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  1. Gr3g

    model conversion - collections and ideas

    What a job man !! I love it so much !! Can't believe what I see, where can I see more of your stuff ? Here some of mine :
  2. Yeeeaah that's great my friend !!! Everybody have his try with these guys ! Hope mine will be great too. I think they will be more "antic" warriors than barbarians btw...
  3. Yeah thank you very much, I love Matteo's work ! It's a genius ! I really love this guys ! They are really great and I didn't see them before ! You've made a really good work, everything it's matching (colour, conversion, etc...). That's a really good example of stunning conversion ! Thank you very much for showing !
  4. Thanks for your hel guys, unfortunately I already saw this conversions ^^ BTW thank you very much
  5. Hi everybody, I'm looking to convert some of my Kairic Acolytes in an order freeguild and I realy hesitate regarding all the possibilities that are possible with this kit. So I ask for your help and would like to see some conversion examples you know or some you have done Please juste show me what you get ! Thank you very much to everybody Cheers!
  6. Hello all ! I'm searching for: the big Stormcast Head on the base of one Shadespire warrior. all magnus the red bits you could find all khemri masked heads you could have (necropshinx, necropolis knights, grave guard) Celestial hurricanum bits aetherwings creeping vines Thanks for reading and please tell me
  7. Gr3g

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    All this stuff is amazing, your converting work it's really great ! I love your basing work as well. I made my Hag Queen just as yours, I hope it's not a problem Your stuff it's too inspirational ! Can't wait to see more orginal conversions
  8. Gr3g

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    This is fantastic and so inspirational !! I love your work on this army, can't wait to see more !
  9. Thank you very much for your help, I knew this miniatures but not the the upcoming ones. They are great minis but not for the purpose I'm imaginating , Im' searching something as fishy cavalry, the idea is to make some statues or fountains without a big work of conversion : The crabs could likely make it but I'm interested by fishes more thant other deep sea creatures. Otherwhise thanks a lot for your help !
  10. Thanks very much for your help guys !! I will try to make a great looking scenery for the newcomers ^^ Does somedy know if some greek-mythology statues are produced by some studios for sceneries ? This one looks very great : http://antimatter-games.com/?product=silver-death I will try to make a kind of statue with it !
  11. Of course ^^ Would like to make a great city terrain for them !
  12. Hi all, I ask for hel today because I'm searching for some catfish miniatures in order to make some statues in a scenry I'm building. It will be ok if the scale is larger than 30 mm because I would like to make huge statues with it. For exemple I'm searching for this kind of fish (I never found this miniature for sale) : Let me know if you have some ideas please
  13. Hello all ! I'm searching for buying some citadel terrains : - Numiculous Occulum - Ophidian Archway - Roof of the Warscryer citadel - Baleful realmgates - Statues du Dragonfate dais - Statues du Magewrath Throne I'm searching for all kind of bits from these kits too ! Please don't hesitate if you wanna buy some Thank you very much.
  14. Hi everybody ! I'm looking to buy some DoK miniatures regarding to the new Morathi that I hope I will be able to paint. I'm interested by witches / sisters of slaughter / dommfire warlocks /blood cauldron crew / but my priority are Hellebron and the Bloodwrack Medusa. I prefer miniatures on sprue or unpainted but we can discuss about painting miniatures too. Please do not hesitate in contacting me ! Thank you very much ! PS: the shipping will be for France.
  15. Gr3g

    AoS Nurgle Painting Blog

    I love your blightkings ! Can't wait for the tutorial ehehe Your drone is great too ! Yes I vote for the yellow colour ! I'm sure you will succeed in painting it as well