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  1. Slaves to darkness main strategy?

    i play alot of slaves to darkness and what is their main strengths? i feel like the lack of formations and special rules really hurt them
  2. Wanderers artifact question

    does the starcaster longbows user still shoot its normal weapon after / before he uses the artifact or does it replace it, thanks
  3. Elves and men alliance list

    well i got 8 spare glade guard so i will do! and will wild wood rangers do instead?
  4. Elves and men alliance list

    so i got a skirmish list of the order alliance! here it is! celestial hurricanum waystrider wayfinder waywatcher 2 x 20 glade guard 10 shadow warriors 20 free guild guard exactly 1500 points! the list will be based around the elven big 3 and the hurricanum!
  5. How do I paint non-greenskinned Orruks?

    id say a more pale orruk skin
  6. Does anyone know how to get a feeling of a no green skinned orruk? like ones in the lotr series, maybe rakarth flesh with some kislev flesh and topping it off with agrax? and which orruk box do you think matches the style of these?
  7. Shadow warriors arm conversion

    does anyone know the arm for the shadow warriors are flat like the sm or round like the skaven ones? thanks
  8. hi guys! whats your most embarrassing or luckiest moment in an aos match? my most embarrassing is when i failed to kill a carnosaur with 4 wounds using a unit of 3 stormfiends with warpfire throwers but rolled all ones so he survives and i lose.... ;c My most lucky moment was when my skaven warlord was running a suicide charge against a megaboss and got mystic shield on him but when i got the charge i hit with all my 3 dies and wounds with all 3 and failed saves and rolled all d3 rolls of 5 and 6!! resulting in a kill of the megaboss which was completely accidental!!
  9. 1000 / 1500 points of tzeentch daemons or Disciples help!

    how about Herald on chariot x 2 2 x 10 pink horrors 3 flamers and 2 exalted ones 2 x 3 screamers vortex beast! 1500!
  10. Hi so i am looking foward to play tzeentch and would love some suggestions for lists!
  11. hey so im looking forward to a ranged order list without any guns! so bows! so far im thinking of. Celestial hurricanum 20 glade guard and 10 glade guard 10 shadow warriors 10 darkshards. any suggestions on heroes and such? the 2 glade guard models left might be able to convert into a wood elf hero
  12. Swift hawks list!

    can dark riders work as reavers? as in models
  13. IMO i think either putrid blight kings or stormcast Whats yours?
  14. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    with the 2 x 30 bloodletters and no blood crushers isnt that 1700?
  15. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    hey heres my blades of khorne list! the slaves to darkness are all mark of khorne! tell me if its legal! 2 blood thrones blood master chaos lord on manticore chaos lord on mount Units 2 x 20 blood letters 2 x 3 blood crushers 5 chaos warriors 2 x 5 chaos knights MURDER HOST! 2000 points! a highly mobile list centered around the murder host formation!