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  1. They would have released the pack before hand, so presumably you would have been testing using that.
  2. Somnicide

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I am jealous. Are you in Southern California by chance? I'd be willing to drive...
  3. Somnicide

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Even worse, I think you can only get it during the store anniversary celebration 😞 Mine just had theirs in May.
  4. These are fantastic and I’m not gonna lie, I am very disappointed that Lady Olynder didn’t come with one. Is there a card pack with everything?
  5. Somnicide

    Looking for a "scout" type scenario

    Cool, thanks for the ideas. Yeah, we have some ideas on the narrative, we were just hoping there was a rules framework. We'll knock something out and I'll post it here when we are done. Thanks again!
  6. Hey all, my friend and I are looking for a scenario to kick off a campaign, and I thought I'd turn here for some idea. We are looking for a scenario that is based around scouting something out, or a heist, or something like that. Can anyone think of any published scenarios that fit the bill (balance not necessary). If not in one of the books, how about something homegrown or local club you've played that is awesome? Thanks!
  7. Somnicide

    Battlemage 2

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
  8. Somnicide

    Silver Tower Mage Conversion

    Converted up a battlemage from the silver tower set to be in theme for my Stormcast Eternals.
  9. Somnicide

    Tempestor kitbash

    This one was super simple, just an extra lord-celestant from starter set trimmed off the weapon hand carefully and had to trim the crossbow hand a bit to get the angle I wanted.
  10. Somnicide

    Lord-Castellant kitbash

    Finished up converting/kit bashing my lord-castellant from leftover bits. Pretty stoked how it came out.
  11. Somnicide

    Stormcast List building

    If you hang the fulminators out they will get wiped. Better to have them shield from shooting as advancing, have them charge and then your next turn, retreat and have the heraldor let them charge again. I might even run them as two units of 2. Keep the griff hound near the judicators if you play a lot of opponent can summon. Otherwise drop it for a relictor. Since you look like you are wanting to maintain your force until it gets there, and after, I'd take the relictor either to heal or give the -1.
  12. Somnicide

    Best use for 20 liberators

    As the title suggests, I am curious how best to break up my 20 liberators (I actually have 22, so can run 2x10 without doubling up on primes) particularly at the 2000 and 2500 point levels. I have one unit of Judicators and will not likely be getting another any time soon, as none of my regular opponents has much in the way of shooting and I don't want to blow them off the board. I haven't had a ton of luck with them in the past running them as 5 mans, I ran a 10 man and was surprised at what a difference in vitality it had, but it still didn't do a lot of damage (but that's not really the point with them as near as I can tell). I am curious, first off are there any liberator fans out there, and second which of these options do you think is best: A) 4x5 liberators B) 1x10 and 2x5 liberators C) 2x10 liberators D) 1x10 and 1x5 liberators Thanks!
  13. Somnicide

    Lord Celestant on foot Kitbash

    Thanks, the legs are the retributor prime from the paladins box, the left arm hammer was (I think) from a starter box prosecutor prime. I used that model to kit bash my Knight Azyros with extras from the Knight Venator in the Silver Tower Heroes box. Here is that model.
  14. Somnicide

    Lord Celestant on foot Kitbash

    A couple of shots of the Lord Celestant on foot that I kit bashed up. Pretty psyched with how he came out.
  15. Somnicide

    Lord Celestant on Foot Kitbash

    A couple of shots of the Lord Celestant on foot that I kit bashed up. Pretty psyched with how he came out.