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  1. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    @Bloodmaster and @Ar-Pharazôn I thinks it's a "leak" from the BL HH books Slaves to Darkness ; one picture of Daemon Fulgrim vs (corrupted but still mortal) Lorgar, and one of Daemon Angron vs (corrupted but still mortal) Perturabo. It's still the common description of those two deamons primarchs, tho... nothing really new IMO. EDIT (for clarity) : the black and white leaked artworks represent the two primarchs in their common aspect, just like below :
  2. HorticulusTGA

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    Well, @The Jabber Tzeentch posted the most important guide IMO, but this should help also (out soon in July) :
  3. HorticulusTGA

    Malign Portents

    Definitely. Make sure you've read the 50 Malign Portents stories before you start Soul Wars, though... (And the two other from White Dwarfs ; "Siniester Omens" and "Dig Deep" !) Then BL novels are to necessarily liked because of their "literary quality" per se, there are other factors like good world-building, Easter eggs, expanding on existing lore in meaningful ways, etc.
  4. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah probably about the rescheduling... And of course, the things shown today were great ! And the year we got so far was absolutely awesome. It's just that we usually have "real" news at those kind of events, and this time it's not the case. But I can't wait for SCE and NH Battletomes that's for sure
  5. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Is it me or the Open Day is kinda... Sad ? Well, we've seen in full the SCE and NH ranges completed (but the - probably exclusive indeed - Guardians of Souls and male Knight Incantor), the FW Khorne Dragon and the new Azyrite Ruins... And a new novel. But it was ALL already teased in some way, so... No "real" news at all ? No Shadespire ? Nothing else ?
  6. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Any news from the Open Day ???
  7. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah, and maybe some Shadespire (from the July WD).... I hope a little snippet past SCE/NH, though, because we've seen 90% of both ranges so far. As usual (from a sad continental man like me ) : WHO IS GOING ???
  8. HorticulusTGA

    What is up with the Stormcast's mounts?

    Eh, I really love the, well, draconic / reptilian features of the Taurlaon's head. It's strange, fantasy-fantasy, but fitting. Aventis Firestrike himself and his mount's pose are also very good IMO ; he is in my top 3 best Stormcasts so far.
  9. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Aventis Firestrike is amazing. I love the Tauralon's head, idk why but I love it. I will definitely do a Grand Alliance : Order army, with the Hammerhal allegiance, for him to command ! (good side view too)
  10. HorticulusTGA

    Maps of Age of Sigmar

    Well @Cèsar de Quart I agree with you : one big problem GW had was that the lore was dispatched on too many places. It's not the case anymore thanks to 1. the Malign Portents website (with the awesome Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms and a timeline : https://malignportents.com/timeline/) and 2. the MP campaign book (with a good summery of the existing Ages, and of the Age of Sigmar different phases), and more importantly, 3. the new Age of Sigmar website (with another good video in Exploring the Realms, as well as an expanded Timeline : https://ageofsigmar.com/timeline/ and faction guides). The BL novel Hammerhal & Other Stories is a good introduction too, without, of course, taking in consideration the MP short stories (all for free and at the same places). About the Great War and the "how long ?" questions : - The Age of Myth probably lasted more than 20'000 years (aka Ulgu & Hysh revolutions) ; the Realmgate Wars mention a Deathrattle empire lasting more than 12'000 years, and Arkhan the Black said that Nagash's Grand plan may have took 10'000 to 20'000 years to succeed. We know Nagash planned his ritual a few time after he took control of Shyish, so after Sigmar found him, so the Age of Myth was already on its way when the millennia long ritual started. - The Age of Chaos should have lasted around 1000 years ; the Gates of Azyr where closed during 500 years (info from RGW : All-gates notably), and that is said to have happened "midway through the Age of Chaos", so 1000 years (there was already many Chaos incursions during the Age of Myth, of course). The first century after the Gates were closed is called the Red Century and saw much of the Realms being destroyed (including the collapse of the Lantic Empire). - The Age of Sigmar : the Realmgate wars took "many decades" ; probably around 50-60 years ; then the foundation and expansion of the Free cities also took like 50-60 years. According to Spear of Shadows (BL Book), the current status quo (so the Time of Tribulations leading to the Soul Wars) is set "around 100 years" after the reopening of the Gates of Azyr. The Great War mentioned is indeed the Realmgate Wars, and the state of constant warfare that followed for the Free cities (the Season of War, the Blazing Crusade, the War of Life, etc.). Hammerhal is the first city founded after the 3 Seeds of Hope during the last stage of the Realmgate Wars, so it should be 50-70 years old (maybe more after the Time of Tribulations). Anyway. The Core Book will solve the fluff "explosion" problem by bringing (almost) everything so far in one place, and expanding on it.
  11. HorticulusTGA

    Malign Portents

  12. HorticulusTGA

    Maps of Age of Sigmar

    That's pretty unfair ; there is lots of places revisited again since summer 2016 (when we got the first map of central Ghyran) ; For example, 1. Season of War : Seeds of Hope (summer 2016), 2. the (early 2017) Stormcast Eternals Battletome, 3. Path To Glory (the narrative part of the book, 2017), 4. Warhammer Quest : Shadow Over Hammerhal (2017), 5. Season of War : Firestorm (2017), 6. Malign Portents campaigns book and short stories (2018) ALL deal with the SAME places, in the central part of the Great Parch in Aqshy (see the attached map). The "Realmgate Wars" Ghyran locations (so those from the books between summer 2015 and 2016) are all referenced in the Seeds of Hope map (summer 2016), expanded in the Core Book's Everspring Swathe map (2018) and in various Black Library novels. The Malign Portents website map (the Innerland Marches) does reference almost all the locations discussed in the Malign Portents short stories and campaign books (2018), like for example some Idoneth Deepkin enclaves (it works for other Realms too ; the Fuehtan enclave (2018) is hidden under the Mordacious Sound sea, which was first introduced in 2015 (!) in the Main Book and expended in the Great Parch map of the Core Book. The Kharadron Overlords Battletome maps of Chamon (early 2017) are also expanded in the Core Book (summer 2018). Etc. etc. etc. etc. Really, it just seems that some people just don't really know the background... I said it again : it's your job, if the world doesn't look familiar to you then read on and get familiar with it ! (I didn't do that myself, credit to the unknown editor!)
  13. HorticulusTGA

    The Rumour Thread

    Very noice (from the German AOS FB page)
  14. HorticulusTGA

    Maps of Age of Sigmar

    Familiarity comes from established definitions. It took years to WFB to come with consistent definitions for all the (human) nations you've mentioned. What of the other races ? Is the name "Athel Loren" alone enough to be relatable ? Chaos was based on Conan and Moorcock, elfes and dwarfs on Tolkien ; quite established "IP", too. Indeed, Bretonnia and two description sentences wouldn't be enough to be familiar with it. You'll be familiar with the Arthurian mythos and chivalry, i.e. the original archetypes it is based upon, not with Bretonnia itself. Bretonnia was something else, something more. It took years to create its history and features. Idem for Nehekara, Cathay, the Empire, etc. After reading the Core Book, I hope you will be more familiar with the 4 regions of the Mortal Realms explored there (the Great Parch of Aqshy, the Spiral Crux of Chamon, the Innerlands Prime of Shyish and the Everspring Swathe of Ghyran). And that you'll be able to work with analogy for the other parts of the Realms. -- About the Lantic Empire : https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/path-to-glory-eshort.html The point of the Lantic Empire is precisely to be one of those mysterious, ruined empires from the past ; the hints scattered on the maps and in Battletomes are precisely there to represent the scattered ruins of fallen civilization. Also, if you read about Seraphon, you'll see there's a lot to speculate on the possible links between them and the Infinity Gears. (You need to have some Old Ones and Lizardmen knowledge too, for that). TLDR : you cannot ask for familiarity the same way it existed in the 30yo WFB for a very young world (the Core Book isn't even out yet), that is on the top of that more high fantasy than the World-that-was (.... or if you didn't read a lot about AOS' background ; then it's your job ).
  15. HorticulusTGA

    Maps of Age of Sigmar

    @Cèsar de Quart I strongly encourage you to read the Core Book 200 pages of background, then ; it will have details on food, trade, people, etc. in the Mortal Realms. If you want to have characterization in this environment, "City of Secrets" and "The Old Way" do a great job of giving a sense of scale and details. For the naming convention, it's absolutely no better than WFB ; you had to tell awkward (by your standard) things to people in WFB too. I mean, how is "Flamescar" any worse than : - "the mud flats of Albion" - "the Doom Glades of Naggaroth" - "the Marshes of Madness (with its "Ruined tower") from the Badlands" - "the Black Fortress in the Dark lands" - "the Dragon Isles in the Lizard sea". In fact, when you see a WFB name, even if it's "cringe worthy", it's immediately more acceptable because it refers you to an established world. For example, I've read again the Reamlgate Wars chapters set in Ghyran, and now that I know the wider context of the Everspring Swathe, it's already way more coherent. AOS is young. We'll surely see more details (like "in universe" maps) in the AOS RPG late 2018/2019. Remember how interesting and diversified WFB looked when it was a few years old ? Not!Earth seems way less interesting than the high fantasy Mortal Realms are right now. Anyway, while linked together, those two worlds are different ; you cannot expect the same tone in both.