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  1. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Yeah I think they missed a trick with the skaven - recyclable clan rats and slaves units would have been a nice way to represent endless hordes of rat kin emerging from their tunnels
  2. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Sales of Chaos Spawn are about to go up Also excited to see what this means for FEC. I still think the main thing that army needs is for the Horrors and Flayers to be FEC Battle Line regardless of who is your general.
  3. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Not as reliably as throwing max dice at a super charged Purple Sun and hoping you rolled a 2 6's did.... _ I actually have a reasonable amount of confidence in the people play testing the game with Games Workshop. I don't know any of them personally but I think they have done a good job so far, of bringing a good degree of balance to the last 4 battletomes and picking up on the more game breaking mechanics that may have shown up in the alpha versions of the rules. I really can't imagine that they will miss any of the most obvious skyfall scenarios some people are presenting. Sure a small number of playtesters and GW rules writers are not going to catch everything - Which is where we come in once we start playing the new rules. We have a mechanism to provide feedback through the FAQ email. GW have a mechanism to correct and clarify things through the FAQ Schedule. As with any game, the people playing it are the actual problem. just because the rules allow you to do something which is unfair or exploitative doesn't mean you have to do it!!
  4. Twitch of Izalith

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    The core rules still regard bases as not being part of the model for now. I get why they did it - because they still had a warehouse full of models with square bases! But that should be less now. Its true most event packs have a "measurements are base to base" rule but I don't think many are including a rubric for what size base models sold with squares should appear on. Since larger bases actually make your units worse - particularly a unit of 30 black Guard - you may not have any problems fielding them. I would check with the TO beforehand though. I think GW might finally provide some formal structure for basing in 2nd edition.
  5. Twitch of Izalith

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Yes they will
  6. Twitch of Izalith

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    Yeah thats cool actually its like deep strike for lazy people but it has the advantage that you isolate the enemy unit near too your army rather than leaving one of your own units swinging in the wind near to theirs. Awesome spell. I hope we get access to the realm spells by choosing an origin for the army - so you could have Ashqy darkling covens or Ulgu darkling covens etc and get a choice of spells depending on where the army comes from.
  7. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Yeah I think that might be a good call - It could be a phase of the story arc that has a lot of dark fantasy elements rather than a full change in direction for the games tone as a whole. Reading between the lines of the interviews Phil Kelly et al have done though - it sound like this will be the core of the narrative for quite a long time - as much of a constant as the war against chaos in WFB. I think i'm more interested to read those promised 200 pages of lore in 2nd edition than to explore the new rules. I think there will be a lot of clues around the future of all the factions to be found there. In the mean time, if the story has got a bit too grim, or even dark, for some people. Fear ye not because GW has heard your cries and is releasing this for you In the first story one of the 12 year old girls terrorises a Bloodthirster by making a holy banner from one of her Justin Beiber posters before the warring pair have to be sorted out by her mother - SigMum the unrelentingly reasonable - Sigmum forces the self riteous little girl to understand that giant red monsters with anger management issues have feelings too. By the end of the book even Blobby Fartpants - the great unclean one from number 39 is allowed to come to sleepovers and Khorne has abandoned his great brass throne for a comedy bean bag placed right at the top of an endless mountain of My Little Ponies. However in a shocking twist that sets up the no doubt equally gripping sequel, the new leader of the Skaven clans - the great horned doormouse - has used the distraction to steal one of the ancient Lord of Bunnie's carrots in the realm of rainbows! Bunny Prime sets out with his retinue of elite, socially and ethnically diverse Rabbit Riders with the intention to prove one thing and one thing only to the treacherous skaven - stealing in WRONG!! I can't wait for AoS 3
  8. Twitch of Izalith

    Fluff Problems

    He has some Warhammer Fantasy stuff. He collaborated on a few of the Malus Darkblade novels which are the only ones I have actually read but I'm pretty sure he has a couple of other Fantasy titles for Balck Library.
  9. Twitch of Izalith

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    @Rhivan Yeah I like the thralls and reavers well enough - though they look better with the executioner helms! Nice kitbash. Have you done any with the black guard helms? I really like the Void Drummer from the sea turtle kit. I would like to get hold of one of those if they start showing up in bits sales. @Morhgoz Yeah its difficult to guess much from the reveals so far. I'm not sold on the realm based magic if you have to be actually fighting in that realm to use it. I'm hoping its more like the winds of magic from Fantasy - otherwise its a bit dull if both sides are taking from the same spell lore, even if that might be the most balanced way to introduce it! Arnizapals Black Horror and Word of Pain are the only Lore of Dark Magic spells they have ported over so far - If you don't count chillwind and blade wind from the old compendium. I suppose Doomfire is Doombolt by a different name too... Back in the day when spell lores had 10 spells in them there was a Dark Magic spell called Witch Flight which was a "remove from play and set up anywhere spell" That would be sooo useful
  10. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I don't think it does get old for a huge number of GW customers - The 40K universe has been unrelentingly gritty, dark and brutal for its entire history and is more popular than ever. I think the change in tone for AoS is directly in response to feedback from customers who found the epic high fantasy stuff childish and difficult to engage with. I think it would be fair to say that the "Grim Dark" setting is GW's USP as far as it compares with other popular fantasy and future fantasy settings - Its what hooks most of the fans with those universes - and of course its great for a game about fighting endless wars. I've said this on here before but the main thing for me is that the lore attached to the game inspires me to fight battles and collect armies. A story about a god fighting with a space dragon the size of a small planet is slightly tricky for me play out on the tabletop.
  11. Twitch of Izalith

    Fluff Problems

    I really like the approach currently where they are concentrating on short fiction and not even trying to create any particularly epic stories/new characters. I think most of the feedback they have got is that the majority of customers don't really like the "gods fighting continent sized monsters" stuff they had put out previously and while thats a bit of a shame for the people who did like that stuff - I think it will set the trend going forward. Also the realmgate wars books just didn't sell very well as far as I know. And GW listens particularly carefully when customers use their wallets to communicate. All the most positively received fiction - city of secrets, spear of shadows, plague garden, undying king - all those titles have very little in common with the realmgate wars offerings. Good novels are still pretty thin on the ground for AoS though. I just read Overlords of the Iron Dragon and its not a particularly good story to be honest - you get the distinct impression the author was writing to a brief rather than because he had a great idea for a character or story he wanted to share... I'm currently reading Talon of Horus by Aaron Dempsky Bowden and if you read those 2 books back to back you realise the huge difference in quality thats possible with Black Library. I've also been re-reading a lot of warhammer fiction as they re-release the "chronicles" and its just flat out better than anything for AoS so far. Not giving up on AoS lore and fiction though. Next on my list is the new Neferata book which I really hope is good since I bought the beautiful hardback special edition instead of the kindle versions I normally go for! I get what people are saying about "it took decades for the WFB Lore to develop" and that is a fair statement, but its worth remembering that GW & Black Library have also developed massively since the first 3 years of Warhammer Fantasy. The company is large enough now that they should be able to produce quality and quantity right from the start. The fact that we still have to reach for City of Secrets whenever anybody complains there are no good stories in AoS is strong evidence they are not consistently delivering that - and CoS isn't even a full length novel.
  12. Twitch of Izalith

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    Lol i dunno, because they are riding about on fish and sea turtles?! I just think the "army" looks ridiculous. the sea shell armour, the helmets that look like a 1960's biscuit tin, the guy with his pet octopus, the dude dangling off his water cloak. It all looks really dumb to me. It looks like it fell off a merry-go-round at sea world. Some of the background does sound pretty cool from what I have heard - I listened to the Garagehammer review - but the aether sea? I'm not buying that at all. And them fleeing into the deep oceans where the light can't reach (and therefore the pressure is enough to crush pretty much anything). They bring the same wrecked ship everywhere with them? really? It doesn't matter if they have a really dark background if they look like a cartoon.. or if aspects of them are just too far fetched for me to be willing to suspend my disbelief. Its all just too much for my tastes. But hey, lots of people think think they are great so i'm glad that they are out there for all the people who wanted this sort of thing, I just don't like them myself.
  13. Twitch of Izalith

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    @Black_Fortress_Immortal I was more in mind of the SoBD who IS over costed. Even so I don't see any of my opponents particularly terrified of me casting Word of Pain on them. Its a good spell but you can only cast it once. Hopefully the new magic rules will make casting more interesting and powerful for the Darkling Covens - they should be all about sorcery since the only heroes they have are wizards.
  14. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Definitely won't miss 2+ re-rolling 1's saving throws being so accessible. I guess stardrakes and some stormcast can still get them but thats ok - armour is their thing.
  15. Twitch of Izalith

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Slightly off topic but why are we so prejudiced against certain types of damage?? People are bothered about the potential to "spam" arcane bolt but nobody is worried about armies spamming swords for example? I'm playing 40k against T'au later this week. I'm going to accuse my opponent of being a bad sport for spamming guns and see what happens