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  1. AoS 2

    I actually think you could implement something that would have the same effect with a lot less effort. Just give some models an "Extra Tough" type rule whereby they modify the wound roll by -1 or -2. You could hook it into other requirements - so maybe you only receive it if the rend is 0 or -1, or it only does 1 damage. It keeps the game flowing just as quickly but allows some units to have that really resilient feeling
  2. The Rumour Thread

    Classic Dark Elves is likely because the first wave of Made to Order will be focused on them I think this may well be the beginning of the end for compendium armies. What I would say is that the Legends description says "While not intended for matched play", suggesting they'll still receive points.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Blimey, you go to bed and wake up and the internet has exploded Quite liking the Deepkin (heads would make a good Vampire kitbash head). Snippet of the Black Coat does give me hope that we'll see all of the finecast Death models be replaced (plus was that new scenery?) Exciting times! New Knight & Codex has also meant that this year shall be known as the Year of Poor
  4. Adepticon 2018

    Think you've set the clock to 8pm rather than 9?
  5. The Rumour Thread

    I do know that I'm going to be fast asleep when it drops I think it'll be a 3-way split. Deepkin for AoS, new Primarch for 40k and something else - I don't think Adeptus Titanicus (I think that'll be FW Open Day), but could see the next Necro gang being announced. I think anything we've seen preview/teaser videos for will also be on display - so Van Saar as an example. Probably find out the next couple of Codex releases (i.e. ones with no models). I'd not be surprised to see a battletome done like this (moonclan?)
  6. The Rumour Thread

    It's been set for 30th June
  7. What is next for Death? (mini factions, models, etc)

    If you get an opportunity, Undying King by Josh Reynolds is well worth a read. It's set before Sigmar opened the gates to Azyr and features Nurgles invasion into Shyish. One of the items that heavily features is that there are plenty of mortal tribes living in Shyish and for them Undeath is part of their lifecycle, rather than being seen as abhorrent.
  8. What is next for Death? (mini factions, models, etc)

    The stories released on the Malign Portents site mention human forces (crossbows shooting amethyst bolts and sitting behind skeletons with big shields), big undead serpents that appear from the ground, bone giants and today an undead catapult. That's not saying that we *will* get these items, but does suggest there's a lot more left to come
  9. Painting up some scenery

    Happy to say that most of this stuff is done Just need to work out what colour do to the tiles on the roofs...
  10. Age of Sigmar Fan Magazine [The Initiative]

    I'm sure @hellalugosi will confirm the format he wants for submissions, most of the time it's easier to just submit the content & pictures and let the designer do the layout - that way you end up with a cohesive publication rather than a mish mash of styles, fonts etc.
  11. AoS 2

    I was actually thinking the other day that one solution to the shooting debate would be for GW to create more heroes around the 7~9 wound mark. Currently we have a plethora that are 4, 5 or 6 wound (thus easily killable at range) and then we jump up to behemoths at 12+*. Having something in that middle range should help them survive that turn 1 or 2 instant death, especially for melee armies - but without adding new mechanics in or nullifying heavy shooting armies. * please note that I'm generalising
  12. AoS 2

    Biggest disadvantage with this is that Battleline doesn't actually exist outside the Pitched Battle profiles (i.e. it doesn't exist within the Core Rules currently)
  13. How to make a fresh start ?

    I think we all go through loss of motivation/enthusiasm/mojo with hobbies over the years, I know I have with the miniatures thing, LARP, computer games etc. Often a break will help to either revitalise things, or confirm that you've come to the end of a chapter on that particular hobby. I'd suggest not selling anything, but pack your models away. That way if you do wake up one day, you're not faced with a big investment of money and time to kick start things again - there's nothing more frustrating then chatting to a friend, getting pumped to roll some dice and then realising that you've nothing to game with. If you're still enthused by the background then perhaps just keep up to date with the various bits and bobs going on, pickup the odd battletome, White Dwarf, Black Library book, keep an eye on the community site. Just rein in any model purchases - you'll know when something comes out that is what you've been looking for. I've been doing the hobby long enough now that I recognise when I'm lacking enthusiasm and know that I've a maximum of 6 months attention span to one project. If I realise that in the course of a single day hobbying, I've achieved next to nothing, I know that I'm either under the weather or the thing I'm working on just doesn't catch my imagination, so need to move onto something else or set myself a target that I can start the next thing when I've finished the current item off. Everybody is different though.
  14. Age of Sigmar Open Day 2018

    I got an e-mail as I'd bought a ticket for the cancelled one Tickets go on sale in a couple of weeks time (first week of April) so you should be fine for picking up a ticket
  15. AoS 2

    One thing I will chuck into the mix is that things like Realm rules shouldn't exist within the Core Rules - they should live within specific publications (e.g. Malign Portents, Generals Handbook) or Battleplans. Core Rules should be focused purely on how you play Age of Sigmar, regardless of if you plop down six models or three-hundred. Based on what some people are suggesting it would only double up for the Necromancer as Nagash has a large number of wounds and wouldn't be eligible for a look our sir style ability.