) Guard - 80 (halberds) Steam tank - 260 Pistoliers - 130 Either freeguild guard or freeguild handgunners - 80 or 100 respectively Or even! Battlemage - 120 (red or amber, depends which conversion I do) Guard - 80 (halberds) Steam tank - 260 Guard - 80 (sword and shields) Breonnian lord (on Pegasus) - 140 Also just noticed that bretonnian men at arms are 16 models for 120 points, not bad for a big unit of boys to screen your guns provided you have a nearby hero for inspiring presence because they probably will die if they get charged But still, cheap militia! Though only good if you either have the models for them or other good appropriate ones (not a bad idea though! As even if they go the way of the dodo they'll still make good freeguild! Though most friendly opponents will likely be fine with you using the current points and warscrolls for brets even after they get new legacy warscrolls with no points.