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  1. Loving the new points! Particularly pleased that the General on Griffon is getting a points decrease! He's great but I always felt he was very expensive for what he did and limited me elsewhere. A quick question. I notice that people are regularly putting several Freeguild Generals in their army - is there a reason for this other than the fact you get two in the pack ? :). I feel I'm missing something crucial!
  2. These look awesome - really like your Blue and White colour-scheme. Wish I'd gone for that back in my youth when I first started painting mine, rather than picking Averland Black and Yellow! In my re-emergence to AoS 15 years later, I just decided to stick with my original colour scheme with the new models I'm painting up. It looks a formidable force, and you've done well to rebase them all to circles! Good work
  3. Brilliant thank you for both answers!
  4. Well, after picking up a unit of 20 crossbowmen for £3 off ebay, mostly because they were so cheap and a unit that I didn't have, I played them last night in "Ultimate Siege Weapon", and in cover in a defensive situation, they were amazing! I converted some old bretonian archers into further crossbowmen so I could have a unit of 30. I was able to get them buffed to a 2/3/-/1 with the possibility of rend, and they just took down everything that came their way with their double-shots. They are definitely my new favourite unit!
  5. Hi, Im sure this has been asked before but search seems to be broken... If you have an ability to roll each time a model recieves a wound or mortal wound - if I recieved three mortal wounds in one go - do I roll one dice (as if I was saving normally) or do I roll three?
  6. New question - I spotted earlier in the thread people suggesting placing a unit infront of handgunners and when that unit is charged, use the piper ability... Would the unit infront not block LOS? Or does LOS not matter in that particular ability as the rule states "each model can then shoot is missile weapon at the charging unit"?
  7. I had the courier scenario turn from easy victory after my turn 2, Being within movement range to get off the board and no enemies nearby in the next turn, to being completely blocked by my third turn due to my opponent getting the double turn. So it does feel more game changing than ever, but it also made that scenario more interesting than me just pacing it that I could run in this direction and automatically win! So yes, the roll for initiative each turn is supposed to happen
  8. I can't find any info - had it been a spotted by anyone else somewhere?
  9. Tusks for the suggestions! Looking forward to my next battle with these options! I've been thinking about dropping my Freeguild General on Griffon controversially. I don't use von as general and he's very costly (300 point). I was thinking about using his points to bring in three nearly four reasonably priced hero's instead - what do you think? I've decided to boost my artillery, particularly as I'm playing a defensive scenario next - so feel a gunmaster is a must. Im also intregued by bretonian paladins with their 4xD3 attacks or single D6 mortal wounds on a 3. I considered taking a pair of them to run with my greatswords (giving them buffs, but also adding to the damage output in that area of the battlefield). any thoughts on this? Are there any other reasonably costed Free People's hero's I'm missing?
  10. Ah, re-reading I now understand! I thought half of my strategy was out of the window otherwise haha! Thanks
  11. This could be me being somewhat new to AOS bit where does it say only one can be taken? I thought you could have 4 artillery pieces just as separate units in a 2k battle ?
  12. Empire mortar - 2/3/-1/D3 - this increases to D6 damage if there are 10 or more models, or 2D6 if there are 20 or more models . Also doesn't require line of sight. On an additional note, another problem with playing hordes is when they are somehow immune to battleshock - I've found this playing against Dispossessed with a Thane - so worth working out where the battleshockl buffs come from early and eradicating that early on to get rid of those hordes quicker!
  13. Hi all, Me and my friend are passing through the campaign and we've reached Power of the Vortex. He won the last battle so is the caster and can discount wounds and mortal sounds for his channeler if he rolls 4. He's got a warden king as his hero, who can reroll failed saves - plus he can now roll to save anything that gets through those. We also started the campaign on 50 points, so the warband are relatively big. He's all dispossessed (mainly thunderers and longbeards, along with some hammerers. I now have: Freeguild General 2 retributors 3 liberators 4 handgunners 5 guard 1 greatsword Plus 6 points to spend. At the moment I can't see a way of winning the scenario as I.know he's going to pack his dwarves around his king and play shield walls and other defensive buffs, while the Vortex will cover the other side of the channeller. Has anyone played and won this scenario as an attacker? Any ideas on what to spend my 6 points on, or should I think about the value after this one and work out what I can do with 12 points after the next defeat?
  14. I spotted today that it only states you cant move on your turn, but it lasts until your next hero phase. Does that mean that pile-in is allowed on your opponents turn?
  15. Thanks for all the advice! I've realised (I'm relatively new to AoS) that the rules of 1 mean that me getting over-excited at the idea of autohitting with handgunners is redundant, but I guess even if I'm on 1/2/-1/1 with 1's being misses, that's good because if I lose one of the other bonuses (20+ bonus perhaps) then I'm still at a 2 to hit. That's a good point about the stately war banner - battleshock has been one of my problems recently so good shout