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  1. Waizer

    WTS Lot of Stormcast BNIB

    just the 2 boxes of dracothian guard left
  2. Waizer

    WTS Lot of Stormcast BNIB

    both boxes of castellants sold to @Zhorphorus
  3. Waizer

    WTS Lot of Stormcast BNIB

    Message sent
  4. Waizer

    WTS Lot of Stormcast BNIB

    x2 boxes of dracothian guard sold to @Charles
  5. Waizer

    WTS Lot of Stormcast BNIB

    All still for sale, and can be flexible on the price since I do kinda need this new laptop.
  6. Right so let me start by explaining the situation as to why I'm selling... after doing the research I can now safely conclude that toddlers with drinks don't mix with laptops ALL SOLD Based in the UK so all the prices include p&p to the UK only. Have sold 1 item on these forums previously so have at least 1 person that can vouch for me If buyer wants more security though I'm selling these items on ebay too and happy to sell there so the buyer can see my feedback etc Pictures aren't the greatest, but you all know what boxes look like and these are just to prove I have what I say I have.
  7. Waizer

    New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Cheers, second picture certainly confirms it for me. First pic though has 2 changed weapons so not sure if they can even be used as the warband
  8. Waizer

    New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Just ooi are those new liberators hammers of sigmar only like neave blacktalon or can they be in any stormhost?
  9. Waizer

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I'd quite like to hear how the game went too please
  10. Waizer

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    I've always wondered how effective a drakesworn temple would be in an actual game. Sounds like it was pretty killy
  11. Waizer

    The Rumour Thread

    Now I can't stop seeing it!
  12. Waizer

    The Airbrush thread: one clean at a time!

    Find him fantastic too. I don't have the same style as him, but I have stolen many of his techniques and adapted them to my own with great results... oh and just remember he's not a scientist he just knows what looks good Another person is buypainted on youtube, although he hasn't made videos in a long time you can see many different techniques and colours being done by him (think he has close to 200 vids) and it's quite useful to see what can be done. And other person I like to watch is thirdeyenuke studio (again on youtube), she does very realistic work and it has honestly changed the way I've looked at a lot of models. Here's some examples of her work below
  13. Sent you a message back
  14. I'd love to see a flowchart like that. I know I may have found that useful when going back and forth which army I wanted to play over the last few weeks Could be an idea so that the each army is then given a link to what we might consider a decent youtube video of the army in action. If someone is interested in an army just searching youtube won't always give you a fair representation of how an army plays.