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  1. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    Thank for your suggestions @GrimTeef, @RuneBrush, @Chris Tomlin I was hoping I could avoid some rebasing work but sounds like taking the lads off their bases and drilling holes to fit the magnets might be the best bet. Any advice on what magnets to go for? I had a look here http://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery/magnets GW bases look roughly 1.5mm thick to me so I'm thinking the 1mm thick magnets will be best (I'd rather too thin, with a gap to fill, than too thick). Is one 3mm magnet enough, or do you guys tend to use a few, or one larger one? Thanks for the help! Oh and yes @Chris Tomlin an article on this stuff would be great
  2. Transporting your army : Ironjawz Edition

    Hey guys! I'm currently painting the first few units of my Ironjawz, however I've been an absolute rebel and turned the bases upside down, the plan being to fill them with water effect to make them look all swampy. So I have no Convenient Cavity™ in which to hide magnets Any thoughts on how to get around this?
  3. The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

    Great conversion on the warchanter! The chain mail turned out really well, and the models is very reminiscent of that era, at least to my untrained eye. Looks like it'll be quite a modelling project to do every model like this, but I'm looking forward to what you make next
  4. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    I'm currently printing some Brutes, so haven't started on my Gruntas yet.. I definitely intend to have at least 6 eventually... Although it sounds like I might change my mind about that after these first three
  5. Brutes! Equipment and unit size

    I love that you're talking about a counter selection to a counter selection to a meta which may never happen
  6. Brutes! Equipment and unit size

    Hey guys! So I was wondering what people think is the best way to equip brutes, and what unit sizes people find work best? Full disclosure - I've just finished my first 5 brute squads, and I've got a couple more boxes so gonna be building a unit of 10 next, but yeah I'm totally green... 🥁 *Ahem* I'll tackle my thoughts one at a time Equipment At what unit size (if any) does it make sense to switch from two brute choppas to jagged gore-hackas? I'm assuming that it'll be uncontroversial that two choppas is the best way to go when running 5 brute squads? Jumping up to 10 we've got a boss and 2 gore choppas, so we're talking 7 boys + boss who want to be at the front, if they've taken two choppas. Given that they get extra attacks over the hackas l need at least two to be unable to make it before the hackas become the better option. This feels right on the cusp for me - if I roll high for my charge, or if the unit is taken a couple of casualties it feels like two choppas are still the better option. Once I move to bigger units I feel I'm firmly in hacka territory! So what's everyone else's experience, an I broadly right here, or way off the mark? Size So as I mentioned I'm going to start playing with a unit of 5 and a unit of 10. Is anyone wildly enthusiastic about running larger units of 15 or even 20? I can't help but feel that's too many eggs in one basket, especially combined with the boss on mawcrusher, who's already quite a basket himself 😎
  7. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    Great advice, thanks guys! So I chose to both heed and ignore you all.. by buying both a bottle of liquid green stuff *and* plastic glue with the nozzle. I wanted give LGS a go.. and I too can confirm that it does virtually nothing after one or two passes.. The plastic glue with nozzle is great for fusing together parts, particularly if you're happy with there being a visible indentation, as long as it's not a gap. I think if you want more control over the texture of the filling, or you want a seemless filling then putty green stuff is really the only answer. Anyway the grunters are all done, now just to paint the buggers 😎
  8. Any downside to mounting a character?

    Hey guys. Is there any downside to giving a character a mount, if they have the option to take one? In my case I'm specifically thinking of the Gitmob Shaman who has the option of riding a wolf - is there any reason why you wouldn't choose this option? I'm asking purely from a game affect perspective, rather than aesthetics.
  9. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    Cheers guys, I have tried using glue to seal the gaps, which works OK. For this long thin lines I found greenstuff putty can be quite awkward to work with - in this case I love the concept of liquid green stuff but it doesn't sound like anyone is recommending it...
  10. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    The gaps I'm most aware of are on the boar's head e.g. you can see the lower lip in the photo below. I did make sure to use the same numbered parts as the instructions, they just don't seem to fit together quite seemlessly. I have filled some of them in with ordinary green stuff, but I thought the liquid might be easier to work with for small fight gap filling?
  11. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    Hey guys! I've been spending my day building my first 3 Gore Gruntas, and so far I have two thoughts. 1. These guys look sooo awesome! 2. These guys have quite a lot of significant gaps to fill So I was wondering if anyone has any tips for how to fill them? I'm thinking I'll pick up some liquid green stuff and give that a go - I've used the putty before but never the liquid stuff, which I've heard shrinks a lot when it dries. Any advice on using it? Or tips on alternative if liquid greenstuff isn't the answer?
  12. Da Ghostwulfz - Blackout Game 1 v Kharadron Overlords

    Ooh interesting, I hadn't considered how Mystic Shield makes Armour of Gork better, and the combo with Ironclad! I like the idea of that on the footboss actually - I'd been thinking of him as potentially a nice answer to horde units. He should chew through them quite well, and minimise their ability to get attacks in return. Plus he should be much cheaper than any horde unit so even if he ends up losing you're winning just by tieing up a more expensive unit. Really like the idea of giving him the Armour of Gork to aid that role.
  13. Da Ghostwulfz - Blackout Game 1 v Kharadron Overlords

    Nice detailed report @Sangfroid, I like the little bits of story text at the beginning What did you think of the Armour of Gork? I hadn't really considered it, and immediately gravitated to some of the other. The standout comparison to make in my mind is with Daubing of Mork, since both activate on 6 but DoM works for both ranged and combat attacks, and mortal wounds too, so feels much more generally useful. Doing mortal wounds in retaliation does seem cool though! Also how're you feeling about the Weirdnob Shaman nowadays? I can't help but think for 20 points more I can upgrade him to a Megaboss who's harder to kill, better in combat, and his buff to brutes auto works - as opposed to the Shaman who can fail to cast or be dispelled (and cause moral wounds to my own units).
  14. A returning warboss (painting blog)

    Hey @tom_gore I've got some of the old metal netters and I think your converted nets, with all the holes in, actually look better! Great job.
  15. How best to equip Ardboys?

    I found your point about the killing power interesting, so thought I'd do a bit of math-hammer. Ardboyz Boss and 9 boyz with two weapons gives 10.333 wounds average. Against armour that means: - : 10.333 wounds 6+ : 8.611 wounds 5+ : 6.889 wounds 4+ : 5.167 wounds 3+ : 3.444 wounds 2+ : 1.722 wounds Brutes Boss with boss choppa, 1 gore choppa, 3 brutes with two weapons gives 10 wounds average, with -1 rend. Against armour that means: - : 10 wounds 6+ : 10 wounds 5+ : 8.333 wounds 4+ : 6.666 wounds 3+ : 5 wounds 2+ : 3.333 wounds Conclusion It's surprisingly close isn't it? My instinct had been that the Brutes would be further ahead, but they're only 1.5 wounds ahead, and against unarmoured they're slightly behind. Of course this doesn't take into account various other game factors: brutes get much better if a megaboss (on foot) is nearby, or if "duff up da big things" comes into effect. You've also got more attacks concentrated in fewer models so you can field them in larger units and bring more of those attacks to bear than if you try the same thing with Ardboyz. Ardboyz on the other hand do get a nicer bonus from Waaagh, their drummers, and their standards, and you get a nice horde discount if you field 30. They're both great units - but I'd still vaguely typify them as "Brutes are brutally killy, Ardboyz are ardboyz to kill".