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  1. Id say no. But since banner and musicians affect other "units" from the same scroll, i woudnt mind if my opponent used it. It wouldnt help that much anyway.
  2. Yes you can. But only from ghb for ga's, not from battletomes
  3. I really want to thank you all for joining the thread. Such fun warbands, with old models, new models, crazy models. And the names! The backgrounds! Damn, aos community is fkng awsome.
  4. So 40k 8th ed. Is a new game. Understood. Now that i think about it, aos may be more similar to 1st ed. Wfb than 8th was.... It is more 6th than 8th was. 🤔 My point is - the game had some pretty massive changes between edition. Every single thing you listed has changed over editions. Aos was just that.
  5. I get your point. And i agree with them. But still, imo, it doesnt invalidate a "new edition". Like you said its a continuation. I see eot as dc crisis on infinite earths. Aos is post crisis dc. But, like i said, just my 2c on it.
  6. And still grimgor is not listed as ironjawz. 😑
  7. My two cents: In the end of the day, aos is just wfb 9th ed.
  8. page 16. allegiance abilities. ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES Every warband owes allegiance to one of the Grand Alliances–either ORDER,CHAOS,DEATH or DESTRUCTION. The units you choose to make up your warband may make it eligible for allegiance abilities from a number of different sources,such as battletomes and the General’sHandbook. However, in a Skirmishbattle, your warband can only use the allegiance abilities of the Grand Alliance from which they hail. it doesnt say you can use anything from a battletome, it says the opposite, actually. they can use the abilities from grand alliances that are on ghb. from GHB: ALLEGIANCE ABILITIES From powerful command traits to arcane items of incredible power,this section provides new rules for your Order,Chaos,Destruction and Death armies. from Order abilities: This section describes the allegiance abilities available to an Order army,including battletraits for the army,command traits for its general and themagical artefacts available to its heroes.
  9. Doesnt the book say you can?
  10. Well the only thing that pissed me off was the lack of support for a ton os models. But we already have a formula to deal with it, my club settled on it, so no big deal in the end. I do get most of the negative points, and while i agree they are there, i really think they are just a.matter of scaling down the game. In the end we had a blast. I was positively surprised as how much fun it was.
  11. Aur Auric runefather deals 3 damage per attack, also he can ****** heroes/monsters. Ill stick with it for now, but wont run the ironwarden with torpedo anymore. I think that drakegun with two shots maybe better
  12. I think wrathmongers will shine on skirmish.
  13. Well, skirmish is officially here. So why dont we post, show and talk about our warbands? Feel free to post unsuported non bahemoth models. Today ill have my firts match, 50 renown. The grudge company: 1 warden king 1 auric runefather 1 irondrake with torpedo 2 ironbreakers Still deciding about command and artefact.
  14. And still they can benefit from banner and musicoan from te same scroll. And still the book says you can field a unit of 20 grot max Maybe im just dumb, but id apreciate a clarification. Even tho, as pads said, the benefic is minimum. Kill one model and they lose it
  15. Still the book says you can field them in a unit of 30. This really needs to be faqd. Im not sure about commands that buff a unit too.