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  1. Let's chat : Nurgle

    That we do, perhaps I should have been more concise in my wording - I mean mortal cavalry. Apart from the great unclean one and beasts of nurgle models, I'm happy with the daemon options.
  2. Let's chat : Nurgle

    @FRoper Im pretty sure you can, because EGUO isn't a named character, it's just a greater daemon.
  3. Let's chat : Nurgle

    Still hoping for some more mortal infantry.... and a few different cavalry units straight out of the garden such as toads, cockroaches and centipedes. I'm probably setting myself up for dissapointment with that but oh well!
  4. Let's chat : Nurgle

  5. The Rumour Thread

    No great unclean one either though...
  6. The Rumour Thread

    @swarmofseals I'm pretty sure that everyone feels their faction of choice would benefit some new models, it's a subjective matter. But in my opinion, I don't feel comparing nurgle to what khorne and tzeentch have regarding options due to pestilens is really that fair. Tzeentch and Khorne are both well balanced and formidable, which at this time nurgle is not. I don't feel that pestilens offers anything to nurgle with relation to balancing at all. But ok even if gw agree with you, and nurgle doesn't need any new units, some artefacts and synergy is a must. Perhaps it's just my wishful thinking but I just don't see gw leaving nurgle as it is, if it's intended to be the main protagonist for this phase of the narrative.
  7. What influences GW's decision making?

    @Chikout agreed, a lot of companies have a plan for a revenue stream for the following 5-10 years.
  8. What influences GW's decision making?

    @Caladancid I've not played it tbh, but isn't total war based in the old world. I thought all the races of the old world were basically wiped out during end times. The elves will come into AOS in the next phase, but I expect completely different than they were before, as part of a Slannesh storyline.
  9. Let's chat : Nurgle

    @robotnik_taco fair point
  10. Not a new faction I know, but I'd love see an entire nurgle army mounted on insects from the garden of nurgle. Cockroaches, snails and centipedes etc.
  11. Let's chat : Nurgle

    @robotnik_taco I thought key words is how you define was is and is not applicable for all abilities/battalions etc
  12. The Glottkin = too expensive?

    @broxus after using it in each of the 6 games Ive played so far, I'm inclined to agree. The extra damage output for my other units was crucial, and being able to gift a unit of pb's with an extra 30 wounds was amazing. Saying that, I still hope they do something about that useless rule 'horrific opponent' cause at the moment it might as well not be there at all. Pointless. Also what people have mentioned above about reversing the attacks and damage stats of the pestilent torrent would be very much welcomed. Oh and a mortal wound save. Surely nurgles finest could take a killing blow on the chin and ride it out.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Hopefully aos will receive more attention than a new starter kit and a single battletome.
  14. Let's chat : Nurgle

    No idea what other models are gonna come out, if any at all. But based on what gw did to the dwarves and ogres, I'm hoping gw are equally creative with nurgle. An insect mounted army for example would be awesome. Cockroaches, flies and snails being ridden into battle by blightkings, plague bearers and characters would be sweet.
  15. Nurgle Incoming

    @Soldier of decay Grand Father Nurgle will be pleased