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  1. It's the latter, they already start at level 5 but don't gain abilities for those first 5 levels. They gain abilities from levels 6-10
  2. It is a little pot of magic. Things I use it for: 1. Thinning paints, 2. Thinning Washes, 3. Controlling washes, 4. Creating glazes, 5. Creating washes, 6. Fixing superglue frosting, 7. Sealing transfers, 8. Matting pools of wash that have dried glossy for whatever reason, 9. Ressurecting dead paints, Like I said. It's a little pot of magic.
  3. Coming from my experience with Hinterlands I think the most important thing to balance is Mortal Wounds. Play against a Heraldor or a Lord Celestant and you'll quickly see. The last version of Hinterlands introduced 2 "rules of three" the first was that a single model can only target up to 3 models in any phase with abilities or attacks, the second was only a total of 3 Mortal Wounds could be made per turn and any subsequent Mortal Wounds could have saving throws taken against them (with a rend of '-'). These rules were precisely put in to curtail Mortal Wound spam which can wreck a Warband in a single turn. I also think lots of command abilities, command traits, artefacts and battle traits interact in a somewhat clumsy manner with Skirmish, so you'll want to have some house clarifications. After that your group should think about fun house rules like adding in injuries and levelling up (or whatever else you want!)
  4. I had a great time again this year! Got smashed up haha, but avoided the spoon and came away with Best Painted! Thanks to Mark for a great event, everyone from here and Twitter that said hi, and everyone who voted for me!
  5. Very much so! In fact it's already well in the works and I have a number of pages fully completed. Hopefully it's going to be something really fun for fans of skirmish - as well as porting over some of the balance tweaks and campaign elements from Hinterlands it's going to have loads of new content especially for Skirmish, mainly: Rules for a variety of Multiplayer Campaigns, down time between campaigns (and rules to link multiple campaigns together), weather rules, potions, scrolls, artefacts, and expanded rules for your General to almost make it feel like an RPG.
  6. Yes, it's quite clunky in my opinion. This is why Hinterlands removed allegiance abilities and command abilities and gave each GA a choice of two skirmish tailored Command Traits to use. Kept the flavour of each GA but didn't lead to any rules that couldn't interact with the game. As for the Order Battle Trait. Currently in GHB you can make a model in a unit your General for regular AoS. If that's the case the unit is always within 12" of the general because the general is part of the unit. In skirmish your Warband is treated as a single unit for Battleshock. For this reason I would play in Skirmish that as long as your general (or a HERO) is alive you can reroll battleshock, and don't need to worry about models being in 12" because the general is part of the unit/Warband and so is within 12" of himself at all times. I don't think there is a definitive correct answer though because the rules don't interact in a clear way.
  7. Thanks you two!
  8. So glad you did this! Me and @Chris Tomlin spotted a few of these (like the Kurnoth Hunters). One you have missed off is the Abhorrent Ghould King who seems like he will clock in at 140pts if the renown is based off GHB2. Hearing Demigryphs will be getting cheaper is amazing news. They could go down from 200pts to 160pts if the theory is correct!
  9. It was one of the lines I loved most in the Shadespire fluff from Skirmish. It's doesn't say Duardin actually but that they are laced with 'Ur-Gold'. Fyreslayers definitely need more love in my opinion, and ur-gold laced, fire fueled, stone golems would be a freaking awesome way to do it! Something bad-ass like this (but a bit more Dwarfy):
  10. Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed the stream last night! I had a blast and GW treated me really well up there so I was able to make it a great day out. From watching it back I understand there was over 1000 people watching live, which seems mental! Both games were actually nail-bitingly close and I was playing to win the second game right up to the end - (if I had rolled a 6 to activate either the central or western treasure horde I would have been in a winning position). I think a few of the finer points were missed by the commentators but with a hectic chat it's understandable! The rules are really quick and easy to play, if you've been playing Hinterlands you'll feel right at home with them The Battleplans are absolutely awesome. The first one we played (Seize the Relic) is my favourite and it's really thematic with the arcane storm slowly closing in on the cemetery. The second one, Treasure Hunt, is really interesting tactically because it's not a mad scramble for objectives and instead they only come into play if a player actively tries to "activate" them. There are extra rules we didn't play (either we forgot or chose not to). For example there is a new scenery table which we didn't use and in the second game Ben had 1 less renown spent than I, and so should have got a single Underdog re-roll. The best thing about the system is firstly how cheap it is and secondly how easy it is to build on top of it. I'll definitely give it a go for the next iteration of Hinterlands - but I expect lots of others to create some awesome content for it too!
  11. Ben's posted up his Warband now too. Shaping up to be an epic showdown!
  12. I will say the Skirmish book is an absolute steal for £6!
  13. Here's my AoS Skirmish warband that will be appearing on Warhammer Live this Wednesday (the 17th of May)! One of dozens of warbands I have planned... AoS Skirmish is gonna be a blast! - painted by bottle
  14. I may or may not have been able to have a little peak You'll have to wait till Wednesday to find out everything though! Thanks Alec! I'm sure you'll be having much more fun if its a big holiday in Norway
  15. It looks fantastic mate! Once the rest of the warband is painted up we should get some games in together over at Firestorm!