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  1. Sorry for the delay in posting. I'd like to blame my progress, but unfortunately it was caused by real life interferring with my painting. Not good given the large task I have left myself with. However I did have a week in which I finished 20 Orruks, and this weekend I have managed to (mostly) finish: 3 Ogors 2 Gargants Leviathan / Blood Token Monster 10 Savage Orruks By 'nearly' I unfortunately ran out of brown (XV88) paint, so the weapon shafts and bases are not yet finished, but this just gives me the opportunity to post all my pictures twice. So without more preamble the updated pictures 20 Orruks (with Spears) - I should only need 10, but I got too involved in the painting 10 Savage Orruks (done today, except the brown) 2 Gargants - I need to base these, as not 100% sold on the highlighting on the stomach. It's not this pronounced in real life... 3 Ogors (again, no brown and so no bases). These guys are required to achieve the 5 Battleline units, and no more than 1 of each unit. There aren't many choices in destruction if you ignore all the 'Battleline If...' units and finally, my Leviathan (RAW17) and Blood Token Monster (WA5). In the Old World Warhammer, I couldn't take a model like this, but as there are now flying dwarfs I'm sure a Kraken who can 'swim' through the sky will be fine! I need to get him into my RAW17 story somehow now. Some thought required Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have a more regular approach to posting, and make more progress over the next few weeks. -Skeekrit
  2. I've answered as a tournament gamer (option 1), but I'd like to think most opponents would be willing to play as option 2. Would need to discuss it first though.
  3. Rock Lobber base size

    I've got mine on 60x60. Just fits, but I admit they are a bit tight and may not suit some people's taste.
  4. Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    Well that's more money gifted to a good cause... great event.
  5. Some Photos

    Some Photos: An Ardboy in my army's colour scheme, complete with red fists, but with my 'old style' basing Goblin Warboss, who will command my forces in the 1,600 point games... not sure about his survivability though Some of the To-Do pile in no particular order. Gigantic Spider, 3 Ogors, and 10 Wolf Riders - Declan
  6. The Beginning

    I've recently signed up for the RAW17 and Warhammer Achievements 17 events. Both are hobby events, with a strong Narrative and so I'd like to take the opportunity to redo my bases, and paint (a lot) of new models. I hope to succeed but with real life to contend with as well failure may happen. Fortunately, I have 2,500 points already painted and an appropriate Hunter & Monster for RAW17. Unfortunately, they are not the ones I want to do. So without further ado, the plan is: Rebase: Gitboss on Wolf Grot Shaman (Moonclan) Grot Shaman (Gitmob) Arachnarock Spider 60 Gitmob Grots 9 Nasty Skulkers Spear Chukka Rock Lobber 2 Orruk Chariots 15 Spider Riders 4 Snotlings 5 Cave Squigs 2 Squig Herders To Paint Grot Big Boss on Spider (Finecast) Orruk Warboss on Wyvern (Mierce) Arachnarock Shaman 20 Moonclan Grots (5th Edition) 2 Wolf Chariots 10 Wolf Riders Snotling Pump Wagon (hopefully converted) Gargant 10 Orruks 10 Savage Orruks 3 Ogors Blood Sacrifice Tokens Objective Tokens Extra Monster / Leviathan (Mierce) Display Board (possibly....!) For those who haven't read the Rulespack for Warhammer Achievements, @Stevewren has provided a list of painting achievements which I hope to incorporate into the above: Converted Model - Pump Wagon / Orruk Chariot Display Board - Maaaybe ... 5th Edition Unit - Moonclan Archers Freehand - At least one Banner Weathering - I think the Arachnarock Diorama - no idea... Scenic Bases - aiming for Agrellan Earth, Skulls, and the new Vines Enter a model into a painting Comp - never having done this, I'll pick the best one when I get there Use technical paints - probably rust Finecast - Spider Big Boss Scratch Builder - Snotling Pump Wagon? Greenstuff - Snotling Pump Wagon? NMM - sword / weapon on the Wyvern Unique Model for Arcane Transformation - hopefully Mierce will help here So there's loads to do, and lots of weekends full between now and then. I hope to keep my progress listed here - and add some photos this evening. Declan (Skeekrit)
  7. GH2017 - Greenskinz Discussion

    Feels a little inefficient given the discount for 40. Perhaps 40,40,10 and use the saved points on something else?
  8. Looking great @SteveWren. I'm close to finishing my list, but I think it means a lot of painting... need to get started to get this ready and have toys ready for #RAW17 the weekend before.
  9. Gitmob question

    If you don't have the models, it's an expensive army as well, and with no access to a Warscroll, you're almost certainly going last (there's a lot of units). I run a unit of 60 Gitmob with bows in a Grot army (Gitmob & Moonclan) which did okay in GHB16, but could struggle with places of power, and having 14+ drops, so was very match-up-dependent.
  10. GH2017 - Moonclan Discussion

    Interested to understand the logic on this one. You can still take 40 if you want, the max 60 just allows those of us who don't bring all the toys to go a little bigger. I grant you don't get the discount but does anyone get a discount for 2x min size units (I don't have book yet)
  11. GH2017 - Moonclan Discussion

    As someone who did run units of 60 grots (moonclan and common) at tournis over the last 24 months, I can't see myself changing, or being disappointed at this. By all accounts a lot of other things are going up in price, and an additional scenario where my large unit is useful. It'll definitely change the Meta and get me thinking again. Can't wait until I get my book.
  12. Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    Cheers Chris. Sorry to miss it and definitely make the next one.
  13. Events UK: BLACKOUT - 02-03/09/17 - Firestorm Games - PDF pack

    Hi Chris, Sorry about this, but I can no longer attend. Double booked by the other half, whilst I was trying to find accomodation. Hopefully I can down to Blackout / Cardiff again soon. Hope it doesn't give you too much trouble. Declan
  14. Events UK: Bristol Smash 2017

    1 I'd be happy to get the gobbos slaughtered by the acolytes of Khorne...!
  15. Events UK: Sheffield slaughter

    Cheers for a great tournament @Pete Scholey and the Dragon Slayers who helped ... even if I did spend the entire time in the 'quiet' room. Totally mis-judged the meta. Need to get something slightly different ready for Weymouth!