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  1. kiblams

    Plague Priest on Rat Chariot

    That's right! And for the post for the censer. Thanks very much! 😁
  2. kiblams

    Plague Priest on Rat Chariot

    That's right yeah The wheels and the flatbed are plasticard with bits from the plague monk and plague furnace kits
  3. kiblams

    Plague Priest on Rat Chariot

    Or it's a slow chariot
  4. Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I have been considering this for a unit I am using for Pestilens which I think is a good candidate for MSU: Plague Censer Bearers Unit size is 5-20 and the only benefit they get for running a full unit is +2 bravery for 10+ models They have no save and so can easily lose more than 10 models to shooting and battleshock (Bravery 5) and so could benefit greatly from the 'forcing your opponent to risk splitting attacks' aspect of MSU In the Hero phase they have a 3" AoE bubble that does mortal wounds, the idea being that the front 5 models die in combat and the second rank are then free to pile in and survive until their next hero phase (this one would rely on being charged though) The Plaguesmog battalion allows 2+ units of them, so any number can become a single drop in deployment The buffs available to them come in the form of being within 13" of a unit of monks and prayers de-buffing their targets with Wither prayer Spam (+1 to wound cast on enemy unit) and so they don't lose out on that front. I think that covers the list, though I may have missed some. I am looking for someone with more experience in the game to sanity check my thoughts really
  5. kiblams

    Pestilens Thread, tactics, builds, advice

    I've done that myself and it is pretty glorious! I myself am running a single furnace and lots of priests, though I have an unhealthy desire to run the Plaguesmog congregation with 40 Censer Bearers, not too much experience at 2k game levels, but I have had moments where the last model standing for me was the furnace, and the fumes have decimated the remains of my opponents army as they finished off the rats around it. If you want to keep the furnace safe (excluding mortal wounds of course) the plaguesmog congregation along with Vexlers Shroud can be a good call. I am trying to figure out if an army which castles and moves up the field fairly slowly (for skaven) is viable as the claws pick off ranged enemy units and encourages your opponent to get close to me. The hope Is that all of my synergies will be in range as they have come to me and all of the Priests will be well placed for prayers when they matter most. I fear that the fragility of the monks/censer bearers and of course playing to objectives will prevent this, though I am going to give it a go to see fi it's workable.
  6. kiblams

    Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    I'm hoping to get my full Clan Pestilens army painted by the start of November for Blood and Glory, beyond that I need to get my hobby room sorted properly. Would you consider running a wargame youtube channel as part of the hobby?
  7. so.... one thing I have deftly avoided in making the page is the quirks of the rerolls and modifiers in AoS, with rerolls being done before the modifiers are applied. Do you think it would be worth while making the page take these into account? Thanks again for the feedback guys!
  8. kiblams

    Free Cities Generator - Bring your cities

    I feel this description may have been how the town was before my Clan Pestilens arrived and set up home... Mist Opolis is a Town atop a vast floating island of trees floating across the seas of Hysh. It is home to Humans and Sylvaneth, the Humans work to Harvest the seas Glimmerfish and keep the towns agriculture and economy running while the Sylvaneth maintain the footings of the towns buildings and keep the island afloat. Shifting roots keep the buildings in place on the ever listing surface of the floating island. These same roots are used to propel and steer the island between the ports it visits throughout the realm of Hysh.
  9. Going back to the OP, I really enjoyed the second game (maybe try posting future games as separate posts as they will get missed with random discussions like we have seen here ) and I agree with your conclusions on the units as they played I myself run a single furnace though I use it as a support unit to buff offensive/defensive on my hordes as appropriate. Speaking of which; did you pray for Rabid Fever at all? I think that would have helped facing off against such an assault heavy army as you did. I will only throw the furnace into combat if it really is a last resort. The Plagueclaws are great and I run 3 myself and with the 'Architect of Death' and wither prayers they can really control a table. Another reason I am going to stick with the furnace is my use of the Plaguesmog battalion, it seems expensive, but used right it can be very helpful The great plagues can be amazing against a horde, especially the Undulant Scourge which wiped out 17 models in a recent game I had. I need an opinion guys, the Plague Priests prayer Pestinent Breath is cast on a point on the battlefield, so even if it's out of range of the enemy if can be used right? I only as because this is a great way to start digging for the Neverplague great plague on turn one.
  10. Apologies, I have reread your post and it makes sense now
  11. I'm guessing you've not had a look at the page linked in my OP? Also; there's no way I'm making a database of all of the units, too much work and too dodgy on the GW IP front.
  12. It looks fairly comprehensive, It's annoying how the abilities in AoS are so nuanced and specific for saves vs damage and mortal wounds. I made the same page now but for 40k and the extra saves in that game system are very generic, so I have been able to account for them using 2 drop down boxes, one for invulnerable saves and one for saves vs damage (which includes mortal wounds) As it stands I have no idea where to begin with adding the crazy extra saves that can be used in AoS, could be at it for weeks and the page would become very cluttered and confusing.
  13. Well I got a few hours in on the page today so I've made it look nicer (and hopefully easier to use) and have added in the ability to enter 2 weapons. Thanks for all the feedback guys! 😁
  14. Thanks! Mine is also seriously lacking in styling! 😂 Ok to seeing yours if you go 'public' with it 😁