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  1. I believe standard Ghoul Kings were raised to 200, but since you're also paying for a unit of Ghouls, I think that's fair.
  2. Ar-Pharazôn

    Becca Scott

    Off topic, but while a 40K movie would be bland, the Horus Heresy is ripe for a film franchise.
  3. My friend plays FEC and he is very excited for the changes. Give in to the delusions.
  4. I believe the biggest change will be a reshuffling of the top tier lists. Some armies will stay viable, but summoning has opened up avenues for others to jump up in the ranks. I suspect clever FEC players could be looking at the top 10 lists.
  5. Ar-Pharazôn

    Becca Scott

    Despite my disagreements with some views that have been expressed...can you imagine this discussion being half as civil or behaved if it were being brought up on Reddit/Tumblr/4chan? It is credit to our community that this kind of talk can be had without mass banning/mod interference/name calling.
  6. Ar-Pharazôn

    Becca Scott

    You okay?
  7. Ar-Pharazôn

    Becca Scott

    You mention profitability, but who is to say what won't be profitable? Marvel likely didn't foresee the insane profits of Black Panther relative to their other films, and I'd be hard-pressed to find someone who would have foreseen a bleak, violent adult fantasy series turning into HBO'S money printer. I'd argue that the more standard and "marketable" a product, the less likely it'll grab people. If you say, "Dark Elves", I think, "okay." If you tell me, "oh and they're an all-female cult who worship the God of Murder and have Greek Mythology inspired models", you've got my attention. Similarly, if someone says, Goblins, I won't care too much. But if you describe them as Afghan-themed guerrilla fighters with crazy weapons or Forest-dwellers who worship and control spiders? That is interesting. Diversity is, contrary to the opinion of some, not unprofitable. I'd argue that the wilder and the less homogeneous the product, the more fans it will earn.
  8. Ar-Pharazôn

    Becca Scott

    As someone in the process of creating a Warhammer community in my local area(which is a university town), I have seen firsthand that people want characters to represent them. I am typically drawn to factions that have a tragic or tortured history, and if a setting doesn't really have one, I can't get into it. Similarly; I have a female friend who loves the Daughters of Khaine. I have also spoken to someone who tries to make rpg characters that emulate her personality and personal faith. The reality is that Warhammer/wargaming is a hobby that has historically been favored by and seems to mostly consist of white guys. The problem with saying, "But there's a Space Marine chapter that's Mongolian/Polynesian/Black" is that it seems like token diversity. In Warhammer Fantasy, we endlessly talked about the Old World, but Cathay and Araby can't get armies? The real world is extremely diverse, but Warhammer doesn't show that. There is a difference between forced and natural diversity in a setting. When Marvel comics start making replacements to superheroes and loudly proclaim " LOOK AT THE KOREAN HULK", that feels weird. But when you have a character who happens to have darker skin, happens to be female, happens to be transsexual, and is just there, being a natural fit for the story/setting, that is what diversity should be. A realistic representation of people. And we do need that. I don't think Becca Scott was chosen specifically for her gender, but I'm glad it created this thread. There's a real discussion to be had on the diversity or lack of, in our beloved hobby and setting.
  9. Ar-Pharazôn

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Because as opposed to magic, command points require a resource rather than a unit. If you have three or four wizards than you could theoretically spam a single spell, whereas once you blow through command points, they are gone.
  10. Ar-Pharazôn

    The Rumour Thread

    My boy Hamilcar looks like he's riding a Maw-Crusha. Truly only Sigmar's greatest could tame the beasts of Ghur.
  11. Ar-Pharazôn

    New Soulblight Faction Inbound

    Honestly, I can see another Death Battletome by the end of the year. Will it be Soulblight? Unclear. That said, the vampires in the artwork look closer to Mannfred than any existing Soulblight model, and there's some giant bat/gargoyle monster in the background which is definitely not a ZD or T-Gheist. Maybe it teases something. I think GW have been setting up many potential storylines and factions recently, so a vampiric army, perhaps composed of the aristocracy of Shyish who are called into war against the Blood God(pure speculation) might happen. At this point, we should accept that we know little about what the rest of 2018 holds. We've seen Nurgle get a major expansion, a Death Battletome, a tiny subfaction retooled and given multiple kits, a completely new army, and massive updates to two other armies. For all we know, we could see two new armies this year, or five.
  12. Ar-Pharazôn

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Based off her description, I can already predict a few of her abilities. It states that those facing her in battle are filled with despair and grief, so I'm guessing she causes -1 or -2 to Bravery to enemy units within range. It says she uses death magic, so as a Mortarch, she will likely be casting two per turn, possibly three. It also describes her as a schemer and plotter, so I see her as moreso a support type character rather than a physical fighter. I predict three different weapons, a ranged, a melee, and then an attack for the banshee attendants. The chest and hourglass will likely be named artifacts she has, with abilities of their own.
  13. Ar-Pharazôn

    Legion Of Azgorh Mega-Thread

    So I don't know if anyone else saw, but Cunning Deceiver has been completely rewritten. It now functions as some form of command point trait. In one of the previews is shows the Chaos Allegiance, and while it was fuzzy, it clearly showed that C D is no longer what it was. In addition, the GA Chaos ability is changed, it now has units picked to fight in the combat phase get to add 1 to hit rolls on a +4 if within 12" of the general or 3" of one of your heroes.
  14. Ar-Pharazôn

    The Rumour Thread

    I believe it just says to sign up on the 16th, not that it begins at that point.
  15. Ar-Pharazôn

    The Rumour Thread

    Destruction players be at ease.