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  1. What to purchase next?

    Nice idea. Hadn't thought of that (I already have 40 Ogor Grots painted) Not sure GW would be happy in their events but would imagine most independant events following the B&G lead.
  2. What to purchase next?

    60 Gitmob Grots with bows... you know you're goin' to need them so get the pain out of the way early... ... but in all seriousness I echo the warband box set. The brutes are gorgeous models and great fun to paint even for a rubbish painter like me. All the good painters make them look wonderful. It also gives you a few Ardboyz to see if you like painting the models. I like them but they are a little marmite and may not be the best unit in the list. Will be great to see the army grow and follow in the footsteps of Gork (or Mork)
  3. The RealmBeast

    The Red Gobbo rode atop the Sky Kraken as they searched the Realm for the fabled Realmbeast. The Red Gobbo was certain that with a few tricks he could capture the beast as long as he and his army were not ambushed, captured or killed by the others searching for the same thing. In the distance he saw a swirl of sand and smelt the stench of Death and knew he had found his target. Signalling to hit scouts to advance he rushed to the RealmBeast only to find other were approaching. Ghouls, Deathless Minions, the hated Khadron Overlords, strange Tree-Creatures and following of Gork and Mork in the form of Ogors and Orruks. The Red Gobbo, Sky Kraken and his scouts quickly advanced and begin trapping the Beast. He knew he could stop the Beast from moving if only he and his group worked hard enough, and did not engage with the others who sought to hurt, or help the Beast. With the Traps laid, and the Ghouls and Trees approaching from either side the RealmBeast suddenly lurched, and stumbled forward bringing his scouts in contact with the enemy... and war erupted. Whilst the Red Gobbo concentrated on Traps, others attacked the Beast and it moved every closer to the Red Gobbo causing difficulty for his followers of Mork. The Orruk advanced from the opposite side, whilst the Khadaron seemed to struggle with the winds as explosions ripped through their strange vessel. Before long his Giant was dead, and the Red Gobbo was amongst the sandstorms setting the last of his traps. Suddenly, the storm abated and he could clearly see Arach-Mork his shamanic controller of a huge Arachnarok spider... as he watched a large frost ball descended on Arach-Mork and he and his spider disappeared from view - their control over their limbs gone and the sandstorm taking command. To his right, Grubnik, his giant was fighting ghoul creatures and hitting the Realmbeast in his eagerness. The Red Gobbo screamed in anger as the giant fell squashing sand, Horrors, and RealmBeast alike... ... but things were getting worse and the Sky Kraken was under attack from a forest beetle, the like of which he had never seen. The Sky Kraken's limbs flung out and hit the creature, but a great blow forced it into the sandstorm of the RealmBeast and it too disappeared. Alone with the Beast, with Grots far away and unable to help the Red Gobbo let out of scream of anguish as a Sandstorm hit him and carried him off his feet. His last memory of a red tentacle wrapping itself around his body.
  4. The Road from RAW

    The Red Gobbo had captured his Leviathan in the face of the Aelfs of the Darkling Covens and their triple headed Leviathan beast. The child-Kraken was a small beast, unable to use his air sacks to rise above the ground and the bravery of the Red Gobbo's Wolf Riding scouts ensured his capture. The Red Gobbo instictively knew what to do with the Kraken, to teach it to float and then fly, and soon it was souring through the woods of the Realm of Life and attacking many large cows, and small creatures. He thanked Mork for the knowledge imparted to him, and began to train the Kraken to fight. Fortunately the deamons of the Plague were nearby defiling the Life of the realm, and they were the perfect target. Despite losing all his retinue during the attack, the Red Gobbo and his Leviathan grew in awe and respect for each other. It's hide toughened, and the Red Gobbo desperate for more training before the Kraken was tested in the Arena, he set off to the Realm of Fire where he met with fellow followers of the God Mork/Gork. The Ironjawz Orruks charged the Red Gobbo, but his arrows and the Sky Kraken made the sky black and green blood was spilt into the red sand of the Fire. During the fight, one of his scouts found some magic mushrooms, which the Kraken swooped on, eating them and the unfortunate grot. Clearly the practice of the swoop and dive improved the depth perception of the Kraken, and his blows landed more regularly taking Orruks and Boars apart with equal ease. But, the Realm of Fire had a further suprise as the Mushrooms had the taint of the Chaos Gods and - despite the efforts of Mork - the Sky Kraken was twisted, and his tentacles became more sporadic and unpredictable. Finally, the Sky Kraken and the Red Gobbo flew to the Realm of Charon, where metal flowed in the small valleys. But Mork was about to turn his back on the Red Gobbo, his band of warriors and the Kraken, for the Fire had taught it to break from it's leash. Mork woke the Red Gobbo with burning metal and he sent his Wolf Rider scouts to bring the Kraken back. Whilst they were away a shadow of a dragon descended upon the camp, and wolves - partially decayed, with skin and flesh falling off bones - attacked. Many Grots died, but the Orruks and Giant pushed back the Wolves and broke through whilst the Red Gobbo used Mork's will to guide the Kraken back to his rightful place. As night was setting on the realms, the Sky Kraken suddenly squawked, and turned in the air, swooping and picking up the Red Gobbo before flying through a Realmgate... they had arrives at the Monstrous Arena, and with Mork's favours they would surely win. Having banished Leviathans throughout the Realms, the Sky Kraken stood across the arena from an Epic Leviathan, from the Realm of Beasts. With crys of war and chants of "Goat Big or Go Home" and "Eat, Bray, Love"... the Kraken fell. His Epic journey temporarily halted but not over... the Red Gobbo approached him, gave him a salve given to him by the Spiderfang and he and the Sky Kraken flew on to the Realm of Death, ready to expand the territory of Mork (and possibly Gork).
  5. 'Having escaped the evil Kharadon, following his capture, the Red Gobbo went , in search of his warband - the Redfists of Destruction...' Having spent much of the last 2 months painting for RAW17 and WA5 (Warhammer Achievements), it is time I decided on the army for RAW17 (next weekend), finish basing the models, and ensuring everything has at least some red on a fist! Skirmish Warband (35 Reknown) 1 Nasty Skulker 2 Wolf Riders 3 Orruks with Spears 6 Grots with Spears 12 Grots with Short Bows Main Army (1,500 points) Grot Shaman 60 Grots (Short Bows) 3 Nasty Skulkers 20 Grots (Spears) 10 Orruks (Spears) 10 Wolf Riders 5 Spider Riders Arachnarok Spider with Catchweb Spidershrine Aleguzzler Gargant Aleguzzler Gargant And for those who don't follow me on Twitter, my Hunter & Leviathan:
  6. Gents - the last bus on Sunday for the P&R leaves at 18:30 for Madingley (West). As it's about a 10 min walk to the bus stop will this cause problems if I have to leave at 18:20pm on Sunday Awards scheduled for 17:45 - 18:30 Ta - Skeekrit
  7. And that's the story done... the Red Gobbo will ride again: Only slightly worried on time now!
  8. Road to RAW17

    This weekend I have a short break away from painting and preparing for RAW17 and WA5 as I am in Cambridge for a small 1 day warmaster tournament. But before then, I have to add a bit of meat to my Hunter and Leviathan background. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Red Gobbo looked out at the sky before him, as his ship accelerated towards the Kharadon Overlord city of Barak Saghon. At least he assumed that was where the ship was headed. As he was a prisoner, and the cursed Duardin were in command of the ship he had limited power over his direction of travel. He was certain that once he arrived at Barak Saghon he would be 'questioned' by the Duardin in order to find out where his base, and his goblins, orcs, and giants were based. Under his command they had caused much chaos and destruction and the Red Gobbo was certain that the Kharadon's meant to stop him. He had to escape, but with limited time, a guarded room, and acres of sky below him his opportunities were severely limited. Still, no benefit in panicing. He sat down on the floor, closed his eyes and began concentrating on an image. A monster appeared in his mind's eye. 10 limbs stretching towards him and a powerful beak crunching down on his bones as he was crushed, sliced and swallowed by the beast. The Red Gobbo opened his eyes, sweat slightly obscuring his vision, and waited. Suddenly the ship stopped moving, and he was thrown into the wall of his make-shift cell. Within seconds cold crisp air was coming through the place where the wall was, and he could see three red tentacles stretching towards him. Smiling he walked towards them and let them take him in it's deadly grasp. The Kraken - more accurately the Sky-Kraken - flew away from the Duardin leaving their ship to either get home or crash. The Red Gobbo perched on it's chitin back, a single tentacle wrapped around his waist to help him keep his balance, the Kraken's air pockets slow releasing to allow it to descend. He was heading back to his mob. But he would need to hide for a while as he re-built the strenghth of his warband. He would need to change, and nothing spoke of change more than a new outfit... blue would be perfect. The Duardin would never think to look for him amongst an army of blue greenskinz! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Blood and glory.

    Do you have anything available to substitute for the Grots. Painting 50 of them could be soul destroying especially if you're not used to painting that many models quickly. Any more destruction in your collection either painted or not?
  10. Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    I ran these before GHB17 - haven't been to an event since though. They were great if you trusted inspiring presence, but I did tend to hide my general as a Gitmob Grot unit champion. At 360 points before the change, and the same after they were great fun, and definitely caught people by surprise. Armed with Spears, and the maximum number of nets (9) mostly at the front. Good armour save, and massive foot print. Most of this still applies in GHB17 although the increase in fanatics to 100 for 3 may mean you need to screen these a little more than I did.
  11. Hi @HobbyHammer Trying to get a pass for this, but being slow on the Battalion requirement. Would really want to bring the Grots out to play and command a stronghold but no Battalion. Any chance I'd be allow to make something up? Skeekrit (Declan)
  12. Orruks, Giants, Ogors & Leviathan

    I haven't tried to transport it yet - still need a big round base to help with stability. However it is Reaper Bones (made of the slightly flexible plastic they use), so it's light and can bend a little without breaking the paint. I keep spending money on the Reaper Bones Kickstarters, so I have far too many of their models, but you can get this one separately: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/kraken/latest/77291 There are UK distributors but I haven't used any recently, and the £/US$ rate has made a few businesses drop out of importing Reaper models.
  13. Sorry for the delay in posting. I'd like to blame my progress, but unfortunately it was caused by real life interferring with my painting. Not good given the large task I have left myself with. However I did have a week in which I finished 20 Orruks, and this weekend I have managed to (mostly) finish: 3 Ogors 2 Gargants Leviathan / Blood Token Monster 10 Savage Orruks By 'nearly' I unfortunately ran out of brown (XV88) paint, so the weapon shafts and bases are not yet finished, but this just gives me the opportunity to post all my pictures twice. So without more preamble the updated pictures 20 Orruks (with Spears) - I should only need 10, but I got too involved in the painting 10 Savage Orruks (done today, except the brown) 2 Gargants - I need to base these, as not 100% sold on the highlighting on the stomach. It's not this pronounced in real life... 3 Ogors (again, no brown and so no bases). These guys are required to achieve the 5 Battleline units, and no more than 1 of each unit. There aren't many choices in destruction if you ignore all the 'Battleline If...' units and finally, my Leviathan (RAW17) and Blood Token Monster (WA5). In the Old World Warhammer, I couldn't take a model like this, but as there are now flying dwarfs I'm sure a Kraken who can 'swim' through the sky will be fine! I need to get him into my RAW17 story somehow now. Some thought required Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have a more regular approach to posting, and make more progress over the next few weeks. -Skeekrit
  14. I've answered as a tournament gamer (option 1), but I'd like to think most opponents would be willing to play as option 2. Would need to discuss it first though.
  15. Rock Lobber base size

    I've got mine on 60x60. Just fits, but I admit they are a bit tight and may not suit some people's taste.