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  1. Enoby

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Why don't mortal wounds generate depravity points? I think mortal wounds count as wounds suffered. (I'm 99% sure I read this in an FAQ, but can't find where it is; I hope GW clears up their rules in 2nd edition - it's sometimes like a maze to find anything) Edit: I still can't find what I read, but these are the rules in 2nd ed. It says treat them as normal wounds after they've been allocated, so I guess that includes depravity points
  2. Have we seen the new points for FEC. I could have sworn they had some models that were increased but I don't know where I heard that from.
  3. Enoby

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Seekers are good for shooting. They're so damn fast that they'll tie up a shooting unit for your slower troops to advance. Your opponent's only chance is to screen, but they'll have to put up a heck of a screen to stop you getting into them.
  4. With most of the summoning rules already leaked or announced, I'd say we have enough to start making educated speculations about how much summoning will play a roll in AoS 2. Personally, I think that the points reductions for some non-summoning armies weren't large enough (for example, wanderers). Hopefully this won't be too much of an issue in play, though. I think either Seraphon or Slaanesh got the best summoning rules as they're both the easy to control for and will likely happened naturally, followed by Khorne (who may want to use their blood tithe points on dispelling). Tzeentch's seems pretty difficult to achieve, especially because it relies a lot on your opponent's army also being pretty caster heavy. That said, I'm not the most informed on Tzeentch or Nurgle, so I may be missing something big here. What do you guys think? Any combos you can think of?
  5. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    Totally off topic, but I find it quite fun to guess what random word is behind the asterisks. You get some really random words sometimes.
  6. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    I'm not Infeston, so I don't represent their views, but I may be able to provide some insight for you. I think it's less that I would want more women full stop, but rather I would like the game/community to be more open to women (e.g. with more cool female characters, and representation in Warhammer Community) so that women would have a higher chance of enjoying it as much as men (which should lead to more women joining in the hobby). I know it may be tempting to say "but women naturally may not enjoy 40k", but have a look at some of the studies I cited further back in the thread, which shows that women like games for the same reason as men and are often put off by the gaming community. So, why care? Well, to be honest, it's kind of just a nice thing to try and push for more people to have fun, so long as it's not at the cost of other's fun. As we've seen with the positive reception to female Stormcast, it seems like most male fans are happy with more female models, and I'd imagine that this may also make the hobby more welcoming to women - a win/win. As others have mentioned, even if you don't care about representation, it gets stylistically boring to just have male models; the more armies which look different, the cooler the games look as a whole. The larger and more welcoming a community to everyone, the more pleasant it is to be in the community for everyone. This diversity push isn't hurting anyone.
  7. Enoby

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    I doubt they'll change any of the daemons besides the Keeper and the Fiends, so if you avoid them (and just proxy a keeper) you should be fine for the new book
  8. Enoby

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    In one game, yes. I found he didn't do all too much for his points and was killed kind of quickly by the rain of shooting and magic thrown at him; all of the command abilities were nice and all, but overall he's far too expensive. I'd rather take a an Exalted Keeper over him as it does more damage and is 160 points less (that said, there's a chance that the exalted greater daemons may be reduced in points. I've heard that FW considered re-evaluating some of its AoS stuff, and a lot of people thought the exalted daemons weren't worth it)
  9. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    (Sorry, I don't think I saw your post after the edit, so I'll try reply properly) Could you provide the Scandinavian study, please. I've been unable to find it. You mention that men and women can't compete in the same group hierarchy. What exactly do you mean by this? I can definitely see the argument for physical activities, but in Warhammer there's nothing to suggest that men and women will perform inherently differently. I don't think making a hobby more gender neutral would harm males either, though. I'm not suggesting making the hobby feminine, but rather less masculine (so more towards neutral - so both genders can enjoy it without stigmatization). The hobby wouldn't need to become dominated by women, just more welcoming towards them. Assuming GW isn't going to pull anything like "The Emperor is really a women" and instead would just add more female representation where it would make sense, I can't see the average man being upset by that - but if so, why? Regardless, I feel we may have strayed onto gender representation in the workplace, which is a different kettle of fish to gender representation in hobbies.
  10. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    There seems to be a strong sentiment that men and women look for different things in games; namely, men look for the game's system and women look for more community focused things, or artistic persuits. While it may sound sensible, the evidence does not support the conclusion. Unfortunately there are very few studies on tabletop games that I could find, but when asking women about why they play MMORPGs Royse et al. (2007) found that women reported they played games for system mastery and competition. The none gamers in the study reported that they didn't like games because they felt they were a waste of time, and due to negative perceptions about gaming culture. Taylor (2003) also conducted a study looking at similar things (also MMORPGs) and found that women played for a multitude of reasons, including system mastery and status, as well as social interaction and team play. To conclude, the evidence shows that the sentiment that female gamers are not interested in competition and system mastery to be false. It's an understandable mistake to make, considering how ingrained gender stereotypes are, but it's untrue and we'd do best to appreciate that interest in games, when interest is present, is not that different between genders. The reason that we see fewer women in the gaming community may be because of the view of the community itself, again referring to Cheryan et al.'s (2009) study.
  11. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    You raise some good points. I agree that we should avoid politics, but unfortunately that can be very difficult to do as it's so ingrained in everything (as I'm sure you know). To keep it short, I believe that we should aim to remove both feminine and masculin stigma around certain jobs and hobbies (making them more towards neutral). This doesn't mean changing core features of a hobby, but rather things like being more inclusive with characters or presenters. I'll try not to get started on any debates about free will, but as we saw with Cheryan et al.'s (2009) study, an overly masculine environment does seem to make women feel unwelcome; demasculinising the hobby to some extent may help reduce this effect, and I think that's a good thing (and I imagine GW does as well because more women = more money). I don't think the inclusion of more female characters and presenters is too political or controversial. But anyway, I do agree with your point that a debate like this can often spiral into political hell which is unpleasant for all involved, so I've tried to keep my rebuttal as brief as I could.
  12. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    There's some really interesting research into hyperactivity of the agency detection device (Guthrie, 1993) that might explain why we anthropomorphise animal psychology. It's very off topic, but it is an interesting theory which may explain why it's very tempting to coalesce human and animal psychology. I'll stop talking about it now, though - I don't want to derail the thread too much!
  13. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    Unfortunately not working , but I do have a degree so I may as well use it
  14. Enoby

    Becca Scott

    It's a very interesting topic, though I feel there's a danger to proclaiming that men generally like one thing and women generally like another, because that in itself perpetuates gender stereotypes which may be what's causing these differences in the first place. You mention non-human primate studies, which are indeed interesting, but there's quite a big difference between humans and even the great apes. To give an example, Chimpanzees are well known for infanticide (Arcadi, et al. 1999; Sakamaki, et al. 2001), but it would be dangerous to assume that the same is true for humans. We have many psychological similarities, but loads of differences too. Other studies (Stern, 1989) would suggest that how we treat human children in regards to gender stereotypes influences the children's behavior and reactions. To get back to the point, I'm not sure it'd help to create a bigger gap between men and women's hobbies in the case of GW - the more we think of games as "men's things", the more women will feel unwelcome about joining. I understand the point you're making, but as a woman, I personally don't feel totally at ease when being told that my gender would be more likely to like painting - it makes me feel almost as if I shouldn't be enjoying the game for the sake of the game. I'm certain you didn't mean anything by it - you even mentioned outliers - but I feel it's not a particularly useful point. Cheryan el al. (2009) conducted a particularly interesting study which looked at women's participation in computer science. To quickly summarise their findings, they found that women felt less at ease in a masculin environment which reduced their sense of ambient belonging and stunted their interest in the subject. Now, Warhammer isn't quite computer science, but it may carry over - the more masculin an environment appears, the less likely women are to take part in it as they don't feel like they belong. Just to note, I'll apologise in advance if this comes off as confrontational - I just enjoy debates like this I'm not trying to attack you or anything like that!
  15. Enoby

    The Rumour Thread

    Nothing too concrete, but we're expecting Moonclan, Slaanesh, and maybe Darkoath. The first two are based on rumour engines, the last is based on harbingers.