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  1. I have a Duardin Cannon dubbed "baby cannon" from Battle For Skull Pass that fits neatly onto a 40mm! For the topic at hand, yes, always stick them on bases as it looks nicer
  2. Sounds lots of fun! So did the winner get their hands on the magical crossbow? Look forward to hearing more about it!
  3. A-ha! You've found the Fleetmaster! I've been worried about him from day 1 haha. Its going to be interesting to see if he remains 40pts when the GHBII comes out!
  4. Let me know how your campaign progresses and what its like using both Experience and Cost to calculate the Underdog Rating. I omitted it to keep things simple but it is a perfect thing to switch up. I guess you drafted up your Fyreslayer band before the new points that would of course make them cheaper in gold now too, but armies without much shooting are probably always going to struggle a bit in Hinterlands. I am putting together my own Fyreslayer warband as we speak and can't wait to try out the Runemaster who I think will be very powerful. I will include some Thunderers if I feel I am getting too outgunned.
  5. Just sent over my payment - £30! Can't wait
  6. Yeah I would love to be on TBS Weekly to have a chat, send me a message on Twitter or here and we can set something up
  7. I've heard this is a great game but never played it. I would like to get an official GW version for sure!
  8. Sounds like an amazing idea, Chris!
  9. My vote is for the babe herself, Neferata! Badass chick riding a sack of flying skulls. After that I vote for the Cairn Wraith because floating grim reapers are always cool.
  10. I heard the "Vitriol Sea" is actually just another name for the Internet. Edit: and it's the saltiest sea in all the 9 realms.
  11. I think they've been left out of the book because the new Battletrait for Stormcast (Scions of the Storm) is the Deepstrike ability and so the two clash when in play. Although it could be that the old battalions like WB and SS are ways for non-SCE armies to Deepstrike, for example Stormcast mixed with wider Order. Not sure if you can fit much outside a WB or SS at 2000 points though, just a quick thought after glancing through the new battletome today briefly.
  12. I got to read some of the Battletome today, don't know if it's already been mentioned but the battletrait is called "Scions of the Storm" and means all units can be deployed in the celestial realm and you roll for each at the start of the turn with them having to be deployed on a 3+ (9" away from the enemy). Lots of the battalions still have "Lightening Strike" but it is modified to instead allow you to +/-2 to the Scions of the Storm roll for the units in it, so it still doesn't give you complete control of when they drop (if you roll a 5/6 they are always coming down).
  13. I like all points values, from 150 point Hinterlands games up to 2000 and beyond. It really depends on where and who I am playing with and also what army I have. So at tournaments I love 2000 points for a good chunky game. The largest I have played 2500 points and as I have 3000+ painted order I would love to do a 5 hour mega battle with them but haven't had the chance yet. When I am at my local GW I like to play less than 2000 if the player seems new or isn't a tournament player as they can often play slowly and are unable to finish a game at 2000 points within 2.5 hours. After that, I play with my mixed Order at 2000 points, but I never want to play with more than a 1000 points of my goblins because I just don't want to collect that many models. I believe every army has a sweet spot size of around 50-80 models and depending on how many points that equals with the army decides what point level I prefer to play with them.
  14. RAW is they do exploding damage on a 5+ now, RAI is have a vote with your gaming group to decide I am currently playtesting myself a limit on the amount of mortal wounds that bypass saving throws a turn - I posted up some of the experimental rules in the TGA thread (which is good for general discussion too):
  15. Oh no! I hope you managed to grab your models when being evacuated!