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  1. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Agree with @Aezeal, everything is changing.....well no, not quite but they are making some changes for sure and I would wait 'till the edition is released. And, adding to what I wrote earlier, they have changed the warscroll for pink horrors making baseline the split into blue horrors and then brimstone horrors so there is a chance that they will modify some other warscroll in order to make them better (or worse 🤪). So, again , think positive!!!!!!!
  2. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Yeah exactly, legs and ody from the SotT and the campes from the WR. Heads from the leftover counterparts of the SotW (shadow warriors) and misc arms from GG, shadow warriors and WWR. I agree, a big chunk or the personality Waderers have now will indeed be taken away in the new edition or at least what we know makes us think of that; although I think some positive things may come up with the new point costs. I think we will be able to have more variety of lists due to the drop in points. The simple reduction for the EG makes them so we can take 20 for 140pts, which seems ridiculous but not that far away from other units in the game that have the same amount of wound for more points (plus their ability of buffing the saves which as far as we know will be the same). Now the WR may be worth the points (still one unit only unless we think of using them as screens) for last min capturing are not bad and they will take the attention away from the bulk of the army. SotW received a point blank buff, no discussion on that and I see them being played more often now and even without rend 3+ 3+ is always good (maybe in a mixed order with an Hurricanum close to them and some sort of shield to protect them). I think +20 pts for our beloved Waywatcher was to be expected but still he will possibly be untouched all game and hidden from shooting (he will be at -2 to be hit from shooting an still the same chance of dashing out dmg), I'm down with that; keep him wrapped up in 20 SotW and happy days! I could go on... We agree that maybe a pure Wanderers will still be not possible to make unless you go with the battalion (but only that way). Otherwise I see more room for Wanderers based Mixed order being a thing now, I am positive.
  3. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I would say that if they take the rule of 1 for generating attacks we will end up in the same situation and this is other stronger armies will be more empowered by the rule of 1 the us and wee will still get annihilated and we will complain again about Tzeentch dashing out too many spells again for free or who knows what. I heard they have changed the vast majority of those restriction making them bigger areas (for all armies), so e.g. what first was activating within 6" of a character now is WHOLLY within 12", so from that point of view there is still hope. And this considering I wonder if the Ability will change in regard of the amount of " we have to be WHOLLY within in order to leave the table. And if so, maybe they have reworded the trait so that, considering only one unit can teleport, maybe the unit that does so does not count as moved for the purposes of abilities. In my opinion things are still a bit ethereal atm to make conclusions that Wanderers have been nerfed (and that said, yes, I do believe that the trait was nerfed a bit and some of the identity have been taken away again from Wanderers). If you remember in the faction focus for Wanderers it is written that GW recognized this faction needed some changes so maybe those are not the only changes they have made and they have changed the descriptions of the units too; we don't know (or do we? I could not find anything that was leading to think otherwise, but then again, maybe I have missed something😋😅). for now I am boulstering my SotW ranks so I ll be able to field 2x10 units and this is a bit of a WIP to try and lift everybody's morale: to be added to these fellas which I used t use as Waywatchers
  4. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I am very hyped about having the possibility of fielding a Waywatcher as your general so to have SotW as BL and still having the possibility to use other heroes command abilities. For sure having SOTHP on a waywatcher will make the ability useful all game long unless somebody engage him in CC. I don t really get what you say yhough @Aelfric regarding the loss of the general. What I understood is that even with the general dead we will be able (other heroes) to use command abilities. But SOTHP is a command trait therefore when the bearer dies you will no longer be able to use it, right? Did I miss something?
  5. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Here is where the controversy starts. The description of the ability talks of " removing the unit/s" and "setting up the unit". Now, even if at the end of it the rule says to consider this as the "unit's movement", "the set-up" is not considered as a movement, as movement includes: 1- Movement: using the unit's move characteristic to bring the models from a point to another on the battlefield; 2-pile-in; move the models up to 3" toward the closest enemy model when two units are within 3" of themselves; 3- run: inclusive of running and retreat/flee. The set-up has been explained and defined in an FAQ in January (if I am not mistaken, maybe December) as NOT a movement as a movement cannot bring your units within 3" of n enemy unit (and from here the possibility of "set-up" units within 3" of enemy units but this is a different topic...). All this said, considering the explanation given in hyndsight in the FAQ, I think what initially whoever worded this ability wanted to say was: "...if a unit decides to do so, then it cannot make a further movement" rather than "this count as this unit's movement" implying movement as an action taken for that movement phase rather that an actual movement. Of course this is just my POV of the problem and although I think all of us would have liked GW to further explain/fix this dispute, I think we are better off waiting what AoS 2.0 brings us hoping with all our beings and praying almighty Alarielle that this time they will give us rules less open to personal interpretation
  6. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    I assume I was just talking aboit GHB factions as oppose to compendium factions (armies that are real and playable, not firebellies for example), more so GHB faction which had an allegiance designed for in GHB. And, yes, they have teased a Nighthaunt Battletome so I assume they are indeed gting one. Idk it just got me hoping. It might just be that with the "Tyrion/Malerion Aelves" GW will release all those factions of "city Aelves" in one Battletome (excluding all those that are getting the Legend tag) making them mixable or posssible to play as individual armies and allegiances. Again I am just dreaming eyes open here, dont actually have any foundation or proof that tis will happen.
  7. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    Little consideration: We know now GW won't release any other Aelves battletome this year, and we had 2 Order battlerome already in 2018. Although, lately, we had 2/3 (if you wanna consider MoN) GHB armies which received a battletome including Nighthaut . So considering the rumors are Slaanesh to be released next year (plans form a GW insider are to release 1 chaos god each year and we had 3 already), can we speculate on our Wanderers to be released maube mid to late nezt year? I think we would give a nice addition to the Order armies (considering a lot of mixed Order armies already bring SoT and GG as part of their core must have units). I tink al these thigs conidered I cannot see other Order factions having released a battle tome for. Fingers crossed
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  12. Frozenbeast

    Lets Chat Wanderers / Wood Elves compendium

    ...sooooo...get a bastiladon...?
  13. Frozenbeast

    Starting a Brayherd/Warherd army

    Hi and welcome to the Herd!!!!!!!! the list is interesting especially because it mixes all the former components of the Beastmen although I might advise a couple of changes to be able to be a bit more reliable: 1. I would organize the gors in 1x 30 men, 1x20 men and 1x10 men to maxmize the points (a units of 30 gets a discount in points and the amount of model you field is the exact same); 2. if you have the models available I would get rid of the centigors: they are less then reliable and for the same amount of points you can field 10 more Bestigors in that 20 men units (same principle of the Gor units you get a discount on the max number of model you can have in the unit) making that a very dangerous unit to face; 3. one last thing regards the warherd units: on one side the ghorgon can be nice on its own as it takes your opponent attention and he HAS to deal with it or it will cause some problems. On the other side the Bullgors are very udnderwelming as a 3 men unit alone (in a whole Warherd army you might wanna prefer 3 men units to 6 men unit to have target saturation but in a "beastmen" army the are really just fluff-y). What you could do is either get rid of the Ghorgon and double up on the unit of Bullgors or replace that 3 men unit with a couple of shamans. The mystic shield on the big blob of Bestigor makes them very tanky and together with the Inspiring presence makes them so they don't test for BS and considering you will have them in CC turn 1 they will stick for a very long time and cause havoc!! Also the shamans provide your Breyherd units with insane mobility (3" more on run rolls considering ALL Breyherd run and charge, will turn your models into F1 cars on a wargaming table!!) Of course everything I said is not valid if you are just looking at having a good time with some awesome looking models. In any way just have fun!!
  14. Frozenbeast

    Warherd Inquiry

    There is a massive explanation on why the Warherd are not competitive in here but in summary Warherds in general are not cost effective at all. too many points for to few models, wounds, abilities and attacks. I have always been a Beastmen passionate but unfortunately GW seems like never liked them despite the fact they keep on selling them. They have fantastic lore from 8th WHFB and considering what was their nature in that lore ("the effect of the purest essence of chaos on a mortal being and therefore the authentic and true expression of chaos on hearth"), I don't really know why we still don't have something similar in AoS. A great addition to this list would be a Shaggoth dragon-ogor especially to take advantage of that juicy spell it provides the GBS that allows to heal it. Plus it has got a great punch on itslef.
  15. Frozenbeast

    Brayherd Inquiry

    First of all, Welcome to the Herd!!!! What you could also do is (I know is a bit big but is a Beastlord after all) take the Ogroid from Disciples of Tzeentch and add some conversions like a big axe from the Bullgors kit and using maybe a different face. I like the idea of Mierce Miniatures, the have pretty goo stuff.