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  1. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked before - is there a points value for the battalion in the Bloodbound start collecting box? I cant spot it anywhere and have my first game with my army in a couple of days.
  2. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    You're right, and it makes a million percent sense now you've explained it! I forgot how a dice works
  3. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Thanks for the advice guys! I did mean 30 crossbows but for some reason wrote 20! My maths for 30 crossbowmen was that on a 3+/3+ (as a result of hold the line), firing twice would mean 30 hits from 60 shots, and of these 15 wounds - but maybe I'm using the wrong calculation? My logic for a 30-strong unit is to maximise their bonuses so that if one dies they don't lose them such as if I took a unit of 20. It is costly points wise and as pointed out above, it's hard to then get them all in range!
  4. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    Fair points indeed. I think I've enjoyed it partly because they have been 1000 point games and they were actually three player games, so starting positions were a bit closer. So I guess the advantage there is that you get reliability by including a Gunmaster for 200 points which you don't get with a cannon in that price-range. I understand what you mean about them being similar to Handgunners etc however with only -1 rend. I think against heavier opponents or larger points values, I'd still roll with cannons. I'm considering my next 1000 point battle which I know will involve some defensive play. I have 300 points left over for a ranged defensive block, and I'm torn between taking 30x Handgunners and 30x Crossbowmen? Both would be played with "Hold the line" command ability from the general and probably not move far from their starting position. Instinct and "ooooh this is fun" draws me towards crossbowmen with the idea of sending 60 shots, but if my maths serves me correctly, with full buffs and abilities activated, 30 Handgunners should do more damage once they are on a 2+/2+/-1/1 as opposed to the sixty shots from Crossbowmen on a 3+/3+/0 (or -1 on a 5+ wound) 1 from crossbowmen? by my reckoning you should do 20.8 wounds with 30 Handgunners + rend, as opposed to 15 wounds from 20 Crossbowmen (only 5 of these with -1 rend)? Of course, the extra range of the crossbows may mean an extra shot. TL:DR - 30x Handgunners or 30x Crossbows?
  5. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    So, thinking on allies, just thought I'd mention that I've found the Hellblaster Volleygun with Gunmaster a decent spend of 200 points! Inevitably quite random with the shots it spews out due to it being 3D6, being able to re-roll those dice due to the engineer (super-useful if the gun blocks due to rolling doubles, but also if it comes back with something really small like 5 shots). They are also down to a 2+/3+/-1/1 per shot if the unit is within 13''. Due to the fact I always roll appallingly with a cannon, I seem to have had greater success with the Hellblaster of late, easily wiping out a unit of Bloodreavers on their journey across the battlefield towards me, and causing significant damage to other low-save masses. So if being careful with points spent on allies, these two for 200 points seems a good deal as far as I'm concerned!
  6. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Thanks for this! Could you still clarify on the size of the figures though? Bigger or smaller than goblins?
  7. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Hi really quick and dumb question - I'm playing as mixed Chaos (mostly khorne) in 4 player games with friends - and as they are heavy ranged armies, I need a ranged option myself! I'm going to make myself a Skaven Ratling Gun or two by modifying other models into something resembling one - (we're a very accepting group when it comes to conversions and play-as), however I'm unsure of the height of Skaven and this particular team? I was going to use some old Grots and mould them into Skaven from there (longer nose, add a tail etc) but want to keep a relatively true LOS - are Grots about the right height, or am I way off the mark? I figured two square bases kept next to each other would also be about right? Apologies for my ignorance on Skaven, and my cheap approach to playing some!
  8. I ended up in a very similar situation last week... my friends and I have been trying out the Triumph and Treachery rules and so far we've done three player as Freeguild/Ironweld Arsenal vs Destruction vs Khorne. The first game I started in an appalling starting spot cornered by an opponent on each side. We were also using a battlemat that used a river with two crossing points which made life more interesting but also very hard to swarm the enemy en-mass. Freeguild ripped me apart with ranged from the other side of the river while Destruction ploughed into me with heavy hitters on the far side. Didn't go well. For the next game, I took three Skaven Ratling Guns with me. As we're only teaching the Freeguild player the game still (he's using my other army), we aren't playing allegiance abilities, so for the second game I decided to broaden out into Mixed Chaos as I wasn't getting Bloodtithe points anyway. These guns managed to take out the crew of a Ironweld cannon quickly which reduced the hammering I was taking. More crucially than that, my opponents spent so long dithering around with attempting to take out the rattling guns that it pulled their ranged units away from my big hitters. In the end, I won the game due to the distraction they caused more so than their actual damage. One of them even killed itself due to failing the special ability for 4D6 shots, and got three mortal wounds... If you're desperate to go Khorne, Skullcannon could work, but I cant vouch for how effective it is. I would recommend the Ratling guns otherwise if you're happy with Mixed-Chaos!
  9. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Okay, so I took the plunge and managed to get the Khorne half of the starter-set cheaply off Ebay - so this has given me a Mighty Lord, Bloodsecrator, Khorgie, Bloodstoker, Blood Warriors and Blood Reavers as a very small starting force. My plan is to get the Bloodbound Start Collecting box around Christmas which I believe would get me to 1000 points. What would be the best advice moving forwards in terms of units and heros to buy on the route to 2000 points? Obviously I'm taking the Mortal route currently but am not averse to adding some Daemons later down the line. I tend to play objective based matched-play with friends and am not currently a tournament-player, but wouldn't mind one day giving one a go! Thanks in advance for the advice and looking forward to being a part of Team Khorne!
  10. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Great write-up - being a Freeguild player (investigating starting a Khorne army) I particularly enjoyed the last report - gave me a good idea of how they match up! Really like the black colour scheme also - especially the Khorgies! Good work
  11. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Double post sorry - please delete!
  12. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Thanks @Keldaur I'm sure I can push an extra £25 or find both cheaper than from GW directly Looking forward to trying it out! I'll maybe look into the daemons box a bit later!
  13. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting into Chaos and see Khorne as a good starting point! I'm a freeguild player but have "competed" my army so much as one can. I'm therefore thinking of something other than Order! How is it working out for Khorne players currently - are they as stronger faction as they appear? I was thinking of kickstarting my army with the Thunder and Blood box (to also bulk out my small Stormcast force ) and the Bloodbound start collecting box. I believe this would give me : 1 Bloodstoker 1 Slaughterpriest with Hackbridge 15 Blood Warriors 20 bloodreavers 3 mighty skullcrushers 1 Khorgarath Coming in at 840 points but throw in a battalion and we"re around 1000. Does this sound like a good starting collection? £100 is probably the most I can dedicate to getting started. Which those equate to - is there anything else I should be investing in instead? Looking forward to it!
  14. Where to start with chaos

    Hi, I'm also taking a first-look into Chaos. I'm a Free People's player, but I've actually got to a point where I've "completed" my army and literally cant squeeze anything else into it on the field (especially now the Free Peoples allegiance ability is pretty good!). I'd like to try something other than Order, and so Chaos has caught my eye. I was considering getting two big boxes to start me off: Thunder & Blood (I can use the Stormcasts to bulk out a small force I have to take me to about 1000 points, before turning to Chaos) and the Slaves to Darkness start collecting. This I believe would give me: 20 Bloodreavers 5 Blood Warriors 1 Khorgorath 1 Bloodstoker 1 Chaos Lord Sorcerer 1 Chaos Chariot 5 Chaos Knights 12 Chaos Warriors (an annoying number as I see they are pointed as 5's!) Sylath's Warhost Batallion. Does this seem like a good starting force? Obviously the Slaves to Darkness would align themselves to Khorne. My usual opponents are Dispossessed and mixed-Destruction armies. I'd ideally not want to spend more than £100 on the starting force (which this equates to), so if anyone has any suggestions of another cost-effective way to start, I'm also all ears!
  15. Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    I believe a shield and stately war banner is fine from the warscroll as it just says "occasionally a Freeguild General will have the honour of carrying a Stately War Banner into battle" rather than "or". By occasionally, it translates to "always" as it's a lifesaver. The only dilemma on the shield is whether you take that or a pistol. Personally it's shield all the way, as the pistol has a very short range and not worth sacrificing a 3+ save. An additional question relating to great companies. With Line of Sight, have people been playing a particular formation to allow as many of the shooters to see past their guard unit whilst remaining in range?