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  1. Of course! Buying a professionally made supplement and emerging yourself in the lore, art and gaming rules is one of the best parts of the hobby. For me it's the chance there might be a new series of campaign books that has me most excited. The AoS setting has come a really long way since the Realmgate wars, we now have cities and mortal men, Aelves and Duardin running around the realms and I can't wait to see what epic events unfold with them.
  2. I think Black Talon might be a lady Storm Cast! (And possibly wearing all the lion rumour images (pelt and armour). So excited!
  3. Snail riders!!!! I really hope this means the start of a new series of campaign books. The AoS setting has come on leaps and bounds and now I am super excited to see what's next!
  4. @Mr. White Thanks for the comment! Yes the new Warhammer Quest logo would look nice on the page, I'll swap them over when I have enough stuff to put together as a download. I'll keep the miniature picture though to match the other profiles in official books and also to keep the number of borrowed official elements to a minimum. Apart from the aforementioned logo and the page number star every on that page has been built by me (including the miniature photo), so you'll have to put up with my crummy miniatures :-P @Greasygeek I agree the GM led version of WHQ has so much potential. I really think a cool system could be built on top. Rules for journeying to different parts of the realms and exploring dungeons with all manners of death, destruction and choas lurking inside!
  5. Wow, that's a really informative comment @Greasygeek! Yes, I can see exactly what you are saying about the balance resting with the heroes taken. I think that is why the GM version can really shine because they can tweak the amount of models on the board, and what they face, to hopefully keep everything challenging. In that regard the most important thing is to offer a range of difficulties with the different adversaries. What I really want to try is putting together some "boss" adversaries that have lots of reactive abilities and debuffs like a powerful D&D 4e monster, rather than just being sacks of hit points. Can't to get started with the game and being able to have more input into the conversations on here.
  6. Can't wait to see how this progresses bro!
  7. Hey everyone, I am planning to get into Warhammer Quest (Hammerhal) this autumn big time. Once I have played through the main adventure in the game I want to have a go at penning my own custom adventures as well as provide a load of rules for running games out in the wilds of the Mortal Realms (a Hinterlands style fan supplement). In preparation for that I couldn't resist taking a shot at designing my own Adversary table. Take a look: The rules are untested and so will likely need some tweaks, but I think I got some cool mechanics for them. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Bottle
  8. This is fantastic! Exactly what I needed
  9. What a fantastic bunch of characters! Let me know how your games get on!
  10. You have to have a grapnel launcher just because the rules are way too awesome! My first 3 have been built 1 Grapnel, 1 Volleygun, 1 normal dude (Endrinriggers). If I flesh the unit out to 6 I will probably add another 3 normal dudes and then get a Khemist to buff the saws.
  11. I love the tactics around reducing your drops, getting to choose first turn, being out deployed as a result, packing turn 1 threat, and the double turns etc etc etc If I could change anything it would be "one drop" armies.
  12. Yeah the Rogue Idol will be at the next Forge World open day and for open purchase not too long after that. £65 You should also get the Warboss on Squig just because the model is so awesome!
  13. Love the vibrant colours! The blue, yellow and pink all look great!
  14. These were one of the best things about new 40k so I can't wait to get these!
  15. 5 Skullreapers, converted with Wrathmonger heads and a Bloodsecrator head.