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  1. S133arcanite

    Marked Mortal Army ideas

    Tzeentch. has the best Allegiance ability hands-down
  2. S133arcanite

    Is "Inspiring Presence" too powerful?

    What about the Shrieker Host?
  3. S133arcanite

    Realm Themed Armies

    I'm thinking of doing a ghur-sylvaneth army, inspired by the realms video on aos.com. The bit where phil kelly was talking about how even the mountains and trees in ghur attack each other as predator and prey
  4. Like the direction this is going, my only worry is that it is very similar to the T'au. Almost the same caste-names, similar language, T'au also have an oriental influence etc.
  5. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    There are exactly 6 heroes
  6. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    How about this: Tzaangor Shaman Magister X3 Curseling Blue Scribes Tzaangors X30 2X 10 kairic acolytes Enlightened Witchfyre coven Cabal Spellportal Shackles This is 11 spells a turn, rerolling fails, alowing for loads of Fate Points generation
  7. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    Unfortunately we don't gain depravity points from dead marauders.😢
  8. S133arcanite

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    What is the cheapest points-to-wounds unit available to Slaanesh?
  9. S133arcanite

    Custom Faction Concept: Citycrusher Gargants

    I'm sorry, this literally made me gasp in laughter. Just had an image of a little model of Stalin riding a huge Soviet Dragon😉
  10. Love the command traits, so much character! Might have to steal this...
  11. S133arcanite

    Interesting colour schemes for Chaos Daemons

    My tzeentch army is dark purple. Does that count?😉
  12. S133arcanite

    Considering Age of Sigmar

    I think the most interesting faction here is the spiderfang. Thye look great, and can be disgustingly effective when buffed by command abilities and spells.
  13. Have you seen NEOStoneMonk's work on twitter? He seems to have a similar idea, and it's looking amazing! I apologize for any possible copyright whatnots, will remove picture if asked.
  14. I'm hoping to start a gaming club (based in Oxfordshire, if you are interested), but I wanted to check what the prefered style was. Campaigns? Narrative? Beautiful scenery? Thanks in advance!
  15. Sorry, what I meant by no games is that the games of one person in the campaign against another would have an effect on everyone, whether or not they actually played in that game. For example: X's Beastclaw come through the land, freezing all they pass. A tribe of bonesplitterz attempt to stop them, but fail. Armies fighting in the area of the map where this happened must, at the start of every round, roll on the Everwinter's Blessing chart and apply the result to your entire army. That could be one example of how people's past games affect other's games now.