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  1. GW/Wizkids

    Rest assured, it's still FW doing Adeptus Titanicus and was pretty much confirmed by Tony C yesterday. The rules are now ready but because of a delay they made the decision to wait until they had more models finished. It isn't Epic however, it's set in Heresy era (as Battlefleet will be) and will initially only contain rules for Titans/Knights at 10mm scale rather than 6 or 8. The specialist games team have developed the rules for vehicles and infantry so can fully expect to see this as an expansion in the future.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    Although I feel they got off to a rocky start, if the future warscrolls are the same as Idol of Gork we should be fine.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    In the process of creating it. No idea what this will mean, but there will be a team of people dedicated to AoS in the same way as they've got a team for Lord of the Rings and Specialist Games.
  4. Cavalry in Age of Sigmar (includes some whinging)

    One thing that I've done more and more is to retreat my unit out of combat if this happens. With a decent run roll you should be able to outpace them for a bit, although there's still a risk they could reach you with a charge, it may allow you to position yourself better or pull that unit away.
  5. GW/Wizkids

    Looking forward to finding out a bit more. They've specifically said "Reveals Plans to Release New Games set in the Critically Acclaimed Warhammer 40,000™ Universe" so it's unlikely going to be the same agreement they had with FFG and initially at least it'll be confined to 40k. I reckon we'll see brand new and completely different games to the ones we've had previously - it's highly unlikely they'll be taking over things like Bloodbowl, Warhammer Quest etc because GW have teams of people doing those games currently and they're turning a very tidy profit.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Just off the latest Twitch stream. FW appear to have appointed or have almost appointed somebody to head their AoS team Fimir could well be another couple of years away before we see anything Khornate Chaos Dragon should be out next year, they weren't happy with the Korne Lord so have redone him a number of times
  7. The biggest contributor for me is everything painted - so that's models and terrain/boards with the table laid out in such a way that it looks like a plausible location. What I mean by that is, that having a really posh building next to a swamp looks really peculiar! Whereas a load of little buildings with tracks between looks like a plausible hamlet or village. Having a side table or chair to drop all of your gaming detritus on really helps too, when you get down to model level or taking a photo you really feel that your models are fighting over some objective or other.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Wow, that's pretty major. Being maxed out on power is also a massive blow. It does make sense on the number of items going temporarily out of stock too.
  9. Cavalry in Age of Sigmar (includes some whinging)

    Can see where you're coming from. I've only just started using Skullcrushers now that they've dropped a bit in points. They still hit fairly weakly, but do provide a really nice speed bonus for objective grabbing and aren't the easiest thing to remove. That said I think Skullcrushers were one of the units that really did "win" for me from the new handbook. What I'd love to see is all heavy cavalry receive their bonus based on the charge roll rather than an additional roll off
  10. Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    Don't worry, with practice you'll get quicker and learn new tricks to speed things up. I'd never fully painted an army until I got my Bloodbound and pushed myself to do a few events (the pressure of a deadline makes you paint more quickly!). With units it's also best to batch paint, so you could split your horrors into two sets of five models each and then make sure you finish one "item" on a set before stopping (an item could be painting all of the teeth or balefire etc)
  11. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    I think my answer to both these comments is "in your opinion within your local area/social group". Every little community and group is going to be different with the perceived popularity of AoS and what aspects are liked/disliked. Let's face it, AoS wasn't going to be an instant hit - I don't think that kind of thing happens very often in today's day and age of crowd funded games. GW went with a radically different approach and attitude to the game which people still compare to Warhammer FB (which is a bit like comparing monopoly to snakes and ladders or draughts/chequers to chess). The game is still in its infancy - it's not even a toddler in comparison to some games. Yes, GW makes mistakes - they know it and we know it, but to say it's not popular/rubbish/needs changes all the time comes across really badly to both new and existing players, you might as well say "welcome to the club - the game's awful and you'll quickly find lots of things don't work very well"... I'm not having a dig at the two posts I quoted, but I've spent the last 45 minutes catching up because I was at a funeral yesterday and the vast majority of comments felt like they were critical in some way. I believe that we need to be honest with saying when there are things we don't like or not happy with but lets try and focus on what's opinion and what's fact. Is AoS popular? I believe so, that's my opinion and based on that I fairly frequently see Twitter/Facebook posts about people who have played an AoS-based game at home or round a club - a lot more than I see about playing a game of WHFB, Dropzone or other similar games. To my eyes that makes AoS popular in it's own right.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    I'd say you can safely wait for a new starter box then The past couple of years they've also done large start collecting style boxes at Christmas time (around £100) so it's possible there might be one you like the look of!
  13. The Rumour Thread

    A new starter set generally comes along with new rules and similar - however we've not got anything firm on there being updated rules so I'd err on the side of caution (it might be just round the corner or this time next year). What army are you looking at starting?
  14. unit fillers

    I think unit fillers for formed ranks of models are brilliant, but in systems that uses a true line of sight they throw up unnecessary complications which are simply avoided by using regular models. Completely agree on this, if you're using movement trays you should spend a bit of effort getting them painted to match the bases of your models. For AoS I'm also not a fan of the long stick movement trays, they're massively unwieldy and when I've seen them used haven't actually improved the movement of the models - just ensured the unit covers as much of the board as humanly possible.
  15. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    Looks intentional, there's a ZIP with all of the updated warscrolls and those two models both have two warscrolls a piece, basically a God version and the original Slaves to Darkness one.