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  1. go full grots and dont play to kill the opponent, play to get objectives
  2. yeah, they did, but they never named the release other than tzeenuary or something like that. IMO it could be botha a new starter AND new campaign books or a new board.
  3. Blight war was just teased. But what is it? A new starter (nurgle x sce)? A new boardgame? A new campaign like gate wars?
  4. two different beasts. Silver tower is more ain to an rpg, shadespsire is more of an arena team deathmatch
  5. I live in amazon, brasil. Theres no way in hell id play aos without a club. I had a starter set laying around for like 6 months. I gave the bloodbound half to my cousin and we started playing. Another dude that plays mtg with us saw us playing one day and ordered a slaves of darkness start collecting. Another one liked and bought some death... Long story short, soon there were 8 guys playing and there was no space in my house for nore than 2 tabkes. my cousing had a pool room outside his house, we build 4 tables, moved there and we gather twice a month and got like 16 players. We call it our club.
  6. he only can in open games. In matched games he can only cast each spell once per turn. hes pretty strong, but in matched play he loses a lot of steam.
  7. focus on objectives and dont try to kill him. he just blew 640 points.
  8. this. AOS points are power level.
  9. Look at the bright side - any army that doesnt get love im ghb17 may be getting a battletome. Thats my hope for grots
  10. Give ingot to umgrin and let it burn.
  11. And you can run when you retreat.
  12. Agree on dispossessed trait. That said i liked the artifacts. Teleport is bonks, But so is the wanderers ability and fureslayer traits.
  13. Well, seems like GHB17 will manage to blow GHB out of the water - its really great to finally see most of the armies flashed out with battle traits, command traits, artefacts and all (And to believe that those that didnt get new toys, are with new battletomes coming out) Anyways, GW showed of some stuff today, what you thoughts about it? Seraphon - "The Seraphon are one of the most improved armies in the new General’s Handbook, with new allegiance abilities, warlord traits, artefacts and two Warscroll battalions. The most powerful of these is the Lords of Space and Time allegiance ability – which lets you remove a unit and replace it anywhere on the battlefield more than 9″ from the enemy." Wanderers: The Wanderers are a fast-moving ranged army, capable of disappearing off of table edges then reappearing – combine this with Melt Away, and you’ll be able to lead powerful melee units on a merry chase around the tabletop while peppering them with deadly ranged fire. The best way to take advantage of this is with Sisters of the Watch – by forcing the enemy to charge you repeatedly, they’re going to have to deal with multiple attacks from Loose to the Last, which allows the Sisters of the Watch to shoot at incoming units. Dispossessed: If you’re a fan of old-school duardin, the Dispossessed are the army for you. Thanks to Stubborn to the End, Dispossessed units are nearly impossible to shift and you’ll be able to safely take huge units of them. Fyreslayers: If you prefer ur-gold over gromril, now’s a great time to get stuck in with a Fyreslayers army thanks to a host of new rules in the Generals Handbook 2017. During the course of the game, you can activate powerful ur-gold runes to swing events in your favour: Oh, yeah, and always read the small letters: The Darkling Covens and the Free Peoples are also getting some special attention in the Generals Handbook 2017, and we thought they both deserved a closer look, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for our in-depth preview of these factions.
  14. Heres hoping grots go down from 60 to 40.
  15. we already had houseruled 6 as succeed a long time ago, because mourngul and neferata made impossible for a lot of units to do anything