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  1. 4 Spots left for anyone else interested?
  2. Event Title: Newcastle Warlords & Tales of Sigmar: Winter Warfare Event Author: TalesOfSigmar Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 01/20/2018 08:30 AM to 01/20/2018 07:00 PM Newcastle Warlords in association with the Tales of Sigmar Podcast are proud to announce their second matched play event for Age of Sigmar – Winter Warfare. Winter Warfare is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, Age of Sigmar matched play event using the General’s Handbook 2017. TICKETS There will be 26 spots for the event done on a first come, first serve basis. To guarantee a ticket please PayPal £15 to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com via friends and family. This will include entry to the event as well as lunch. Refunds on tickets will be offered up to 1st January. TOURNAMENT PACK Tournament Pack can be found here VENUE The event will be held at; St Mary the Virgin Church Fawdon Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2RY CONTACT DETAILS AND QUESTIONS You can send me a direct message on this forum or send an email to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com ENTRANT LIST 1. Stephen Sanderson - PAID 2. Richard Hudspith - PAID 3. Joseph Scott - PAID 4. Scott Wall - PAID 5. Sam Goodwin - PAID 6. Graham Shirlie - PAID 7. Lee Hamilton - PAID 8. Kyle Brunskill 9. Simon Payne - PAID 10. Edward Proom - PAID 11. Stephen Bell - PAID 12. David Thompson - PAID 13. Andrew Bull - PAID 14. Luke Evans - PAID 15. Jonathan Bull - PAID 16. Richard Elsdon - PAID 17. Ian Crew - PAID 18. Bruce McGuff - PAID 19. Mike Slowey 20. Matthew Tullock - PAID 21. Lee Foo - PAID 22. Johnny Leithead 23. Ivan Reeves - PAID 24. Alex Champion - PAID RESERVE LIST Phillip Gibbons Newcastle Warlords & Tales of Sigmar: Winter Warfare
  3. Episode 23 - Facehammer GT 2017

    Cheers hope you enjoyed!
  4. Episode 23 - Facehammer GT 2017

    Welcome to episode 23 of the Tales of Sigmar, a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. In this episode Chalmers goes over his games at the Facehammer GT at the fantastic Element Games. With a Triple Chicken List (Kairos & Two Lord of Change) could he find any success? We also cover our hobby progress with Steve's one Plaguebearer in three weeks and Chalmers finally making some progress on his Pirate Orruk Kharadron Overlords for Realms at War 17. As always you can email us - talesofsigmar@gmail.com Or find us on Twitter; @talesofsigmar @hobgoblinsteve Get the episode here.
  5. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Definitely 3. It's a up to 24" move for each model in the unit like any other move you do in the movement phase but you've just got to go towards the unit/terrain you've snagged.
  6. Are we getting to read these before the event @Jimbo? Looking forward to reading everyone's lore
  7. Story wrote and emailed through
  8. Where can I buy brets

    Do they have to be official Bret models? If not have a look at Fireforge Games, they do great alternative plastic models that would work great for Brets.
  9. Snap. Time to get some paint onto my models sharpish!!!!
  10. Yeah I found when looking through the campaign books there's a lot of factions that are lacking in any battalions. Death especially outside of FEC
  11. yeah there's both sides to the coin if allowing custom battalions. Think you'd need to rule it that they're submitted way in advance for you guys to check them out and make sure their not completely and utterly broken. I've got a few ideas (wouldn't be me without flittering between 4-5 ideas at a time) one I'm thinking of was a Swamp Family, basically Troll Hag, Troggoths and their pet monster of the swamps (Dread Maw). But hey, still five months to go so I'm sure I'll change my mind way before lol
  12. Custom battalions (as long as they were okayed with okayed with TOs beforehand) could be awesome and really thematical...... Plus it would let me run a stupid list that I've always wanted to run haha.
  13. Must've missed that... Only going by what the emails originally said
  14. Humble Ramblings from the Woodland Path

    Got to admit your game against @Chris Tomlin on Sunday morning next to me and Diesel looked awesome. Probably helped with two beautifully painted armies on the table too!
  15. Incase people havent seen on Twitter, I've finally finished my Ironclad. Now to paint the whole army!
  16. don't you remember hitting reply all. You sent it to EVERYONE
  17. So background lore is due in this Friday correct? Still got to finish building one model, decide on a leviathan (currently WIP), and then start actually painting the army.... Plenty of time. I hope.
  18. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Dont think it was. Pretty sure Tony ran the same list as he did at Blackout. The one he posted on Pg 77 of this thread.
  19. Entrant list updated
  20. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    They were ok, I basically used them as fast objective grabbers over the weekend and also snipers for certain exposed heroes, while the rest of my army walked around like Harry Potter on steroids. First game against a full Gore Pilgrims list I managed to roll 4 x 6s with my destiny dice so took off the blood secrator turn one which definitely helped. They also took out a Slaan in my last game in one turn, shooting him and then finishing him off in combat. I am considering dropping one LoC and The Changling, if I do that I can make my 3 x Skyfires a unit of 6 and be able to add a shaman and another unit of brimstones to split.
  21. Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    Just want to echo everyone elses sentiments, Facehammer GT was my favourite event by far last year and this one matched it and then went some. Had five awesome games against some great opponents, wasn't expecting to do anywhere near as good as 14th where I finished. Massive thanks to @Terry Pike, Russ, Les and Byron for putting on a absolutely stella event. Roll on Facehammer GT 2018!
  22. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    So yeah Facehammer GT, triple chicken turned out to be pretty ridiculous. Think a forth would be over kill and limit what else you can do but having the three units of pinks to support them really worked well. Not sure on The Changling, he didn't really do much all weekend, although he almost took off Diesel's Archaon with Slayer of Kings but rolled a double 5 for his wound rolls (although if I'd remembered about Lord of Change's learning the +1 to hit and wound spell when I unbound it on a 12, it would've been a different story!) Some very tough match ups all weekend, especially the last match with a Thunderquake Seraphon list with 80 skinks. But overall really impressed with managing to get 14th. Will be doing a full review of the weekend on the podcast in the next week or so.
  23. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Mainly because there's nothing else to the army haha. Don't have the numbers to hold objectives or anything. I'm going to flitter around the bottom tables just making chicken noises all weekend haha.
  24. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I'm taking them to Facehammer but it's a completely ridiculous list rather than anything competitive. I'm more looking forward to a few drinks and meeting up with mates. Allegiance: Tzeentch Leaders Lord Of Change (300) - General - Trait: Magical Supremacy - Artefact: Wellspring of Arcane Might - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch Lord Of Change (300) - Lore of Change: Treason of Tzeentch Kairos Fateweaver (340) - Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm The Changeling (140) - Lore of Change: Arcane Transformation Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (120) - Lore of Fate: Treacherous Bond Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) - Lore of Change: Bolt of Tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) - Lore of Change: Unchecked Mutation 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) - Lore of Change: Tzeentch's Firestorm Units 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (200) Reinforcement Points (0) Total: 1760 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400
  25. Episode 22 - The Howling

    Welcome to Episode 22 of the Tales of Sigmar a Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. This episode we chat the upcoming release of Firestorm, our hobby progress over the past couple of weeks as well as covering Steve's recent conquest at The Howling event in Stirling Scotland. We'll be back in two weeks time for Episode 23 where we will be covering the Facehammer GT. As always you can email us at talesofsigmar@gmail.com Twitter @talesofsigmar @hobgoblinsteve Get the episode here.