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  1. Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the stream last night! I had a blast and GW treated me really well up there so I was able to make it a great day out. From watching it back I understand there was over 1000 people watching live, which seems mental! Both games were actually nail-bitingly close and I was playing to win the second game right up to the end - (if I had rolled a 6 to activate either the central or western treasure horde I would have been in a winning position). I think a few of the finer points were missed by the commentators but with a hectic chat it's understandable! The rules are really quick and easy to play, if you've been playing Hinterlands you'll feel right at home with them The Battleplans are absolutely awesome. The first one we played (Seize the Relic) is my favourite and it's really thematic with the arcane storm slowly closing in on the cemetery. The second one, Treasure Hunt, is really interesting tactically because it's not a mad scramble for objectives and instead they only come into play if a player actively tries to "activate" them. There are extra rules we didn't play (either we forgot or chose not to). For example there is a new scenery table which we didn't use and in the second game Ben had 1 less renown spent than I, and so should have got a single Underdog re-roll. The best thing about the system is firstly how cheap it is and secondly how easy it is to build on top of it. I'll definitely give it a go for the next iteration of Hinterlands - but I expect lots of others to create some awesome content for it too!
  2. Ben's posted up his Warband now too. Shaping up to be an epic showdown!
  3. I will say the Skirmish book is an absolute steal for £6!
  4. Here's my AoS Skirmish warband that will be appearing on Warhammer Live this Wednesday (the 17th of May)! One of dozens of warbands I have planned... AoS Skirmish is gonna be a blast! - painted by bottle
  5. I may or may not have been able to have a little peak You'll have to wait till Wednesday to find out everything though! Thanks Alec! I'm sure you'll be having much more fun if its a big holiday in Norway
  6. It looks fantastic mate! Once the rest of the warband is painted up we should get some games in together over at Firestorm!
  7. Here's the Warband I have settled on for the game. I am terrified of Crypt Flayers and all other sorts of nasties hurtling towards me at break-neck pace, so I've done what any self-respecting freeguilder would do and packed LOTS OF GUNS!
  8. 3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
  9. 3 Handgunners I converted up ready for going out onto Warhammer Live this Wednesday (17th May) to play AoS Skirmish!
  10. I am well up for a grudge-match mate! And maybe have Krunk off the Carnosaur for your Hunter, the Carnosaur for your Leviathan, and Krunk riding it once you've tamed it? Although if we can grudge in an early game, that Carnosaur is going to be mine!
  11. Omg I can't wait! Time to start making my Hunter and Leviathan
  12. Thanks Chris! Can't wait to come back on TBS. Had loads of fun last time and I reckon people are gonna be pretty excited when they get their hands on this book! Haha, what can I say? Brace yourself for disappointment
  13. I'm allowed to reveal too much, but I can say this won't be a direct port of Hinterlands. I plan very much for Hinterlands to continue, but moving forward I am going to make everything compatible with AoS Skirmish, so that should tell you that these are going to be similar in scope I'm in the second game slot, so tune in around 6PM and you can hopefully catch the games and chatting in between! Thanks! As I am a massive GW fanboy this is a hobby dream come true for me. I am super grateful to GW for asking if I wanted to come up and play. I hope to do a blog report afterwards with pics and a summary
  14. Hey everyone, on the 17th of May you've got to scrap all your plans and make sure you tune into Warhammer Live! Why? Not only will you get the first peak at the incredibly exciting new game that is AoS SKIRMISH, you'll also get to see bottle live on air playing the first games of it! It's going to be my Freeguild no-for-goods (and perhaps some other Order mixed in) up against Ben Johnson's Flesh Eater Courts, so it should be a thrilling game as well as a chance to see the new Skirmish rules in action. If you're a TGA member and a subscriber to Warhammer Live, make sure you shout out in the chat box too. Hope to see you all there!