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  1. I was only thinking along this lines earlier on. We've lots and lots of articles on how to build lists (many of which will be invalidated next week), but relatively few on improving the skill of the general behind an army. I'm hoping we're going to see a reduction in the usefulness of net lists following the new handbook. I'd love to see some more articles on theory, preferably with pictures of real boards and models. Many of the classic tactic style article available use coloured circles and ovals, with nothing to represent scenery or the little nuances of an actual game such as models physically getting in the way (the commonplace "sorry, I keep snagging your model with my models wings" ). Oddly something on attitude would also be pretty cool - how do you control the frustration that your general has yet again been removed without him striking a blow and how to avoid it in future games, or have failed to hit with every attack a particular model has made (or how to resist the compulsion to throw said model into a wall).
  2. Yesterday @Chrisdanish and myself got together for a 2k game using the army lists we took to Bristol Smash, because we didn't manage to play against each other at Smash. For a bit of a mix up, we used the Scorched Earth Battleplan that was played last week on Twitch (it's one of the new matched play battleplans in the Generals Handbook) using information gleaned from the stream. Although those pesky Stormcast took the win, the new battleplan was excellent and nothing was really decided until the final turns. Fast moving units or deployment shenanigans would really help, grabbing an objective as early on as you can. Also having some cheap objective holders is pretty crucial if you want to take some of your opponents objectives. Really enthused to see what the other battleplans are like - if they're half as enjoyable as this one, we're in for some really good fun
  3. I do think change was needed - three Battalions had become pretty common (especially minimum filled ones) and was adding quite a bit of complexity into a game with lots of overlapping rules. Where I've a bit of a reservation is battalions that require another one (e.g. The Goretide), received a double whammy increase. I'm looking forward to seeing what new things appear next week - are we going to see lists with no battalions, or one that's been maxed out?
  4. GW have just said on Twitch that they're releasing the Compedium points PDF on Saturday along with the Generals Handbook 2017. Not sure if this changes your decision or not (doesn't make any odds to me )
  5. I can thoroughly recommend WarBases Dux Brit/Zombie trays. They take a little getting used to - it's easier to remove models when you pile in. I know that @James McPherson uses movement trays too, so he's a good person to ask
  6. Twitch has just confirmed that a new compendium points PDF will be released on Saturday along with the release of the new Generals Handbook 2017
  7. Yup, two thinned coats over Corax White - super quick and super effective! A light highlight of Genestealer Purple and then Palid Wych Flesh just finished it off! Hadn't thought of it like NMM, basically it was me wanting to play something a bit different and I thought green would set the model off. Just a dark green base with a few thin layers over the top then a glaze. Not happy with the yellow highlight, sadly the brightest yellow I had was an airbrush paint and dried far too quickly on the brush
  8. Well I managed to crack this out bar the base on Friday afternoon whilst watching Twitch! Probably the quickest model I've ever painted though wouldn't have said he was my "best" work so to speak. I'll try and sort the base out and get a proper photo done, but in the meantime here's his sword!
  9. It should be, just depends entirely on what you're painting It won't be that great for something that's absorbent as Imperial Primer is a paint in it's own right. Anything like that I tend to grab a can of Plastikote Clear Sealer and whack a few layers down first.
  10. Here's the couple I knocked out for my Bloodbound army. The orange edges help to determine that they're an objective and not some random part of the army
  11. They're just a high quality acrylic. As Gaz says you'll likely want a sealer/primer layer on most surfaces for absorbency or prevent it flaking off, but I've painted wood quite happily before.
  12. It only doubles the range of the spells they cast rather than the effect of the spell. So for Sayl, he can nominate a unit within 20" but it will still only get an 18" fly move.
  13. That's a good point actually - does this mean we might see the current starter set retired and them finally release the remaining missing models?
  14. Completely agree, one of the general comments about RGW was that it was difficult to pick up in the middle, so a shorter campaign would make a lot more sense. There's nothing stopping having more than one story-arc running though (we've just never really seen it). We know we've got a continuation of Seasons of War coming so we could see Blightwars being a shorter run to bring Nurgle back up to level and then a summer campaign next year with Aelves & Slaanesh? Who know! I'm loving that GW can still produce surprises like a magician producing something out of a hat! (is it a rabbit, bird, multi-tentacled beast?)
  15. I'm really intrigued by the new Battleplan played this week on Twitch. Having objectives that you can raize to the ground to deny your opponent is a really interesting concept and I reckon it'll throw a spanner in the works for most armies. I like the idea so much I'm hoping to play it this weekend (we think we gleaned enough from Twitch to play it)