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  1. Great question. This has been asked a couple of times now so I will update the FAQ to include the answer too. The rule is meant to be played that Heroes do not begin with any advancement rolls. The idea is they already have superior abilities and the 50 experience represents that making them level up slower than regular models. The rule I am considering (and play testing now) for a future update is that models (regardless of the hero keyword) start with experience based on their wounds profile. I am conscious that currently elite non-hero models such as Kurnoth Hunters are favoured due to the way the rule works.
  2. Yes, I think we called it! I can't wait too - should provide a totally unqiue gaming experience and the models look fantastic! I am planning to get into this big time.
  3. Shadespire looks intriguing. Female Stormcast!!!!! I'm going to get into this game so much. Seems like the sorta thing I could play in a lunch break, and as one of my colleagues is an avid warhammer fan too, it sounds perfect! If we get a set of unqiue sculpts for the factions, and if the minis are of the same scale/quality, it will be a must buy for most AoS players too!
  4. Thanks guys! I had a really good time guesting on the show it was a lot of fun and a big thanks to the Megaboss for giving me the chance. Pretty sure I've been internet famous for ages, this is like IRL fame now
  5. You're a rockstar, Kenny!
  6. In my opinion this is fantastic idea perhaps if you made a set campaign pack you could create battalions that allow for a bit of wiggle-room and give a bonus that is themed around the story. I really like the battalions from the Campaign books that do this too. This is expansion material in my opinion and not for the core rules, but it is an awesome idea! I want to do some source books or 'campaign modules' at a later date and will definitely be incorporating this idea into mine. i had thought originally to do this as a "battletrait" but doing it as a warscroll battalion will look much cooler in my opinion. If someone makes something cool with this, let me know so I can stick it in the OP!
  7. This is exactly my hunch too. It will be a skirmish game but never as we have seen it before. The battlemat will be the last rumour we saw, the most recent rumour is also likely terrain and the old rumour of "Death WHQ" probably stems from this too. I am massively excited. A small scale but incredibly tactical game is a fascinating idea and something I have always wanted to design myself. Elements of a CCG meets something like X-wing as you say. It could have list building, deck building, and dice and miniatures as we love. So so excited!
  8. I'm excited too! (Obviously, I made Hinterlands because this is the sort of game I love). super out there suggestion, but what if that hint means this isn't going to be a skirmish campaign (which is a better fit for gaming groups than tournaments generally), what if this was some sort of CCG - miniature battlemat hybrid? Somewhere between Mordheim and MtG? Anyway it's 99% likely to be a skirmish game but it is interesting to think about the "what-ifs"
  9. Hey Aslum, your assumption is right that they are not allowed. The main reason for this is that there will be a lengthy FAQ required for every allegiance ability (not just Sylvaneth) to get them all working with Hinterlands, and there just wasn't space to give them all a section in the core rules. There is no intrinsic game balance reason for them not being in, so what I suggest (if you are keen) is to come up with 2 new command traits for a Sylvaneth general to pick. In the core rules one command trait is a force multiplier and one makes the general better in combat. Maybe you could take from one of the many Wyldwood spawning spells and abilities to create the force multiplier one and you could take something like the oaken armour for the other. Once you have put it together play test it a bit and let me know how you get on - if it works well I would be happy to share it in the main Hinterlands thread. The idea is that the core rules need to be kept simple and elegant but there is lots of opportunity for the community to add on extra stuff. I would love to see special Hinterlands command traits for all the sub-allegiances like Sylvaneth, Tzeentch, Stormcast etc etc and think the community could do a better job than me at putting it together! So this is actually an open invitation to anyone reading the thread, if you would like something to be in Hinterlands that currently isn't, then go out and make it!
  10. Cool! Is it a floor tile?
  11. Yeah, it's just something interesting to raise and consider.
  12. The only rules argument to counter is the new Escalation in the FAQ talks explicitly about units which are both Battleline and Behemoths. If this isn't the BCR they are talking about, what other units are both? Perhaps food for thought.
  13. That's great to hear! And yes that's right, a 4'x4' table with double the terrain :-) (mentioned on page 7 of Hinterlands)!
  14. Interesting! Yes I would definitely try to meet this with version 3. Just out of interest, the current version has 16 pages, but also has a front cover and inside cover increasing it to 18. I imagine the divisible by 4 needs to include these as its being printed softback?