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  1. Sheriff

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Yeah I read thanks. Read a whole book in fact.
  2. Sheriff

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Humans are smart and adaptable, and could come up with a new solution if needed. But no, apparently only the mighty super-smart immortal stormcast can have such powers. If stormcast have a monopoly on defeating baddies, then that is rather limiting for story-telling.
  3. Sheriff

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    they seemed to have all manner of wards, traps, special ammo, etc. for dealing with undead stuff, and had survived hundreds of years with these tricks. To dismiss them as useless was just lazy given all the evidence they were not useless.
  4. Sheriff

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    so i just finished it and here are my take-aways. For context, its the first aos book i've read.
  5. Sheriff

    The Bobo Pack

    love the pack, especially first turn change. looking forward to it.
  6. Weeks since Order battle tome released: 0 Has the counter ever reached a month?
  7. Nope. Battalions are a private members club for some bizarre reason.
  8. Sheriff

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    I can't find the gutbusters or grot abilities in the books anywhere, I'm sure they said last year we'd get something.
  9. Sheriff

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Which is totally justified if the game is designed to benefit battletome armies, in fact the community has a responsibility to tone down such biases towards new armies.
  10. Sheriff

    AoS 2 - Spiderfang Grots Discussion

    Don't forget Gordrakk, he can fit in a list that allows turn 1 mega charge with 20 spiders doing 4 bites each. Can also screen them all with grots and fanatics.
  11. Sheriff

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    warboss ability can stack and doubles damage each time. That's good for 100pts. Damage 16 spears ain't bad.
  12. Sheriff

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Gordrakk though. Despite all the shi77y support from gw i still think a gordrakk grot list with fanatics and the cog spell could be great for rushing the enemy or counter attacking.
  13. Sheriff

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Guessing the rationale is that Destruction can now unleash hell turn 1 compared to other GAs. That and stormcast always get unfair treatment because stormcast.
  14. Sheriff

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Nope, all games. +4'' threat range for whole army.
  15. Sheriff

    AoS 2.0 Desctruction Changes

    Cog spell, friendos. Cog spell.