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  1. Thought you already had from the fluff. Maybe @HobbyHammer has something else planned for the game....
  2. Something a bit different for Realm Hoppers Series: Episode 8, Sorrowtown with the armies of death being encouraged to risk traversing over the deadly terrain. Ruler of the Night – The Garden of Morr is a key piece of Sorrowtown for both the Flesh Eaters and Nighthaunts. The Flesh Eaters able to open the crypts to swell their numbers even more while the Nighthaunts can raise more spirits from the deceased to do their bidding. Earn this objective if at the end of the battle you have more models in the Garden of Morr than your opponent. The Feast of Nagash – The land that lays in Sorrowtown is tainted by the unexplained, poor souls that make the treacherous path through this town are normally not seen again and rumours that these lands fuel the Supreme Lord of Death Nagash continue to spread. Keep track of how many models from each army are slain due to the deadly terrain than covers Sorrowtown. The warband that has lost the most amount of models has fed Nagash’s power the most and has been rewarded by the Lord of Death. The warband with the most amount of models slain due to the deadly terrain earns this objective. For King and Hauntry – The great king is driven by bloodlust, determined to honour his forefathers and what better way to spur on the members of his kingdom than to lead by example than by fighting the biggest threat to his kingdom the dreaded Mourngul. - Earn this objective if Pepé Le Bonne Affaire kills the Mourngul or Earn this objective if the Mourngul slays Pepé Le Bonne Affaire in combat.
  3. Realm Hoppers Series: Episode 7, Tundra of Shilliax @Ollie Grimwood Vs @Rich Sieze and Hold – The ruins that scatter the Tundra of Shilliax are rumoured to hold secrets to great power. With the emergence of the Dark Crystals these Ruins are going to be key to unlocking the true potential of the dark crystals. To earn this objective at the end of the battle you must hold 2 out of 3 of the following ruins on the table; The Dragon Ruins, The Ruins of Tyriollion and The Ruins of Tecliosious. To hold a ruin you must have more models within 3” of it than your opponent. Finders Keepers – The Troggoths carry the prize of Olrog with them to battle, this Aelf seems to be quite sort after wherever the Warband goes but the Troggoths don’t want to share their spoils with no one. The only way of winning the prize is from the Troggoth’s cold dead hands. Olrog Iron ‘ead and his warband will earn this objective, if at the end of the battle the Fellwater Troggoths are still alive. Cooked to a Crisp – There’s nothing more dangerous on the battlefield than a flame wielding Magmadroth, whoever gets in the way of the Fyreslayers are normally left burnt and maimed at the hands of this legendary beast. Keep track of how many Mortal Wounds the Magmadroth causes using the Roaring Fyrestream, Lashing Tail and Volcanic Blood throughout the battle. The Fyreslayers will earn this objective if the total of Mortal Wounds caused is 15 or more.
  4. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 10 The Realmgate deep inside the Khorne Rebellion rippled, over time it was as if the centre of the portal had slowly syphoned up the pools of blood in the vicinity and now resembled a rippling pond of crimson. Skulls littered the surrounding floor and steps around the realmgate, it seemed whatever unfortunate and unwelcomed guests appeared through this realmgate found themselves cut down before they could ever explore Aqshy Barruk stepped forwards almost mesmerised by the waves of blood stretching out by their own accord waiting for some unfortunate victim to veer too close and get sucked straight into the gate. Sayl stepped forwards and Barruk gave a unwelcoming snarl, after witnessing The Forgotten rip apart the cowardly Bloodreavers a few nights ago, he still didn't trust Sayl; he did not want to think what other tricks this wizard had hidden throughout the stronghold. Not that a Bloodthirster of his stature and power would be caught out by such a sorry excuse for a mortal. "You may want to step back" warned Sayl, "What I'm about to manifest is extremely volatile and it's going to make the realmgate unstable, the last thing we want is for you to be pulled into this." The sarcasm in Sayl's tone was apparent but Barruk didn't react, he was still transfixed with the swirling blood in the realmgates, after a couple of moments the great Bloodthirster snapped out of his trance and stepped back. "Do not forget Barruk, whoever the Spawn of Chaos sets eyes on first will be deemed their owner. Skarbrand has trusted you on leading us, god knows why, so you must be the first to see the beast; but if he rejects you…" Barruk seemed to take offence to where Sayl was going with that statement, "And what makes you think he'll reject me?" "Nothing" retorted Sayl, "Chaos Spawns are unpredictable beasts, and not a single one is a like. So just be ready for whatever comes out of that portal." Sayl looked down to the ground and started chanting, a green glow emanated from ground of where the wizard's staff touched. Uneasy with the constant use of magic Barruk held aloft his giant axe of the false god Khorne just as a precaution. The tendrils of blood moved and swayed as the chanting grew louder, suddenly a full screen of blood filled the realmgate, face like shapes pushed up against the blood before retracting back. After a couple of moments a mutated beast started to make its way out of the realmgate, it's jaw split in two and a long slathering tongue dragging along the floor, one of the arms had a hooked claw and the other seemed to have a mind of its own as it wriggled around like some sort of serpent daemon. This spawn almost had made its way out of the realmgate before a large talon came smashing through the portal, piercing the back of the spawn and dragging it back into the depths of whatever realm it was coming from. Barruk readied his axe, whatever was coming was not a normal spawn of chaos. Slowly but surely this huge, colossal, spawn with two heads started pulling itself through to greet the Bloodthirster. Pointed bones pierced the arms and back of this beast and two huge talons were attached to arms almost as long as this spawn, Sayl continued the chanting staring down at the floor as Barruk took a step forwards towards this Giant Chaos Spawn. The two beasts locked eyes, almost a battle of endurance of who would crack first. The spawn let out an almighty screech but Barruk matched it with a deafening roar, with the Spawn now inside the stronghold and locked almost face to face with the Bloodthirster, Sayl took this as good an opportunity as ever to get out of the summoning chamber. The two monsters continued their shouting match for a good couple of moments, until the Spawn lowered its head towards Barruk almost in a bow. The Bloodthirster took this as an indication that it had succumb to him and thought it better to test it out, he ordered it to move and it moved, he ordered it to shout and it shouted, he told it to follow him to war and it followed him to war….
  5. Event Title: Newcastle Warlords & Tales of Sigmar: Summer Massacre Event Author: TalesOfSigmar Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 06/17/2017 08:30 AM to 06/17/2017 07:00 PM Newcastle Warlords in association with the Tales of Sigmar Podcast are proud to announce the first matched play event in the North East of England - Summer Massacre. Summer Massacre is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, Age of Sigmar matched play event using the General’s Handbook. TICKETS There will be 24 spots for the event done on a first come, first serve basis. To guarantee a ticket please PayPal £15 to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com via friends and family. This will include entry to the event as well as a BBQ lunch. TOURNAMENT PACK The tournament pack can be downloaded here. VENUE St Mary the Virgin Church Fawdon Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2RY There is a small car park to the side of the church and ample street parking opposite the church. CONTACT DETAILS AND QUESTIONS You can send me a direct message on this forum or send an email to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com ENTRANT LIST Stephen Sanderson - @hobgoblinclub - PAID Scott Wall - PAID Mike Slowey - PAID James Phillip Jenkins Graham Shirley - @Painted by G Simon Payne - PAID Matthew Tullock - PAID Thomas Kemp - PAID Tom Healey - PAID Michael Craigs - PAID Ian Spink - PAID Tom McTimoney - PAID Paul Whitehead - PAID Stu Bowman - PAID Chris Swift - PAID Ian Crew - PAID Phil Rutherford - PAID Newcastle Warlords & Tales of Sigmar: Summer Massacre
  6. So I'm looking at magnetising the bases of my Khorne army to carry around in a really useful box. In the past I've just used Blu-Tac but I've actually taken time on painting this army so wanting to make sure it's secure for transporting around. I've seen this to line the box with - https://www.guysmagnets.com/flexible-magnets-c23/flexible-self-adhesive-rubber-steel-a4-sheet-p298 And looking at these magnets, but are they going to be thick enough for the bases? - https://www.guysmagnets.com/neodymium-magnets-c11/5-mm-x-2-5-mm-n52-high-grade-neodymium-disk-p2019 Is it just a case of super gluing the magnets to the bottom of the base and that's it? Any help and suggestions would be great! Chalmers
  7. I'll aim to get some wrote this evening.
  8. Looks like I need a trip down to Cardiff!
  9. You know it, sign me up!
  10. Ok here we go. Favour to the Horned Rat – There’s a reason why Bersik the Wise has his nickname, the Arch-Warlock knows when he goes to battle, not to appease the great god of the Horned Rat. Count the number of mortal wounds Bersik the Wise causes with his Warpstorm and Warpfire Gauntlet, if at the end of the battle he has done exactly 13 (no more or less) then Variskikk and the Skaven Warband earn this objective. Ready, Willing and Gable – The Knights of the Realm were proud to serve alongside Lord Gable in their quest for the grail. They loved nothing more than leading from the front on the battlefield, charging into whatever the biggest threat was to Lord Gable. Earn this objective if the Knights of the Realm (Crypt Horrors) wipe out the Stormfiends unit in combat. The Silver Tower - Some who tackle the Silver Tower seek a boon from the Gaunt Summoner, others wish to learn his true name, that they might destroy him. No matter what reason they give to wanting to enter the Silver Tower everyone is lured in by the mesmerising gates in the Tzeentch plains. Earn this objective if at the end of the battle you have more models within 3” of the Entrance to the Silver Tower than your opponent.
  11. Sign ups can be found here. Month 1 entrants can be found here. Month 2 entrants can be found here. Month 3 entrants can be found here. Month 4 entrants can be found here. Month 5 entrants can be found here. A slow month 5 but that's understandable with the Christmas and New Year. Hopefully people can kickstart Month 6 with their holiday purchases! Format of posts is completely up to you but a template as a recommendation of how it should be is as followed. Army - Month 3 Budget: £50 (+ whatever you had left last month) Month 3 Spend: Remaining Budget: Deadline for Month 6 is February 1st!
  12. Whoops didn't think about that least that's been rectified!
  13. Right here we go, another three objective one, one each for the warbands and one to battle over. For some reason the post above was all mucked up with everything piled on top of each other, so hopefully I've read it all correctly. Reggio The Reforged – The legend of Reggio is a story like no other, a hero until his last resting place on the streets of Mitzmanheim during the Realms at War. He is seen by Sigmar as the perfect candidate to be reforged and become a Stormcast so has sent Valdor Stormhammer on a quest to find him. The Stormcast will earn this objective if they manage to summon The Legend of Reggio and for him to still be alive by the end of the battle. We Iz Da Best – While Ironjawz Brutes enjoy taking on the biggest thing on the battlefield, they do so in competition with other units of Brutes in their warband. “Da Killa” and his warband will earn this objective if the unit of Stormcast Fulminators are killed while in combat with two or more units of Brutes. Dragonborn – The story of the Battle of Hardingway goes way back, a colossal Dragon rampaged through the Realm of Beasts slaying everything in it’s path. The statue erected by Marcus Mitzmanious is a centre piece for the town of Mitzmanheim but there are rumours…someone with inordinate power can resurrect this great Dragon once again using the magical winds emanating from the Dragonfate Dias. This objective is earned at the end of the battle for the warband with the most models with the HERO keyword on or within 3” of the Dragonfate Dias. If both warbands have the same amount then it is awarded to the warband with the most models within 3”.
  14. Would love to get some of the Newcastle guys up for one of the events, hopefully some of you guys can make it down to us too!
  15. Three secondary objectives up for grabs this time. One specifically for each warband and another to battle for. Fortress of Solitude – It’s a treacherous life wandering across the mortal realms and nothing comes close to having a secure location you can call home. You will earn this objective if at the end of the battle you have more models inside the grounds of the Carcassonne Castle than your opponent. Hit and Run – Swifthawk Reavers are known for their hit and run attacks, galloping in, peppering their foes with arrows and then getting out of there. They can provide great distraction pieces, even disrupt enemy advances by luring units in opposite directions. Bel Shiannar and his host will earn this objective if you manage to wipe out either the Ardboyz, Brutes or Gore Gruntas using the Reavers ranged attacks. Duff Up da Big Thing – Ironjawz Brutes love nothing more than a fight with Da Biggest thing in da battle and what better than smashin and krumpin da head of a puny dragon. Morbash and his warband will earn this objective if the Brutes manage to kill Bel Shiannar the Drakeseer on Dragon in combat.
  16. List updated, half the tickets sold already.
  17. Please organise your games on the Facebook group which can be found here. We will be meeting at St Mary the Virgin Church, Fawdon. There is a car park to the side of the church and additional parking along the street. The address is; St Mary the Virgin Church Mapledene Rd Fawdon Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2RY How much does it cost? Fees will be £4 a person per night and will be collected on the night in cash, this will cover the hall hire and will also include complimentary tea, coffee and squash for the night. Please feel free to bring your own food and drink (including alcoholic) but you must tidy up after yourselves and leave the hall in the same standard of cleanliness as we start the night. Is there a membership fee? At the current time there will be no membership fee to pay. However as we grow and develop the club we will re-evaluate this matter. Do I Need To Bring Anything? Yourselves! And your armies! Apart from that if you have any scenery you wish to use for the night that would be greatly appreciated, we do have a limited amount to start with but will require some members to bring terrain to fill each board. Hopefully as time progresses we can build up our own stash of terrain.
  18. What's your name mate and I'll add you to the list to reserve a spot.
  19. Newcastle Warlords & Tales of Sigmar: Summer Massacre

    Newcastle Warlords in association with the Tales of Sigmar Podcast are proud to announce the first matched play event in the North East of England - Summer Massacre. Summer Massacre is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, Age of Sigmar matched play event using the General’s Handbook. TICKETS There will be 24 spots for the event done on a first come, first serve basis. To guarantee a ticket please PayPal £15 to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com via friends and family. This will include entry to the event as well as a BBQ lunch. TOURNAMENT PACK The tournament pack can be downloaded here. VENUE St Mary the Virgin Church Fawdon Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 2RY There is a small car park to the side of the church and ample street parking opposite the church. CONTACT DETAILS AND QUESTIONS You can send me a direct message on this forum or send an email to newcastlewarlords@gmail.com ENTRANT LIST
  20. Cheers makes sense, otherwise my Bloodthirster going around with 2 extra attacks all game is a bit crazy!
  21. I'm guessing these cards when they're discarded only last until the next hero phase? Or is it the rest of the battle?
  22. The Rebellion of Khorne - Part 9 Barruk paced around the grand hall, the Bloodthirster did not like to be made to wait. It was five days since he sent a small warband of the Rebellion out into the southern depths of Aqshy. Talk had spread through the lower levels that a raiding party full of devoted Khorne followers had set upon the Realm of Fire looking to put an end to The Exiled One Skarbrand had been. Barruk took it upon himself to not bother his master, who was finding any reason to explode in rage recently, and send troops out on his own accord to put an end to this invasion before it could become a problem… But that was five days ago, and still he heard nothing. "Where are they?!?" roared Barruk, the command echoed through the great hall. Heung, the Skulltaker Herald of the Bloodcrushers who was tucking into a recent victim looked up cockily. "You should've consulted with the master…" he quickly cut his sentence short as he took note of the piercing stare that Barruk was aiming in his direction. The Bloodsecrator Ranuk took the chance to pipe up, though a little more gingerly than that of his Daemon "Maybe they found something else down there? Maybe…they found Sigmar's finest." Barruk spun round to the mere mortal, he could easily crush him with one hand but before he could react the door to the chamber came crushing open. A Bloodreaver, mattered in mud, blood and covered in cuts came stumbling into the chamber. The eyes of Skarbrand's council all turned to set eyes on the man. "My lord…the forces…they…" The Bloodreaver struggled to get his words out, obviously too wounded to string a cohesive sentence together. Barruk got even more enraged, stomping across to the mortal and picking him up by the throat. "GIVE ME DETAILS NOW!!!" roared the Bloodthirster. The grip around the throat tightened as the man kicked and gasped for air. Ranuk quickly interjected "Barruk, he's hardly going to answer when you're squeezing the life out of him." The Bloodthirster waited a couple more moments as the Bloodreaver's face went a deep shade of purple before throwing him to the floor. The man gasped and panted trying to breathe life back into him, Ranuk had got up from his seat and now loomed over the Bloodreaver. Helping him up he warned the man "speak now, or I'll take your head clean off myself." Instantly the Bloodreaver explained about the warband heading South where they met what they though was the raiding party of Khorne. However it transpired that it was a mere scouting group for a much larger Khorne army that had took to the lands of Aqshy. The majority of the warband were cut down, but a mere few Bloodreavers managed to retreat back to the stronghold to warn The Council. As the Bloodreaver finished his story, Barruk instantly lifted his axe roaring at the same time "I will not have cowardice in this rebellion" and with that ended the life of the Bloodreaver, his head rolling across the floor landing between the feet of Ranuk. The Council began to argue over what to do with the rest of the rabble that had retreated back to the Stronghold. Heung talked about making an example out of them, Ranuk wanted them to prove themselves in another battle, but Barruk was more incensed to just walk out there with his giant Axe of Khorne and let the blood rain. "Maybe I can be of assistance…" Sayl, the wizard that had somehow weaselled his way into the Council, emerged from the shadows, the other members of the council sneered towards Sayl. Despite getting Skarbrand's blessing a magic user still wasn’t welcomed by the rest of the army. "Before you go out there and slay everyone, you need to think what The Exiled One will say if he gets wind of this. We need to make sure there is no evidence and I've got just the thing I've been working on, follow me." Sayl led the Council through the doors and ordered the rest of the men who had survived through the corridors. They reached one of the far corners of the stronghold and stood in front of a large metallic door covered in skulls, it was obvious that something lie behind it as the largest bar covered the entrance. With a whisper and a mutter from Sayl the bar started shifting without anyone touching and the door slowly creaked open. Inside the chamber was…well nothing at first. A wall covered in rocks to one side, and in the opposite corner was a pool of water. Sayl ordered the men into the chamber, at first they were hesitant to take orders from a wizard but with one threatening glance by Barruk they quickly made their way in. As the last man entered the door slammed shut, the bolt latching across. With a tap of his staff, the side wall next to the door now became transparent and The Council could watch inside. Slowly but surely, beasts, half-man, half-wolf emerged from the top of the rocky walls, bits of dead skin and blood dangling off their bodies. The Bloodreavers inside the chamber showed a look of pure horror. "What are those?" Ranuk broke the silence between The Council. "They're the Forgotten" Sayl explained, six beasts came into view instantly leaping off the rocks onto the unfortunate souls inside the room. Instinctively the men ran towards the sealed up door, the banging on the metallic structure echoed through the corridors of the stronghold, their screams following suit. Sayl looked impressed with his handy work as The Forgotten tore the Bloodreavers apart. "They were human mortals holed up in hiding and left behind when the Age of Chaos happened. Over time these men resorted to cannibalism and unfortunately for them at one point they ate unbeknowingly the meat and blood of a tainted Chaos warband. After a couple of weeks these monsters were the only remains of them. They seem to like wearing the skin of their victims afterwards. I hope in our fight against Khorne they might be of some use." All eyes of The Council were on Sayl as he explained these monstrosities, the last remaining Bloodreaver cut down. Silence filled the surrounding area for a few moments, but that was short lived as the sound of The Forgotten skinning their latest meal echoed throughout the corridors….
  23. Cheers, 14 Renown points to get in 31 days.... Can't see me doing that somehow!
  24. These are stunning conversions and the paintjob really brings the whole army together. Wish I had the creativity to manage something like this!