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  1. PhantomBaz

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Hello, so i've been looking into running a DoT army and i came across this. Taking that all Pink Horrors are wizards, placing along side the Tzaangors Icon bearer's ability ( take a die of each Wizard (friend or foe) within 9", then pick and enemy within 18" for each 4+ is a MW) So if i have 20 unit of pink horrors, i take 20 dice as each PH is a wizard, whether is has one in the unit left, or 20 to start with?
  2. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    Ah! what would be why i cant find it in the DoT book..
  3. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    this is the 2nd time I've heard fatesworn today, what is it? is it a warscroll battalion?
  4. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    yeah, it was a nice dream, all the Chaos gods shining down upon the poor Slaves, and blessing them with the abilities of all, but alas it was not to be.
  5. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    I can take a Bloodsecrator as an alley for Slaves to Darkness, in the GH17 he's under the Blades of Khoren. But i do wanna try something new, so the tzeetch thing maybe a nice chance, although i would lose the Knights as battle-line, which then leave me with just Warriors or Marauders, or tzeentch battleline(which i have only just thought about..).
  6. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    yeah i see now, it has to be one or the other, not a mix of say StD and DoT. I may have to try and run a DoT army next time, as i keep getting my butt handed to me with Slave to darkness.
  7. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    ok, I got it, the whole army has to be one or the other, not a mix of DtS and DoT. many thanks for your time. I guess I'll have to try to find another way to boot the Sorcerer casting, and have the killing edge of khorn. My idea was the use the DD's to pull off spells and use the mark of khorn on the warriors/knights, along with the bloodsecrator to gain the +1A
  8. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    ok, i think i got it. so i would have take a "model" from the DoT to use as an allies to gain the Destiny dice.
  9. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    this is still a bit confusing; reading the allegiance from the Tzneetch, "if all the starting units and warsc... in your army follow tzneetch, -including any units you assign the tzeentch keyword... then your army has the tzeentch allegiance" so for example; If took a sorcerer lord and give the key word tzeentch i would have that allegiance for him alone. As i can, in Slave to darkness, set out key words for individual unit.
  10. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    so if i take warriors/Knight with the mark of Khorne, a sorcerer with the mark a Tzeentch can i still use the destiny dice as it is a unit with keyword tzeentch.
  11. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    so let try this, I want to take a Slave to darkness army, a sorcerer lord on a manticore with a mark of tzeentch, Warriors/knights with a mark of Khorne with a bloodsecrator allied. Would i still be able to use Destiny Dice as i have a "unit" with the key word Tzeentch.
  12. PhantomBaz

    Can I..?

    Hello Fellow Chaos-ians, I'm looking for some clarification, I've recently bought a Disciple of Tzeentch book to aid my Slaves of darkness. I came across the allegiance abilities and one part in particular; "If all the starting untils and warscrolls battalions in your army follow tzeentch- including any units that you assign the tzeentch keyword to during set-up then your army has the tzeentch allegiance" Now the part I've having trouble with is " including any units that you assign the tzeentch keyword". Does this mean that i can set up say a sorcerer lord on a manticore, give him alone the tzeentch key word and he can have the tzeentch allegiance, i.e destiny dice. Many thanks
  13. Its great that now they've given a until a mark, say Khorne, and it does its own thing, with Khorne re-rolling 1's to hit. But my question is this, if i then take a Lord of Chaos with a mark of Khorne and use his *Command Ability does this mean i can re-roll a re-roll (of 1's to hit)? or has the Lord of Chaos' command ability just became nullified *Command Ability: Aided by the Gods: If a Lord of Chaos uses this ability, pick a a Slaves to Darkness until within 10" that has the same mark of Chaos as the Lord. Until your next hero phase, that unit receives the same benefit as the Lord of Chaos receives for his mark of Chaos. (i.e Mark of Khoren re-rolls his of 1's)
  14. PhantomBaz

    Chump, or Chosen?

    well, hitting on 3's wounding on 3's with 3 attacks each, -1 rend, and with 6's doing M.W., mark of Korne for re-roll of a 1, throw a bloodsecrator in the mix. Place them along side a large unit of Warriors, taking advantage of the Slaughter Leader. I could see them doing damage if you pick the right units.
  15. PhantomBaz

    Dose GW even look when they change things?

    yeah, i've only have the Grand Alliance book at the mo, but thinking about getting the Tzeentch book. but wouldnt this then mean its no longer Slaves to Darkness. Ive always thought that Slaves to darkness were more banded together regardless of there allegiance to one or the other, but for the "course". Being able to dip into and use anything from the 4 chaos gods.