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  1. Stormcast shoulder scheme needed!

    For the sheen the best bet is a bottle of brush-on gloss. Vallejo makes good varnishes in matte, satin, and gloss in dropper bottles.
  2. My bareheaded Stormcast. Update: a group shot

    Thanks! It helps that I love the effect that a wash of Dark Tone over Gunmetal gives. (I use Armypainter paints primarily). It's a great dusky metallic grey.
  3. My bareheaded Stormcast. Update: a group shot

    Actually, to tell the honest truth I haven't seen any of the Stormhosts other than the few posterboys- I don't have any of the battletomes. My area has very little AoS presence, and I instead play all my games locally with a rules-light ruleset by the creator of One Page Rules, which itself has a subset called Age of Fantasy, covering all the races of Warhammer (there is a 40K one, too, I highly recommend both, as they are both free and fun). I only have the common knowledge of the Lore of Age of Sigmar from talking/reading online, though my games are based in the same setting (mostly on Ghyran around a resettled human kingdom after the Realmgate Wars). I was simply going for a more "realistic" look to my Stormhost, to make them look more like gigantic Knights/Paladins, rather than the somewhat faceless gold golems that the standard color schemes and helmets give them.
  4. My bareheaded Stormcast. Update: a group shot

    There. Finished my other Paladin from the easy-to-build box, a Retributor. Now it's just on to bases, but I'm especially exited as this is now my first project in YEARS that I have totally finished what I initially bought for the project before losing motivation/starting another project and having it be relegated forever to the back burner. Boy, do I hate my bad camerawork, as it makes it look like I simply slapped some metal paints together and called it a day. At least I have my Lord Relictor above as a single good example of how the wash jobs make my figures turn out. Now I just need to figure out what I should add to them. I really want Naeve Blacktalon from the Blightwar set, as she's A: female for a change, B: Bare-headed, and C: in a cool pose. Unfortunately the prices for her on Ebay right now are outrageous, at 35-40 bucks. In the meantime I may add another Judicator, or possibly a Vanguard Raptor for some more ranged support, and likely the Vandus Hammerhand figure as a Celestant on a Dracoth as I really, really like the pose.
  5. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    I'd be really happy if I can get a Retributor, 3 Stormvermin, and an Ogre for a couple of skirmish warband done by the end of the month. Between two kids and being gone all of next weekend, it'll be a squeeze.
  6. I've always been a firm believer that if you can draw line of sight from your deployment zone with more than one or two units, there is way too little terrain density. Especially with units that are moved as in Age of Sigmar, rather than rank-and-file, where too much (and/or too detailed) terrain makes physically manipulating the units complicated. (IMHO) The early turn/s should be where the tactics of maneuvering into good positions for shooting should shine, rather than standing still and exercising dice rolling techniques.
  7. Scenery is really as expensive as you want it to be. Most of my ruined building are made from foam board and cardstock, old-school style.
  8. Some inspirational art

    See, I really like this one, it's how I originally imagined how they could have introduced Stormcast into the Old World, by having several floating fortresses settle into place around the world during the climax of the Chaos War, to form bastions for the Stormcast to teleport down from, Asguard-style.
  9. Age of sigmar & terrain

    Yeah, I really need to get around to doing some more urban terrain now that I found a nice game mat for it, which I found at this year's GenCon- a company called Smirking Dragon has a small selection of 4x6 fabric tablecloth maps, which are unfortunately gridded out for RPG games. One of them is really nice though, with the grid simply making the entire map into aged paving tiles. I really need to get some larger/more complicated buildings than the papercraft ones I have already to fill it out and make it look like a section of Hammerhal for skirmish games. A couple squares of parkland to put my forest trees on to be "urban woods" are also in progress.
  10. My bareheaded Stormcast. Update: a group shot

    Got a chance to finish all the Stormcast I have primed up, and a group shot of them all so far. Next up is a whole bunch of bases for them to finish them off. Sorry for the blurriness of the pictures, it seems I've had all sorts of problems with these three. First all my washes kept drying in blotches so I had to repaint several sections and start again, then the Biel-Tan wash I use suddenly dried very, very glossy on just these three friggin' figures, so I had to go over all the green armor and cloth with Vallejo Matte varnish to make them match the rest of my force, and now I just can't seem to get the nice camera shot I got with my Lord Relictor above.
  11. Some inspirational art

    This one fits really great with my personal headcanon for a Seraphon force in my home skirmish games (I don't like the "created from Stardust and psychic energy" aspect of the Seraphon). So my idea was that after he divines a monumental discovery on Ghyran, a Slann actually lands his star-ship down onto the surface, using it's great weight to break through into a cavern that holds a spring of pure Life-essence. He uses it to fuel spawning pools, giving his Seraphon their living bodies again, much to the surprise of those who face them in battle. I imagine a city build around the remains of the ship would look just like this.
  12. WiP Wednesdays

    A couple of minis in progress this Wednesday. Finished Stormfiend I bought as a used figure at GenCon for 15 bucks and repainted him. Need to redo the loincloth, as I went too heavy handed on the Strong Tone wash (new to using it on entire minis, and also rushed, trying to not have it dry spotty over such large areas), and it turned the Khorne Red into more of a Khorne Brown, so I need to repaint it and wash more carefully. The original paintjob was just lots of raw black primer and simple Cadian Fleshtone skin, and bright blue armor, so I painted it to match my new Skaven skirmish force, which is dark, gritty bare metals. Also, a pair of Stormcast Liberators and my counts-as Paladin Protector, they just need the weapon hafts painted, and then Dark Tone on the armor plates, Strong tone on the Retributor Gold/weapon hafts/parchment/skin, and Biel-Tan green on the cloth/shoulder livery.
  13. Best Hobby Knife?

    Yeah, that was just a crappy example pic. I suppose if I had to be more in-depth, I only use one that has a metal throat around where the blade comes out that Ive had for years and years (stores extra blades, too). Otherwise the blade wiggles all over, and with especially crappy ones, any downward cutting force actually jams it up into the split between the two-piece body. But the one I like has been used to cut through tough stuff, like when Stegadons used to be metal, tough.
  14. Old World lore

    Thanks for the correction, Double Misfire! Its been a looooong time since I saw that set of rules for the Dark Shadows loot (wasn't it in a White Dwarf?).
  15. Mantic Miniatures

    I do like the metal Dwarf characters, though. They are much better than GW proportions, what with GW dwarves having no shins. Their Orcs remind me of the wierd ones from Gorkamorka way back in the day (the Ork gang- skirmish game with vehicles). I much prefer the modern GW orc(k)s.