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  1. As the lead blogger for the Age Of Sigmar Community team I thought it would be a great idea to recognize and interview members of our local gaming community. For our first interview I reached out to one of my favorite AoS players; Frank DeLoach. Frank and his clubmates are top notch players and amazing members of the community and I couldn’t think of anyone better to start with. Without further delay here is the interview: Name: Frank DeLoach Club: We Slay Dragons (W.S.D. for short) Home FLGS: Games Workshop Portola, Mission Viejo CA Gaming Bio: Got into tabletop gaming in the 6th grade. Started with like 3rd edition 40k… back when Necro, Battlefleet, Gorkamorka… all that stuff was out. Took a long break through most of high school and some college. Then picked it back up about 6 years ago.. seriously only the past two. Why Age of Sigmar?: Club mate of mine Ryan introduced me to it. It’s just so elegant & smooth game. Feels super modern. From the easy to learn, difficult to master aspect. All of the armies play super differently from each other.. really I think this is a great blueprint for people to rip off hahaha. What is your favorite thing/experience?: Going to events.. period. I love playing at the club. But, just this past year I’ve made so many friends from around the country that I’m just always excited to see. It’s really the first time that I’ve instantly felt like it’s a nation wide family. Everyone is top shelf. Especially getting to know some of the dudes from GW HQ. What army are you playing now?: Khorne Bloodbound! But I think technically I play Mortal Blades of Khorne hahaha that sounds silly. Blood Bound, Blood For The Blood God! What are your future AoS plans?: Hmm… Right now, I’m deep into getting my Mortal Khorne finished for Broadside Bash at the end of the month… after that? Deamons!!! Just like, so many Deamons. I would like to do 2k of Khorne Deamons. Also been tossing a Nurgle idea around for a bit.. who knows, depends on how I’m feeling I guess! Really the next army isn’t a big thought in my head right now, I want to get my Bloodbound dialed in… I’m going for a top ten overall finish at the ITC & Top Bloodbound this season. Anything else?: Yeah, check out our club’s Facebook and check me out on Twitter WSDFrank. View the full article
  2. Saturday was the Spring At Ease Carnage, a one day Age of Sigmar tournament in San Diego California. It was hosted by one of our local FLGS’s At Ease Games and run by our superstar TO Scott Reed. Not only was this a super fun time but it also served as prep for a two day GT in San Diego called The Broadside Bash at the end of April. Scott has been working on tuning The Generals Handbook’s matched play scenarios to include secondary and tertiary objectives. This approach is very similar to what I experienced at Adepticon. For the tournament I decided to go back to my Stormcasts. I had one game of prep with the new Battletome and wasn’t too sure what to expect. My list is as follows: Leaders Lord-Celestant (100) – General – Command Trait : Staunch Defender – Stormcast Eternals – Artefact : Obsidian Blade Lord-Castellant (100) – Mystic Light : Lantern of the Tempest Lord-Relictor (80) – Artefact : Spellshield – Prayer : Bless Weapons Units 5 x Liberators (100)* -Warhammers – 1 x Grandblades 5 x Liberators (100)* -Warhammers – 1 x Grandhammers 5 x Liberators (100)* -Warhammers 5 x Judicators (160)* -Skybolt Bows – 1 x Shockbolt Bow 5 x Judicators (160)* -Boltstorm Crossbows – 1 x Thunderbolt Crossbow 10 x Paladin Decimators (400)+ – 4 x Starsoul Mace 5 x Paladin Protectors (200)+ – 1 x Starsoul Mace 5 x Paladin Retributors (220) 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)+ Battalions Thunderhead Brotherhood (80)* Hammerstrike Force (120)+ Total: 2000/2000 I put the The Lord Castellant and Lord Celestant with Staunch Defender with the Retributors every deployment. This creates a mini death star and the Retributors gain synergy from the Celestant’s +1 to hit and get their armor save pumped up to a 2+. The Hammerstrike Force has a unit of 5 Protectors and 10 Decimators. I put the Prosecutors in the Celestial Realm and pray to Sigmar the come out by turn 2. This is obviously my main damage dealing/objective grabbing portion of the army. The Thunderhead Brotherhood is my anchor. It contains what would probably be my compulsory battleline as it stands. Spending an extra 80 points to give them the ability to re-roll wound rolls of 1 seems worth it to me. For the tournament I had 3 great games. It included a rematch against a well tuned Clan Skryre list. Game 1 was probably my worst case draw. The scenario was Three Places of Power and I had 3 footslogging Hero’s with 6 wounds or less apiece. I was matched against Ryan and his forces of Destruction. Within the list was a Kunnin Ruck with 30 Arrow Boyz. He also had 2 Frostlord on Thundertusks and a Frostlord on Stonehorn. I can tell Ryan was worried about the Hammerstrike Force as he bubble wrapped his Thundertusks and Stonehorns. This deployment hamstrung his movement for a turn but he was still able to cap two objectives by the end of turn 2. By my turn 3 I was finally able to get an objective but the game was already well within Ryans favor. My Stormcasts were able to deal a TON of damage but I was not able to clear the objectives fast enough. Ryan won a well deserved victory. Game 2 I was matched against Nick and has nasty Clan Skryre list, the scenario was Blood and Glory. I bubble wrapped my Thunderhead Brotherhood around my Retributors and Hero’s. Again I put the Prosecutors in the Celestial Realm. Unfortunately by bubble wrapping the majority of my army in one spot I created a kill box I could not swing my way out of. The Hammerstike Force did some work and went around trying to hold on to objectives but in the end it was not enough for all the mortal wounds of Nick’s rats. My final game was against Jason and his forces of Khorne in a game of Escalation. My deployment was pretty straight forward. I focused my forces on two objectives and held the Prosecutors in the Celestial Realm. I was done deploying first and chose to take the first turn. In my movement phase I was able to get the Prosecutors out and my paladins down within 3″ of Jason’s front line. This was crucial because he had not yet planted the Bloodsecrator’s banner and his army was not immune to battleshock. My Protectors charged a unit of 10 Marauder Horsemen and my Decimators rolled box cars and I was able to snake my way all the way to the Bloodsecrator, large unit of Bloodreavers, Skull Cannon, and Bloodletters. I popped the Bloodsecrator, Skull Cannon, and ten Bloodletters. The Bloodreavers and Marauders lost some models in combat and a few in the battleshock phase. This turn one deployment of the Hammerstrike Force not only killed a bunch, but held Jason up in his deployment for 2 turns allowing me to secure 2 objectives for the entire game. The top three finsisher of the event were: 1st Place: Sam Valdez – Destruction 2nd Place: James Sutton – Death 3rd Place: David Rogers – Death Great job guys! I would like to once again thank Scott and At Ease Games for such a great event. And as always this would not have happened if we did not have such a great community of players! Greg Rex @xGrexx View the full article
  3. Great write up man. Glad we met!
  4. Fantastic, I appreciate you sharing your list with me and greta blog post! You are absolutely correct about The Glotkin being a trap. I typically have to chose to keep him out of combat to keep his command ability or commit him to my opponent's high save warscrolls. Once I lose him my damage output gets severely diminished. Without damage potential and lack of mobility I have a hard time grinding out victories with my current list.
  5. @Thomas Lyons funny you ask. I just got done listening to Warhammer Weekly and when you described what your list did I thought it sounded a lot like mine. You even kind of confirmed it with David who I played game 2. I don't recall seeing your army out but from what I remember from this week's episode you were running Sayl, 20 Warriors of Chaos and Blightkings in a Plaguetouched Warband. Buffing the large unit of warriors then launching them forward with Sayl. The ability to project a large block of super sticky warriors into my opponents line would definitely improve my list competitively. They cannot be ignored as they can take objectives but are almost impossible to clear out in 5 rounds. Were you also running The Glotkin? Also, I am leaning toward a list that is more mobile and has rend. I love the show and thanks for the feedback!
  6. Back in the 90's my buddy came back from a family vacation from England. He had a White Dwarf and Mail Order Troll foldout pamphlet. After a summer of cutting lawns we ordered the new Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition and some paints.
  7. I just played with the roster. It is VERY hard to keep The Glotkin and the Nurgle Rotbringer Battalion and take warscrolls outside of 'mortal nurgle' with out breaking the battline requirement.
  8. @ThundercakeI have but I like using them as a decoy/tarpit. I focus The Glotkin's two spells Fleshy Abundance and then Mystic Shield on them. They go up to 3 wounds and get a 3+/5+ save. They are actually one of my faster units too. In my opinion I would consider dropping Bloab for lightening cannons.
  9. @Thundercake I updated my article to replace sideboard with display board, I must have had 'sideboard' stuck in my head as I was writing. The picture with the the army on a 2'x2' dark board with the green water running through it was the board I created. (The pictures are so big when they migrate to the TGA blog lol.) Some people, me included, created their display boards because it was part of Adepticon's soft score. Others created them because it is part of their hobby. From what I understand display boards have been a big deal in the midwest for some time. After creating mine I am certain display boards are now part of my hobby as well, whether or not their are part of a soft score. My number one goal when creating my list was resiliency with damage potential with synergy from The Glotkin. With Mortal Nurgle you sacrifice speed, shooting, and mortal wound output. On the traditional 6 games from matched play this army performs very well holding objectives in my deployment zone and grabbing objectives midfield. What it is no good at is getting objectives in my opponent's deployment zone and having to split the army up. The Glotkin adds an extra attack to all units within 14". This gives my Blightkings a chance of of rolling a 6 to hit rom 2.5 out 15 chances to 3.33 out of 20 chances. There is nothing better with this list than to roll 4 or 5 6's and watch them become 20+ hits, wounding on 3's, re-rolling 1's (Battalion ability). Once I lose The Glotkin's synergy my plans generally go down the toilet. After playing this list for about 4 months now I will probably retire it. I am usually assured to get get a major victory as long as I don't have to move very far. Otherwise I grind out 5 battle rounds with a decent chance of getting a minor victory. If I want to place in the top 3 at a major event like Adepticon I need a list that can get a Major win every time I play.
  10. After a little more than a month after going the Las Vegas Open I went to Chicago to attend my first Adepticon. I was under the guise of visiting friends and family for a week while fitting in the Age Of Sigmar Championships Saturday and Sunday. My list was very comparable to what I brought to the LVO. The biggest exceptions being there was no sideboard, and my Chaos Spawn is now exclusively keyworded Tzeentch. Three days before adepticon I banged out 10 Chaos Marauders to replace the Spawn along with making a display board. My list was as follows: Allegiance: Chaos Leaders The Glottkin (480) – General Bloab Rotspawned (260) Lord of Plagues (100) – Artefact : Chaos Runeblade Rotbringers Sorcerer (100) – Artefact : Beguiling Gem Units 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Hand Weapon & Shield – Mark of Chaos : Nurgle 10 x Chaos Marauders (60) – Axes & Shields – Mark of Chaos : Nurgle Battalions Blight Guard (100) Total: 2000/2000 As I mentioned before I also created a sideboard. I know my painting skills aren’t that strong and army paint/appearance was 20% of the overall Adepticon score. Making the sideboard, to me, was a new challenge to get more points. I also felt creating a sideboard was a must due to the amount of time other participants would be putting into it themselves. Creating the sideboard was super fun and relatively easy from a technical standpoint. I think from now on I will create one for every army I do. The TO, Alex Gonzalez, did a great job of taking missions from The Generals Handbook and building on them. Points were scored from 0-30. You got 20 for a major win, 15 for a minor win, 10 for a draw, 5 for a minor loss, and 0 for a major loss. You then had seven secondary objectives to choose from and use once for 0 or 6 points; and tertiary objectives scored either as 0, 2, or 4 points. Over the course of two days I played 5 fantastic games. My battle score results were: 30/0/20/11/25. Rather than break down the 5 games I have some takeaways about my list, mistakes I made, things I saw my opponents do, and general ramblings: My games 2 and 4 were against two Nashville area players Davin Griffin (finished 6th) and Cale Thompson (finished 13th). Both games were based off of Blood and Glory. I tried slightly different tactics each game. Game one I pushed my whole army forward as I had a bad experience of getting blown off my own objectives at LVO… David had two super mobile monsters that capped my objectives and ended the game early. Against Cale I turtled on one objective and moved a flank forward to get his objective. I was able to get one of his but still lost my two for a minor loss. Whenever I break my focus into 2 it usually goes bad for my army list as I start losing synergies. David and Cale are super technical. I was very impressed with their pre-measuring and understanding of threat ranges. They should do a video tutorial on it for sure. ALL of my opponents had better looking armies than me! I wasn’t embarrassed by what I brought but these guys blew me away… along with most of the participants of the tournament. I need more time to meditate on it, but my initial reaction to the one day tournament guys getting mixed in with the two day guys doesn’t quite seem right. I single bad matchup for a two day player against a one day player on Saturday could spoil the weekend. I definitely need to bring a SoCal buddy with next year for the team tournament! I didn’t sign up for much at Adepticon but do feel I missed an opportunity to spend time with the community by not staying at the hotel. It was great putting Twitter handles to real names and faces. I met some guys I have had conversations with on Twitter and the TGA. Adepticon was a blast. Every tournament I attend I learn something new about tournament play and gain appreciation for different scoring systems. I am already working on list ideas for next year. Adepticon Age of Sigmar Championship results: Greg Rex @xGRexx View the full article
  11. Any army with a Battletome is safe. Anything you can still purchase on web store is probably safe, but without a current Battltome your collection can get nerfed.
  12. Were there any soft scores used such as painting and sportsmanship?
  13. With the release of Age of Sigmar in the summer of 2015 we saw a fracturing of our community. Players moved on to other games, quit wargaming all together, or embraced the new AoS system. This fracturing carried over to some of our favorite podcasts. Some started covering other games, quit podcasting, or stuck with the new edition of Warhammer fantasy. Some of the old guard that are still with us and include Garagehammer, CanHammer, HeelanHammer, Facehammer, and the Bad Dice podcasts. For me, not only did they hold the community together, they embraced and promoted our hobby on a whole new level. It has been great to listen to their excitement for Age of Sigmar and truly appreciate their contribution over the years. Having so few podcasts dedicated to AoS left a void for many of us. Especially during our hobby time. A few episodes a month, that were on average 2 hours long apiece, did not give us enough to listen to. I have a TV next to my hobby desk but would much rather listen to news and rumors, hobby tips, battle reports, and game fluff. And I wasn’t the only one. From this void emerged a group new podcasters and new AoS podcasts. For many of them it is because they love the new game and wanted more podcasts themselves to listen to. The ones the I most frequently listen to are: Rolling Bad – A trio from the wastelands of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have unofficially been dubbed the North American tournament podcast. Bill, James, and Elric regularly put on a great episodes. They have well thought out tournament ideas, meta analysis, and really promote the hobby as a whole. Scruby and Wells – Tyler’s podcast is definitely a thinking man’s podcast. He goes down intellectual paths often asking the “why?”, why play Age of Sigmar? He regularly has had special guests on and has great coverage on Sylvaneth. The podcast’s website also has great resources for all things AoS. Battleshock: An Age of SIgmar Podcast – Boss Hoss is a veteran podcaster and it shows starting with his first Podcast. This show focuses on growing the community and hobby tips. Recently there was an a whole episode dedicated to voice actors doing a narrative within the mortal realms. Super excited to see if that goes anywhere. The Mortal Realms – Another trio, these guys do a great podcast covering the fluff and playing Narrative games. While that is their passion they also cover events and tournaments that they attend as well. They are also instrumental in recruiting Narrative Event Organizers or NEO’s. Frontline Gaming: The Ninth Realm – Frontline Gaming has regular podcasts covering their business, Warhammer 40K, and Age of Sigmar. The Ninth Realm is their weekly AoS podcast with Reece, James, and Scott; and are focussed on new releases and upcoming tournaments. Frontline Gaming also runs the ITC standing so they are your one stop shop for checking out upcoming sanctioned ITC tournaments and standings. All of these guys are true hobby and community heroes. They create content for Age of Sigmar player and hobbyists to listen to and enjoy. Whether it is promoting events, giving hobby tips, keeping us updated, or reading us some of the narrative there is something for everyone. I know there are more podcasts out there hope to have the time to listen to them some day. Fortunately I now have the audio coverage I need to fill my spare time thanks to these guys. Please check all the podcasts out and give them a review! Greg Rex @xGrexx View the full article
  14. Seems like all the compendium war scrolls got fed to appropriate keyword factions in the app.
  15. Did Bettonians just fall under Free Peoples and Tomb Kings just fall under Death Rattle on the AoS app recently. I just noticed working on a new list. Or am I late on this lol.