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  1. SirPug

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    I was hoping for price drop to chaos knights and chaos sorcerer lords both on foot and on manticore.
  2. SirPug

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Could some one with better eyes then me tell me those stormcast points and sizes? Also that battleline requirment would be greatly apriciated.
  3. SirPug

    Mercenary Stormcast?

    I dont see sigmar taking stormcast's personalities away on purpose. To me it simply seems that part of them is lost when their essence is reformed on sigmars anvil as a unfortunate side effect. It's not like dying and being but together wouldn't take a toll after a time.
  4. SirPug

    Evocators - Coming soon

    The bit that really CHEESES MY ONIONS, is that they have 3 wounds and a move of 5. Paladins have move of 4 because they wear heavyer armor in game this is not represented as better save for them but 3 wounds instead.
  5. Nerfed to oblivion might i add😂
  6. SirPug

    Has Anyone Completed The Hammerhal Campaign?

    I think hammerhall has 2 branching paths. Next time we will try te other path with all 4 Kharadron overlord heroes.
  7. Only nerf they'll likely to receive is removal of staunch defender. It's not like stormcast are currently that strong after batallion nerfs.
  8. SirPug

    Has Anyone Completed The Hammerhal Campaign?

    I have played but we failed at the last fight of the second last mission. We did't manage to stop hammerhall from crashing in to lava. Perhaps next time we will have enaught punch to clear the fight in time.
  9. SirPug

    AoS 2.0 Winners and Losers

    I think its way too early to tell. I think it will take atleast 3 months in the new edition to even start considering winners and losers. But on a less serious note i think we players are the winners for getting so much new and exciting stuff to play with.
  10. SirPug

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Well banishment ain't that easy to pull of unless you have bonuses to casting so i don't think we need to fear it too much.
  11. SirPug

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I'm having problem deciding color scheme for my army. It will consist of 1 huge blob of thralls and rest will be akhelian eels and a leviadon. Leaders would be 2 tidecaster and a king. The 2 color schemes I'm having trouble deciding upon are following: 1 Bronze armour with red and orange cloth parts, kinda spartan look considering akhelians wear very greek looking armour. 2 purple armour, naggaroth night base with nuln oil wash to make it even darker and then xereus purple for the higlights. Cloth a color close to bahartoth blue and seaweed/jade green.
  12. SirPug

    Death changes we'd like to see in GHB2018

    Well the invocation is currently death's thing. Considering how strong legions of Nagash made death I dont think there will be huge changes to death.
  13. SirPug

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Is soulrender worth outside morphann? I have 30 thralls but i think i might play my army as dhom-hain, having 1 huge unit of thralls and lots of akhelians with king and atleast 1 tidecaller.
  14. SirPug

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    You could glue the eels to the bases using some cork between the eels and the base, basing like they would be on top of a big slab of rock instead of the poles. How did you paint that dark armor?
  15. SirPug

    Is Ironjaws beginner friendly for new players ?

    I think they are rather easy to play but have some trouble vs armies that have full armybooks. Tzeentzh and nurge particulary are pain. Also lack of shooting and mortal wound output is bit of a problem. But in core they are simple army wich is both strength and weakness at the same time. They look cool and are rather cheap army to collect if you buy both start collecting and the weird mob warband boxes.