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  1. Any army with a Battletome is safe. Anything you can still purchase on web store is probably safe, but without a current Battltome your collection can get nerfed.
  2. Were there any soft scores used such as painting and sportsmanship?
  3. With the release of Age of Sigmar in the summer of 2015 we saw a fracturing of our community. Players moved on to other games, quit wargaming all together, or embraced the new AoS system. This fracturing carried over to some of our favorite podcasts. Some started covering other games, quit podcasting, or stuck with the new edition of Warhammer fantasy. Some of the old guard that are still with us and include Garagehammer, CanHammer, HeelanHammer, Facehammer, and the Bad Dice podcasts. For me, not only did they hold the community together, they embraced and promoted our hobby on a whole new level. It has been great to listen to their excitement for Age of Sigmar and truly appreciate their contribution over the years. Having so few podcasts dedicated to AoS left a void for many of us. Especially during our hobby time. A few episodes a month, that were on average 2 hours long apiece, did not give us enough to listen to. I have a TV next to my hobby desk but would much rather listen to news and rumors, hobby tips, battle reports, and game fluff. And I wasn’t the only one. From this void emerged a group new podcasters and new AoS podcasts. For many of them it is because they love the new game and wanted more podcasts themselves to listen to. The ones the I most frequently listen to are: Rolling Bad – A trio from the wastelands of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have unofficially been dubbed the North American tournament podcast. Bill, James, and Elric regularly put on a great episodes. They have well thought out tournament ideas, meta analysis, and really promote the hobby as a whole. Scruby and Wells – Tyler’s podcast is definitely a thinking man’s podcast. He goes down intellectual paths often asking the “why?”, why play Age of Sigmar? He regularly has had special guests on and has great coverage on Sylvaneth. The podcast’s website also has great resources for all things AoS. Battleshock: An Age of SIgmar Podcast – Boss Hoss is a veteran podcaster and it shows starting with his first Podcast. This show focuses on growing the community and hobby tips. Recently there was an a whole episode dedicated to voice actors doing a narrative within the mortal realms. Super excited to see if that goes anywhere. The Mortal Realms – Another trio, these guys do a great podcast covering the fluff and playing Narrative games. While that is their passion they also cover events and tournaments that they attend as well. They are also instrumental in recruiting Narrative Event Organizers or NEO’s. Frontline Gaming: The Ninth Realm – Frontline Gaming has regular podcasts covering their business, Warhammer 40K, and Age of Sigmar. The Ninth Realm is their weekly AoS podcast with Reece, James, and Scott; and are focussed on new releases and upcoming tournaments. Frontline Gaming also runs the ITC standing so they are your one stop shop for checking out upcoming sanctioned ITC tournaments and standings. All of these guys are true hobby and community heroes. They create content for Age of Sigmar player and hobbyists to listen to and enjoy. Whether it is promoting events, giving hobby tips, keeping us updated, or reading us some of the narrative there is something for everyone. I know there are more podcasts out there hope to have the time to listen to them some day. Fortunately I now have the audio coverage I need to fill my spare time thanks to these guys. Please check all the podcasts out and give them a review! Greg Rex @xGrexx View the full article
  4. Seems like all the compendium war scrolls got fed to appropriate keyword factions in the app.
  5. Did Bettonians just fall under Free Peoples and Tomb Kings just fall under Death Rattle on the AoS app recently. I just noticed working on a new list. Or am I late on this lol.
  6. until

    I just signed up as a NEO.
  7. As some of you may have noticed Age of Sigmar in the Southern California area has been booming since the end of last year. On March 3rd we had two one day RTT’s in the area garnering over 20 players. Since January of this year there have been a total of 8 one day tournaments. On top of that we had the Las Vegas Open which many of us drove to attended. It is my opinion that the rise in popularity of Age of Sigmar in Southern California can be attributed to 4 things (on top of The Generals Handbook). They are; our Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), the Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC), Tournament Organizers (TO’s), and of course the players. Southern California is cursed by the high cost of owning a home. As such, many of us do not have a garage or basement to play in. We are, however, blessed to have fantastic FLGS’s that provide us with plenty of gaming space and terrain. Some of these stores immediately embraced AoS while others were tentative but eventually came around (most likely due to a spiked interest after the release of the GHB). Many of our stores promote league nights and meetups, and are very willing to host tournaments and work with the community to create awesome events. You can find a comprehensive list of the FLGS’s that support AoS here: The ITC is a tournament organization run by Frontline Gaming, famous for their Warhammer 40K standardized tournament pack and ranking system. Shortly after The Generals Handbook was released an AoS ranking system was created but no rules or FAQ’s were released by the ITC. The game is currently promoted to be played as written by Games Workshop. Additionally tournaments can be run using the Best Coast Pairings app where players can sign up and TO duties of creating pairings based off of Swisse Points is automated. I think that the ease of use, competitive atmosphere, and brand recognition is a great benefit for our community. I alse feel that the ITC has the potential for gamers to gain recognition and validation through the ranking system. Next up is our our TO’s. These guys spend a ton of their personal time setting up events. Whether it is meeting with FLGS’s store owners, creating social media promotions, getting on forums, or gathering terrain and prizes there is a lot of logistics work that goes on behind the scenes. There is a lot of stress that goes into being a TO. Many times they do are not sure how many players will actually show up until the day of. Despite all of this they still keep putting on events and they get better every time. This in turn keeps drawing more players to the events which creates more interest for the next event. Finally, there is our player base. I would like to start by saying that the Age of Sigmar community in Southern California is awesome! We have a super active Facebook group called SoCal Age of Sigmar that allows us to share ideas, hobby updates, and schedule meetups from Ventura to San Diego. I can’t speak for everyone but I know I look forward to my Wednesday league night and weekend tournaments. Age of Sigmar is a great game but it is even better playing with such a great group of people. Whether it is hobbying, playing matched or narrative games, and talking fluff we have something for everyone. If you have made it this far please check out the Home page to see all the upcoming events in Southern California. We also post on Twitter regularly @SoCalAoS. Cheers! -Greg Rex @xGrexx View the full article
  8. @Odiamh, I just got up to speed your Building a Community series. I feel liking having great scenery as a great goal. I was just thinking of this yesterday participating at a local one day AoS tournament. The event was at a local FLGS and they provided 4 tables with store scenery. The TO and another volunteer brought some FAT mats and scenery and created 2 extra tables outside to accommodate 12 players in total. The tables with the game mats and great looking scenery seemed to get a lot of attention by people passing by. It also looks great in pictures on social media promoting our club. I have spoken to our main TO in San Diego about the issue you are having. As a club we meet at our local FLGS where tables, mats, and terrain are provided. (I know this is a blessing) What we want to start doing is organizing tournaments and narrative weekends outside the game store. The biggest setback is terrain. Meetups painting terrain models, flocking trees, and cutting hills is a great start. The problem is funding for the supplies required. One idea we came up with is to start charging a little more for entries into the tournaments and making a transparent fund used to purchase terrain pieces. Our second idea was fundraising. Either through creating club merchandise and selling it or having 50/50 raffles with prizes attached at our events. The biggest hurdle is accounting and making sure the "poisonous" members of the club don't dictate where the money is spent. Hopefully you meet your club's goals. I look forward to following your blog in the future.
  9. If this is a problem you are playing with the wrong people lol. I think as long as your proxies are WYSIWYG (GW product line debateable) I don't think there should be any issues.
  10. Great idea. The only resource off of the top of my head was Garagehammer's Podcast Episode 143. Dave Witeck interviews Alex Gonzalez on running a one day event.
  11. Be sure to post some pics!
  12. I was also thinking of Bloodletters as explained above. They have the keyword Khorne so the get all those synergy bosuses.
  13. This was a shock to me as well when I played a Kunnin Ruck with a unit of 40 Arrowboys when the new Bonesplitterz Battletome came out. In my opponent's Hero phase he shot off 9 out of ten models. In his shooting phase he split his shots so that 20 went to that lone model and the rest to a fresh unit.
  14. I have now had two weeks to recover and reflect on the Age of Sigmar GT I participated in at the Las Vegas Open. Frontline Gaming partnered with Games Workshop and really put on a hell of an event. FLG even had their new battlemats, forest scenery, and a boatload of GW terrain on hand for some epic play areas. The event ran Saturday and Sunday, each day consisting of 3 games from the Generals Handbook. (As it turned out we played all six scenarios in order.) I had 6 amazing games with most coming down to the final round or when time ran out. Before I go over my games I want to cover my list. The tournament pack called for a 2,000 point list and an optional 500 point sideboard. In order to use your sideboard you and your opponent rolled off before deployment and alternated setting warscrolls into the side board and bringing a warscroll into your main list. My theory was to use 400 points of Plaguebearers and a Herald of Nurgle to swap out with the Glotkin and Chaos Spawn in case I played a high mortal wound dealing army. Main List: Leaders The Glottkin (480) Bloab Rotspawned (260) Lord of Plagues (100) Rotbringers Sorcerer (100) Battleline 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) – Mortal Nurgle Battleline 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) – Mortal Nurgle Battleline 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) – Mortal Nurgle Battleline 5 x Putrid Blightkings (180) – Mortal Nurgle Battleline 10 x Chaos Warriors (180) – Hand Weapon & Shield – Mark of Chaos: Nurgle Units Chaos Spawn (60) – Mark of Chaos: Nurgle Battalions Blight Guard (100) Total: 2000/2000 Side Board: Leaders Herald Of Nurgle (100) Battleline 20 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (200) 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) 10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100) Units Total: 500/500 As it turned out I never used my sideboard but should have used it once. For my first game I was paired against Levi and his Stormcast Eternals in a Warrior Brotherhood battalion. From experience this is a hard army to beat but I got lucky drawing Take and Hold as the first mission. For all 5 turns I was able to turtle on my objective and slowly kill more Stormcast Eternals then he killed of Nurgle. In the end I won a Minor Victory. Game two I was paired against Casey and his Death army. We played Blood and Glory and we each split our forces in two. I think both of our plans were to try to take each others objectives, my only caveat was to hold Casey’s army in the center of the board if I couldn’t get to his objectives. Casey’s Ghoul King on Terrorgheist and Neffereta were able to each blow past my line and land charges on my right and left flank objectives respectively. Over the course of a few turns I had to piece meal my army back onto my objectives to prevent them from getting taken but in the end lost to a well played Death army. I walked away with a Major Loss. The last game of the day was against Matt and another Death army in a game of Escalation. This game ended up being a bloodbath on the center objective as most of our forces collapsed on the objective. I decided to take first turn which proved to be pivotal. I immediately took all three objectives and scored 3 points. Matt’s turn 1 he took back 2 objectives and got two points. The next two turns we kept going back and forth taking objectives. By the end of turn 3 we were tied and Matt was slowly gaining control of the center objective, but time ran out. In retrospect had that game gone the distance Matt was on his way to keeping two objective from me and probably would have won by one or two. Because we were tied when time ran out we calculated for the Minor Victory and I slightly killed more points than Matt. The next day I was paired against Anthony and his Beast Claw Raiders. He had a whopping 11 models, 2 were on Stonehorns and 2 were on Thundertusks. The scenario was Border War. I was done deploying first and said I wanted to go second. Anthony then talked me out of it because he was certain, and was right, that all his units would make the charge turn 1. I really appreciate him letting me change my mind and taking the first turn. I was able to move out and cap 3 objectives. Then Anthony went… not only did he easily get his charges off he also did 12 mortal wounds in the shooting phase to The Glotkin and killed him off in the first combat. For the next 5 turns Anthony leaf blowed me off the objectives and ended up boarding me at the end of turn 5. He asked me, and he was right, why I didn’t use my Plaguebearers. My rational when I deployed was I wanted to have The Glotkin on the table to have enough damage output to deal with the Thundertusks. What I should have done was take the higher model count/mortal wound ignore on 5+ and hunker down on two objectives frustrate his 11 model count army. Despite getting shellacked this was a super fun game for me will make me a better player in the future. Game 5 I was matched against Fred and his Skaven in a game of Three Places of Power. This was one of those games you knew who was going to win before the first dice roll. Fred had three heroes on foot and they all had 7 wounds or less. I deferred turn 1 to Fred and he ran his entire army forward. That set up a bunch of charges for me turn one and all 4 units of Blightkings got into combat and mercilessly killed tons of rats. By turn two I had 3 heroes on all 3 objectives. Another setback for Fred was that most of my Battleline were -1 to hit. This negated his high number of attacks and he was forced to feed his army into a meat grinder. After 5 turns I had won a Major Victory. My sixth and final game was against Ryan. The scenario was Gifts From the Heavens. I was super excited to play Ryan as he had Tzeentch army and was using the new Battltome Disciples of Tzeentch. The new Tzeentch dice mechanic was super interesting and added a new wrinkle to making decisions. Most notably he had a Lord of Change within 12″ of The Glotkin and I had to choose to target either the Lord Of Change or a unit Marauders. Ryan had 6 sitting in his pool so if I got the shot off on the Lord of Change he would most likely have used that 6 for the save instead of rolling a 6. Or I could have played it safe and shot the Marauders. I elected to shoot the Lord of Change with the intention of making Ryan use his only 6 (I failed to wound lol). In turn 3 I got a charge off with my Chaos Warriors that put me within 6″ of Ryan’s objective contesting it. A single turn with your objective being contested will almost always seal your fate in Gifts From the Heavens. We were able to finish out turn 4 before time was out and I ended up with a Major Win. It was super fun playing Ryan and a new army! In the end I played 6 awesome games. It was super cool to have Games Workshop running and streaming the event live on Twitch along with the LVO hosts Frontline Gaming. Finally to top things off I was in the running for placing in the top 3 of the inaugural season of the AoS ITC. I went 4-2 in the tournament getting me enough points to squeak into third place. Special thanks for Best Coast Pairing for making an awesome app both for TO’s and now for players. View the full article
  15. To be clear, the Lord of PLague's command ability. The Glotkins is awesome.