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  1. Repainting Models...

    I would say it is possible. Just try it. If it doesn't work out you can still strip them. There is nothing lost.
  2. Niltzsche's Plog

    Just realised I did not post in this for nearly a month. Did take a bit of a hobby break in favor of other hobbies though. Got back in this weekend. Here are some WiP pics. Worked on my mournfang horn blower, the Ironskullz Boys and kitbashed a tyrant out of Ogor and Ironjawz kits.
  3. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    It could be, and it would be great but those boxes have been out of stock for several month earlier. By the way I did buy the battallion. Got a nice discount on it as well.
  4. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Oh right my bad. Well seems like I got a bit to salty on the Ogor thematic. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Ah ok, I chose the wrong words to describe it. Its just how the abbility works now, especially since wounds and mortal wounds are handled differently. It is usually the abillity it takes the longest to explain and left me with several opponents who (like me) said it got reworked weirdly in the FAQ. Furthermore thanks for the input untill now. Especially someone2040, who puts it in a perspective I did not consider.
  6. Should I still buy Gutbusters

    Or: What is it with GW and Ogors? Iam honestly weirded out by how GW handled the Ogors this year. On the plus side, the Beastclaws got a Start collecting box. But on the negative side: big nerf for the Beastclaws in a competive setting, weird wording of the reworked Stone Skelleton abbility, no Gutbuster Alliegence Abbilities and the Ogors are specifically excluded in the Firestorm Campain. That whole jazz came in to my mind when I saw that a local store still got the old Ogre Battallion (the one with six Bulls, six Ironguts and six Leadbelches in it) in stock. While certainly tempted to buy it I am not quite sure if the miniatures will see a lot of playtime. Right now it just feels like GW either forgot about the Ogors or is unhappy about them being still in the game (an elite faction seems hard to balance as it seems). If that won't change I might keep my Beastclaws as an Showcase army but investing in Gutbusters right now... seems risky. What do you guys think about the whole thematic? Does anyone else feel like fhat or do you oppose? Would you buy that darn battallion (without overthinking it)?
  7. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    I did not achieve my goals at all. But at least I learned some stuff (mostly what a horribly slow painter I am). So here is what I did this month: finished one beastclaw rider and bringing one other to a point that I might finish him in about 2 hours. Did some good starting progress on my Shadespire Orruks (I had to repaint the black and metal parts since my drybrush of the armour was to messy). Got the most basic color on ther sce shadespire band as a kind of hobby procastrination.
  8. AoS Wish For 2018

    Well most of the things I would wish for were already named. Namely a battlefield in a box (maybe using the "official" boardsizes named in the ghb) and some Battletomes. For the Battletomes I am undecided wether I would prefer a big 40k like release for with updated warscrolls for the older factions or some new factions with new releases. Both got their pro and cons. Another thing I would like to see coming true is the romour of a "new edition" I read somewhere. Not that I want more complexity but more clarity and some tweaking (looking at you shooting).
  9. Problems with texture paint

    There was one misproduced batch that did not crack, it could be one of those.
  10. Niltzsche's Plog

    Some few (crappy) WiP pictures. Did not have a lot of painting time this week so I just wanted to get the Ironjawz to the point where I could apply nuln oil. Also did some red drybrushing on the leftmost to see if I like how the armour will work out. Its going to look quite dirty because of the wash. May look fine at the end. The Stormcast are a small welcome distraction. I also started working on the stones on my mournfang bases. So I could get the first wash on them.
  11. Niltzsche's Plog

    Hey, I thought it might be a good painting motivation to open up a plog to present my progresses. It's going to be mostly Beastclaws with some Ironjawz and Shadespire in the mix. The start makes my first test Mournfang. It took me nearly a year to finish it. Mostly because of time restraints but also because I had to approach the final scheme on a try and error base. It was actually the first time painting more skin than a few faces for me. And it was kind of hard at first.
  12. What drew you to collect your Army

    For me it was a mix between visuals and army size. I liked the style of the Seraphon and Beastclaws. (Well I always liked the ogres and mostly the big monsters, so I was amazed to see them beeing an individual army). Coming from Khemri Seraphon seemed to be a bit to much like a horde army. I wanted to go more elite, so I choose Beastclaws.
  13. WiP Wednesdays

    I know I am a bit late for posting this but basicly what I was working on or getting started yesterday: metal and the shield.
  14. Carrying case for ironjawz

    Do you mean this box? https://www.safeandsound.pl/en_GB/p/Monster-BOX-raster-136-mm/130 Did you store the Stonehorn upright or laid down?
  15. Ogor Butcher model

    What did you use to build that cauldron