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  1. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    That's a really nice list. The sorcerer lord+blightkings is actually a killer combo I hadn't thought of before! Might have to steal that! Glorious affliction seems like a very powerful spell, especially when targeting fast moving heroes that buff enemy units. Makes the whole force slow down. Please report back with how this worked for you in the tournament!
  2. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    You can't give death's head ability to plaguebearers, only blightkings. I also don't think an additional -2 to hit in shooting is worth is for plaguebearers- because most units hit on 4+ in ranged and 6s always hit, making it -4 is probably useless in most instances, though -2 in combat is great. I would also say that Glottkin without being general makes him not worth taking at all. Just take another great unclean one! Though having said that I have zero tournament experience, so if it works for you go for it! I would be tempted to drop lord of blights, make Glottkin general and take gutrot spume and combine two of the blightkings to get 10 blightkings+gutrot deep striking somewhere. Seeing as you have no summoning nor any fast unit, I think having some kind of deep strike (or fast moving units) to split the opponent's attention and to control the table more effectively is really missing from your list. It's also important to note that "rampant disease" is "At the beginning of the hero phase" and so won't activate the same turn you move the dial from a spell. You'd have to move the dial to the space before and then activate rampant disease the following turn. In practice its the same, but you miss out on it for the first turn.
  3. So a TL;DR for AoS is "kill the heroes".
  4. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Doesn't the "...to a friendly..." mean 1 though? Definitely an improvement in any case!
  5. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Ah, i was looking at the older rules sheet. Thanks!
  6. BoardGameGeek have a yearly donation drive. People who donate a certain amount get an advert free experience and a badge under their avatar saying they're a BGG Supporter on something like that. As others have said, I'd be happy to be a monthly/yearly subscriber and a special badge for paid subscribers is a little incentive that really seems to work. This forum is easily the highest quality one I've used for any hobby or profession and I'd hate to start seeing adverts! More merchandise would be a good thing too- the terrain dice are great but adding more might help.
  7. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Are those rules in a battalion?
  8. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I imagine the no +1 to hit is because of blades of putrefaction. If you could get+1 to hit, run 40 marauders/40 plague priests with GUO/GLottkin +1 attack buff and laugh as you get double digit mortal wounds in a single combat phase. Nurgle's nail is fun- if I was playing narrative/open against someone like Nagash/Alarielle, it would be a fun threat to have, but it's just so unlikely to do anything in a normal game. Chaos lord on demonic mount is a good alternative, and 20pts cheaper!
  9. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Endless gift is probably the one. He's such a target with the locus on the drones almost doubling their attacks.
  10. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Ah. In that case I might drop the gargants. I just like the models and think it would be pretty fluffy to have them, maybe with some greenstuff pelts on them...
  11. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Great to read this- I'll be starting my force in the coming months and shattering charges is not something my nurgle force does! Rotigus/Great Unclean Ones are very hard to get rid of, so understandable you couldn't remove him. Your kitbash is amazing and looks much nicer than the yhetee models from GW! How did you do them?
  12. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    So I just had a great, challenging game against Seraphon. 2k, Scorched earth. This is a little bit the nightmare scenario for me- a force that can pop up anywhere thanks to teleportation, in a scenario where you want to burn the other's objectives and don't need to hold them. I took my ever-developing, but nearly decided GT list: Allegiance: NurgleLeadersThe Glottkin (420)- General -Plague SquallSorcerer (120) -Blades of PutrefactionGutrot Spume (140)Daemon Prince of Nurgle (160) -Nurgle's NailBattleline10 x Putrid Blightkings (320)- Nurgle Battleline30 x Plaguebearers (320)30 x Plaguebearers (320)Units3 x Plague Drones (200)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 154 He had a carnosaur, bastilodon, 20 saurus guard, starmaster, 30 saurus warriors, 20 skinks, astrolith bearer, starpriest, eternity warden and an old blood (I'm about 90% sure this was the list, might be a few things wrong!) I'm sure you guys know, Seraphon's strength is the crazy buffs from characters and their magic. Ideally, taking out their characters is the first thing to do but wasn't really possible due to his deployment. IN addition, it was unlikely i would get more than 1 or 2 spells off the whole game due to the 3 unbinds (with unlimited range) at +1 or +2 depending on buffs. WIth that in mind, i thought my offensive capability was limited to blightkings and drones/DP. The plaguebearers stayed on my 3 objectives, with the glottkin supporting holding the central one. The plaguebearers, sorcerer and GLottkin basically didn't move the whole game except for some slight re-arranging to deny teleportation behind my line and to maintain the bubble buff range from the glottkin. I gave him the first turn in round 1 because I needed to be reactive considering his teleportation ability. Not much happened for him turn 1 except setting up dozens and dozens off buffs! I deep striked Gutrot and the 10BKs near the carnosaur which was garding one of his objectives. They managed to both successfully charge and reduce it to 2 wounds and burn the objective turn 1! The drones cautiously moved forward but didn't engage. My strategy was then to move the BKs, Gutrot, the drones and the DP across the table on his side and slowly try to reach and burn the next objective. Ultimately the got bogged down by some saurus warriors with -1 to hit (thus the BKs hit rolls of 6 ->d6 never happened), but the drones managed to hassle near the middle objective on his side and distract him from confronting the plaguebearers, who saw zero combat until the end of turn 4. The BKs were really the star of the show (my first time seeing them have much success!). They managed to take out the carnosaur, all 30 warriors and even the Bastilodon! It had 2+ save, re-rolling 1s for half the game, but a combination of some mortal wounds from spells/nurgle allegiance abilities and an overwhelming number of wounds from BKs' exploding 6s in a turn it wasn't buffed meant it finally went in turn 4. The game ended 16-12 to me and I felt like I finally played my list correctly, which is weird because the glottkin didn't really do anything. It successfully cast plague squall (which i love because of the unlimited range and lower casting cost, but is pretty unreliable) once, rolling 3 6s and managed to cast the spell to give +1 wound to some plaguebearers for turn 4, and in turn 5, when I knew I had won, charged the saurus guard and took out 5 of them, only to be taken down to 4 wounds in the same turn. I took nurgle's nail on the DP which was the wrong choice but I hadn't had time to decide beforehand so had to quickly choose as we were setting up the scenario. Not sure what artefact would work in this list- I'm thinking the carrion dirge for -2 bravery?
  13. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    I thought thundertusk and stonehorn beastriders are battleline if you have BCR allegiance and that they lose the behemoth role?
  14. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Ah, so there's no way to get high model count outside of downgrading to GA:Destruction allegiance. I guess as I'm not aiming for a competitive build it shouldn't be an issue. I'll likely be playing with open war cards with my BCR force in any case, so low model counts shouldn't be an issue. Can they not take Aleguzzler gargants as allies either? I originally wanted BCR core with some troggoths and gargant allies!
  15. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Important point. 25mm is big boon for marauders. Second row can always attack with bases that small!