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  1. New Aelves

    Yeah I think "some" is an important word here. I doubt we'll see ToK return to AoS ever, honestly. A lot of the new ranges coming out are created with new words and new aesthetics to allow for copyrighting. Bringing back Tomb Kings would be so much harder than to create a new Death Faction, which I strongly believe they are working on, that can be their own creation and not this 'taken from history'- kind of deal such as Tomb Kings and Bretonnia. I think its for the same reasons they are not bringing back "Dark Elves," or "High Elves," but creating new factions out of very small parts of their current forces or, if the Sea Aelf rumor is true, a totally new spinoff. I may be wrong here, but I think some characters are brought back because they breathe new life into the Lore of Age of Sigmar that was going down hill for a while when the hard core feature was just Stormcast vs Chaos. Branching out from this makes for more substories that can create a bigger picture, just like they do in Malign Portents, which I find awesome. Secondly, I think it has to do with bringing large scale models to peoples armies. It seems like most characters that are coming out, Archaon, Alariel, Morathi, Gordrakk, Nagash, etc are all massive monsters or riding such to bring epic destruction to our battles we play. So I think we'll see a few characters coming back, but also a few new ones, or at least I hope so, that we get to know from fresh! As to address the demi-god aspect, I believe the reason they brought Morathi back, not as a God, but as an aspiring such is because it adds such an amazing dramatic setting to her faction. I mean, it's fantastic that she is so Machiavellian that she lies to her own kin that Khaine is still alive, despite the fact that he is dead, to further her own goals and aspiration. How F-ing awesome is that? I can't wait to read that battletome to find out more!
  2. [Query] Best Selling Painted Miniatures?

    What these people said is accurate. It takes a lot to make that go around as most of us who work painting figures for a living gets so specific lists or model compositions and often times some form of instructions or need to make paintjobs match, etc. The only reason I sell off a painted army is when its had 1-2+ years worth of shelf life and I need some cash for a new project. And I usually only charge retail price for the models. So the work comes for free, bought as is.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Do we know if the rest of models will be featured on WHCom page and if so, will they also be up for pre-order this weekend?
  4. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Looking awesome, man! Can't wait to see you take on the new figures coming out!
  5. Oscar Painting Stuff

    I made my first Base test. What are your guys' thoughts? Thanks for looking!
  6. Oscar Painting Stuff

    thanks man!
  7. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    My fungoid Shaman is looking for trouble in the Stars. Skulls and blood will be where it may, but the falling star is leading the Ironjwz boyz to the biggast scrap! Drake! it is. (I hoped to get a descent progress on my Stormcast but it's too long of a process and I don't want to play with unpainted models too much. So Ironjawz it is. Besides, I don't like the artillery rules for the Lord Ordinator...
  8. POLLING the community

    That is pretty neat actually! Cool of them to let you do that. Would you make molds and cast the bases and movement trays? I'm not questioning your process at all, just trying get a better picture so I can be of better help.
  9. All looking great here buddy. I especially like your Nighthaunt figures!
  10. POLLING the community

    Personally I think you need to try to refine the pattern pieces you have there. The edges seem soft and rounded compared to edged and sharp. It'll basically make the drybrush effect less effective, which is essential for basing and I estimate 90-99% of all players use drybrush at some point on there bases, the ones who paints them that is. So get the edges sharp and you should be good to go. Another point would be to stay away from any historical reference. Most of these games, such as age of sigmar, 40k, confrontation, etc, are set in alternate universes. A picture of a Roman emperor or a Greek hiroglyphs don't really make much sense and I personally feel like it breaks that wall that separates our reality with the fantasy reality currently explored through the games. And not for the better. I recognize some of the designs as being Green Stuff Worlds. Are you in association with them?
  11. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    oh haha. yeah its still working in the 2k list. Just wrote wrong number ^^ the list is still valid.
  12. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Here is mine I am excited about: Nagash - Supreme Lord of the Undead(800) - Overwhelming Dread - Fading Vigour - Decrepify Battleline: x2 Morghasts (220) x40 Skeletons (280) x30 Graveguards (420) x5 Black Knights (120) Battalions: The First Cohort (160) 2000/2000 - One drop force with Nagash at the head of it
  13. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Thanks man!
  14. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Got some work done on this guy today. Not satisfied with the red reflection so I'll have to redo it. Not sure how yet so research is inevitable. This is pre-glazing and other final touches of course. So the NMM is still a little rough. Thanks for looking!