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  1. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Thanks guys! It's gonna be my hobby project for 2018. Sigmar has requested that I kick up the class and sass a bit... ^^
  2. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Yes sir! straight up Karak Stone on top of abbadon black
  3. Universal Painting and Modelling Efficiency Guide

    I cannot stress my seconding of this statement enough. It makes HUGE difference when armypainting to take this step on major colors blocks. I wouldn't do this if I painted higher standard, but for armies, absolutely! I've painted army commissions for little shy of 10 years now. It put me through 5 years of art school and I can now support myself doing it full time. Here are my tips and tricks for how to get it done quickly and to a good standard of Tabletop: • General hobby tips Know your sub assemblies, but keep them few and far in between. For a maw krusher, as en example, I had 4 different parts. The dragon, His wings, and the rider. Everything else was assembled. You don't want to paint too many parts separate as it may show when you do your final assembly. Glue the entire army, if you bought one as a whole, right away. Clean of moldlines using a slightly dulled xacto knife. It will help not to take off too much plastic. Just get this step over with if you don't like scraping them. It'll give good results in the end. • Army scheme planning methods -Primary Color -Secondary Color -Tertiary Colors (detail colors) You always want to make sure these colors create a good harmony. You always want to have a contrast using hot and cold colors. If you don't know which colors are hot and which are cold, look at a color wheel. It helps a lot. Make a test model. Try the color scheme out, be open to critique and opinions, but don't just listen and do, try to understand what makes the colors work, not work. Some people love pastel colors, others hate it. In the end, the color combination will make it work or not work harmoniously despite peoples opinions about the colors. Plan your work. If you have a few months to paint your army before a tournament, get all basecolors on, with a wash on each, DRYBRUSH BACK WITH BASE COLOR USED IN THE FIRST PLACE, get one highlight on it, and base your army. It'll look fantastic on the board even though it won't have those secondary highlights yet. Use at least half colors bright and half colors dark. This means that if your primary is black, use your secondary colors white (Black Templars), or another example: Blue and yellow (Ultramarines), or another example, Dark red and Bronze/Gold (Khorne). It helps to separate those details on your models that will make your army stand out on the board. Look at color schemes that you like and identify what you like and do not like in terms of colors and contrasts. Example: I painted my Khorne white and Bronze instead of Dark red and Gold. I chose to keep the bronze darker than I would have had I done a dark red. Why? Because it helps to seperate the detailing on the models. • Efficient model building techniques Just do it! Don't skip the moldlines. • Quick and varied basing Sand, base paint and a high contrast drybrush. Put one or two materials on them (Snow, grass, leafing, rocks, mushrooms, rubble, skulls, whatever else you want that might look good. Unsure? Make a test base. • Undercoating efficiently On games workshop plastic, don't overdo the primer. Mist the models gently and it'll be fine. Undercoat the largest areas first and don't mind getting paint on parts you'll paint later. Just make sure you "Duncan" the paint - (Dunc the paint in a little bit of water for a thinner coat). Better doing two thin coats than one too thick. You paid a heavy price for your models, do it right the first time. • Speed painting Do at least 10-20 models at a time. Just punch through it. A good show, or podcast or music will help. Just get through the boring parts for the sake of what you find joy with. If you like it, have fun with it. • Finishing touches Winsor Newton series 7 #1 is your precious friend. Get him, get a jar of brush soap and take care of him like he is your son/daughter. Make sure you use a wet palette here. It'll help to get smooth transitions or lines on to your models. If you're not a painter or do not enjoy painting as much, but want to paint your army well, get that one highlight on every or most important areas/colors. It'll make a huge difference. ADDITIONAL TIPS: Don't use to much contrast. Don't overdo using black as a way to shade your cracks on colors. Use a darker, cooler version of the color or its complementary friend. Too much black as a foundation for your colors will make it look off and flat. If you want that dark of a shading, mix a bit of blue, green, red or purple with the black, depending on what color will go on top. Contrast is great, but don't count on it working in your favor all the time.
  4. Baardah's Kharadron

    These look fantastic man! Keep up the great work.
  5. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Ok, got a pretty good chunk done on two of the three Khorgoraths. Which means they are getting close to the standard of the first one. All that bone was taking forever...
  6. I have been looking at something similar since I have 3 Rocklobbers and I can easily build a 4th. I would need 3 more gruntas tho.... Make sure you let us know the result if you try it.
  7. Should I play Ironjawz if I already play Khorne?

    I went for Ironjawz for an Elite Army and Khorne for a swarm army. So when I play Khorne, play at least like 60 -80 models. Sometimes over 100. That in it self is a major difference.
  8. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Ok, got some work done on my Khorgoraths on my breaks today. Added some highlights to all bone areas, bronze with wash, and put down the foundation grey on what is supposed to get the off-white. Hoping to get these done this week.
  9. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Mine has changed... 2 Khorgoraths, 3 Gore Gruntas, Gurk's new outfit, 20 Bloodreavers. I'm sure the Holidays will consume me and I need all that done before my trip to Europe in January...
  10. "Da Palefacez" My Ironjawz army

    VERY nice, dude! That muted pale green works really well with that blood red!
  11. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Oooooh I have 24 total of these to do!
  12. WIP - Shadespire custom board

  13. dealing with Narcissistic painter/converters

    hahaha! That is very very funny. You have to admit, that even if it was annoying at the time, this guy just seem to be the bane of your existence. Just let him be his blessing. That is actually almost all you can do without sinking down to a douchebag level.