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  1. High elves list

    So what would be a good starting list? after i get the spire of dawn pack?
  2. Skaven List

    hey nice skaven warlord! the sword is kinda ordinary though but still great! if i were to do a conversion i would have used the champions blade from the knights set!
  3. Skaven List

    it is funny seeing my skaven warlord use a "daemonic weapon" , would be nice if there was a seperate part for skaven because having a warlord with a daemonic weapon doesnt sound right
  4. Skaven List

    isnt the maximum for allies 400 in the new handbook? and if not you can have more than 1 different factions as allies?
  5. Skaven List

    what if i go the 3 storm fiends 20 stormvermin and spire of dawn skaven side. Is it legal and if so which allegiance would it be in? sry if one of you answered this just wanna be clear
  6. Tips for Kharadon list for 200 or under

    hey so how do i spend a profit in the kharadons list?
  7. Skaven List

    is it still a legal list with the spire of dawn box? the skaven side
  8. Skaven List

    oh yeah! verminus doesn't have any of them! i haven't checked but skyre has it?
  9. Skaven List

    thanks for the information! i think ill go with classic horde style of verminus over the lesser units more elite units skyre!
  10. Skaven List

    then what are the storm vermin or the storm fiends/ of of those 2 used for if i have to have them in 1 allegiance?
  11. Phoenix guard vs White Lions

    After purchasing spire of dawn how should i expand on my infantry? i know that dragon blades or princes whatever they are called are a must but what to get to expand the infantry side of things?
  12. Skaven List

    Hey guys so heres my skaven list so far... 20 stormvermin 1 Warlord 3 storm fiends what should i get next? and rip im pre sure that our store does matched play
  13. Marauder Horsemen

    I mean i know they are a skirmishing power for chaos but are they really worth it?
  14. Slaves to darkness formations

    ooh sick and yep i am pretty horrible at reading
  15. Slaves to darkness formations

    Is the godsworn warband or like the one you can do challenges in the hero phase, do you get to attack again in the combat phase and do they get to attack back too when you are attacking them in the hero phase thx