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  1. Thanks for the kind words!
  2. Thanks very much!
  3. Great answer, thanks
  4. I don't like your area from the posts I've seen from you (partial j/k) I like the look of the cards, takes a lot of the decision time before a game out of the way without needing to flip pages on my phone (I really need to buy more physical books)
  5. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere (my google-fu may be well failing me) I am curious on your thoughts/ruling on the use of the 'Gouge-tear their Eyes' command ability rules with which (and I quote) "you can add 1 to the attacks characteristic of all it's melee weapons" on the Plague Monks foetid blades. They hold 2 blades and so have 2 weapons, though in the rules the this just gives them one weapons attacks and a reroll. Do they get one or two extra attacks with the 2 foetid blades? I usually play it as just adding one to the number of attacks, but I have been thinking... I am of course happy with it either way, but would like to be playing the rule correctly where possible Thanks for reading, I look forward to us finding an answer
  6. I'm a huge fan of the Skaven Verminlord since I picked on up and built/painted it, though I wasn't much of a fan before I bought it.
  7. I play in my garage that I built as a space for me and my son to hang out, it also doubles up as a 'studio' for making My Youtube videos easier I do live fairly close to WHW though and we have started playing there more often recently.
  8. I have the same issue, though I am personally fine with the gameplay disadvantages as the models look awesome. Though mine are a little excessive... (the second one is a current WIP) I second the first answer, just chat about it with your opponent, see what you both think.
  9. You really think so!? I will be annoyed if that's the case as we already know clan 'Verminus' can have 'pestilens' as allies.
  10. Thanks! The basis of the kit is the Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City stuff, though I have chopped it up to look more like ruins and added the flowing myself. Here's a pic of it all in bits:
  11. My table is a little more bland than some of yours, great job guys! This all disassembles and can be transported in a backpack and I also use the table for Frostgrave games.
  12. So... Allies... That Skaven Cheiftain is looking a lot more tasty now Thoughts? P.S. Great thread here guys!