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  1. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Always a pleasure, Joe! And very well played too. You’re always a challenge to play against which I respect! 😎😎
  2. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    FIRST GAME PLAYED WITH MY STORMCAST!!!! My opponent @WatcherintheWater played his awesome looking Khadron Overlords over a 4x4 Scorched Earth battle plan. Round 1 I leave my Prosecutors in the Celestial Realm along with my Protectors and Decimators of the Hammerstrike Battalion. While he takes the first tun my Liberators decide to bunker down in some terrain and score some points. Unfortunately his balloon hoppers decided to challenge Steelheart and his retinue to a fight which ended very badly for Steelheart, whom was made lightning and sent back to the reforging pits. My turn goes pretty well, I begin by rolling well enough to get my prosecutors down so I can drop my Paladins in the movement phase. He has at this point spread himself out into three groups over three objectives. I deploy my prosecutors at the center of the field and send my Decimator to claim objective to his left and my protectors against his right. I also decide to bunker down on the objective in my deployment zone. After rolling like... 20 dice with my 3 decimators (omg they are so much fun!) they completely trash his poor Duardins that held his left objective. My Protectors doesn't have as much productivity and kills only one balloon guy and puts two wounds into his ship. I also charge in with my prosecutors, which in hindsight I think I could have done better with. But hey, had to try it. ^^ In turn two, it got so intense I forgot to take pictures. But essentially he hold his right objective like only Duardin can. He kills all but one protector throughout turn 2 and three, while I teleport my Liberators with Lightning Chariot to the top objective and move my Decimators they amazing... 4" move to aid the protectors. Their charge fail on turn 2, but makes it in on turn 3. Turn 4 I teleport my Lord Relictor and abandon my right side objective to his balloon guys. I simply didn't have the heart to leave him for death. I also knew he would stay and hold that objective for points rather than chase me. And he had already burnt my other objective. So with my decimator fighting to get his other objective, he could only score one per turn or burn it, which he knew he couldn't do until turn 5. Last photo before it got super intense again. He moves up to switch boat to hold objective so he could move his balloons up to charge my liberators. I leave my lonely Protector behind to burn the objective and move my Decimators up to aid the liberators. The liberators take some serious beating from his flying little men. But in the end they become meat to the decimator axes. He rolls a 5 on the objective burn and I rolled a 2 for the protector and a 3 for the decimators. So in the end he just scraped the win. The game was FANTASTIC. Especially for being Overlords, which usually alpha strikes and then either win or dies on turn 1. So very fun to play a long game where it literally came down to the final burn on turn 5. Total Score: Khadron Overlords: 10 Stormcast Eternals: 9 Thanks so much for reading and checking out my photos. I am super excited about all the support and I can't wait to bring you more of this, in the future hopefully a little better organized with the pics by turn. ^^
  3. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thank you so much for saying that! I am getting so eager to get on painting more because of all of you
  4. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Wow! Thank you for saying that. There are some insanely nice armies out there so that’s a very nice compliment. Yeah I do. Mine was planned differently but I felt the idea wasn’t as original anymore and that made me lose my mojo. Anyway, here it is: Thank you so much!
  5. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thanks man! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  6. This project is so much fun! I really enjoyed looking through all the models!
  7. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thank you so much! Haha I hope I keep getting better, the opposite would be quite atrocious. ^^ I do get a lot of work done, and it comes from having over 20 years in my back pocket of painting these figures. I started very very young and never stopped. I worked my ass off as a kid to get money form neighbors and my parents to be able to buy more figures and paint. I never owned a console until I was like 20 - something, so my hobby was glued at my painting desk through my teens and as a young adult as well. I've painted countless personal armies and sold them off cheaper than I bought them to buy new models to paint. When I, about 10 years ago started doing commissions it really took off. I now work full time as a commission painter and haven't had lack of work for over 6 years. I haven't felt a burnout yet... and I hope it never comes *knock on wood. I think really its about whether you like it enough or not. I have no problem exiting my ps4 and going into my studio for another 4 hours before bed any night of the week. Honestly, one of the only things that keeps me away from it is my amazing girlfriend that deserves attention too haha. So if you're not super excited about painting the models, then yeah, I totally understand its hard to keep finishing armies. The advice I can give you is to be stubborn and don't allow yourself to play as often with unpainted armies. Now if this is your first army that may be a little hard, but once you've grinned through it and based it and you feel ready for the next one. Don't let yourself switch before the new one is painted and based. I am actually going to play my first game with the Stormcast on Thursday, which will be their debut. That is five months after I started painting them. ^^ Keep up the work and enjoy the process as much as you can. Thanks again for checking out my models and commenting! Thank you so much! thank you so much for your support, my guy! You truly do leave a lot of comments and likes and I really appreciate that.
  8. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thank you so much! Thanks man! haha me too, this is by far the most intense project I have ever worked on and I am super stoked for the other half, which will consist of less battle line and more characters and cool units. There will be an LBK-tour in October on either the 6th or the 7th. I will be visiting that weekend as I am taking these guys to GT finals at WHW. I really hope you can come and play and hang. I had such a blast last time and you'll most likely beat the living ****** out of me this time around haha.
  9. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thanks man! Thank you very much for the support! Thanks so much! Haha me neither. ^^ I will paint up to 2k. No Stardrake most likely. I had a fully flushed plan for an Archaon conversion into a star drake, but before I had time to take the idea from drawing board to sculpting table Brandon Palmer launched pics of his conversion of Archaon into a Stardrake and that pumped the breaks on mina and I scrapped the idea. Right now I will definitely paint at least one ballista, lord ordinator, and a mage as well as a unit of Sequitors. I really really am looking forward to those Thundercats Cavalry. They look awesome.
  10. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Hey guys! Im so excited to show you all my finished 1000pts of Stormcast! Thank you so much everyone for your comments and likes. It’s helped a lot when my energy level was low after already painted for 8 hours to put my commissions aside and pick up a stormcast and keep going!
  11. Lysandestolpe

    AOS 2 Tournament Richmond, VA

    Tournament at battlegrounds in Richmond, VA. 3 games starting at noon. entry fee: $10.00 more info on missions will be updated ASAP after books been released so keep checking this thread if you’re interested. Themed high quality terrain for each table. No painting requirements but there will be Best Army price.
  12. Lysandestolpe

    Events USA: AOS 2 Tournament Richmond, VA

    Event Title: AOS 2 Tournament Richmond, VA Event Author: Lysandestolpe Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 07/14/2018 12:00 PM Tournament at battlegrounds in Richmond, VA. 3 games starting at noon. entry fee: $10.00 more info on missions will be updated ASAP after books been released so keep checking this thread if you’re interested. Themed high quality terrain for each table. No painting requirements but there will be Best Army price. AOS 2 Tournament Richmond, VA
  13. Gargants are random yes! At heat 1 my gargant made his points every single game tho. Which cannot be said for my Maw Crusher. I think their strength also comes from being underestimated by our opponents. I honestly feel ballsy enough to make the statement that the gargant helped me snag a spot for the final due to his solid performance in the more tougher games against Tzeentch and Fireslayers. @PlasticCraic I'd say stick to your gargants, although you'll have some flux with their performance, don't be scared to throw your opponent a curveball with them on the field (flanking or second wave them.) I do agree about the cannons but hey, they are hella cool so why not! Good luck on your event!
  14. Tyrant Tyrant Butcher Butcher x6 Ogors x3 Ogors x3 Ogors x12 Ledbelchers x6 Ironguts Gargant Endless spells I hope I can cram that into 2000pts with the points reductions. What intrigues me most to bring my gutbusters back out is the potential for new command traits and artifacts and perhaps even a more suitable way to adapt a new allegiance battle trait or belonging to a realm to get something
  15. Lysandestolpe

    Oscar Painting Stuff [Update: 1000 pts DONE!!!!]

    Thanks guys! Yeah this model is hella fun! Let’s hope they throw out an entire army looking like this ^^