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  1. Very similar to most. Starting point is that it has to look cool & have the right aesthetics to fit into my vision of the army. Next up is how much fun it looks to paint (possibly even doing a test model). Then I'll look at the rules to see how many of them I want to field, you want your newest unit to at least survive contact with the enemy - if they prove to be too effective against my usual gaming group I can always choose to field less of them. Unit background does come into play, but alongside having the right aesthetics.
  2. Will have to pass on the Friday shenanigans again sadly - won't be leaving Chippenham until after 6pm again as brother is working on the Friday!
  3. RuneBrush

    Warscroll Designer (BETA)

    Agreed, it's why I'm wanting to undertake a review of how things work. If you log in using Google then everything is saved to a database so no real limitations. My current thought is that the actual designer is kept as an online-only tool, but you can create a "briefcase" of warscrolls you want to access offline - using the browsers cache rather than the limited local storage. It's certainly something I can implement!
  4. RuneBrush

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Progress on the 30 Grimghast Reapers is going ahead - roughly to plan (though I would have liked to have been further forward). Fairly happy with them so far. Everything in the case has been assembled (and gaps/joins filled), undercoated, airbrushed and had the first purple wash applied. I don't think I've been quite as solid with the white airbrushed layer as I have had with the Knight of Shrouds, but it's actually come out more purple than magenta which I prefer. In the picture are 30 Grimghast Reapers, 10 Chainrasp, a Guardian of Souls and a Spirit Torment. Left to finish filling are 4 Myrmourn Banshees and 2 Chainghast. So what's my opinion on the Grimghast Reapers I hear you say?* Slightly disappointed, I think sums it up. Each box of 10 contains two sets of 5 models, so for a maxed out unit as I'm doing you've actually got 5 variants multiplied out 6 times (or one less if you factor in the chap with the bell). The models themselves are really fiddly, lean forward from the base by a good 30mm and the scythes latch themselves onto the next model like Velcro. Although not as bad as some models, they're also pretty fragile on the base (to compensate they are fairly lightweight). I think playing with these are going to be a nightmare, removing models (both yours and your opponents) could well result in a horrible mess. The models are also massive. The ones with a raised scythe are taller than a spirit host and due to the way they lean forward, you can't tessellate them together very well - I'm currently having to look at purchasing a different case for transporting my army to Blackout I managed to mess up the assembly of one it so grabbed one of the push fit's from Soul Wars - and found I actually preferred it. The detail isn't quite as sharp, but the scythe is very secure and it uses a slotta base so it's rock solid on. Gapping was roughly the same as the multipart, so I'm left questioning why these weren't released as push-fit when 50% of the rest of the range is. Just to give you a rough idea, here's an example of one model after I've undercoated and airbrushed. I used a grey undercoat, airbrushed black into the cowl (as I've not given them faces) and then airbrushed Ulthuan Grey onto the bit I'm doing purple. * or not - you're getting my opinion whether you want it or not
  5. RuneBrush

    Allies in 2nd ed

    Not sure, I guessed it was to try and ensure that armies followed a "theme" so to speak. I've never seen a scenario where it's been abused but I'm sure it has been.
  6. RuneBrush

    Allies in 2nd ed

    The 1 in 4 limit applies to all types of play as it's now in the core rules - arguably in Open play you could run however you want though
  7. RuneBrush

    The Rumour Thread

    GW have produced stuff within a month in the past - the Rogue Trader style Space Marine apparently had a 4 week turn around, but that's the exception to the rule. The scheduling team also plays a massive part, if you look at the date on sprues you get an idea of how long models have been lurking around.
  8. RuneBrush

    6 Nations take aways

    I've also had situations where I've rolled 80+ attacks and inflicted a couple of wounds on a unit. Sure they can kill stuff - if you're rolling enough dice you can technically kill anything (death by a million cuts), but you have to pick your fights. From a Khorne point of view you really want to chuck your Skullreapers or Bloodreavers into Skeletons @Brad Gamma is right, I was responding to the generalisation that more games of matched play are played than the others. That's sort of the point too, AoS isn't all about events, although events do have a huge impact on the shape of the game going forward.
  9. RuneBrush

    Where, oh where to begin...

    Makes perfect sense - I know it's what I'm ultimately doing at the moment. Around 800 points added to my Legions army, put together the rest of Soul Wars and then build a full Nighthaunt list from there
  10. RuneBrush

    Is "Inspiring Presence" too powerful?

    From the games I've played (not many for the new edition I'll grant you), I've found the new Inspiring Presence to be pretty decent. You've exchanged duration for flexibility (only one turn but you trigger it when you need to). What I like is that it adds an extra trick for those low bravery armies that you could normally hit hard and watch then wilt away. Without it there would be certain situations where you'd just go "I might as well remove that unit now". The more I think about it, the more I realise what a nice ability it is - your opponent thinking "I only need to inflict 15 damage on that unit and the rest will run away" and you spend a command point to keep them in the fight a bit longer. I suppose that it does nullify one phase for one unit, but you're not going to be able to do it all the time.
  11. RuneBrush

    6 Nations take aways

    I don't believe anybody can actually make that claim as nobody has a clue how many of each game style is being played - you can perhaps say that for your own local environment, but I'll guarantee it'll be different to mine. Competitive games do have more visual presence than the others but that's not really representative of what games are being played. With all of the rules of 1 wrapped up into the core rules now, the differentiation is pretty much down to what battle plan you use and a few list building mechanics. A lot of people use pitched battle profiles/points for their narrative & open game too so the various play styles are a lot less defined in the new edition. I think it depends upon the army being played against. Even buffed, Skeletons don't have quality attacks - just a lot of them. If you've got a unit with a decent armour save skeletons will simply struggle to damage it.
  12. RuneBrush

    Warscroll Designer (BETA)

    Cheers guys. Always nice to know it's still being used! My intention is to do an update so that we can create warscrolls using the new layout that GW have done for Soul Wars - it's a much clearer design in my opinion. That ideally needs the option to add an image so I'm probably going to use the opportunity to rehash the editor which I feel has become pretty clunky. Not got an estimated time for this being done though sadly - the rest of this month is busy with commitments and getting my Blackout army ready Hopefully August may be a little kinder
  13. RuneBrush

    Where, oh where to begin...

    You've broadly got two options. You could go full on Nighthaunt, so can use Reikenor as your general and fill it full of ghosts (as @KoalaSnok says, loads of Chainrasp), bladegheist, lots of heroes for buffs etc. You've got Spririt Torments and Guardian of Souls to replenish slain models from units. Or you could go for one of the Legions of Nagash allegiances. Fill it full of skeletons, supporting ghosts like grimghast reapers, Necromancers. You'll gain gravesites and a number of heroes to replenish slain models and your general has a command ability to bring back destroyed summonable units. Reikenor would have to be included as an ally though. Nagash is indeed pretty easy to facilitate - either running a generic Grand Alliance: Death or the Grand Host of Nagash allegiance from Legions of Nagash.
  14. RuneBrush

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    +++MOD HAT+++ Probably best to let the Pendulum discussion drop until GW have FAQ'd this* currently the conversation is just going back and forth and we can find arguments to justify both interpretations to the rules. Also can we please be less confrontational in our responses - I'm looking at you @JackStreicher amongst others * I'm guessing you've e-mailed them on AoSFAQ@gwplc.com
  15. I doubt we'll ever know exactly what happened or the reasons for it. I know that I've been quite surprised by the number of people who have said they use the app regularly - I've a feeling that I'm not on my own