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  1. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Some stores are fine with the pdf version or even the AoS app, others even have books so the players can use them. It changes from store to store I suppose. Since the core rules are free, the AoS 2.0 book could be a lot of new fluff, the new core rules and some scenarios, that could let space for the GH 2018 to come with the new points for everyone, new main scenarios and all the stuff that GH used to come with. Later comes the magic book with all the new spells and mechanics. That is how I think it will be at least.
  2. Dragobeth

    Malign Portents

    Naked samurai fire dwarfs. Now I have another army to start.
  3. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Seraphon Battletome V2 is on my wishlist but I don't see it coming untill 2020-2021 at least since there is 0 rumours about new seraphon (for now, of course) About Summoning, I think that the "summoning points" (blood tide, whatever are called for slaanesh, etc) are the way to balance summoning, you can make it harder or easier to get those points and the summoneable units cost more or less points just like you change costs in each GH (ofc it's not the perfect way of balance but it's a way after all) Its strange that we still don't have a focus on combat by now...
  4. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I hope we get a Focus: Seraphon this week, I want to se how those rituals work. As a silly note: Imagine summoning dread saurians ,oh boy oh boy. (ofc it will be limited, no worries)
  5. Dragobeth

    The Rumour Thread

    I could say Moonclan or Skaven, probably Moonclan.
  6. Dragobeth

    The Rumour Thread

    We should stop thinking that kids today are like us when we were kids, stop with the "but i liked this becouse it was dark, kids today will not like it either" It's the same *** internet has been doing with all the Thundercats remake, please, we all love toy soldiers, GW making some "child-friendly" stories doesn't affect your toy soldier so get yourself together or your next stage will be something like "millenials are ruining warhammer with their prepainted minis bcs no time to paint and their 4 rule's pages bc no time to learn 999 rule's pages" or "reeeeeeeee normies get out of my hobby" Please, stop the manchild-cry and let's talk about toy soldiers. This is a rumor thread, we have some hints to slaanesh and other armies, let's talk about it.
  7. Dragobeth

    Religious Armies

    And he pushed the MORE chambers button anyway
  8. Dragobeth

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I was thinking about doing a Sideproject of 1k of DoK or maybe 1.5k. I really like the snakes and I was very happy to see that they can be battleline but it requires a Medusa as General. Are the Shrine & Temple Nest box the only way to get one? (not sure if the Temple nest comes with discount)
  9. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I really hope GW starts to sell them, I love Relictor but I couldn't find anyone to share the Khorne part of the box (starting 2 armies is something that right now I can't affort for now and I don't like having minis without use, I "feel bad" for it) Random direction could be cool, it really goes with the weirnob style, I like it.
  10. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Krull is sell alone since some time now, they could do that with the other Khorne hero. Same goes with Lord Relictor, I hope GW starts selling them like they did with Vanrus and Krull.
  11. Dragobeth

    The Rumour Thread

    Irc the medium AoS's starter box (the one that comes without the Celestant) comes with something like that, a paper mat and the box itself is used as scenery. GW could do the same but it looks like they do it with the medium boxes (40k did the same)
  12. Dragobeth

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Seeing as the Sequitors and the rest of the Sacrosanct chamber all have the flasks in their miniatures... do you think that all of them will have some type of "once per battle they broke the flask" ability? Like some kind of "im done, better take some enemies with me" or in the Sequitors case, that could be how they "channel energy to their shields or weapons where needed". Those flasks aren't just decoration like de ropes, we saw that the Incator can use them, I think it's a good bet (and a cool mechanic too)
  13. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Tie CPs to game size in points (not sure how to put that in narrative maybe the battleplan tells you how many cp has each player) and have a way to buying them with leftover points could be cool. Maybe make the battlalions give you CP too and with the CP of the game size, the lefover points and the battalions you can buy artifacts and stratagems.
  14. Dragobeth

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    "To create, you first have to destroy" It couldn´t be named "2nd edition" if it didn't change the game A LOT, that's why things like "attacking first if charged will destroy the current game" are a no problem for me. We should wait to see all the new rules, leaks&rumours mongering is one think but scream "the sky is falling" shouldn't be done. (saying "i dont like X" it's not the same as "X will destroy all and kill everything you love" tho)
  15. Dragobeth

    The Rumour Thread

    That phrase with your avatar is like "I don't give a ****" while the rest of the world explodes behind that goblin 10/10 On other topic... Any hopes for more armies this year? Slaanesh/light&dark aelves or something for destruction?