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  1. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    This! The Hunter concept is to great to keep it limited to just one figure. I also would like to see something like Rhinox riders as middleground between mournfang and the biggies while we're wishing.
  2. Unglorious Heroes

    My Frostlord on Stonehorn has the tendency to just fail most charges, especially the shor ones. He yet has to succed with a 3 inch charge.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Fluffwise, I always considered this renamings as a sort of etymologic succesors. After all language changes over time so in my eyes it makes sense that the names of the species change as well.
  4. Floating Islands

    Really nice, stoked to see more.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    I like how the "renaming" into Legions of Nagash opens up the possibility of more, non-Nagash related Death armies. Could be interessting, if they would go down that road.
  6. Malign Portents

    Well, I guess there is more coming and 2018 is more of an AoS year. Still I would have prefered, that they would have waited till after the Nurgle release and do like a big bang kind of release with maybe the new Death army. I am curious for the rules of the rereleased Building. I hope that it is not to order specific.
  7. Battlefield in a Box terrain

    Gamemat.eu has some stuff and are expanding on it. Urbanmatz.com as well
  8. Niltzsche's Plog

    Shadespire Orruks done
  9. Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    Try sellung groups on facebook. At least in the german one there are the occational selling posts. Where are you from by the way? I've got some tombking stuff I want to sell.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    I hope, that if they going to do something piratelike, they don't use this overused 18th century inspired look. Won't fit AoS in my opinion.
  11. Repainting Models...

    I would say it is possible. Just try it. If it doesn't work out you can still strip them. There is nothing lost.
  12. Niltzsche's Plog

    Just realised I did not post in this for nearly a month. Did take a bit of a hobby break in favor of other hobbies though. Got back in this weekend. Here are some WiP pics. Worked on my mournfang horn blower, the Ironskullz Boys and kitbashed a tyrant out of Ogor and Ironjawz kits.
  13. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    It could be, and it would be great but those boxes have been out of stock for several month earlier. By the way I did buy the battallion. Got a nice discount on it as well.
  14. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Oh right my bad. Well seems like I got a bit to salty on the Ogor thematic. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Ah ok, I chose the wrong words to describe it. Its just how the abbility works now, especially since wounds and mortal wounds are handled differently. It is usually the abillity it takes the longest to explain and left me with several opponents who (like me) said it got reworked weirdly in the FAQ. Furthermore thanks for the input untill now. Especially someone2040, who puts it in a perspective I did not consider.