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  1. Balewind Vortex

    I can see what you are saying here in a big way. I have been playing D&D for a long time and I still find stupid rules which we agree to change to something that seems to be the intended way of the rule. However, some of the things I've found in AOS seems not to follow this logic. I know I return to the Kroak thing, but the monster exclusion seem not to come from a power balance thing, but from a model size perspective, which makes no sense, since I can put a Coven Throne on it... So yeah its doen't seem they really thought ut that rule all too well. Most likely they did not think on how many of the good wizards actually are monsters. It makes sense not to put a dragon up there, but the best wizards are the ones hampered, and the best wizards are the ones where it would make most sense the have protected and empowered.... IMHO that is!
  2. Balewind Vortex

    True enough, it just seems that the more I learn, the more my friends and I have to come up with adjustments for the rules to make sense and be fair across the different grand alliances. I know I'm a new player and thus only have a very limited knowledge of consequences of rule changes, but I have become quite put off/ disappointed in quite a lot of things lately...
  3. Balewind Vortex

    So I just bought the Balewind Vortex for my army, led by Arkan the Black, and what do I find, that I cant use it with him... WTF... Anyways I now have two questions! 1) Is there anyway within the rules to remove the monster keyword from Arkhan? Like having him dismounting his huge skeleton pony? 2) If there is not any RAW way to remove/change his keywords, has anyone here allowed monsters atop a Balewind Vortex? I'm asking because Lord Kroak can be on it, but not Arkhan! That seems its not to balance the power, its because of reasons... So if Lord Kroak can be atop Balewind Vortex, should we not just allow Arkhan or Nagash too? What I mean is, has anyone experienced any imbalance by putting a unit with monster keyword on top of this? When I say imbalance I mean in power! I really need som good advice here, since a huge plan just went through the floor, and what was supposed to be a cool buy, now just feels like a waste of money! Thanks Cheers
  4. Death allegiance battleline units?

    Thanks... Cool!
  5. Since I want to play Deathrallte, but have Arkhan the Black as General, I thus have to have Death and not Deathrattle as allegiance... But I'm confused as to what battleline units I can choose when choosing just Death as my allegiance. Can anyone clear this up for me? Thanks in advance Cheers!
  6. Hi... As I've mentioned elsewhere I am new to Warhammer. I was wondering if there might be some experts here, who might be able to supply a guide for getting my skeletons to look something like this: I cant seem to figure out what colors to use here? I know I have asked a similar questions before, but I'm always looking for ways to improve! Thank you in advance! Cheers
  7. Experience with not playing with rule of one

    Thank you for that elaborate answer.. now this naturally leads me to other questions: 1) What are these alternatives to summoning? I do have the GH2017, but I have not yet had the time to go through it properly. 2) So... your saying that I can't have Arkan the Black as a general, because you can only have a general from your main faction? I'm playing death-rattle, and was indeed thinking of getting Arkhan for his magical capabilities. Now if I can't have him be a general in my death-rattle faction army, can I have him If I just choose to go death allegiance? Again thanks
  8. Experience with not playing with rule of one

    A few questions: 1) I seem to understand the first part of your post as saying that death relies a lot on summoning and as of right now, are hampered, and thus fairs poorly in tournament play? Is this what you are saying? 2) You say if Death gets a proper redesign... Could you elaborate on this? I just started playing Death, and there are so many facets I have yet to discover and understand.
  9. Thank you for your answer.... I have to say, that I see some blue-green tint in the skeletons... COuld it be some kalibite green, incubi darkness or some sotek green? Again thanks
  10. AoS projects (Death army)

    This is absolutely brilliant!
  11. Hi... I'm a very new player, and I'm trying to find out what people think of "the rule of one" and whether or not people here have any experience with not playing with it. I know there can be players who without strict rules just breaks games, but not including those, how is playing without the rule of one affecting the balance of the game? Thanks
  12. Rule of One

    Hi... So I'm a bit confused as to when this rule applies? What I mean to say is that there seem to be different game-modes in AoS, and I'm unsure if it applies to every game mode? Does it apply to only Pitched Battles or also Skirmish and what ever other game-modes there is? EDIT: For instance, the erreta says the following under WIZARDS "Q: If I have several wizards, can I cast Mystic Shield multiple times on the same unit? A: Yes" So if I have 3 wizards, I can cast 3 arcane bolts or mystic shields per round... right? Cheers
  13. Hellow fellow gamers... I would very much like some help/ a guide or suggestions to how I would go about getting my skeletons to look like this.! I think they are very cool, and I like that they are not so generic in appearance. So I ask, does anyone here have any suggestions to how and what colors (in what order)? Thank you in advance
  14. Hi from Denmark

    Hellow fellow death scribes... Just started playing AoS and warhammer in general. So going with death... hoping for some great fun. cheers