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  1. https://malignportents.com/story/zensts-decree-of-ordinances/ Is this the beginning of the Regimental Standard of AoS? I really, really hope so.
  2. Legion of blood fear based army

    Sorry, that is what I meant. GW has a nack for similar names: any beastclaw raider/khorne model will tell you the same
  3. Legion of blood fear based army

    banshees don't have deathless minions, as far as i know.
  4. Future of chaos

    Something New and original... I have several suggestions. Army of dark sprites, fairies and fae Aelf cult of Change brayherd reboot, and able to take marks of tzeentch chaos tzeench fanatics tzeentch cavalry tzeentch dragon army gargant army, like imperial knights, able to be tzeentch My username is not to be taken into account while pondering these intelligent and unbiased suggestions.
  5. Keyword Silliness?

    We have the same problem with maths. Genuinely. 45 algebraically means 4 X 5, =20.
  6. Haha. Ha. Ha. He didn't. HE'S DEAD!!!!
  7. I'm sad that you butchered the majestic Feathered Lord in order to make this disgusting vermin. I'm also amazed at the quality of the work. In conclusion, great work, but Tzeentch and his minions will hunt you down and kill you. Much Obliged, S133arcanite
  8. Hi from the Citadel Design Team

    Any chance we could have some spoilers? Eh? Eh?
  9. Which one should I assemble?

    Points -efficiensy? Mortis engine.
  10. Looking for Artists

    I'm trying to build a unique fan-made Battletome (along with @Melcavuk, @AthlorianStoners and @Antonio Rodrigues), but unfortunately none of us are artists. Is there anyone willing to create a few pictures for the battletome? FYI, there's going to be a lot of troggoths. Thanks, S133arcanite
  11. The Custom Factions: The Battletomes

    If the snatchlings had like Jack-o-lantern or willow-the-wisps lights... alternative unit build? Traitorous Lights: Snatchlings are notorious for their lanterns and torches, perfect for leading travellers into the mists. Once per battle, before your opponents movement phase
  12. The Custom Factions: The Battletomes

    I have made a pledge that every night I will right a bit of lore/rule/scrolls for one of the following: Fellwater, Undivided, Fae Kingdoms, Aelf Cult of Change, any ideas this thread comes up with. I will break it next monday. I try.
  13. There have been quite a few 'fan-made battletome' ideas circulating at the moment, and I though it would be good to flesh out current ideas and create new ones. So far @Melcavuk and @AthlorianStoners are the main players, and a link to there threads are here: So far there are the Suneater Tribes and Fellwater Kingdoms, both from destruction. I am considering applying for the GW conceptualiser post that just opened up (I think), and as such I thought up of a few ideas for Death, mainly focusing on the mortal followers of Nagash. There's also a lot of scope regarding the Battletome: Chaos Undivided. To look at a basis, @Mengel Miniatures 's Tomb Kings battletome was incredible, as was @Bueno beastmen and Wolves of Ghur battletomes. So, any ideas, please tell!
  14. Fan Made Destruction Battletome

    Allegiance Abilities: Fellwater Kingdoms If your army has a FELLWATER allegiance, you may benefit from the following abilities: Malicious Spites: The servants of the Swamp-King are surrounded by malevolent spites protecting their hosts from enemies. If a model has this ability and is within 6" of a FELLWATER HERO suffers a wound or mortal wound, roll a dice. On a 6, the wound is saved, and you may roll another dice. On a 4 +, an enemy unit within 3” suffers a mortal wound. Twisted Minions: The corrupting influence of the Fellwater Kingdoms can twist corruptable souls. You may include 1 unit of Dryads in a Fellwater Kingdoms army. These do not cost ally points, but you must replace the Keywords ORDER and SYLVANETH with the Keywords DESTRUCTION and FELLWATER respectively. Designers Note: If you are using a Fellwater Kingdoms army and are making use of the Twisted Minions trait, the Dryads would ideally be painted in the same colour scheme as the rest of your army and/or have minor conversions. After all, these are no longer the benevolent tree-spirits they once were!