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  1. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    I believe a shield and stately war banner is fine from the warscroll as it just says "occasionally a Freeguild General will have the honour of carrying a Stately War Banner into battle" rather than "or". By occasionally, it translates to "always" as it's a lifesaver. The only dilemma on the shield is whether you take that or a pistol. Personally it's shield all the way, as the pistol has a very short range and not worth sacrificing a 3+ save. An additional question relating to great companies. With Line of Sight, have people been playing a particular formation to allow as many of the shooters to see past their guard unit whilst remaining in range?
  2. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    I find this a bit of a disappointing stat for Outriders, compared to their pistol carrying equivalent. Did this take into account their repeater handgun? That 5+ to hit is a real problem though. I have a unit of 5 outriders, but am considering converting them to pistols. I guess the range is something to be considered, plus the pistoliers requirement to run directly at the nearest unit may be something to hold me back, as I like to get them up the board as quickly as possible to hassle the enemy by the second turn. Really interesting reading on the statistics - thanks for working those out!
  3. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    In lueu of taking about 4 Generals on a Warhorse, I've conceded that for those scenarios in going to have to full-order it! I know that's not practical in a campaign /tournament however. Quick question about Great Companies -if my ranged units find themselves in melee and I choose to retreat - if I stay within 6 inches of the unit im supporting can I still fire on my opponents following turn? I'd obviously lose the buff for not moving in my preceding movement phase, but I wouldn't have got that anyway due to being within 3" - but I'd have an added chance of survival until the next turn!
  4. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Okay guys, so I’ve been mulling over my 2000 point army list, and definitely want to play the Free People’s Allegiance. Here’s what I’ve come up with! General on Warhorse (with stately war banner)– General, Inspiring – 100pts General on Griffin – Armour of Meteoric Iron – 260 points Battlemage - Lifesurge – 100 pts (Ally) Great Company 1: 40x Freeguild Guard – swords, shields - 280 30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen – 300 20x Freeguild Handgunners – 200 Great Company 2: 20x Freeguild Guard – halberds, shields – 160 20x Freeguild Greatswords – 300 10x Freeguild Handgunners – 100 5x Freeguild Outriders – 130 Total: 1930/2000 My thinking is to use the outriders and General on Griffin to move forward and capture objectives early, while the rest of the army catches up. Once this happens, they either hold on to an objective or support elsewhere if required. Wizard supports the Griffin and the artefact means the Griffin is saving on a 2+ The first Great Company hold one objective, while the second hold another. I would position the first company to face-off where the enemy seems strongest, as the 40x Guard can hopefully hold on long enough to allow the crossbowmen and handgunners to do their work. The second company takes an objective where there is less opposition, but have the Greatswords to wade in if required. Freeguild General casts “Hold the Line” as required, almost certainly on the Crossbowmen. One possible change is to drop 10 handgunners and 10 guard (Swords and shields) to free up 140 points and instead play a Hellblaster Volleygun + Gunmaster to add some artillery support. New total 1990. What do we think?
  5. Empire - Gained allies but lost artillary?

    On the Empire allies subject - as far as I can see, compendium units such as Empire and Bretonia aren't technically allies of Freeguild as they aren't listed as allies in the GHB and the keywords have changed. My gaming group have houseruled that these world-that-was armies are still classed as allies to their modern day counterparts (Empire/Bretonia > Freeguild - Dwarfs > Dispossessed etc) - are other people thinking the same in more casual circles? For me, I'll probably still take a Great Cannon for the ranged, but is not as effective now without an engineer buff sadly!
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    That's great to hear @bottle! I posted before, but cant spot it now (apologies if this shows up twice for anyone!) - I'm thinking I can probably get 1-2 more units this year to "complete" my Freeguild army. Prior to GHB2017 I was interested in mixed-order, but I now want to play our allegiance so need to keep myself focussed! Please take a look at what I have below and let me know if there are any areas of weakness that I should be building on! Freeguild: General on Warhorse General on Griffin Handgunners x30 Crossbowmen x30 Archers x10 (I don't really use them as I find the above two more favourable, but they are there as an option!) Guard x40 with swords and shields Guard x20 with halberds and shields Greatswords x10 5x Outriders Allies: 5x Stormcast Retributors 5x Stormcast Liberators 2x Ironweld Mortar Ironweld Gunmaster Battlemage Compendium (Houseruled as allies in my gaming group if they used to be the same - as it seems odd to not be allied with Empire!) 4x Empire Knights - I may convert these to more outriders or pistoliers 2x Empire Greatcannon 3x Bretonian Paladin (whatever their new title is... they've lost their D6 mortal wounds ability though, so doubt I'll use them again - May convert them into something more useful!) My initial thoughts are to bring in extra Greatswords (so they can be used in a Great Company) and possibly more outriders? I'm slightly tempted by Demigryphs as I believe they are the only fulfilment of the Freeguild Regiment I'm missing - but I'm not sold on their attacks... I guess people use them to shoot up the battlefield and hold objectives while everyone else catches up? I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts on where I should concentrate!
  7. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Thanks for your thoughts! Yes I'd agree that one of each is advantageous! I think something that's very noticeable in skirmish is misses - as you roll pet model rolling once and missing is far more painful than rolling 10 dice and missing on six of them. Hold the line therefore is very important for handgunners. Ive taken a couple of outriders and they had a nice advantage of height for line of sight (obviously countered by the fact they can also be seen) and the fact they have 2 wounds make them an option for taking objectives quickly and possibly holding some waiting for the rest of the force to catch up. Thanks for the thoughts - I am leaning towards archers possibly for the bulk of the force!
  8. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    I might be mis-reading your description, but for the Piper ability it's activated when an enemy unit ends it's charge move within 3'' - it's important to do this at the right time, because (unfortunately for us) Crossbowmen lose their double-shots and Handgunners lose their "steady aim" bonus once units are within 3''. If we shot before they charged, we'd get bonuses we're not entitled to. I think however that the way the rules work mean that you wouldn't end up in a situation of firing twice, even with piper ability and company rules - as you only fire with the Piper ability when the unit finishes it's move within 3'', but then at the end of the charge turn with the Company rules, you can only fire in support of a unit if the firing unit doesn't have enemies within 3'', which they would in this situation. The best situation is to avoid having the ranged units charged at all, as they lose some tasty bonuses - so get that Freeguild Guard as obvious as possible to be a charging target for your opponent! (whilst somehow retaining LOS!)
  9. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    As a complete aside from the excitement of GHB2017... In skirmish, what do we feel the best ranged units are for Freeguild? Without any bonuses of ordered volleys etc, it's less clear cut than in a big battle I feel. * Handgunners rend is good, but unbuffed a 5+ to hit is tough. * Crossbowmen seem a good choice, with a 20'' range they'll reach most things on the board, and have a possibility of rend - but they don't get their double shots. * Archers - decent range, re-roll hits of 1, and also I feel their extra move after set-up could be more useful in this situation than a full battle - can they run during their extra move? On top of this, there are also more expensive outriders and pistoliers to consider - again, their roll requirements unbuffed aren't fantastic, but they do have the benefit of getting across the board quick. I'd be delighted to hear everyone's thoughts on this!
  10. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Just gone back and Re-read it @Donal and that appears spot on. I hadn't twigged that this applies even if the enemy unit being targeted was just in combat and fulfilled the criteria - I thought I'd was just when they charged - that's amazing!
  11. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    That's a really good point about spearmen - I was just about to rip their arms off and make them into swordsmen, but you now that's thrown a curveball. Getting 40 swordsmen in range will be tricky, whereas with the smaller units, I never really saw the point in spearmen. They may now come into their own! A quick question - I see the suggestion of using the guard as a screening unit for the ranged units - could someone talk me through how this is achieved while still maintaining LOS for the ranged? Do we feel that there will still be a place for the Freeguild Regiment (or State Troop Detachment in more casual games)? The,company ability listed here seems good without a points cost from what I can see! The regiment was great for the to hit buff, but now we're looking pretty strong on battleshock. I guess most people will drop the battalion?
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Loving the new points! Particularly pleased that the General on Griffon is getting a points decrease! He's great but I always felt he was very expensive for what he did and limited me elsewhere. A quick question. I notice that people are regularly putting several Freeguild Generals in their army - is there a reason for this other than the fact you get two in the pack ? :). I feel I'm missing something crucial!
  13. Project Freeguild

    These look awesome - really like your Blue and White colour-scheme. Wish I'd gone for that back in my youth when I first started painting mine, rather than picking Averland Black and Yellow! In my re-emergence to AoS 15 years later, I just decided to stick with my original colour scheme with the new models I'm painting up. It looks a formidable force, and you've done well to rebase them all to circles! Good work
  14. Roll to save mortal wounds

    Brilliant thank you for both answers!
  15. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Well, after picking up a unit of 20 crossbowmen for £3 off ebay, mostly because they were so cheap and a unit that I didn't have, I played them last night in "Ultimate Siege Weapon", and in cover in a defensive situation, they were amazing! I converted some old bretonian archers into further crossbowmen so I could have a unit of 30. I was able to get them buffed to a 2/3/-/1 with the possibility of rend, and they just took down everything that came their way with their double-shots. They are definitely my new favourite unit!