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  1. yeah, sounds good.. i do enjoy the StD's (face palm). I do like the using them, they have a good feel about them a good look at them. Plus i put a lot of money and time into them.
  2. With this in mind, what do you think about Battalion Ruinbringer. From what i can tell, each until that makes in will cause 3d/6d mortal wounds. But it is only once per battle...
  3. It just seems so limited with the other marks as there're all just re-rolls of a 1. it just never feel as if its worth it, tho i do roll so many 1's. Now if it was re-roll misses/wound/saves, or +1 to hit/save etc... then i'd feel much better about taking it. I guess I could drop the knights and get a block a warriors, which would mean they could run and change Now i do like the sorcerer's spell, re-rolling all 1's
  4. Hi... I enjoy table top gaming, not just AoS, tho AoS is what i'm mostly playing at the mo, but other games too. I'm not a competitive player, its just for the enjoyment of doing things i like. I'm guessing there many people like me out there. However, I'm having a difficult time finding people to play with, or places to play as most of the places not easy to get to. So this got me thinking. I live in a town that is large'sh and has a major city across the water, you may have heard of it, its got a famous band from there called The Beatles (not sure if you've heard of them or not). Anyways joking aside, over the water is Birkenhead, tho its not a "great" town, it has its problems, which could work as a plus, and to my knowledge there's only really 1 gaming center on the Wirral, but this center is not in the town itself and is difficult to get to unless you have your own transport. Plus, its more a retail driven shop over being a gaming center. So that said, i looking for people to *A) get some games going here in Birkenhead and **B) to see if there are people that maybe interested in starting a Gaming Center. *A) I have everything needed to run games (at home), and I'm also looking to be making Battle reports in the future. **B) The Gaming center, i believe has a lot of potential due to the fact that the only places to play table top games are out of the town, GW/warhammer in Liverpool and few places in Liverpool city or that you need transport to get there. Which means that anybody travelling to them from the Wirral would have to pass through Birkenhead. I know this is shot in the dark, but if you never try, you never know. Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. Barry
  5. If/when i use a lord of chaos its noramlly with a mark of Slannesh (sp) being able to run and charge, its great for knights or i take a Lord on mount, +1 to hit and reroll for charges, but only on Knights and chariots. Yeah, maybe i should have a game where i dont take knights, they are costly, maybe i should to try big block of Warriors. i guess will get let spend on other things.
  6. Coming form the general Handbook it say "Battleline if army has slaves to Darkness allegiance" to my understanding of this it would mean that i can only take slaves of darkness units if i want Chaos Knights as Battle line.
  7. It can yes, but its going off track of the feel of the army, it stops being a Slaves army and starts becoming a Deamon army.
  8. If its just Slaves, then i have 20 Warriors, 5 knights, 20 Maraauders/Horseman, 1 Chariot, 2 Spawn. Sorcerer, Chaos Lord/Sorcerer on Manticore, Daemon Prince, Chaos Lord, Lord on mount. None Slaves, 6 Hounds, Chaos Gargant. AoS game box Khorne half. And its just Casual at the mo...
  9. If i do i lose the Knights as battle line and left with either Chaos Warriors, at 180Pts per 10 unit which lacks any hitting power, or marauders at 60Pts per 10 which are cannon fodder at best.
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of try out the Runibringer warscroll battelion. I what to get a clear picture of how this works, if my understanding of it is correct... "After any charges have been made, any energy units within 3" of any models from the battalion are crushed under the weight of the charge and suffer D3 mortal wounds,..." (enemy 10+ suffer D6) So from my understanding of this is, that if i have two units of Chaos knights hitting 1 enemy unit that that enemy unit then suffers two set of D3/D6 MW from each unit of knights (and any enemy unit within 3"). Thanks for the help,
  11. Hello Followers of Chaos, I'm running for a Slaves army, but I'm having trouble. I just seem to always be out matched, i cant really find any buffs to help, unless i look outside of Slaves, i.e. a Bloodsecrator and giving the slaves' the mark of Khorne, but then i lose the able to have knights as battle line. There just seems not to be anything within just slaves to buff things up, I'm either being shot to death, or just out matched in hand to hand, with other army having re-rolls I will admit the characters, Lord of Chaos, does stand up, but its just one guy and can only take limited characters.
  12. Hi, Hope all is well. I'm Barry (phantomBaz), just thought I'd introduce myself. I live in the north west of the UK, near liverpool. I'm running a Slaves to darkness army, though i keep getting a kicking I'm sticking with'em through blood and war... I'm also looking to be opening a gaming place here in Birktenhead, none retail, just for people to come along and play games, maybe battle reports etc. i've started a facebook page too for this but i dont know if its allowed to post it on here yet. anyways, happy gaming.