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  1. The one on working on right now is: 1× Archmage 4× Swordmasters 2× Reavers 1× Spireguard
  2. Hello, I want to play 4 daemon princes, 3 slaanesh dps with wings and axe + belakor! I know that this isnt like the strongest setup, but how do you think I should support them, also suggestions on different marks for them would be nice.
  3. I like the chaos lord on disc, fun and sometimes very good command ability and very tanky in melee! Combined with warshrine or chaos sorcerer ability he cant be hurt in close combat against certain foes =)
  4. I te allt like the comet one. Gifts from above. Easy to remember and some interaction before the end of the game.
  5. I really dislike the unreasonable hate for some armies and combos. Even if you play themed armies that include an element percieved as filth or broken on the internet or in your local group, nothing else matters, no tactics or army composition you just won because of that filth unit.
  6. You can always use 2 slaanesh lords, buffing varanguard and archeon. Or eachother.
  7. I really want ro make a list based around maniak boar boys! But I just dont know how good they are. I kinda feel like arrow boys with big stabbaz are the best units and the things that could hurt stuff.. but I really wanna play with some maniaks.. Right now I have unbuilt 20 boar riders and 40 savage orks, a big boss and the 4 big stabbaz. Having a hard time figuring out what to do with them. If I would just build a 2000p list from scratch right now it would be something like: KUNNING RUKK 660p 10xArrow Boys 40x Arrowboys 1x Big Boss KUNNING RUKK 660p 10xArrow Boys 40x Arrowboys 1x Big Boss TEEF RUKK 540p 2x5 Big Stabbas And one prophet for 2000p
  8. You could probably use the scout as a "waywatcher" and the falconer guy as a "nomad prince" from the wanderer faction
  9. I would like to join, gonna make a Bonesplitter tribe army.
  10. Thanks for the answers! Do you think an army with 2 starter battalions and maxed out, or as much as I can fit, spirit hosts would be viable =) . And maybe a vampire on zombie Dragon and 2 units of zombies as battleline. But I guess spirit hosts wont work as the main damage dealer. And to bad van hels dont work on them
  11. What do you guys think about spirithosts? I have only played 1 game of aos yet but I have gone through the warscrolls trying to figure out what army i want go play, and spirit hosts seems pretty good. 4+ save with no rend. And 6 attacks with mortal wound on 6s. And flying 6" movement. So I like them,but I have never used them in a game, how are you using them and are they doing good for you?