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  1. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Yeah I have a 1000pt tournament in the near future too and I was thinking of going for something very similar to what @svnvaldez suggests. My list was going to be: Allegiance: IronjawzLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)- General- Command Trait : Ironclad- Artefact : Metalrippa's KlawOrruk Warchanter (80)Units3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)10 x Ard Boyz (180)Total: 1000 / 1000 For me it's nice that it's just the start collecting box set plus the Mawcrusher and an extra unit of grunts. However I must admit that switching out the Ardboyz for the Ironskullz Boyz plus a grot shaman does look like a nice optimisation.. I've just bought the Cave Shaman too, and most admit I've been tempted by Shadespire recently... 😁 Only sad thing is that the Ardboyz I've just painted won't get to step foot on the field!
  2. My Review of Malign Portents

    Thanks for the review @HobbyHammer, Malign Portents is so exciting! You mentioned NEOS, forgive me but what are they??
  3. Moonclan Spider Army

    Looks like a nice rough list, but I only see 2 battle line units there, unless you're planning on splitting the Moonclan into two units?
  4. Moonclan Spider Army

    Are you not tempted by a Grot Big Boss on Gigantic Spider? His command ability makes Spiderfang units within 8" cause mortal wounds on 5+ instead of 6+. They combos really well with the Arachnarok shamans double damage spell.
  5. Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Thanks for the reports @Skeekrit it's great to hear of someone having fun playing an all grot force, and not getting stomped! Personally I preferred the greater diversity of the two giants list but it'd be interesting to hear how you felt about dropping them? And are there any other destruction units you're considering giving a go? I'd *love* trolls and wolf riders & chariots to make an appearance.
  6. is there a TGA like forum for 40K?

    Yeah I've wondered this before too and haven't found anything close. Decided that maybe there wasn't really an equivalent forum.. maybe people do most of their 40k chat on other types of site like Facebook groups or something?
  7. Grots win 4 games at GWGT Heat 1

    Haha I love that the dying giant dramatically threw himself into his mate's arms
  8. Those are great conversions, really cool and different! I'm looking forward to seeing them painted and also how you find playing with them! I have a sneaking suspicion that the list you posted earlier might be the One True Ironjawz List for GHB2017... But what do I know?
  9. Best points to start with ?

    We've been playing some "Speed hammer" tournaments in my local GW which has been great fun, and a really good way to start playing the game or a new faction. In 40k we've been playing 500 points which I think it's a great size for giving an interesting game and also being a size that's fairy easy to build and paint in a couple of weeks. In AoS however I think armies tend to be smaller for the same points cost so we're trying out 750 points. It's still small enough to be doable in a couple of weeks but large enough to have interesting games. Do a couple of those, say one a month, and you've hit 1500 points. Round up to 2000 in your final month. Of course the balance of the game and different units and factions varies as the size of the game changes so if you want to get a good feel for matched play you'll want to play at around that unofficial-but-universal 2000 points range. But you should be able to get some good insights into the game at plus or minus 500 points -ish from that.
  10. Updating Ironjawz

    The Ardboyz are already portrayed as being distinctly different from the other Ironjawz, and indeed the Ironjawz look on them as being odd. They taking fighting "seriously" are more organised, disciplined. Just like the black orcs they originate from. I think it makes a lot of sense for then to use / make more advanced weapons. Agreed I don't see the Ironjawz themselves using crossbows, but I could totally see them using throwing weapons. Grunta Megaboss would be awesome, yeah maybe the chariot is too much tech. Would still look amazing though. Maybe the Ardboyz could make it for him
  11. Updating Ironjawz

    If we're wish listing I would love to see: 1. Ardboyz with crossbows 2. Megaboss on a goregrunta / grunta chariot
  12. Oh I actually have two from "back in the day" so I'm quite tempted to give it a go, but to be honest I even think they're the kinda thing that is very scratch-buildable if you're not sure of the price.. Yeah not needing LOS seems great to me.
  13. Hey @Chris Tomlin, thanks for the report! Haha the good old Carlsburg get out clause So do you like the 3 chukkas as a serious option? I guess it might be hard to tell after just one game in which they were brilliant, but does 3 feel better than 2, or too many points invested in them. @Sangfroid interesting option! I had a go seeing if I could sneak one 10 strong brute squad into that list but couldn't find a gap big enough for them However I'm not sure you need both warchanters in that list and if you drop one you could go for a full on Rockjawz list Cabbage Warchanter Weirdnob Shaman 30 Ardboyz 3 x 3 Gruntas 4 Rocklobberz 1990 points I know the lobberz aren't as good as the chukkas or divers, but I quite like that because there are four they can be placed in two groups of two - holding two objectives and meaning the opponent has to attack two different places to take them all out, but they still all get their battery bonus. To be honest though I'm mostly just sold because of the name Rockjawz 😎
  14. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Thanks for the report @Rock Lobster, really interesting. Regarding the Mega-krusha & artifact hmm.. I think you guys have opened my eyes somewhat to the value of metal-ripper! Previously I'd just gone the straight-forward orcy thinking that daubing keeps my megaboss general and coolest model live, so can only be a good thing, and it affects the whole model, where as the weapons only affect part of it. I can definitely see metal-ripper being good if you're fighting something like that treeman though! My gobliny heart really wants to love Armour of Mork, it's such a sneeky gotcha.. but.. because it's affected by rend I don't see it working against precisely the stuff I want it to work against - other people's big killy stuff. On the Ironfist - nice to hear the boss skewer working for you! I've been tending to think that an extra unit of ladz is a better choice than the battalions, but boss skewer is the item I've been putting in my lists when I do have Ironfist. And yey for the Troll hag. I do love trolls generally, so it's cool to hear from you and @Sangfroid that she worked so well for you. Must admit I took a look at her but thought "why not just have a cheap mage, and then another unit of brutes or similar?" but perhaps I've underestimated her Mighty Destroyers - I did wonder at one point if it might be a fun idea to get lots of cheap heroes (hello warchanters / goblin shamans) to try and maximise the chance of getting this, but decided it's too unreliable to base my hero choices around. One question occured to me regarding using it multiple times on a single unit: do you roll for all your heroes before moving a unit? So if a unit starts near two heroes who both get the result it can go 12"? Or do you roll for a hero, then make the units move, meaning if you wanted to use it on the same unit they'd have to use their first move to go to within 6" of the second hero.. like a bizarre relay race? And yeah I too wish we could move instead of going for a 12" charge..
  15. Looks like a great start @Dieselfruit, the giants mask is really cool.