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  1. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Hi everyone, I just started hobbying around 6 months ago an decided to start with Sylvaneth. Now I wanted to also get into a second army and decided to give Death a try. Through birthday gifts and lucky circumstances I own the following stuff right now: SC Malignants SC Skeleton Horde 10 Skeletons 2 Necromancers 2 Morghast All of this is unpainted/unbuilt, so I am now just wondering what to play so I can use all/most of this stuff and still have a decent army of roughly 2000 points. I am aware that I have to buy more stuff for this, at least some more skellies and wolves to fulfill battleline requirements. The most obvious choice would be LoS I guess, where I would really only need to buy additional line troops and could fairly easy use all of the stuff I already have. But, as I really like the model of Mannfred I just wanted to know, if someone sees a good way of building a halfway decent LoN List with this + some extra purchases? One more question is about Hexwraiths vs Black Knights: Is there a general consensus on which of both is the overall better unit? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Adepticon 2018 : AoS GT and Team Doubles Events

    Wow, great work! Thanks a lot for the effort, I had a blast reading this!
  3. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Mirage8112 would you mind share your Dreadwood list with us?
  4. I would also happily jump onto the subscription time and would prefer it over ads!
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I am not having a Wraith atm, so I think I will go with Wych, BS, GW and Regrowth. Thanks!
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    @Mirage8112 thanks a lot for your insights. Of course the Wych is really squishy and not really suited for front line combat, but I am playing in a small 500pt tournament this weekend and there is not much choice for possible commanders in this point range. I will field the Wych, T-Revs, 10 Dryads and 3 Greatbows and I am just wondering what will be the best setup for my Wych. As the field is quite small (48x24) and there are already a couple of sceneries on it, there is no need (and space) for additional Wyldwoods apart from the one I can place in the beginning. I am now just very undecided between 2 "sets" of spells/artifacts: 1. Defensive, including Sheath/Armour, Gnarled Warrior/Gift of Ghyran and possibly Regrowth. 2. Offensive "caster" style, taking Silverwood Circlet, The Reaping and and whatever command trait.
  7. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hi guys, what do you think of Briarsheath vs. The Oaken Armour, in my case specifically on a Branchwych? I tried to do some small spreadsheet, the result was that against enemies who hit on 4+ Briarsheath is superiour, while both are (statistically) exactly the same against enemies who hit on 3+. As I am not a big expert in spreadsheets & statistics I just wanted to ask for your opinions, also on the validity of my calculations: Branchwych Attacks To Hit Hits To Wound Wounds Save Saves Final Wounds The Oaken Armour 20 4 10,00 4 5,00 4 2,50 2,50 Briarsheath 20 5 6,67 4 3,33 5 1,11 2,22
  8. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    After reading this discussion of "Swords vs. Scythes" on the last couple of pages, I think it becomes quite clear that there is no crystal-clear "winner" in this competition. There may be a lot of situations where scythes outperform swords and generally the majority of players seem to favor scythes over swords but there still may be some situations / army compositions where swords outshine scythes. I - as a noob to AoS - would be really happy to see a thread where the various spreadsheets are linked and a fact based discussion is going on on which hunters to favor. For me there is also the option of ranged hunters a little bit missing in this discussion as this really is an option when you know the meta of the events you play in. Of Course here the comparison gets even more difficult...
  9. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Ok. So I guess I will paint some more Dryads and then decide if I field 20 Dryads or 10 Dryads + 5 T-Revs. And of course I hope to not play any KO.
  10. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    With "KO" in this context you mean Bow Hunters? My plan (pure theory right now) would be to hammer the Khemist with bow hunters, place Wyldwoods strategically and port in T-Revs to try to pressure Arkanauts in melee, while advancing with Dryads and my Wych. Until i have put some serious damage on the Khemist I would try to keep the T-Revs and Wych out of firing range of the Arkanauts. By placing Wyldwoods to prevent them from running in the first turn I would be able to maximise the advantage of the 30" range of the hunters. Of Course this is pure theory right now...
  11. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hi everyone, last weekend my local GW started hosting a series they call "Mini-Mosh", meaning you start with 250(260) points, then after 4 weeks go to 500, then 750 and in the end 1000 points. As I am really a noob to TT right now I was really happy about this event because it looked like a perfect starting point for a beginner to delve into the world of AoS. The event itself was very nice, I fielded 10 Dryads, 5 Tree-Revenants and a Branchwych and managed to win 2 out-of 3 games, losing only to a rampaging Varghulf Courtier with a huge appetite for wood splinters. Now in 3 weeks the 500 point event comes up and I am scared of meeting KO with Khemist + 30 Arkanauts, because there are a couple of KO players in this series and I could watch a couple of games at the last event where they really OBLITERATED 250 points in 1 turn. My plan was to add 3 Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows to use the superior range of their shooting attacks to decimate the KO force before they can shoot back. From your experience, do you think this is a solid plan or is there anything else you would prefer if you would fear meeting KO? Thanks in advance!
  12. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Ok, thanks! I will now finish painting and will then be (hopefully) wading into battle soon.
  13. Trees & other things

    Hi Mandano, thanks for your answer. Of Course talking before playing can sort a lot of Things out. But my Collection is rather small until now so I cannot just swap - lets say Durthu for TLA - easily before playing.
  14. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Ok, thanks a lot for you thoughts! I guess with the Branchwych I will run something that lets me place additional Wyldwoods.
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hi everyone, I have just started with hobbying recently and want to create my first 1k army, which should then step-by-step be expanded towards a more or less competitive 2k list. Based on models I have available and painted right now I would like to give it a shot with the following list: Leaders Branchwych (80) - General Spirit of Durthu (400) Units Dryads x 20 (200) Tree Revenants x 5 (80) Kurnoth Hunters x 3 (220) 980 Hunters are still not finished, as I am not sure which weapon makes the best sense to start with. Now a couple of question concerning this list: - Which artifacts/spells would you suggest? - Does it make sense at all to run Hunters here or would you prefer increasing the unit Count by adding more Dryads/Revenants instead? - If running hunters, which weapons would you prefer? Thanks in advance for your help! Cheers Chris