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  1. In this mammoth episode, join Dan as he talks about his favourite subject in Age of Sigmar - MOONCLAN GROTS! Clocking in at just shy of 2 hours, this episode is absolutely stuffed with Squiggy awesomenes as Dan is joined my Nick (@slaaneshfiend) who recently took first place on the podium at the Warhammer World GT Heat 3, shocking everyone with his victory with a Squig-heavy army. Dan has been singing the praises of the Moonclan and the Squigs, even after The Great Moonclan FAQ Nerf that we don't talk about (it upsets him too much), and in this episode he discusses how Nick went about approaching his games, what challenges he faced and whether you can smash your opponents with Squigs for five games, and still win Most Sporting Opponent. (Spoilers, you can!) Find Nick on Twitter here! Find Dan on Twitter here! Buy your new Moonclan Grot army here (#newfilth)! Get the episode here.
  2. UK Based Looking to buy a War Altar of Sigmar, preferably unbuilt or unpainted. Cheers, Chalmers
  3. This is what I thought when I saw it. I've been trying to do a Devoted of Sigmar army for the last few months but the War Altar has been out of stock consistently. Flagellants were out of stock for a while but have finally returned, though independant retailers can no longer buy them. Dark Sphere had stock coming for the last 3/4 weeks and then the listing now says... The remade bit might mean they're just going onto rounds but we can only hope. Would love a full blown Devoted of Sigmar release that would most definitely be my army going forward if that drops.
  4. Not sure yet, either that or the standard Pilgrimage of Wrath. Depends how @HobbyHammer rules battalions that allow new units coming back after they're destroyed....
  5. Scrap that, I know exactly what I'm doing. Devoted of Sigmar hooooooooooo!
  6. I've got a good idea however I'm wanting to wait until GHB2017 is released incase of any changes/new shinies.
  7. Yes we are finally back! Chalmers and Dan have been reforged and we are back for Episode 18 of the Tales of Sigmar Podcast! In this episode, we chat about the upcoming releases for AoS, cover Chalmers running the Summer Massacre 2017 Tournament at Newcastle Warlords and as ever answer all of your questions. We're going to be back frequently now aiming to get episodes out every fortnight, up next episode we have Nicholas Thompson who won Heat 3 with Squigs! As always, find us on Twitter; @talesofsigmar @dangermouse425 @elfordminis Get the episode here.
  8. So I've decided to give a try at commission painting, now I know there's a lot of different studios already out there but I want to focus solely on tabletop standard with cheap prices and hopefully a quick turn around on projects for people. It could fall flat before it's even begun but what's the harm in trying eh? Full details are on the site - http://onthetablepainting.blogspot.co.uk/ Some recent work.
  9. Was great fun recording with @Chris Tomlin just hoping I can do the army justice when it's on the table in October.
  10. It got postponed until Wednesday this week but we'll be recording come hell or high water!
  11. Army & Warbands Decided Storyline outlined Display Board sketched out..... Narrative mode fully engaged.
  12. Multiple armies for sale. I've got them listed on eBay but PM me with offers and we can do it off eBay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/jchalmers2012/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  13. Hey guys, getting back into my Khorne now the new book is out and hoping to take them to a 1,200pt event in a couple of weeks. Was wondering on your opinions for this list, not sure whether there's enough bodies on the table. My other option is drop one unit of Reavers, Skullcrushers and Skullreapers and add a Bloodstoker and a block of 30 x Bloodletters. My worry is using Gore Pilgrims at such a low points level but was interested in seeing how it plays on the table. Heroes Bloodsecrator (120) Slaughterpriest (100) Slaughterpriest (100) Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140) Battleline 10 x Blood Warriors (200) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 10 x Bloodreavers (70) 3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (160) - Khorne Bloodbound Battleline Units 5 x Skullreapers (140) Battalions Gore Pilgrims (80) Total: 1180/1200 Cheers and willing to hear all feedback, Chalmers
  14. I definitely hope so! We iz lookin for moar stuntie flyin-gitz ta smash!
  15. Cheers mate, got quite a bit built already and the rest of the bits have arrived to build the other parts. Once the troops are done it's straight on with the Ships which are going to take me a while. Then a couple of months to paint it all!
  16. The start of my army and first up my Hunter (still to be named) who is apart of Kaptin' Dron an iz Overlordz (Kharadon Overlords get it?). I'll probably be starting a narrative thread covering a full story and such leading up to the event. Hopefully I can get some games in too.
  17. Trapper without a doubt, my Hunter fits the bill perfectly!
  18. Stuck to my goals pretty well.