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  1. New Death

    New Death? Lokks like nighthaunt, derathrattle, maybe soulblight Thoughts?
  2. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

  3. AoS 2

    I completly agree
  4. AoS 2

    ''We’ve got what is quite possibly the biggest and best Studio Preview ever planned for AdeptiCon – and last year, we announced the new edition of Warhammer 40,000!'' Adepticon....OOOOOOHHHHH
  5. Tau-Counts-As/ Conversion

    I'm thinking beastmen, possibly swap the heads... So, a really powerful and high-tech (KO) army of beastmen Fire warriors- Bestigors Pathfinder Team- Ungor raiders Piranha- Chariot Devilfish- ? Battlesuits- Cygor/Ghorgon Stealth Battlesuits- Bullgors
  6. Tau-Counts-As/ Conversion

    Could anyone think of a aos counts as for tau? Thanks
  7. What is next for Death? (mini factions, models, etc)

    In my wishlist: A catapult that eats humans, turns them into zombies and throws them at enemy units Plastic BL Nighthaunt Spirit-Storm New faction: vampirates? Deathcast? Voodoo-based army with plastic/straw puppets of enmy heroes?
  8. Unit Loadouts

  9. Best Basing Materials

    Yeah, I had a look at that. Looks great but not really the feel of my army. I've taken a look at this:
  10. Best Basing Materials

    I've been looking through the web for good basing materials: so, crystals, flowers, sculpted bases, anything Thoughts?
  11. Wonders of the Algoraxi

    So Death Won?
  12. Wonders of the Algoraxi

    That was amazing! everything I expected and more! I had to leave early... @Charles, @Sheriff , @chunk85 Do you mind informing me which GA won? CHAOS
  13. Wonders of the Algoraxi

    Cant wait. Will head up early tomorrow morning Ive made a little narrative background sheet, not sure what to do with it