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  1. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Dear Nighthaunt bros, I attended a local 2k tournament yesterday, 3 games with some soft scores, below is the list I took; Allegiance: DeathCairn Wraith (60)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Cairn Wraith (60)- Artefact: Lightshard of the Harvent Moon Cairn Wraith (60)Tomb Banshee (80)Tomb Banshee (80)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)3 x Spirit Hosts (120)Mourngul (400)Mourngul (400)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 1860 / 2000 Game 1 was against Dispossessed in knife to the heart his list was roughly; LeadersWarden King (120)Runelord (80)Unforged (100)Battleline20 x Longbeards (240)- Axes or Hammers40 x Warriors (280)- Axes or Hammers20 x Hammerers (360)- Dispossessed BattlelineUnits10 x Irondrakes (200)20 x Thunderers (240)War MachinesCannon (180)Cannon (180)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 1980 / 2000 he basically bubble wrapped his objective with the warden king, cannons and thunders, iron drakes & runelord were bubble wrapped by some long beards & unforged and hammers or something were tunneling. Summary of the game was; I smashed into his unit of longbeards & thunderers with 3 units of spirit hosts, 2 wraiths and a mourngul & popped lightshard & ate the unit fairly easily. Other mourngul & banshee's screamed and went into the big block of warriors, thunderers & cannons to get some nice -1 to hit from the mourngul general & remaining spirit hosts protected my objective & controlling table space to put the deep striking unit in a position i wanted. Basically ate his whole army by end of turn 3 and had more than enough spirit hosts to chew through the deep striking unit. - major win nighthaunt game 2 was against mixed khorne in scorched earth his list was roughly im forgetting something but i cant remember; LeadersWrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (330)Bloodsecrator (120)Slaughterpriest (100)Slaughterpriest (100)Battleline10 x Flesh Hounds (200)- Khorne Daemon Battleline (Karanak General)5 x Blood Warriors (100)- Goreaxes- 1x Goreglaives10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Reaver Blades3 x Mighty Skullcrushers (140)- Ensorcelled Axes- Khorne Bloodbound Battleline (Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut General)Units2 x Skull Cannons (320)2 x Khorgoraths (160)BattalionsGore Pilgrims (180)Total: 1890 / 2000 Summary of the game, he gave me 1st turn, i brought up a mourngul, 3 units of host, cairn wraith with light shard & a banshee. Got 4 turn 1 charges off and 1 shot a slaughter priest, took 3 wounds off another . From there i just sucked at making save rolls and my army didnt have the numbers to stay in combat and got grinded away, 2 turns i was off one of my objectives but i thought you didnt need to hold them but the mourngul burnt 1 of the flank objectives. Blood thirster killed 3 hosts on 1 wound left and burnt my open objective resulting in him winning by 1 point. So just bad luck there but couldnt be helped - Major loss Nighthaunt Last game was against a power Sylvaneth list in blood and glory, his list was roughly. Allegiance: OrderLeadersAlarielle the Everqueen (600)Branchwraith (80) - balewind and the aoe spellBranchwraith (80)Treelord Ancient (300) - teleport abilityLoremaster (100) to baby sit alarielleBattleline20 x Dryads (200)20 x Dryads (200)5 x Tree-Revenants (80)- Sylvaneth BattlelineBattalionsGnarlroot Wargrove (180)SceneryBalewind Vortex (100)Total: 1920 / 2000 opponent set up woods on an objective entirely, i lost the roll for sides and was stuck with one of my own objectives that i couldn't really hold properly. Same thing again i got turn 1, decided to drop everything in because i was scared of the aoe spell rolling good and killing all my characters, tried to scream off the branch wraith before she went up on the balewind and was not successful even with it being a long shot, failed my charges by 2 banshees and the mourngul into the same branchwraith which made me sad. Long story short got charged by the bettle, took 5 wounds off my mourngul, got held in combat by the banshee, got the priority next turn and put 10 spirit hosts in combat with the beetle, popped light shard and one shot her off which was amazing! two mourngul's ate basically 20 dryads and had their eyes set on the other blob on the other objective. sadly by trying to avoid the aoe spell from the branch wraith i spread out a little too much and the tree revs teleported onto the objective covered in woods and took that and treelord teleported in on my other objective and killed 2 hosts to secure the other objective. that sucked the most knowing that i could have very easily won that game if i was paying better attention to my army position - major loss Nighthaunt. All in all i was really happy with how the army plays, i feel it will always struggle agaisnt bodies & mortal wound heavy armies (like everyone) but i feel with more games under the belt it will be fairly strong in my local meta & potentially more of the aussie meta. Like it doesn't have many tools but same time it really works most of the time. I feel like it really lacks magic defence so im interested to trial putting in a vampire lord with flying horror & just hunt around buffing the mourngul & character hunt things, war machines etc but ill keep everyone up to date with my games!
  2. Lets chat Soulblight

    ive used them as allies in my nighthaunt army and just took 1 unit of 2 against seraphon. I felt they were awesome as they were helping my army against all the shooting, made my opponent want to get rid of them, just parked it up next to the lazer lizard, skinks and the skink priests. cheap and annoying (Y)
  3. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    extra attacks and improved save for free?
  4. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Ruler of spirits & light shard are imo the go to items depends if you're building for specific scenarios or just a general list (better armour save & midnight tome in the hero capture scenario for a 2+ save is pretty rad)
  5. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Yeah other than hold stuff up my hex wraiths do nothing, i feel like i going to drop mine for a second mourngul and drop a wraith
  6. Death FacehammerUK 2017: What happened?

    they are heaps more tanky with the changes which is great for munching big units people overlook how OP a immune to rend 3+ save is
  7. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    i was under the impression that leaving a combat is a retreat, happy to be corrected
  8. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    also going to a local 2k one day tournament in a couple weeks, going to take this as my list and see how i go; LeadersCairn Wraith (60)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Cairn Wraith (60)- Artefact: Lightshard of the Harvent Moon Cairn Wraith (60)Cairn Wraith (60)Tomb Banshee (80)Tomb Banshee (80)Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt BattlelineUnits2 x Bat Swarms (80)- AlliesBehemothsMourngul (400)Mourngul (400)Reinforcement Points (0)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 80 / 400 I think Blood knights and a Vamp lord are stronger and more flexible than another mourngul but I'm just using the models I have got. But thinking anti infantry and character hunters will be mournguls baby sat each by a banshee, wraiths to baby sit the spirit hosts for big/ elite stuff and bat swams because a 12" -1 to shooting isnt bad thing i think Should go ok hopefully!
  9. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I played a game earlier in the week against nurgle daemons and a glotkin & epidemus in battle for the pass his list was roughly ; LeadersThe Glottkin (420)Epidemius (180)Great Unclean One (240)Battleline30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (270)10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100)10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100)6 x Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle (200)- Tamurkhan's Horde BattlelineUnits3 x Nurglings (80)3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220) 1x plague claw catapault i took; LeadersCairn Wraith (60)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Cairn Wraith (60)- Artefact: Lightshard of the Harvent Moon Cairn Wraith (60)Cairn Wraith (60)Cairn Wraith (60)Cairn Wraith (60)Battleline10 x Hexwraiths (320)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline3 x Spirit Hosts (120)- Nighthaunt BattlelineUnits3 x Fell Bats (80)- AlliesBehemothsMourngul (400) Took wraiths mainly due to high LD being daemons and felbats because i felt they would do more work than bat swams and he didnt have any other real scary shooting long and short was i won by 1 point. Wraits with Dam 2 and big units helped heaps, left my objective open and a drone on 2 wounds scored 8 points because i made a mistake. Highlight was the GUO being left with 3 wounds after 6 spirit hosts attacked with LSOTHM, did something like 18-20 mortal wounds and he rolled like a boss on his nurgle saves. go nighthaunt!
  10. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I feel like it would be nice the lightshard helped 6x spirit host and the mourngul delete 20ish bloodletters vs a save i didnt need and damage that couldnt be matched by the lightshard its all situational i suppose
  11. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    played against blades of khorne today playing knife to the heart senario, which i was super worried about - shooty blood thirster -skull taker - stoker -banner - 2 slaughter priests - 30 letters -10 reavers - 10 blood warriors - skull cannon - skull grinder - gore pilgrims i tookLeadersTomb Banshee (80)- General- Trait: Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Tomb Banshee (80)Tomb Banshee (80)Tomb Banshee (80)Cairn Wraith (60)- Artefact: Lightshard of the Harvent Moon Cairn Wraith (60)Battleline5 x Hexwraiths (160)- Nighthaunt Battleline5 x Hexwraiths (160)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline6 x Spirit Hosts (240)- Nighthaunt Battleline3 x Spirit Hosts (120)- Nighthaunt BattlelineBehemothsMourngul (400) obviously his list isnt super optimal but got the major win by controlling both objectives. highlight was the letter bomb not charging first turn and getting reduced to 2 with half my army charging it, 2 banshee's screaming away the unit of reavers in 1 turn and the rest of the blood warriors and 1 hex wraith putting 4 wounds on the blood thirster haha go nighthaunt
  12. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Says end of the phase, doesnt specify what order you need to do things, much like bloodbound's effectiveness can be different depending on the order chosen
  13. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    they way i run it is a line of swordsmen, line of handgunners then a line of crossbows i would see it swordsmen get charged initiating piper shooting, then grand company would trigger the cross bows or am i being optimistic?
  14. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    sorry if its already been covered, but just curious if it has been cleared up or FAQ re: piper shooting and great company assistant units? 2 rounds of shooting or one?
  15. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    interesting ^ agree that heavy hitters aren't an issue if they are swapped by chaff units