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  1. Nighthaunt Start advice

    Ahh makes sense! Good luck! I’m brewing up some nighthaunt my self!
  2. Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 2: Keywords

    Indeed... I haven't talked to anyone yet, who thinks it makes sense to put those 4 named heroes in one allegiance and most I talk to feel - like I do - that Death is such a small factions, that it should be considered simply just one large allegiance instead of 7. I do really hope they update Death soon! Not only does the GA need a lot of new models, both ranged, behemoths and artillery, but they really need to fix the keywords - so that not only the 4 über heroes are usable, but that all skeletons belong in Deathrattle, all the malignant belong in nighthaunt etc... oh yeah and actually make a Deathrattle allegiance to begin with. I really like death, but my list of complaint (which really makes gaming less fun for me) is growing constantly...
  3. "Assigning a keyword"

    Really, so your general can be from your allies? Ahh... didn't think so! So I go back to my previous statement. Nagash can't lead a purely Nighhaunt army, which to me is completely against the lore! And this I find utterly flawed in the design of the rules for the Death GA.
  4. Bringing life back to DEATH - pt 2: Keywords

    I like it... However I would say that all the 4 Mortarchs and Nagash, should simply get Mark of Death. A death version of the Chaos Knights Mark of Chaos, so you could basically assigning them keywords when you place them, so you could always use the 4 über-heroes as generals. Other than that I like your proposal. I'm working on a similar thing in my gaming group for precisely the same reason.
  5. Nighthaunt Start advice

    But Nighthaunt cant have Deathmages as allies!... Then what's it doing on his list?
  6. Nighthaunt Start advice

    How are you even using this model in your army? Aren't it breaking the allegiance and allies rules?
  7. "Assigning a keyword"

    Right... I would just like to use my Mortarchs (or Nagash) and run a solely Nighhaunt Army... Apparently that is not possible in Matched play! Not because of balance, but because of poor rules design. To be honest I feel that Death is really one allegiance and not 5... I know that my opinion counts for ****** all, but that does not change the annoyance of not being able to play the army you want!
  8. "Assigning a keyword"

    Ok.... Thanks... It would fix alot of ****** though, if one somehow could add keywords to align and play with the model you actually wanted. Thank you for your answers Cheers
  9. "Assigning a keyword"

    On page 116 in the GHB17, it says: "An army can have a specific allegiance if all the starting units and warscrolls in the army have the keyword for that allegiance, including any units that you assign a keyword to during set-up." So does this mean that I can choose to give, let's say Arkhan the Black, the Nighthaunt keyword, so I can use him as general for a solely Nighhaunt allegiance army? And if so, where would I find the rules of applying keywords during set-up? Thanks! Cheers!
  10. Flying and scenery

    Hi... Had a discussion with my friends the last time we gamed! Since one can fly across scenery, without being affected by the scenery effect, I posited that one could hover above it, if one were to end ones move above or within the scenery boundaries. Reason for me believing that hovering is a thing is because short models like Goblins cant reach flying units, that tells me, that they hover... and if they can hover, they can hover above scenery too. What is your take on this?
  11. So I was looking through the app, and saw a lot of cool old scenery pieces... It seems like there were more to choose from before AoS... I didn't count them, but a lot of the older models looked really cool. I especially like the Chapel. Anyways... Does anyone know, whether or not we will be seeing more scenery models than the current handful of pieces? It seems a bit inadequate! Cheers!
  12. Bretonnia Battletome Project

    Done and Done! Hopefully some peer reviewing action is coming my way soon!
  13. The point cost of Bretonnia

    Thank you for all your answers and comments. I do agree that some units are worth more than others, but there seem to be a small consensus among survey takers, that Bretonnia is overpriced... I think that an easy fix might just be to lover the price 10%. Boring, but it might just do the trick! Anyways, keep the comments/ opinion coming! Thanks again!
  14. The point cost of Bretonnia

    So, a friend and I have been discussing whether or not Bretonnia is any good, or more precisely whether or not they have any chance against equal opponents of other armies. I argue that they are too expensive in points cost, compared to what they offer, and I therefore think, that for them to be a viable option, that we need to house rule them down by about 20%. He argued, that the game should be played “by the book” and thus did not think anything should be changed, but that simply correct tactics needed to be employed. So, what do you guys think? Are the Bretonnian model/units correctly priced? NB: I have made a poll, for easy response, but I would love some comments and arguments too. Thank you in advance Cheers
  15. Bretonnia in 2017: What's changed, and how

    I have a couple of comment regarding your otherwise fine piece of homebrew... 1) I don’t understand why you have kept the Peasant Archer bonus on charge... I don’t see this unit charging... ever! Is there a reason for this? 2) The Peasant Archers cost 12 points per model... that is too much IMO. I don’t think they should cost more than 8 pts. I also think the max unit size should be 40, so they can lose a few without losing they +2 to hit immediately. Maybe give a unit size bonus when maxed out, like you did with some of the other units. 3) In terms of looking further at the Archers, I would suggest, that when they don't move, they get another attack. That would seem like a nice synergy and mirror other archer units. (They should still only cost 8 points though). 4) Both the Damsel and Enchantress unique spells should have a range of 18 inches. They should also be able to use their healing ability on themselves. 5) Noble Champion’s command ability should have range 18 inches. 6) Sacred Protector should IMO have 6 wounds, 5 attacks and deal 1d3 wounds damage. And like the Death spirits should deal mortal wounds instead on a hit roll of 6. 7) Anointed Lord’s command ability should have a range of 18 inches 8) Achduke on Pegasus’s command ability should have range 18 inch. Now I know you didn’t ask for it, but I took the liberty to anyways. Please see this as positive commentary. You did a great job and Bretonnia needs some love. Cheers PS: I would love to hear your thought on my suggestions! 😊