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  1. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    We are very different people 😋
  2. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    That and the beer consumption...
  3. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    Thanks to all for the great input. I was planning on leaving the bows off the command models for clarity and I'm glad that that seems sensible to others. I don't want to be gamey, just getting the etiquette right before I take them to a tournament.
  4. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    Thanks Malakree. Really useful answer and the sensible approach that I would like to take too. Cheers
  5. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    Now that's interesting, I've always assumed that BSBs don't count as having weapons unless specifically modelled on. I assume most reasonable gamers treat them as having the basic unit weapons then?
  6. Farthestgoose

    How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    I have a similar question as a player considering a move from friendly games to the competitive scene. The warscroll for my grot spider riders states that 'some riders are also armed with Spider-bows'. The kit comes with 7 bows for 10 grots. In a tournament would my unit only be considered to have 7 bows as that's what's modelled? Would I need to buy some more bits if I wanted to get maximum shooting out of the unit?
  7. Farthestgoose

    Da Big Blue Fist: Introduction

    I love the backstory. Looking forward to seeing this army grow
  8. Farthestgoose

    Is it time to get competitive?!

    Good call. Thanks
  9. Farthestgoose

    Is it time to get competitive?!

    Hi all, I've finally pulled the trigger and gone from forum lurker/podcast listener to an active member of the community after a concerted effort to up my hobby game this year. I've been playing 40k and fantasy/AoS for over 25 years now on and off. This year (as I do most years) I decided to make a genuine effort to increase the amount I was playing and improve my mediocre painting skills. The difference this year is I've managed it. I've probably only played 10 games this year so far but it's a big improvement on previous years and, although it still takes me an age to paint stuff, I'm much happier with the quality of my painting. The one thing I still struggle with is staying focussed on one project at a time. I'm sure the rest of you never have more than one army on the go or get distracted by new shiny things! As a way of focussing my mind and hobby, and giving myself some hard deadlines to keep up my hobby motivation I've decided I should finally enter some events. I listen to a lot of the UK based podcasts and have done for many years and, although I'm not a competitive gamer at all, the tournament gamers in the UK seem a sound bunch. It's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario (that one's in GHB2017 right?!). I have no painted armies so can't just jump into an event (Blood and Glory this year is way too soon for me to be confident I'll have an army finished in time) but without an event deadline my army painting lacks a little focus. My current plan is to bite the bullet with an event in early 2018 and force myself to get working. I don't help myself as I've also just started a completely new project which I'll post up eslewhere on the forum as it grows. I fell in love with the models in the new Venom Clan box so I'm currently working towards a 2000 point pure Spiderfang Grot army. I know, I know, I'm a power gamer who is only interested in the new filth Having never played competitively and having chosen such an interesting army I'm sure a few of you may bump into me on the bottom tables at next years big events but I'm not in it to win it right now, just to meet some new friends, drink a pint or twelfty and paint some decent models along the way. See you on the scene! Rob/Goose