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  1. In my home games I like to envision my skirmish force of Stormcast Eternals as a mix of Old World Sigmarite priests and more typical fantasy Paladins. I think part of the disconnect is that the Paladin archetype really did not exist in Warhammer Fantasy. All you had were priests, and due to the gothic European style of the setting, they were much more of the demagogue-aspect, whipping the masses into a frenzy, rather than being heroes of the people, which Stormcast have the capability of being outside of meatgrinding mass-battles, but is not really covered much yet.
  2. Aegisgrimm

    Some inspirational art

    Sometimes I find just as much inspiration in art that is much less over-the-top:
  3. Aegisgrimm

    Scatter Terrain?

    That's what I like to do, too. Add some small, largely inconsequential bits like model-sized boulders or statues or small individual trees, which neither block LoS or movement, and if they impede the placement of models in a unit, you just move them over a bit. A lot like the individually-based trees inside of forest area-terrain bases. Or the cool little beast skeleton terrain bit that comes with the Stonehorn/Thundertusk. Much like the wood piles and barrels in this picture. They don't need to be there, but is helps stop a tabletop from looking so bland. Although it can be a grey area, because if they end up large enough (usually for me its solid objects at least waist-high), they can be given quick rules to impede line of sight, especially in skirmish-scale games, where individual models are going to interact with them. In an army scale games, though, I don't care if one Orruk in a mob of 20 could be in cover behind a lone boulder. They are then just for visual spice.
  4. Aegisgrimm

    Themed Armies

    It's the top of a 40k Grey Knights terminator standard. I thought the standard one that comes with the model was too over the top (and so huge it would interfere with placing the model in my more in-depth skirmish terrain!)
  5. Aegisgrimm

    Themed Armies

    I guess you could say that the theme of my Stormcast skirmish force is that every member must be bare-headed, with a characterful pose to match the expression on the face. Their fluff is that they are a warband who have been working together for quite a long time in a backwater section of Ghyran that was spared the worst of the Chaos war. They have become sort of like a paladin order in more standard roleplaying settings, and they tend to leave their heads bare to show the human kingdom they work alongside that they are people, too to make them more approachable. It's a helluva search finding suitable Space Marine heads that don't repeat (and one has an Eldar head to make him an Aelf), but rewarding!
  6. Aegisgrimm

    The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Painting and some quick conversion work has slowly begun on the Shadespire chunk of my March stuff, to provide me with a selection of heroes for my Orruks.
  7. Aegisgrimm

    Aos in 40k

    Well of course they are completely seperate, but functional comparisons can be made between the two, even if I simply envision them as a whole bunch of Asguards from Thor. Even if each Realm is several magnitudes larger, the probably have the similar "floating island" appearance if it was possible to view them from the outside in their entirety.
  8. Aegisgrimm

    Aos in 40k

    At the most you could equate the realms to planets deep in the Eye of Terror, where planets can be shaped and ruled by the powers of the Warp. But Sigmar would never, ever be allowed to succeed in a place where the Chaos Gods are so powerful. But you can pretty well compare the two universes in a 40k sort of way, with each realm being like a planet, the Realmgates/Allgates being similar to the Webway, and the Stormcast effectively teleporting to each realm/planet. Its all quite Spelljammer-esque, for us oldies, where each DnD world became a planet in a sea of stars, with flying ships being able to travel through the space between.
  9. Aegisgrimm

    WiP Wednesdays

    Currently working on painting up the Shadespire Orruk warband to be different weapon options for heroes in my Orruk skirmish force. I kept Ironjaw and Bonekutta stock, but swapped weapons on Basha and Hakka I could field Hakka as a Black Orc boss with choppa and mace, and Basha as a boss with just a single choppa. Played around with lots of shield options, but they all looked awkward, until I remembered that Ogre Bull hands are very close to the same size, and with a little shaving on the wrist to fit, I think it works perfectly.
  10. Aegisgrimm

    Fluff Problems

    Ok, I think we should all stop being so confrontational in this thread, which is expressly about people's opinions, not about who is 'right', as has been said before.
  11. Aegisgrimm

    Some inspirational art

    While it's not mideival, the visuals in this trailer for the movie "Coma" give me a real Age of Sigmar vibe.
  12. Aegisgrimm

    Fluff Problems

    Yeah, I don't understand the whole "Hammerhal is continent sized" element, even if its a statement by GW. Their map of Hammerhal, using the inset as an estimation, has the whole city being huge, sure. But the Fire Realm half is huge like, say, all of Los Angeles with it's suburbs. Which certainly isn't continent sized, or even American state-sized, unless the Ghyran half is several, several magnitudes larger.
  13. Aegisgrimm

    Fluff Problems

    I meant more like the Old World map from Fantasy Roleplay, it even has Bugman's Brewery on it!
  14. Aegisgrimm

    Fluff Problems

    Yeah, I think what the fluff needs is a few traditional, detailed maps, even if it was of the "Kingdoms" around the cities that are being named. Nothing crazy, just good, old, normal overland maps that all games have- NOT like the ones that exist so far that are like an acid trip. There can definitely be some great fantastical high fantasy locales on them, but I find that good maps inspire me more than anything else about a game's fiction. The Old World had some great maps, especially from the Roleplay game(s).
  15. Aegisgrimm

    Fluff Problems

    Yeah, I'm personally finding quite a bit of the spectacle pieces in AoS are along the same lines of the alien mothership in Independence Day: Resurgence, where instead of the original 'huge' one in orbit being ten miles across, this next is dialed up to 13, being the size of the entire Atlantic Ocean, with one side over France and the other touching the US and would destroy the world by landing on it. In other words, unnecessarily huge just for shock and awe. But that's kind of been AoS from day one, with Sigmar's orbital ring of workshops being one of the first pieces of art.