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  1. Oh I actually have two from "back in the day" so I'm quite tempted to give it a go, but to be honest I even think they're the kinda thing that is very scratch-buildable if you're not sure of the price.. Yeah not needing LOS seems great to me.
  2. Hey @Chris Tomlin, thanks for the report! Haha the good old Carlsburg get out clause So do you like the 3 chukkas as a serious option? I guess it might be hard to tell after just one game in which they were brilliant, but does 3 feel better than 2, or too many points invested in them. @Sangfroid interesting option! I had a go seeing if I could sneak one 10 strong brute squad into that list but couldn't find a gap big enough for them However I'm not sure you need both warchanters in that list and if you drop one you could go for a full on Rockjawz list Cabbage Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 30 Ardboyz 3 x 3 Gruntas 4 Rocklobberz 1990 points I know the lobberz aren't as good as the chukkas or divers, but I quite like that because there are four they can be placed in two groups of two - holding two objectives and meaning the opponent has to attack two different places to take them all out, but they still all get their battery bonus. To be honest though I'm mostly just sold because of the name Rockjawz 😎
  3. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Thanks for the report @Rock Lobster, really interesting. Regarding the Mega-krusha & artifact hmm.. I think you guys have opened my eyes somewhat to the value of metal-ripper! Previously I'd just gone the straight-forward orcy thinking that daubing keeps my megaboss general and coolest model live, so can only be a good thing, and it affects the whole model, where as the weapons only affect part of it. I can definitely see metal-ripper being good if you're fighting something like that treeman though! My gobliny heart really wants to love Armour of Mork, it's such a sneeky gotcha.. but.. because it's affected by rend I don't see it working against precisely the stuff I want it to work against - other people's big killy stuff. On the Ironfist - nice to hear the boss skewer working for you! I've been tending to think that an extra unit of ladz is a better choice than the battalions, but boss skewer is the item I've been putting in my lists when I do have Ironfist. And yey for the Troll hag. I do love trolls generally, so it's cool to hear from you and @Sangfroid that she worked so well for you. Must admit I took a look at her but thought "why not just have a cheap mage, and then another unit of brutes or similar?" but perhaps I've underestimated her Mighty Destroyers - I did wonder at one point if it might be a fun idea to get lots of cheap heroes (hello warchanters / goblin shamans) to try and maximise the chance of getting this, but decided it's too unreliable to base my hero choices around. One question occured to me regarding using it multiple times on a single unit: do you roll for all your heroes before moving a unit? So if a unit starts near two heroes who both get the result it can go 12"? Or do you roll for a hero, then make the units move, meaning if you wanted to use it on the same unit they'd have to use their first move to go to within 6" of the second hero.. like a bizarre relay race? And yeah I too wish we could move instead of going for a 12" charge..
  4. Looks like a great start @Dieselfruit, the giants mask is really cool.
  5. Hey one thing that has come time mind.. so it's this it? Is this the one true perfect list? Gone stock with it a while, or have you got chants you'd like to make?
  6. I totally agree on the rule interpretation and it not being cheesy regarding pile ins. On a slight side track though the tactical removal of casualties is never something that's sat right with me - again I agree that it's totally legitimate, but for me it just breaks the immersion if that's the right word. It just doesn't make much sense. I think it'd be a nice improvement if the rule was to remove the model(s) closest to the attacking model(s).
  7. Yeah I was just teasing I totally understand, actually the cool little destruction community on here is great, really helps raise my enthusiasm levels about the Ironjawz (and destruction in general) and you've been a big of it. I used to play Orcs & Goblins back in fantasy but hadn't played for years. When I started getting interesting in AoS I came on here and reading through all the discussions you guys were having about Ironjawz is a big part of why I stayed green (must admit I was pretty tempted by the gorgeous Sylvaneth and Kharadron Overlords minis). That and seeing you and @Paul Buckler play on warhammer TV and just thinking "wow Ironjawz are cool!" Haha. Yeah I would *love* to listen to that conversion. Tales of Sigmar podcast have a great episode where they chatted to the guy who won Heat 3 with squigs, that was so cool. Yeah I love the he took Gorefist, not something I'd ever considered. It's also interesting that he's got 20 Ardboyz - I'm curious if really likes that unit (and why) or if it was more a question of having the models. In my mind on just wondering why not 2 of 10? Plus he got highest kill points, right? How did that happen?! When I look at his list I see a mawcrusher and chaff, so I definitely must be looking at it wrong Oh sure, they're still WIP - only thing that's really done in my mind are the metals (which admittedly is most of them). I'm going for all natural rust & skin colours - I decide I couldn't imagine my Orruks hanging around to paint their armour / nails so the only ornamentation in planing on giving them is scratched symbols into the metal... Oh and yeah their bases are upside down, planning on filling them up with water effect. They live in a swamp, hence all the rust
  8. Such a diva! Well I enjoyed reading them! Sounds like some cool games, although the Engine of the Gods thing just sounds horrible! So people seem to be in love with Gore Gruntas at the moment, but the piggies didn't get a mention in your report! Do you still think they're a crucial part of your list? I'm assuming they weren't involved in any key moments, but maybe they were but it's just not particularly glamorous?? It was super interesting to hear about the Gorefist winning the GT last weekend, and I'd really love to know how they were used. But the other interesting thing about that list was the two Doom Divers - which made me take a look at them again - how do you think these compare with the spear chukkas? I've not done the math-hammer but I assume spear chukkas are slightly more reliable at damaging heroes, but the Doom Divers not needing line of sight guarantees you can aim the damage where you need it.. it's a tough choice! I can only imagine - I'm currently painting 10 Ard Boyz, the metal scratching and edge highlighting alone has taken more than an hour per model, so that must be 10-15 hours and these guys are about as far from being a centre piece as it gets! I kinda enjoyed it, but it was tough going. Stay strong brother!
  9. Let's chat: Steelheart's Champions

    Yeah I agree with this! One possibility would be to paint his head so he looks like an ethereal or ghostly being of energy rather than a flesh and blood human. That'd also fit in with the general Shadespire aesthetic - so I'm thinking I might take that route rather then trying to convert him.
  10. Hey @Chris Tomlin & @Sangfroid thanks for asking, I'll look forward to hearing the show So I've been watching the GT final on twitch this week and it was great to see two unusual armies, mixed order and Gorefist Ironjawz, do so well. They, along with a few other lists, had something in common - they made use of some great combos or movement shenanigans that people really aren't used to facing. *So* my long winded question is: 1. How important do you guys think it is to be able to whip out these combos / shenanigans at a crucial moment in the game. 2. What (if any) are some of Ironjawz best combos, or options for unusual movement tricksiness? Cheers
  11. Destruction showing at Facehammer GT - Debrief

    Hey guys, it's been great reading all your reports! One thing did strike me about @Chris Tomlin and @Sangfroid lists - pre GH2017 there was lots of talk of Ironjawz struggling with battleshock. Now we've got Bestial Charisma, Golden Toof, and Boss Skewer.. but no one's using them! Anyone think there might be situations / lists where they're the better option? You both didn't take Ironfist, and didn't miss the movement, which is cool. Did you not miss the second artefact either?
  12. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    Thank for your suggestions @GrimTeef, @RuneBrush, @Chris Tomlin I was hoping I could avoid some rebasing work but sounds like taking the lads off their bases and drilling holes to fit the magnets might be the best bet. Any advice on what magnets to go for? I had a look here http://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/magnets GW bases look roughly 1.5mm thick to me so I'm thinking the 1mm thick magnets will be best (I'd rather too thin, with a gap to fill, than too thick). Is one 3mm magnet enough, or do you guys tend to use a few, or one larger one? Thanks for the help! Oh and yes @Chris Tomlin an article on this stuff would be great
  13. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    Hey guys! I'm currently painting the first few units of my Ironjawz, however I've been an absolute rebel and turned the bases upside down, the plan being to fill them with water effect to make them look all swampy. So I have no Convenient Cavity™ in which to hide magnets Any thoughts on how to get around this?
  14. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Great conversion on the warchanter! The chain mail turned out really well, and the models is very reminiscent of that era, at least to my untrained eye. Looks like it'll be quite a modelling project to do every model like this, but I'm looking forward to what you make next
  15. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    I'm currently printing some Brutes, so haven't started on my Gruntas yet.. I definitely intend to have at least 6 eventually... Although it sounds like I might change my mind about that after these first three