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  1. So when you replenish ghouls in the hero phase does this have to come out of a points summoning pool as per ghb or is this separate?
  2. So in a 2000 list you can have 6 HQ and 4 Behemoths. How many leader on behemoths can you have? I'm doing a FEC list with 2 ghoul kings on terrorgheist 1 ghoul king on Zombie Dragon? Battlescribe says "no" but I know battlescribe has issues.
  3. Hi one and all, recently got into Aos and opted for Death. I'm building a Nighthaunt 2000pt list ready for an LGC game this Wednesday then had a panic. My list is: Cairn Wraith Cairn Wraith Banshee Mourngul Mortis Engine Mortis Engine 6 Spirit hosts 6 Spirit hosts 6 Spirit hosts 5 Hex Wraiths 5 Hex Wraiths All have the Malignant key word apart from the mourngul whom I was just going to summon with the generals artifact sword. But Spirit hosts are only battleline for Nighthaunt and Mortis engines don't have Nighthaunt keyword despite being in the same starter box. So is this legal?