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  1. I like the Aeldari a lot. Makes me excited for upcoming Aelves. Look at me, strutting out the new lingo like a pro
  2. Red and yellow we make it then! I am really happy to hear my original Dakka thread got you motivated. I hope you do get the chance to do some individual shots eventually - or even better would be to see them at an event! Thanks! I work from white undercoat and this was the method: Basecoat: Stegadon Scale "Green" Wash: Asurmen Blue (this is the old GW wash, a lot lighter then Drakenhof - I am currently sourcing a replacement and going to get my first ever none GW paint - Army Painter Blue Tone). Highlight 1: Russ Grey Hightlight 2: Fenrisian Grey Highlight 3: Pallid Wytch Flesh (dotted only in the corners and sharpest of edges. I hope this helps Stegadon Scale Green is my favourite paint to do blue from. Not sure why GW didn't call it Stegadon Scale Blue though...
  3. Hey Zeke, thanks for the comment. I was already thrilled to hear you guys talk about Hinterlands a fair bit on your All Gates episode on the podcast. Both things you addressed will get a fix so thanks for bringing them up The advancement table was designed for my 'Realm Master' campaign before I even thought of tackling a project like the Hinterlands so it's a relic from that system really where more wounds meant the GM could thrown more adversaries against the heroes. I have redone the advancement table with the wound bonuses taken off the peak of the bell curve. As for Bravery, its been my biggest headache since the project began. I have tried loads of systems but can't seem to get it right - it's either too much micromanaging or has no effect on the game. For this version of Hinterlands I am going to remove it with the 'rout' option taking its place thematically. I think its something we as a community can then look at going into version 3 to see if its missed or not and if an eloquent solution can be found or not. Thanks for all the feedback, hopefully you'll see lots of your groups ideas in the new version.
  4. I have been busy working on the Hinterlands update all weekend It should all be ready very soon, I would say its all at 80% currently. Here is what I have been working on recently: The Warband Roster! I tried to make it as simple as possible, so it should have everything you need. The stat wheel is pastel so you can write your stats over it. There is no space for adding in the weapon stat lines but they are on the Warscroll anyway. The notes box would be to add any artefacts, -1/+1 to hit/wound and anything else about the character. On page two I removed one stat block (as you can only have 15 models max) - placed in a big box to record triumphs (this relates to the battleplans. Some give permanent benefits, others just for the next game). And also some fun counters to record your Kill/Death ratio and total battles played (on the front there is a victory counter). Let me know what you think
  5. Haha, yes, good call! I am going to go for 'Critical Injury', and after that have 'Major Injury', 'Minor Injury' and then 'Slow Recovery' (suggested by @StoneMonk's group - miss next battle), Full Recovery and Miraculous Full Recovery.
  6. Thanks Spiky! That's a great idea too! I won't be making it one of the 5 simply because there is a battleplan table with each as an option (and the underdog choosing on the roll of a 6) so I need all 5 to be playable with just two Warbands. However, another plan I had for the future is to remove the 'Realm Master Campaign' section as that will get made into it's own supplement (which I am also working on now). I want to replace the Realm master Campaign section with ideas for using the standard Hinterlands rules to play even more narrative driven games - this is inspired heavily by the Arbitrator Campaign in the Necromunda Outlanders book if anyone is familiar with it. That section is pretty much my favourite collection of GW rules ever published. What I would want to do is include multi-player scenarios in that section as well as ideas for a single Warband vs a GM style games. The first idea was to make a 4 player gladiatorial arena (goreschosen style) battle with rules for the weaker players to gang up on the stronger players. I would also like to include a 2 vs 1 scenario like you mentioned. Do you have any neat ideas about the narrative and mechanics?
  7. Your painting ability is truly outstanding. I loved your Death army and am already blown away by your Sylvaneth units. They are clean and smooth like the 'Eavy Metal teams models but I think these are to an even higher standard. Will you be entering Golden Demon this year? I think if you made a scenic base for the Dyrads you would have a very good chance in the unit category.
  8. 100% going to this! Can't wait, Chris!
  9. Oh wow, your army looks amazing! (Do you have a thread/blog with more pictures?) It seems only fitting that the floating island is brought into the image somewhere. I have a flag in my handgunners unit but I was planning to copy the flag of Venice (which a rich crimson background) and I thought the gold and crimson would really stand out against the drab browns I was planning to paint the models in. (Also I recently went on holiday to Venice ).
  10. Hi Moderators, Can we move this to the Narrative Section? Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words of all in this thread. I really hope you are having fun with the rules as that's what they were designed for! Lots of players have been sending me some amazing feedback too which has been incredibly useful as I am putting together now the first big update! I want to give a special mention to @Double Misfire and also @StoneMonk (and his gaming group) for the incredibly in-depth feedback as well as everyone else who has posted here and there with what works and what could be improved. I thought I would share the direction I plan to take Hinterlands in for the first update, and hopefully you will be very excited. The core design philosophy is the same; keep it simple, make as few changes to AoS as possible but I think the new rules are going to add even more excitement and fun to your games. Okay, so first I wanted to talk about general rules changes. Let me know if any of these raise a red flag for you, but I think the changes are what everyone is after: Heroes are going to be"Half wounds rounded up" rather than capped at 3. Sorry Ogor players, I forgot about you guys! Cover rules are going to be reverted back to AoS standard rules. All scatter terrain will work like Walls & Fences, i.e. if you are touching it you gain a cover save against attacks coming from the other side. The original change to the rules was to nerf shooting which can overpower a skirmish game like this, but I think introducing TLOS and to hit modifiers was too clunky and too much of a throwback to WHFB. This is an example of where my original rules fell short of my design philosophy - I didn't need to change the rules as the solution was in AoS all along. I will change the "Dead" result to "Mortally Wounded" which will permanently reduce your wound characteristic by D3. This means 1 wound characters will still die but Heroes and other nasties will stick around to live another day (although crippled) which should soften the blow of rolling a 1 for your Heroes in a campaign. There are a few other tweaks I am toying with, I want to look at the Allegiance Abilities as I think some are clunky (Death) and some have very little impact (Order) where as the Destruction one is amazing in a game where speed is king. I am open to any suggestions with these, but I do want to make the Death one involve summoning as I think that is thematically the best for the faction. I am toying with them being able to resurrect fallen Zombies/Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls. Lastly I am toying with a "Rule of Three" - which would mean a model could only target up to 3 enemy models in a single phase. This is to stop Waywatchers sniping half a Warband Legolas style, or the Knight Azyros doing a Lantern Bomb and killing everybody. Then there are some bigger changes to how I want Hinterlands to work - this revolves around the campaign mode and is based on feedback the players have given me. Firstly, as the system is strongly tied to Mordhiem and Necromunda, it has inherited some of the flaws. Mainly, after a strong start Warbands can race away as they win games, earn gold, and buy more models, while others can get crippled and have no money to rebuild causing them to get worse and worse - this is compounded by the scenarios which are often "all or nothing". Speaking of the scenarios - they were designed to be simple (3 fit onto a single page) and allow for Warband growth but I don't feel like they truly embrace the narrative nature of Age of Sigmar, so with all the above in mind here are the planned changes: I am going to remove the loot/treasure system and remove the three scenarios. *gasp* I am going to instead create 5 new scenarios based on classic AoS scenarios (for example 'The Ritual' is the first one planned). Both the winner and loser will earn gold coins after the battle so both can grow their warband (the winner will earn more of course). Winning a battle will also provide a unique benefit in your next game - these will be different for each scenario and in asymmetrical scenarios will be different depending on the role you took (for example as a winning attacker or winning defender). I feel like this is truly embracing the nature of AoS narrative play and also provides much more scope for introducing any battleplan into the campaign thus making your campaigns easily adaptable and fun. (At them moment the income is directly tied to loot counters making it lots of work for players to add new battleplans.) This is all in the aim to make the game closer to vanilla AoS and to mitigate the difference between Warbands that win the first few games and those that lose. I have one new mechanic to add into this to further mitigate the difference between Warband strengths. This is a simple 1 page mechanic called 'Underdog Gambits' which I have posted a preview of below. I think you guys will love these rules. So those are the planned changes coming out in the next month or so (fingers crossed). I hope everyone will think these changes are for the best. It will hopefully give all Warbands scope to grow if they win or lose the game, it will also allow players to use any of the AoS battleplans in Hinterlands making the scope of gaming mindblowing! Lastly it is going to be packed with flavour and really bring your campaigns to life. Underdog Gambits As mentioned above here is a new mechanic I wanted to share with you that will be introduced (although the rules below may be tweaked). If you are already playing Hinterlands please feel free to add this mechanic into your game. I wanted a way to give the weaker Warband in any game an ace up their sleeve. And to do this I devised a simple method for determining the underdog (whoever has the least points total) and came up with a table that adds some fun and flavourful "gambits" for the player to use (it might be enough to turn the odds in your favour if you use them right!). The gambits themselves were taken from various warscrolls and rules already in AoS so they should feel right at home. Please see below and let me know what you think: I look forward to posting more in this thread as it is getting worked on. Thank you to everyone for your support so far and I hope Hinterlands continues to be a super fun set of rules for you to use! - bottle
  11. Thanks, DM! Yes it was a choice to do everything blue, and maybe not one everyone will like! I liked the idea of both units being very very blue and thought the detail would like embossed as a result. Didn't scoop best army, that was won by Ian Gilmore's utterly fantastic Nurgle army! I didn't stand a chance! I would like to add a Freeguild General on Griffon this year and go for the GW red scheme - that should really stand out alongside the Hurricanum and the Steamtank to give me a solid trio of centrepieces in the army when I go to tournies Thanks for the kind words! I do actually have a little collection of Wizards which I posted in this blog post (linked below). What I do have planned moving forward is creating a Blanchitsu style ("AoS28" it's being called) warband for my Hinterlands Skirmish project. I am going to theme the Warband from Greywater Fastness so it's going to be a mixture of Ironweld and Collegiate, and I would like to give them all a drab and polluted look to represent the city.
  12. This is inspiring! I love the idea of a Destruction campaign about smashing stuff. "Bulls in a China shop" is such a great image. I also love the simple territory mechanic modified from the GHB map campaign. I imagine it works much better than the slow territorial conquest style that can turn into a mini game of Risk.
  13. Bish, has your army ever been in White Dwarf? It needs to be in my opinion. Every model in it is out of this world and oozing character. Excellent work as always
  14. Yep, I am looking forward to hearing how this goes! Can't wait for an update.
  15. The two champions have armoured helmets similar to the Warlord. One has a crest/Mohican the other has a row of spikes. Look through all the clan rats and pick out the two with metal guarding on the face :-)