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  1. Definitely. i wish GW did more artwork in a similar vein, it's at least something I can wrap my mind around. These art pieces are at least places I can imagine a tabletop battlefield representing, as well as places people actually exist when they are not fighting. There's gotta be more to 8 entire realms than ash wastes surrounding castles made of skulls. Hell, I think GW could have gotten by with just one giant fantastical world/realm like the art above.
  2. Thanks. The craziest part is it's not anything, really. You basically have to just use the right size drill bit (or one of those nice engraving balls for a dremel, which I use in a pin vice) and just very slightly make the socket of a Stormcast's neck a larger diameter, and a Space Marine head will fall right into place.
  3. Personally I'm trying to come up with some head-fluff to base my skirmish forces on, though it's hard as I am new enough to the game that I only have some Stormcast so far, and have not read any of the printed material, only what we talk about online. I'm thinking of going with a kingdom set in the Realm of Life, as with the time that has passed since the initial push against Chaos, it's the realm that to me would be the most likely to have settled spots that resemble a Old World-esque fantasy world that can be grounded in standard fantasy tropes to be more relatable-but with a more fantastical angle that would be out of place in the Old World. Like how about this for a reclaimed human kingdom in the Realm of Life, where now Stormcast chambers function more like Orders of Paladins, rather than the frontline troops of war? A place where everything doesn't necessarily always have to be "Yarrrgggg, CHAOS+BLOOD+CANNIBALISM"! Chamon or Aqshy probably have their own earth-like spots where normal folk can settle and fight over forests and lakes, just with wonderful mind-destroying stuff like this, which would probably be their version of Ghyran's floating landmasses:
  4. Thought I'd do a quick update on my warband, by adding a Judicator with a bow for some ranged support (a Prosecutor is on the painting table next). I used another of the Deathwatch heads, and like the Leader, I had to cut away a headset piece and resculpt a new left ear in it's place. Something about the face made me feel I should try a dark skin tone for a change, it's simply ArmyPainter Leather Brown with a Strong Tone wash. I think it came out pretty good, but I had a hard time getting the camera to get a good focus on the face instead of the bow, as I'm just learning my wife's camera-so sorry for crappy pics. Finally have a functioning warband! For some reason I still have not taken god shots of the shields, they are the same green/black heraldry as the shoulder pauldrons. Just got their first action on the battlefield, too, tearing apart some Skaven.
  5. Well, their fluff has seen a couple of different variations, not helped by the fact that I don't own any Stormcast printed material, all I know is by word of mouth over forums. Originally they were for a homebrew Mordheim-esque setting, where they had been separated far from from Azyrheim and the majority of the fighting against Chaos, and thus were saved the majority of when many of the Stormcast went through, where the meatgrinder of being killed and reforged so many times they began to become more like automatons. My Chamber instead went the other way, and stayed highly individual, ending up as a sort of Paladin police force of the skirmish setting.
  6. All I did was put a nice smooth layer of Cadian fleshtone. Then a spot of Army Painter bone on each eyeball, with a smaller spot of Matte Black for each eye. Then just a layer of Army Painter Strong tone, making sure to not get big pools in the recesses of the eyes. Thats it!
  7. Thanks! I think it also exaggerates how freaking big they are next to a human, when they don't look as much like magical golems. My fluff is that they have ended up operating very closely next to 'normal' people since the close of the first push against Chaos, so they many of them have started to feel their humanity again, and it's kind of a badge of honor/brotherhood among their fellows in the Chamber to see each other's expressions; that even though they are not human anymore in the strictest sense, they are still not alone among each other.
  8. These are my other three Liberators. I wish my pics hadn't lost all my work with washes though. These are the first batch of figures I have done solely by using just the Army Painter Dark and Strong tones to bring out all the detail after simple basecoats, rather than layering and drybrushing, which used to take me ages to do. It really improved my faces.
  9. Lately I have been getting back into the swing of things after my second child was born, and things have been so hectic I haven't been able to paint since last summer. So after a really nice day let me get my spray cans out, I primed my little skirmish force of Stormcast and got to painting, with the goal of at least one every night when I can. I wanted a Chamber with more personality than the cold, Cybermen-esque helms they come with, so I broke out some helmet-less Space Marine heads and went about giving each figure a pose and head that gave it a unique personality. I also went with bare metal plate for their armor, with split black and white heraldry that gives them a nice old Empire feel (they would probably look great next to a Stirland army from the Old World). The leader of my force, a Liberator Prime. I thought the head gave him a really cool, grizzled veteran look. The hardest part was cutting away the tech-bitz of his right ear and sculpting a new ear in it's place.
  10. I prefer the metals from ArmyPainter, they go on sweet and smooth. I have to admit, though, that Retributor Armor is the best gold I have ever painted with in 20 years. I have always hated earlier GW golds, and really don't care for the ArmyPainter one, either.