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  1. You're right, and it's something the my gaming group has discussed quite a few times. I think some of it comes down to organisation - many people want to rock up to a store/club and randomly play a game so it's nice and easy to roll a D6 and use the appropriate matched play battleplan. Other people will be wanting to hone their tournament army so will want one of the matched play battleplans for practice (there aren't many matched play events that don't use them). To run one of battleplans outside the generals handbook can prove tricky as it's reliant on both parties having the appropriate book and agreeing that's the one to play. My local group has started to dip into different battleplans (using matched play rules) and have found them really enjoyable - but they do add an extra amount of organisation to a game because they're all quite varied in deployment, extra rules and scoring.
  2. Seconded
  3. I was pretty enthused about this before the announcement - really quite excited now! Siege rules sound like great fun and I'm really looking forward to expanded multiplayer rules - I play quite a few 3-way games so keeping fingers crossed the updated rules add some new interest into those games (normally one of the three players is at a disadvantage). Looking forward to seeing what allegiance abilities are on offer and for who - will there be different options for armies who have a new battletome? I'm really surprised that people thought we would get rules changes or an "advanced" set of rules for matched play, it was always suggested we'd be getting bigger and better ghb16 rather than rules changes. No harm in hoping, but lets not that overshadow the sheer amount of awesome that ghb17 is going to contain Edit: Have you seen the scenery? Guessing it's kitbash, but still pretty amazing
  4. Very few reasons, pretty much just if you don't have the models - or if you keep forgetting those rules in game
  5. So, GW have set the dates for Armies on Parade 2017! 23rd October ~ 5th November And it appears to be being run over a 2 week period. More details to appear at the end of next month (29th July) but it looks like you'll need to leave your army in a GW store for a fortnight. There's going to be an increased number of prize categories too.
  6. Hadn't actually thought about this having the potential to confuse things! But you're right, it does throw up that a portion of our existing topics, questions etc will become redundant under ghb2! (or ghb2017/ghb17?) My own view is that the new generals handbook supersedes the original one which will be set as out of production by GW. To this end, we (the community) should be moving over to the current version as soon as we can. I would imagine that Warscroll Builder and Azyr will remove all of the old points which will make using ghb1 quite awkward. Probably looking at a month transition period before we see the old book confined to the bookshelf for most people.
  7. Very much so - I think we all got a bit excited when GW asked for feedback for the new handbook and started talking about rules changes What's interesting is that it very much backs up the thought that this will be an annual update rather than an update when GW feel it needs one - keeping fingers crossed for new battle plans
  8. I'm happy with the changes to Khul, though he's still got some "issues" when running Khul & The Goretide under matched play conditions (I have submitted some feedback which is being passed on ). The change to Ashqy''s Bane suggests that we may be seeing an FAQ/Errata out for Blades of Khorne which would be great
  9. Awesome, thank you Thanks Makes sense on the points you've raised. Once we've collated everything together I need to go in and combine all of the bits into a file that the WSD understands so will also make things a bit more consistent. One complication is that since I created the WSD GW have used allegiance as an "official" thing It's perfectly acceptable to have no allegiance per-se and technically allegiance and faction are interchangeable - it's only the some factions that will have an official faction (Bloodbound, Arcanites, Beastclaw Raiders). I'm sure as time goes on it'll need updating I've added Race column in, i did toy with it yesterday but your comments confirmed that it's needed I've also popped in a "Notes/Oddballs" column for any comments on when the warscroll doesn't currently follow the rules
  10. Hi All, As some of you may (or not) be aware, last year I created a Warscroll Designer that allows you to create your own warscrolls for AoS. I tend to work on the tool when I get quiet patches at work (the thought of coming home after spending 9.5 hours in a day coding to spend the evening doing the same doesn't really fill me with enthusiasm!). So I'm putting out a request to the community to get a bit of help with one part. What I'm looking for is people to go through their latest warscrolls and add the Keyword entries into a big spreadsheet using the format provided. This means that if somebody wanted to create their own Firebelly warscroll, they need only enter "fireb" into the keywords box, select that unit name and then it'll add in all of the appropriate keywords (destruction, ogor, hero, wizard). My thought is that if everybody sorted out half a dozen warscrolls, we'd get them all done in next to no time The only thing I'd ask is to add in the hardcopy source of the warscroll (or if via online, the date you downloaded it), this way there's a little bit of version control in place.
  11. GW put the entirety of their production over to 40k for the first six months of the year and let a number of lines go out of stock. Seems like they're doing a rebase/repackage as they bring them back which is pretty inspired as it means they're not going to have a random square-based pack lurking that nobody wants to buy
  12. That's cool - my local group have a similar attitude too, just always frustrating when something that worked fine gets fuddled around Plus I'd have an OCD moment because I use the warscroll cards and there's not one for Khul
  13. I've not tried pilgrims with it - mainly because I don't have any painted bloodreavers (not a massive fan). I would say that it has the potential with the extended range. You may have picked up on this, but it's worth mentioning that with it's current wording, pilgrims cannot be part of goretide (as it is a "Khorne" battalion rather than "Khorne Bloodbound"), so the models in it wouldn't benefit from the D6" hero phase move. @Killax is right though that until GW clear up the mess with the new Khul warscroll, the Goretide battalion works out quite costly and you've got a bit of confusion with his warscroll for things like Ashqy's Bane
  14. I like it - needs some careful thought on the best way to plan outside the mandatory units. It's quite popular to run a Lord on Juggernaut as your general to make the best use of Slaughterborn. The D6" move really helps the army overall and allows for all sorts of shenanigans.
  15. In all honesty I don't often go away like that! My holidays tend to consist of a week home doing modelling or a long weekend away at WHW Depending upon the type of holiday I was going on would depend on if I took any models though - a chilled holiday where I wasn't like to do much I'd probably take a few bits (likely more assembly than painting though).