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  1. Doom Diver Crew?

    @someone2040 I have completely overlooked that sentence! Goddammit, now my Grot army got a little bit weaker. Now I'm really looking forward to getting some new rules for my Grots. I must say, that I hope that they solve theese uncertainties. A combined warscroll would also give the war machine the 'Gitmob' keyword, making it brutal with a Gitmob shaman.
  2. Fimir Warriors

    They're mad! I had the feeling that you had used some Lizardmen. But hell, I would need a big portion of patience for this job! Really cool!
  3. Doom Diver Crew?

    On all three warscrolls it says "it's crew" when it refers to moving the war machine. When using attacks it says "crew within 1" ". I always place my crew strategically so that they can operate both Chukkas/ Doomdivers.
  4. Gitmob Artillery Bases

    I'm planning to put my Doomdivers on 90x52. Theese are the OOP ones, that is a little smaller, but I guess the new ones would still fit (also considering that GW put Giants on theese in their latest double pack).
  5. Fimir Warriors

    @Malakree they really look good! But I can't figure out which bits that has been used? ( @Binx?) I guess that you could also use the ones from Hero Quest if you want to go monopose.
  6. Fimir Warriors

    Theese could be a cheaper alternative: https://www.bloodmoonminis.com/CatalogTrial/product_info.php/cPath/22/products_id/49/osCsid/f37a9e7c55d5c0bbd0c8e85a7cfbd722
  7. Mixed Destruction Synergies

    I see, thanks! Another thing when we chat mixed Destruction. I like to use some of the powerfull monsters. The Magma Dragon for instance is expensive but is a killer. Also the Dread Maw with its armored hide, and the Rogue Idol with its buffs for Greenskinz Wizards.
  8. Mixed Destruction Synergies

    Have I overlooked something? Does the rules state that you get -1 bravery if your general dies?
  9. Destruction Path to Glory?

    I played the Bonesplitterz. We made the house rule, that they had their 6+ save. Without they are useless.
  10. Cave squigs vs squig hoppers

    One more nice thing about Squig Hoppers: It seems that they can hide fanatics.
  11. Tapatalk Issues

    Guess not.. I tend to check the forums more often when I use it though.
  12. Gore Grunta gap filling tips?

    I have heard that you can use varnish to fill the gaps, but I have never tried.
  13. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    I would say that you should heal units immediately, as they do their ritual dance in "the start of their hero face" and therefore you cannot wait. Fingers crossed! I'm sure that they plan to bring back some of the models that have been unavailable little by little. We just have to be patient...
  14. GH2017 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    @bonzai Maybe it is possible to convert one from a Giant and some Sylvaneth bits?
  15. Age of Sigmar Facebook Groups - List

    Denmark, "Warhammer hygge i DK": https://www.facebook.com/groups/1306827619333316/ Bonesplitterz group, "Age of Sigmar Bonesplitterz": https://www.facebook.com/groups/1156668721064990/