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  1. @Chris Tomlin Hey man, at the mo, looking for a nurgle daemon herald cause I don't like the gw version. So far it's between the harbringer of pestilence by avatar of war, or the snail monster #2 by scribor. Any suggestions would be sweet.
  2. Hey everyone, Looking to get a character here and there (such as a daemon herald of lord for example) from an alternative range of miniatures. Does anyone have any recommendations of suitable brands/games that'd be suitable? Thanks in advance!
  3. @Paul Conti I guess the army will be mainly khorne/nurgle but with support from the other two. I guess it'll be my own fault if I get hammered haha, but I'm fixated on having a mixed chaos force with specific units I like. Furthermore, due to the expense of the hobby I'm reluctant to buy units I don't really desire just to fit a pre set battalion I can't see me playing tournaments anytime soon though, so perhaps my opponent would be happy to allow me to call each of my 4 detachments a battalion in regards to setting up. Although considering it, having 4 drops may mean I don't get to choose who goes first anyway! Saying that though, if the everchosen has some mixed chaos battalions maybe there's something I can do, while keeping my unit choice my own.
  4. @Paul Conti my force will be made up of 4 sections. So far I have 6 skullcrushers, 12 chaos warriors with mark of khorne, 5 warhounds/flesh hounds (using fenrisian wolves), a bloodstoker and a bloodsecrator. Ill possible get a lord on juggernaut, then won't be expanding the khorne detachment so don't think it will fit any of the blades of khorne battalions Next I will purchase 20 plague bearers, a daemon herald, the glottkin and blight kings. Then I think I'll buy some skyfires and a shaman on a disc. Finally I'll get either get some chaos dwarf or skaven artillery to finish the army. I think I may struggle to get them into battalions. Does the everchosen battletome have any decent mixed chaos battalions?
  5. I'd consider adding a skaven detachment to my force with some of them units! Haha @Kirjava13 @Wraith01 they will, it's a constant revenue stream into GW. But they do it slowly over time, to ensure that stream is consistent for them as a business year after year.
  6. What if the entire elven faction is slannesh. Slannesh is as much about ego and the need of perfection as she is sex and pain. Also in the end of times novel, the bloodthirster Ka'Banda said something about all elves being the fodder of slannesh. So maybe slannesh has been secretly gaining power in a more subtle way whilst being locked away or whatever.
  7. @Kramer hope you're well mate! Ive looked n cant find out what that unpredictable destruction rule you meantioned earlier. Can you fill in the gaps please? Thanks again.
  8. Hi everyone, Bit of a long shot I know! Firstly I apologise for using your board as I'm not from Derby But I thought you may be able to offer information due to your close(ish) proximity! Is anyone aware of any AoS groups for mature(ish haha) players in Stoke-on-Trent? Kind regards!
  9. Thank you very much! I will check them out asap!
  10. Does anyone have any theories or have heard any rumours about any new factions released 2017/18 or even 2019??
  11. Duplicate
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. Currentky I'm facing the same issue that I'm sure everyone faces - the expense of this hobby is rather excessive! Now I do what I can to make it more affordable I.e: where possible shopping on eBay/3rd party sites got minatures. But what cheaper brands of paint will do the job just as good? Any advice would be awesome. Thank you in advance!
  13. Yes I am, what about yourself?
  14. @WoollyMammoth, so many people have mentioned this Sayl to me. Is he really that overpowered??
  15. That'll be a really useful rule for my skullcrusher/warhound combination! Thanks for posting, @Kramer