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  1. Shadespire is a city. Once there was a people called kataphran, who developed a waybto store their souls and cheat death. Nagash got pissed and leveled the city.
  2. I prime black, dry brush grey, then black wash
  3. And since negash hates them, they could be order
  4. So according to shadespire fluuf, there once was, during the age of myth, a race of men who discovered how to keep their solu (maybe even after death). Long story short, nagash got pissed off and f$%¨#* the city and its people really bad, tho smoe of them survived to this day. Ok, i dont think they will be "compatible" with tombo kings, but i do get a similar(ish) vibe here. Dont you?
  5. Like i said, if skarsnik granted two attacks immediataly, i wouldnt even bother with warboss. But grost tend to drop like flies and once it starts it goes downhill fast. This is where, imo, warboss gets the edge. It can deal more dmg upfront. It may be my mtg mind on playing goblins deck, tho. I really see them as glass cannons. Well, i love em anyway.
  6. You get double damage on 4+, becausenyou get +2 modifiers. So any 4+ wound will be 6+ and deal double damage. Battlebrew just makes the warboss nastier. Bellowing was my mistake. It does help to connect attacks, but not on doubling damage.
  7. About hoppers and fanatic i see your point, but idk... still not sure it works like that.
  8. The thing is that you dont attack twice immediately. You attack once, the oppnent attack, then you can attack again. So you risk losing a lot of firepower on the trade. With warboss and 40 grots you be dealong double damage on 4+, on up to 30 attacks. At once. After some games, i just find it better. But its just me, ofc.
  9. You can only hide fanatics on grots units, dont you?
  10. i used to advocate for skarsnik. I still think that no battleshock is pretty crazy for moonclan. but thing is, double damage on 6+ , BellowingTyrant and battle brew, are way more brutal than attacking twice, imo
  11. And scroll says either moon or banner, so i dont think we can take both, can we?
  12. just remember that every 10 models add one to bravery on battleshock tests. Since i run units of 40 grots, their bravery is not too shabyy early on.
  13. I plays it nekid. WAAAAGHHHHHH
  14. As a fellow ironjawz player, all ive got to say is: "2d6+2"
  15. Damn delorean!