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  1. Christmas is just over a week away now, so time to think about what projects you're hoping to work on over the Christmas and New Year break. Some of us will be getting epicly long periods of time off whilst others may just get a couple of days - but it's still good hobby time For me it's assembling up some Endrinriggers for a Skirmish Warband and painting up my Necromunda gang.
  2. Repainting Models...

    Same as others have said, it depends on how much paint you've already lain down and what colours. I've repainted models in the past with no ill effects and you wouldn't notice any difference. Others would need to be properly stripped beforehand. Stripping just the flesh of a model will be fairly time consuming and you always run the risk of messing up the surrounding area or taking it back to bare plastic (so might need priming).
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Could well be the campaign is just a part of the Season. Looking forward to seeing what comes out either way Well done that man!
  4. The age of hope is dead....

    I think some of the issue is that the focus has been on just a few realms. Death and Destruction have largely not been affecting those realms as much as Order and Chaos. With luck malign portents will either bring some of the other realms into play a bit more or bring Death and Destruction into the realms we've been focusing on.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Fairly sure you're right, we had Season of War the year before (started July, but there was build up to it). I've a feeling this one will have a heavier narrative element in the same way the Albion campaign had. I just hope they make it easier submit results than they did with 40k.
  6. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    Bus is running late so had an extra ten minutes to pop down my current goals (thanks @Marc Wilson for doing this!). I'll try and keep this AoS based this year (I'll be mixing Necromunda in ) 1. Get up a Skirmish warband, most likely Order/Duardin based (they were great fun when I used classic models last weekend) 2. Start up #paint52 and follow it through - 52 hobby goals (weekly) and blog/post about them 3. Finish off my remaining Bloodbound. I've got a handful of unpainted models I need to paint up 4. Make a proper start into my blue-skinned Ironjawz army 5. Sort, assemble and paint enough scenery for my 6x4 realm of battle boards 6. More games! Both at home, the local club and events 7. Attend some painting sessions/days/weekends. I consider myself above average as a painter, but know that there's always more to learn
  7. What are your 2017 Objectives?

    Nah, we know there's no more room for improvement there
  8. What are your 2017 Objectives?

    1 - Put together and paint a small Death force in the first couple of months of the year (models arrive Friday), really looking forward to a new play style FAIL - I got 50 skeletons and a few characters together and the rest has lived in its box 2 - Same as 1 but for a 30k/40k Ad Mech force. It's been "ongoing" for far too long PARTIAL SUCCESS - I've finished off 2.4k of Questoris Knights and a couple of Ad Mech bits. Enough to play games and finish off models two years in the works. 3 - Sort out my office/hobby room properly, including clearing out some more cupboard space and sorting out my mountain of random models/bits. This really needs to be #1 but I can't see it PARTIAL SUCCESS - A bit of tidying and sorting but nowhere near enough 4 - Paint the remaining 800ish points of my Khorne force so I've a full 2k+ painted SUCCESS - My Bloodbound force is comfortably over 2k in models alone! 5 - Attend more tournaments, including a doubles AoS event towards the end of the year at WHW SUCCESS - OK, I'll 'fess up that I didn't do a doubles event, but I've attended three tournaments this year instead! 6 - Get more games in! Finally have a few local people and a club to go to occasionally - hopefully this will also lead into me becoming a better general SUCCESS - Counter is significantly higher than I've ever achieved in a year before. Unsure that I've improved as a general 7 - Have a better year than 2016 which seems to have been utterly naff for nearly everybody I know SUCCESS - It certainly feels like a better year for myself and my group of friends. Plenty of room for improvement but good overall! So, overall I'm fairly happy with what I've achieved and not too shameful of what I've not. I managed to win Armies on Parade with my Imperial Knights which I'm really chuffed with that - my first painting competition win too.
  9. Problems with Shades.

    The white is the matting agent added to the shade to give it a flat finish. Normally it's because the pot needs shaking more or needs to be given a stir. Some people have been able to recover this by painting neat Lahmian medium over the white patch
  10. Lull in releases for Matched play AoS

    To be fair to GW, they've tended to run their campaigns rotationally for a number of years, so fantasy one year, 40k the next. I can't recall any point when we had two campaigns in one year. Possibly this is something the community could address the next time there isn't a GW AoS campaign? I'd happily knock out a submissions website and I'm sure we've enough experience on writing and running campaigns to create something for the summer period
  11. The Rumour Thread

    I'm thinking it might be the tail of a horse/mountable beast
  12. Lull in releases for Matched play AoS

    I hadn't actually thought of that, but would say you're right. 2016 and the first couple of months of 2017 were jam packed with releases - so many that I know quite a few friends (and me) simply stopped trying to keep up! 2017 has allowed us to catch up with some of the things we fancied doing/trying
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Latest rumour
  14. The Rumour Thread

    Gang War 2 is 2018 - confirmed on the WHC website. I guess there's a chance it will be January but I suspect it'll be out in time for the HH/Necromunda Weekender the first week of February. In the back of my head I recall that we don't get a release window over Christmas and New Year from GW. Probably the first lot of pre-orders will go up on the weekend of the 6th when there's the New Years Open Day.
  15. Whats up with GW's prices??

    I think trying to compare different manufacturers models is a bit like trying to compare meals prepared by your other half and your mum. You can't really say one is worse than the other without upsetting somebody when in truth some meals are better done by one than the other I do believe that GW are the market leaders in plastic miniatures at the moment, but they do have some companies snapping at their heels in terms of models they're bringing out. GW have invested millions in plastic production over a number of years and continue to do so. That does sound little brainwashed there. Totally agree with you! My underlying point though is that there is a supply and demand aspect related to this, GW knows that the prices they set people will pay, so where's the incentive to change this?