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  1. How do you guys treat True Line of Sight?

    Now, granted I am not using the actual AoS rules (I am using an indie set called One Page Rules to play "Age of Fantasy" at my home) but I guess I don't have to worry about any issues with my house rules which have forests blocking line of sight to units behind them, as I use trees that are 6-8 inches tall, and none of the models that see action on my table are tall enough to be seen over that, other than maybe the wingtips of a couple of old metal WHFB dragons. My forests are modular with individually based trees, we just imagine there is tons of unseen undergrowth in amongst them that can't be accurately represented/modelled at 28mm scale unless you are making super-dense jungle stands with aquarium plants.. Its not like 99% of any of the trees on any table out there are big enough to be anything more than saplings, anyway, other than the GW ones and I don't see the point in a section of forest terrain being so ludicrously sparse as to not even require True LoS anyway, as its like a trio of columns sticking out of the ground.
  2. Removing Paint from Lead Models

    Get the Simple Green concentrate, and just leave the minis in the undiluted fluid for a couple days. Then just use a toothbrush to scour off the paint, should do a good job.
  3. Line of sight

    I just don't like how with true line of sight, if a big thick ruined building has a pipe going all the way through it, a model can by the rules clatter an arrow all the way through it to kill an enemy on the other side.
  4. Floating Islands

    Yeah, I have been thinking of using expanding spray foam, sprayed on a flat surface and allowed to bubble, expand and dry. Then use a long blade to slice ot off the flat surface, which will become the flat top. Drill into it and add the 'flying stem' and then paint it with latex paints and flock the top. Might even be easier if expanding foam does not stick to something like saran wrap, because then you could just peel it off the flat side after the foam cures. The only problem I see is the expanding foam looking too smooth for rock.
  5. Line of sight

    Yeah, lots of games I have played usually treat a wall as an obstacle where a defender gains cover if they are being shot at by an attack which crosses that wall, unless the attackers are within "x" distance of that wall (usually something like 1/2 an inch). Melee across a wall usually never counts as two models on either side of one count as base to base.
  6. Line of sight

    I really never understood why things like forests didn't stay as the area terrain effect that was essentially "If a model is inside the terrain borders, it has cover against models outside of the terrain. Models either outside or inside of forests can draw LoS through up to 6" of forest, and forests also completely block line of sight to units on either side of them". Honestly, it's a rule that I have actually ported into games that do not have clear LoS rules over the years (Confrontation:Age of Ragnorok and One Page 40k/Fantasy, to name two), and it always makes sense to all players and holds up, rather than this True Line of Sight nonsense where as long as you can thread LoS through tiny cracks in terrain, everything's kosher. Area terrain always made more sense to me, as well as being crystal clear where that terrain does and does not have effects.
  7. Knight of Shrouds vs. Wight King

    The price of the Heralds being due to their new release versus existing characters like the Wight King is bunk, unfortunately. One of the last batch of releases was the trio of Easy-Build Primaris Aggressors for 40k, a box of three models on 40mm bases, each larger than a Stormcast. All for $35, the same in the US as a single Herald. And each of the latest Primaris Space Marine characters are single-sprue characters each the size of a Stormcast for $25 each. The Heralds should have been the same, at the most.
  8. Some inspirational art

    That is a pretty sweet piece of art. I've always argued that Stormcast can attain a much higher level of personality than the Space Marines everyone claims they are just AoS versions of. Also, I recently found a really cool map I think I will be using for my home games, set in a portion of Ghyran. I hate how the official AoS maps are so vague and hard to relate to, and this one has nice spots for "home base" locations for the factions I own (Bloodbound, Stormcast, Free Kingdoms, Orruks and Skaven). Although I guess instead this could be a good map for a portion of Ghur as well, for those same forces.
  9. Unglorious Heroes

    I've been getting my Age of Sigmar fix with games of Age of Fantasy by One Page Rules, and my Savage Orruk shaman is incapable of casting any spells, despite only needing a 3+ to cast the weakest spell. In his opening debut as a proudly painted model, he failed every single round, until my opponent said "****** it" and charged a lone Liberator, who then simply killed him with a backhanded swing. ... He'll be back for revenge. Probably. Hopefully?
  10. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    I really like the red color scheme, as well as their background!
  11. Malign Portents

    And hell, even if the end is set, it's still more fun than just having everything as a basic set of releases.
  12. Malign Portents

    I like to think that the current timeline in AoS, regardless of the fact that ruins from earlier empires in the Age of Myth are commonly fought over, is the sort of time that most game and RPG settings label "The time of Legends", and have the characters encountering stories, relics and ruins of that time, hundreds or thousands of years later. So theoretically people a thousand years or more after the Realmgate Wars will tell stories of how mages created bridges of starlight for armies to race across, titanic monsters made of fire were chained up as suns, and even common troops had magic swords and bows that shot arrows of light, and every once in a while one of those weapons turns up and is wielded by some big-time hero because ironically it's now considered priceless. It's just odd because we are so trained to imagine those crumbling ruins as a setting to be dungeon delving under, rather than having them be freshly-made and lived in, although (I think) sometimes AoS goes a good deal too far into the fantastical, and it ends up being too sci-fi, like the orbital ring of forges around the Old World's core, when I just want Spelljammer. Age of Sigmar is the Silmarillion mixed with the movie Heavy Metal, for good or ill.
  13. flemingmma's cheap hero conversions

    Savage Orc Shaman A super dead simple conversion, I made this from a Savage Orc w/Standard that I bought for about $5 USD from my favorite bitz seller, too. I literally just cut off the standard above the uppermost skull, and carved facets with a hobby knife to match the rest of the stone texture. And I figured what better way to make a Shaman special than to make him an albino??
  14. Malign Portents

    Wow, I never thought I'd like the thought of Stormcast butting heads, but I actually am starting to be interested. I know my warband would definitely stand against the slaughter of the innocent 'for their own good', because their Chamber is very much 'of the people, for the people' in their mindset, but that means little with nothing to be measured against. Now, an outright Horus Heresy-style clash, absolutely hell no. But some seriously approached friction makes for some very good personalization to what are (mostly) otherwise faceless hordes.
  15. (Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

    I may have to shamelessly echo some of your great color scheme, at least for the red skin. I've done my fair share of light skin tones to not want to paint a whole bunch of shirtless barbarians, and I've always liked how my method of drybrushing two progressive reds over a black basecoat ends up looking for other things, and I think it would be great to pick out muscles like green drybrushing does for Orruks.