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  1. dealing with Narcissistic painter/converters

    Sometimes, remember it's just tons of enthusiasm, not narcissism.
  2. Ogre kits and cross-compatibility?

    Thanks guys, I just wondered. Basically, I have a pair of bulls, a Leadbelcher, and an Irongut that have previously seen use in different warbands as 'Mercenary Ogres', and thought about getting a box of bulls, and then either the pointing sword/handgun combo or one of the two-handers from some Mournfangs would go on a Bull body to make a leader. Or maybe I would buy a Bull box and one of the older 2-man Mournfang boxes to have a bit of cavalry and then bits for a leader. Mostly because I'll only ever need two of the Mournfang, and I usually see them for only 25 bucks on Ebay, which is not bad at all. I had just seen on sprues online that the Mournfang bodies seemed to have the same connection as the bulls/Ironguts, which I have experience building, but wasn't sure as they are such odd-shaped connections if I had to carve them to fit.
  3. Just a quick question for some of you Beastclaw and Gutbuster players, as I am pondering starting an Ogre skirmish force (not necessarily for Age of Sigmar rules)....do the arms from the Mournfang riders fit on Ogre bull bodies? I was thinking of either the leader arms or the long two-hander weapon arms to convert a leader from one of the bodies in a bull kit.
  4. dealing with Narcissistic painter/converters

    I have to admit I would run the risk of sounding like the person in the original post, at least somewhat. I live in an absolute dead zone for gaming, and really only have my wife and a close buddy to show off my work to in person, and I use their positive reactions to keep my motivated. I almost always have to always collect and paint both sides of every game I want to play with someone, and being proud of my conversions (and to a lesser extent painting) are 90% of what keeps me interested in this hobby. So I'd probably be ecstatic to be able to talk to someone who I don;t have to give a primer to first to even understand what I am talking about. In other words, I'm eagerly awaiting my son getting about 5 years older (he's only just 3 right now), lol!
  5. What drew you to collect your Army

    Also I have to say I was drawn to my other army, Orcs (sticking with the old name as 75% of the models are pre-2005, lol) as I fell in love with the lantern jawed, gorilla body look that Orks and Orcs were redesigned with around the late 90's (3rd edition 40K, don't remember the WHFB edition). I don't know why, as they all look like they have something seriously wrong with their lower spines so their butts stick out, but they just look so much more mean and intimidating than the skinny Orcs before that change. It's like an army of mini-Hulks!
  6. What drew you to collect your Army

    My first actual AoS army (I have several Warhammer and 40k forces from years and years before) is Stormcast. I shamelessly love giant armored Paladin-styled figures, and the icing on the cake was how awesome bare Space Marine heads make the otherwise boring Stormcast look. Even moreso now that there are actual official barefaced models, and also female models.
  7. What would you like the up and coming AoSRP to feature?

    It would be really nice to see the Roleplaying Game take an Empire-sized chunk of a Realm and just flesh it out a great deal to form a basis for the game to be played in. Lots of us who are experienced could surely say say ****** it and create our own sandbox are for our group, but sometimes it's nice to have the harder work done for you.
  8. Shadespire Stormbro’s.

    Yeah, I also love how Armypainter Strong tone looks over Retributor armor. I only do just those two steps on my Stormhost's shoulderpad rims, though, as I like the bronze tone.
  9. Some inspirational art

    I really like those two. The bottom would have a good place as Sylvaneth idols on Ghyran, and the top looks like a cool Godbeast, or something.
  10. I think an important part of continuing Age of Sigmar will be description and even better visualization through art of humans within the Realms, and how they can be unique to the setting without just continuing to be in the style of the Hundred Years war. I particularly like the style of my models from the Army of the Griffin from Confrontation. They are more of a high fantasy look, while still keeping to the tropes of the Empire, with riflemen, spearmen, witch hunters and templars.
  11. Most customizeable kit?

    Well, seeing as just about all the Stormcast arms can be swapped around to any body as far as I know, I'd say them. Plus, any bare Space Marine heads can simply drop into the neck ball joint. Many more combinations than Blightkings, awesome as they are.
  12. On the topic of Stormcast, giving them actual personalities was the entire driving force of my skirmish force and why I chose to have as many of them as possible have bare heads. I like to think I did a good job matching pose to face so that each one inspires some thought of who they are beyond existing as a faceless Cyberman among Jango Fett clones. I actually think the pretty bland nature of the Realms (at least to many onlookers) at the debut of the game was a far bigger hurdle for sales than Stormcast, and it's just now starting to hit it's stride.
  13. I just want to see some more fluff that gives framework to the different realms and helps me have a vested interest in the fluff of my army. It's much more fun to imagine my forces fighting in and around a detailed locale on say, Ghyran, rather than just 'somewhere in the infinite realm of Ghyran where there's Orruks to fight'. The Old World did that all the time, where you could point to the map and say, "Right there, my Orcs camp all the time, following my warboss' dreams of capturing Altdorf", and I want to feel that from AoS, too, if I am to ever emotionally invest in it. I have no problem if the locations I am fighting for are giant Aelven tree-cities, or huge crevasse-wall sprawling cities with market districts from every race and realm, or encased entirely inside of giant cloud-reaching towers the heights of which airships dock, as long as they are fleshed out. It still gives me a cool background for why I am throwing my army against another than just to 'claim enemy territory, something, something'.
  14. Actually, Stormcast probably find their humanity the same way, as long as they survive to not be reforged. Dying for them is quite similar to a Space Marine dying and being interred in a dreadnought, which has been shown many times in the fluff to be very dehumanizing, just obviously a much rarer occurance than Stormcast reforging. Also about Space Marines removing helmets for relatability, take a look at the growing number of official models who have options for their helmets off for characterization (I think there's at least half a dozen now?) and also the number of us who are doing the same with our own conversions. Works just the same, and the Space Marine line which began very much the same. A random faceless Liberator=a random faceless Tactical Brother. As for cities, they exist to provide infrastructure (and have to for a good setting), its just that what would be a normal human city like Altdorf in the Old World, the counterpart in AoS would be more like Sharn the city of towers from the DnD Eberron setting.
  15. General AOS lore thread.

    I liked the suggestion made to me after I mentioned that I didn't like the summoned nature of Seraphon, and how it was making me struggle to fit a new force of them into my personal headcanon. It led me to come up with some fluff about how a force of them exist in the local area of Gyran my games are set in, after legends tell of a dying Slann who longed for days of the Old World and used the last of his energy to scry the location of a font of pure life force in a giant cavern on Ghyran (a riff on the fountain of youth). After actually landing his templeship there and breaking through the surface (something that along with the trackless forests helped the Seraphon weather the Age of Chaos) he used the life force to build new spawning pools so that his creations will continue on after he is gone. The local Free City's forces and Stormcast Chamber are quite surprised to encounter Seraphon who have formed a nearby society and seem much more "physical" for lack of a better term. Also helped by this image from the Inspirational Art thread: