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  1. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Awesome battle reports m8. Gj against the khorne murderhost, tough as nails list and your one managed to beat it.
  2. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Ghoul patrol has very high potential model regen but has very slow turns. Not many lists will stop 120 ghouls that can regen models almost as fast as they lose them and turn up 9" away from the enemy. But moving 120 ghouls and recovering those that were killed is at times painfully slow. Royal menagerie is pretty effective and is a lot quicker. Definitely can be very fun moving big monsters around, adding your own sounds effects whilst doing so is optional but does increase the fun factor ;). Horror/flayer elite list... I'd go with deadwatch. Again can be effective and fast in terms of turn speed. Whilst the turns are not as fast as the royal menagerie it is still far faster than ghoul patrol. Still have the option of a big monster in a list like this if having big scarey monsters is your thing. If just fun is what you're after its completely down to what you find fun. Plenty will find the ghoul patrol the most fun whilst others will hate how slow the turns are and love the royal menagerie. Personally I can find any of those lists above fun to use, but if I was forced to play just 1 I would pick the royal menagerie.
  3. FEC feeding frenzy questions

    Each unit can do it once per turn and it has to be a whole unit destroyed. Don't have my book to hand, but iirc the wording is something along the lines of: Roll a dice if a FEC units attacks result in an enemy unit being slain in the combat phase, on a roll of a 6+ you can immediately pile in and attack again. Any additional units that are slain as a result of attacks by this unit do not cause the effect to go off again.
  4. FEC 1k bravery focused list

    Think I prefer list 2 more myself. With list 1 you'd have the x6 flayers near the varghulf, but with the varghulf being a lot softer a target than a TG I can just see it being singled out and killed asap. As soon as the varghulf is gone the most you're rolling is a 7 for your screams on targets at full bravery so the damage output is not going to be great, if you roll average and all the flayers are alive you're only rolling that 7 once per shooting phase. With list 2 the TG should survive a fair bit longer and so allow you to do a lot more scream damage. You also get the bonus that if you know the TG isn't going to last much longer you can charge it into the most congested area possible and watch it explode and deal d3 mortal wounds to all the units it was close to. I know list 2 is short on bodies for holding objectives and a 10 man ghoul unit is a tempting target, but any firepower going into killing them off is firepower that is not going into the teeth of your army. Personally if I had flayers, an infernal courtier and a GKoTG rushing towards me I know where my firepower will be focused
  5. Deathlords list. Feedback Required :)

    Command traits I'm not too worried about as I'll have a choice of at least 2 very good ones from the mortarch's, but yes I agree losing the artefact customisation will hurt going pure DL. I really like the idea of having the battleline fulfilled by units of scary morghasts and then allying in a big sturdy block (40 skellies with a wight king with infernal standard for example) for objective holding. Certainly will have to have a good play around with some lists and then do some play testing to see if I would just be better going generic death rather than DL w/ allies. Cheers btw, appreciate the help
  6. Deathlords list. Feedback Required :)

    That's an interesting one. I asked about this in the rules forum and was sent to pg116 in the ghb2017 and, if I'm completely honest, I couldn't find the specific line that said the allegiance you use to construct your army can be different to the one you choose for abilities (but obviously you have to qualify for both). I mean I'm positive you can as it does make sense, I just couldn't find the text to support it. And just ooi as that sounds a very cool idea, if I use deathlords as my main allegiance to make morghast battleline I'd have to have a vampire in as an ally. Since it's an ally I thought I wouldn't be able to give it anything?
  7. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    If you have both those sets I'd personally go for: Ghoul King on Terrorgheist - Grim Garland Crypt Ghast Courtier x10 man crypt ghoul unit x10 man crypt ghoul unit x3 crypt flayers x3 crypt flayers That's 1000pts on the nose. Keep the flayers next to the TG and use their screams with the -2 bravery from the artefact to do some good damage in the shooting phase then lay into them in the combat phase. Battleline is a little weak, but hopefully the ghast can be kept out of sight and trouble long enough for you to keep recovering some of the lost models each hero phase. With this aswell you'll have 9 spare ghouls to build up. You could make a few more ghast courtiers or buy the parts missing on ebay (1 set of legs, 1 body and 1 head) to make a new unit of 10 ghouls.
  8. Deathlords list. Feedback Required :)

    Luckily I have all 3 mortarch's on the way so if mannfred doesn't perform I can just switch him out for the 100pts cheaper option and see how arkhan plays
  9. Deathlords allegiance

    Thanks very much for that m8. Will head to that page too just to make sure I know the exact wording incase that issue comes up
  10. Deathlords allegiance

    Right so let me start by saying I'm new to AoS and if this rules query is covered somewhere already, either in this forum or elsewhere, I apologise and please point me the right way So while having a play about building lists (I seem to spend more time building lists than models these days) I hit a little snag. If you use deathlords as the main allegiance of the army to make the morghast archai/harbingers battleline units can you use the deathless minions battle trait? Not sure if since you'd be deathlords allegiance you'd lose access to death abilities.
  11. Deathlords list. Feedback Required :)

    Just wondered, if you use deathlords as the main allegiance of the army to make the morghast battleline can you use the deathless minions battle trait? Not sure if since you'd be deathlords allegiance you'd lose access to death abilities.
  12. FEC artefacts and traits

    Agree with what has been said in the most part. Definitely feel the points reduction in some area's are more than balanced out by the increases elsewhere for an overall net loss. Would be nice to get a good new death army book and even see some other factions getting a book like the FEC had before.
  13. FEC artefacts and traits

    Oh I could be fully wrong there with my interpretation. Either way though 5+ is still going off most of the time
  14. Deathlords list. Feedback Required :)

    Awesome, was thinking of using the spare points for skellies and a wight king with standard How does it fair in games?
  15. So I was having a little look through the GHB2017 last night whilst I couldn't sleep... and whether it was the sleep deprivation or something else I threw together a list that I have no idea will be effective or just look pretty. Neferata Mannfred x4 Morghast Archai x4 Morghast Harbinger and 300 points left over to get 1 more battleline at least Like I said no idea how effective it would be, know it would be fast and would allow for quick turns at least. But with such a low model count it could disappear very quickly. Any feedback would be appreciated, cheers