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  1. Here we gho(st)

    I have a picture in my head of men in blue polo shirts roaming the streets of Stockport looking for urchins left by the gradual decline of the north, offering them a pasty to come into the warehouse and pack boxes ready for tonight posting. In fairness nothing of the sort is likely to happen as Element Games provide excellent service and rounding children off the street is the socials job. But I do think that demand for this book will be immense. In a matter of hours 1000's of volumes will be winging their way across the nation and I for one cannot wait. Let's hope it lives up to the hype, and that we are all enjoying the filth we can raze tomorrow when the post arrived.
  2. The times, they are a'changin!

    So, I an every other death player, cannot wait for this new goodness. I feel that since gradually slipping into the hobby just over a year ago death have been one of the poor relations in AoS. Having played WFB for years I had hoped that now GW would be a little more consistent in their releases - we all knew a Bret or WE player who would look at the new releases then slope off to their 2003 book for example. But now, with malign portents on the way, and FINALLY a aelve book on the horizon, a little bit of parity is being restored. Here's hoping there isn't too much power creep (KO!)
  3. 2 part Epoxy

    Hi all Am starting a nurgle army and will be basing them on a display board (DBW!!!) done up like a swamp. Anyone got any good recommendations for resin to do the water? Thanks in advance
  4. points leak for new units

    I took him down with Archai this weekend in an event!
  5. Unexpected win

    So, the list above was taken to Athena Games Doubles pairs with Ollie Fox's Tzeench (double Loc, Prince, Horrors x 2 ) and only went and won! Game one - Major victory A hillarious match up. On the other side of the table stood Nagash and Archaon - famous bosom palls! Playing battle for the pass saw the dynamic duo rush down the middle towards the big four pointer to run headlong into a barrage of Tzeench magic. Archaon has clearly left his shield at home though as by the time he reached and literally sat on the objective, he was wounded more than expected. Two units of Archai, a unit of Skeletons and a little (very little) help from a LoC) laid him low. With ****** all points to spend on much else controlling objectives would always be hard for our oppos and when Nagash fell to the Archai it was game over. Game two - Major Victory Ironjaws and Sylvaneth to fight here. Scorched earth the scenario and a tense game ensued which was won by a cheeky burn in turn 5. Drycha and a TLA held me up for most of the game while the ironjaws fulfilled their glass hammer role. Not much Death left on the table by the finish but it was enough - they had been held off out objectives long enough, and with some sneaky deployment to prevent teleportation shenanigans, we just pipped them. Game three - major victory Playing against club mates in the final is always nice. Playing against double KO isnt. We whined and moans out way through three turns of massively OP shooting and sawing. By he end of turn two I was left with just the skeletons while much of the Tzeentch list was intact. The KO paratroopers had managed to get behind out lines, needing a 3" charge to take the objective (starstrike) and win handsomely. We all know what happened next. By then seizing priority Tzeentch piles in and the skellies did their best to hold up the frigate for two turns (which they did, largely thanks to mystical terrain!). Victory from defeat would be an understatement. Cant wait for the new death release!!!
  6. Athena Doubles

    Playing this with Ollie Fox
  7. Athena Doubles

    So this weekend Ollie and I are taking on the world, well, Norwich in the Athena Doubles. A mash up of Tzeench and Death sounds fun and we have high hopes for having fun with the lists - if not taking the top prize. My 1000 point list is as follows; Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 10 Skeletons - full command (blast from the past) 10 Skeletons - full command 2 Archai 2 Archai Thinking is low bravery armies will stare at the big fella and fixate on him, while the two units of Archai push people off objectives. The skeletons, with the amazing regrowing ability are their to hold the objectives in our half, supported by pink horrors aplenty from Ollie. He's also taking a LoC and Daemon Price - target saturation the name of the game. Will it work? We'll find out on Saturday!!!
  8. Gents - an amazing experience! Literally the best event i've ever done. With the wee one on the way eventing will be limited next year but I have already had approval from the wife to attend next year!