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  1. My ironjawz are yellow, but I can finally play a list that can bring a realm gate to the table. I will never ever pay a bunch of money and spend another year painting the same army I already have to satisfy someone who disagree with my color palette. My yellow orruks are the "Goldtoof" company, a pack of brutes in ever searching for the realmgate to join Gordrakk and the most epic battles and brawls. If anybody does have a probelm with that we can just not play. And if a TO sets that restriction I'll either bring something else to play, or most likely wont show up in respect for the hobby and creativity. I would be shocked if even GW sets that restriction as they encourage creativity in all: narrative, painting, kitbashing, and rules wise even. Those are my two cents... happy hobbying everyone!
  2. Wounds On Maw-krusha's Strength from Victory

    Yes, all the attacks is happening at the same initiative - It makes no difference if youre rolling all attacks in one massive bulk of dice and picks the succesful woundrolls out, make your opponent save and slays your opponents hero with a massive amount of wounds here and there from an array if weapons. On the other hand, if you only manage to make wound roll of choppas, say 1, and three mighty fists, he saves the choppa on the armor roll. Then the only wounding rolls can be mighty fist, which then doesnt work out for Strength from Victory. But i'd say that as long as the hero dies, and there is at least one wound caused by oneof the weapons carryed by MB, it is as likely the "killing" wound as it is not. Thus, one can make a debate that will never end, or do as suggested, make each wound roll one at a time and make it take 5 times as long. If I am understanding you correctly this is the point you're making and it is undoubtebly the correct one.
  3. Wounds On Maw-krusha's Strength from Victory

    In my book it's without no doubt wounds suffered: 7 which places him on that tier, no matter how many wounds he has gained.
  4. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    I mean, its 50% chance from MK and 1/6 from the weirdnob. Nothing really you can count on and you should plan on NOT getting it, and when you do, it's a nice bonus. But with the spearchukka support it may be OK with the slower moving brutes. You may simply have to run then first and perpahs second round to get up on the field. And either plan on locking things in combat long enough for them to smash in or simply prepare to take some beating on them. That's when the hard choice of mystic shield target may come in.
  5. Megaboss Gnasha

    Do you place the tape on your pants and rip it off before you attach it to your model? If not, that helps to get some of the worst sticky glue off the tape and coats it lightly with a little bit of dust. It tend to help prevent paint from coming off the surface. If you do do that, it's seems more likely to be something with the paintapplication and the surface bonding issue, I've never had that issue myself, but I've never used chipping medium so that could be it, like you said. Its loking amaing despite the pull off on the knee. I know it's frustrating, but it could be a lot worse. Keep it up!
  6. Ironjawz - Zedek's Weirdlads

    Nice job dude! The orange look nice and crisp. Keep it up!
  7. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Not at all, you lose some meat and can only cast one mystic shield, but two MK are really fast and really scary. Just make sure you think before you play safe or aggressive. You want them to crash into things on your term. So keep the brutes in front and be prepared to take som heavy shooting on your non general MK.
  8. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    @WoollyMammoth hmm, I can't find a single piece in my statement insinuating that you or I wished for OP gaming. Rather that I hope for some love and something fun will come evenetually. I did however state that I am excited about the progress of more non-OP-competitive forms of play in the latest GH. I play ironjawz, which wasn't a top playing army before GH17 and isn't one after either. But I love the new allegiance abilities because they are super fun. The slight randomness of them makes them either crazy good or flop. So yeah, it's not fun when factions in death get stuff that are less unique and exciting. I apologize to everyone for this blunt statement but I feel a little stupid for even replying when you clearly not care at all for reading what I had to say, despite the fact that you asked.... I guess we will see if this one is shame on me.
  9. Soulsmith's Collective Painting etc.

    Cooooool! I was checking that table out when I was there two weeks ago. So much fun to play on it, right?
  10. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    I second @BunkhouseBuster, I keep finding new ways the game excites me in less competitive and more casual ways. It's not all about winning the game, but about laughing at some of the bloody ridiculous ways a battle pans out. I think it's moving in the right direction and the fact that GW is listening to the community means we do have a say in what's to come. I have a death army too, that I rarely play, so I understand some of your concern. But I think death will receive some more love soon. I know it's a statement overused, but still, I'm sure there will be some fun stuff coming out for every boy and girl awaiting it (me included).
  11. The Rumour Thread

    If this is the new death faction coming out, and not a joke or something like that, or just a converted army by someone at GW: I will freak the F out and throw all my money at GW.
  12. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @Megaboss Gorstag I think your biggest issue is speed. I agree that Chris that the two mega bosses, considering their aura will be points not so well spent. I would drop the two bosses and try fit ironfist and a IJ weirdnob or warchanter into your list. Should be about 280 points which at the worst. If you have the attitude that everyone plays ironfist and I want to be different, I get you there. In that case I'd try go for Gorefist, especially since you have enough gruntas, with the +1 charge you statistically have a chance of getting that 8 inch charge as well. To spice things up you can toss in Gordrakk for. Command trait boost: 3 dice charge and + two attacks to all melee weapons of all units in the gorefist batallion. Something to consider.
  13. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    @Sangfroid - I second Chris, that is a phenomenal argument against why it's so hard to allocate points to ironjawz. If the synergy of Ironjawz fail, that's when the real uphill begins. Competatively, I wouldn't go outside of ironjawz. We need that grunta megaboss and baby mawcrushas like... now.
  14. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    But Il they roll double they cannot charge. That's what @kozokus is getting at.
  15. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    This is just fabulous on every level.