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  1. The Rumour Thread

    er... stormcasts
  2. Malign Portents

    oooooops - deleted. i was worng, lol
  3. The Rumour Thread

    its not like gw has never released a battletome and next thing they do, they release new units that could be on that tome. Poor sces suffer from that all the time.
  4. Malign Portents

    why do it need to be a rebbot, and not just progression?
  5. All allegiance cards uploaded

  6. Ideas for using Open War Cards

    ill just use deploy, objectives and twists
  7. So, are Squig gobbas awesome now?

    Who would ever thougt, eh? I mean, they are not broke, but they were crappy and now they are quite good - 18" 2d6 attaks wo LOS, 3+ (if they didnt move)/3+/-/d3, for 140 pts is quite good on my book. Didnt see that coming, and gotta say it made my day.
  8. Dispossessed Battletraits. Yes - plural

    Well, many people were like "Stubborn to the end makes the batallion useless" Well, ok, it does, but grudgebound doesnt. I havent seem the grudge table yet, but i suspect people will be getting this over stubborn all the way. That said, damn, those are two fluffy traits.
  9. GHB17 - Let´s chat dispossessed

    Sorry mate, didnt see it. TBH, i still cant find the thread. Bu, yeha, if there was an active dispossessed thread prior to this one, we dont need this one.
  10. GHB17 - Let´s chat dispossessed

    I think we are cool with compendium - word is that theyll be released on line the same day as ghb17. As long as they have points and keywords, we´re good.
  11. GHB17 - Let´s chat dispossessed

    So: - new abilities -new batallion - points decrease in all troops, except thunderers and quarrelers -hammerers as bl for dispossed army. - massive regiment discount fo 40 warrior - 30 longbeards/ironbreakers/hammerers that´s a lot of love
  12. GH2017 - Moonclan Discussion

    they were more on the weak side, they arent really killy or powerful, moonclan is an horde army. they rely on numbers. if you raise their cost and give nothing back, you hurt them, cos they get weaker.
  13. GH2017 - Moonclan Discussion

    where did you get moonclan fluff on mortal realms????
  14. GH2017 - Moonclan Discussion

    well, it cuts both ways. while ironjawz are awesome and while I do play them, they kinda made the old greenskinz... unapealling? It might happen the same - we might get a insane new batch of gobbos that will outshine moonclan.
  15. just noticed this: "In addition to warscroll battalions, there are warscrolls for two brand new characters and new allegiance abilities for Nurgle armies. Dunno... guess theres no battlome coming...