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  1. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I've been trialing it and I have been using it on a unit of 9 hosts and its been a little hit and miss, like its handy & 3+ ignoring rend is so good & an arcane bolt to finish off a character is really good but Idk i kinda miss my lightshard with 9 hosts to blow stuff up. it feels like im lacking some punch & feel like my opponents are less scared with just a average wizard with 4 wounds vs on average 36 attacks re-rolling missed hits also x infinity regarding a battalion, the army would be soooooo rad with 2 artefacts & would love like a 7 wound character / special character(yes im waiting for that herald of nagash)
  2. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    im doing a Les Martin army just because i love the stardrake & drac cav models
  3. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    just ask your t/o or opponent & if they are cool with it, why not regarding rules, i see their purpose & the free move is great but i just think would i rather another 10 guard and some spare points or another 10 handgunners or crossbowmen i suppose it comes down to the usual 'whats in your army & how do you want to use them'
  4. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    ^^ haha it wasn't hard at all, lots of nice people & good to watch some competitive games with a beer im keen to give it a go! lots to finish off but will be nice having it done, need to go order a couple griffons!
  5. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    nice meeting you on the weekend @MrCharisma i fully derped and forgot to say goodbye to Dan and yourself on Sunday so my apologies there. great to see the Freepeople there and doing well! Made me check out what I have exactly & keen to bring them up to 2k now haha :-) thanks for the article, some interesting points and things ill consider as well
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    thinking of dusting off the old free peeps after realising i really don't have much to make this list i want to run. I just need to paint 15 Handgunners, 3 swordsmen, finish my hurricanum & buy two griffons. might not be cutting edge but be interesting to see how it goes at my local meta LeadersFreeguild General (100)- General- Stately War Banner- Trait: Indomitable Freeguild General On Griffon (260)- Shield & Greathammer- Artefact: Armour of Meteoric Iron Freeguild General On Griffon (260)- Shield & GreathammerCelestial Hurricanum With Celestial Battlemage (380)- AlliesBattleline30 x Freeguild Crossbowmen (300)40 x Freeguild Guard (280)20 x Freeguild Handgunners (200)20 x Freeguild Handgunners (200)Total: 1980 / 2000Allies: 380 / 400Wounds: 152
  7. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    3+ with a 5+ 6+ with 10 wounds needing a better save? id rather buff a big unit personally light shard is boss when you can tag 3-4 units gaining the re-rolls, my record is 18 mortal wounds from 6 spirit hosts
  8. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    also that 3 griffon army seems interesting! i would just need to aquire 3 griffons in order to run it (really want to use FG in 2k but so many bodies to paint T_T) also would that list struggle a little with units that fly?
  9. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Ive been toying with the idea of the pendant or a midnight tome & a death star unit of spirit hosts of 9 or 12 (bear in mind i run 21 in my army) i ran 9 in a 1000 point game against dead watch FEC and it seriously won me the game, not so much that they killed tonnes (did one shot a unit of 3 flayers) but they are so durable @ 3+ save that & I run 2 mournguls and a big unit of hosts is another unit where they dont know where to concentrate their shooting or combat at, ive found people really under estimate how durable mourguls are and leaves the hosts to cause some trouble just thought I would share
  10. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    they are a really good army, naturally like anything if you play them badly they are not very forgiving but they have some stupidly good units & combos
  11. Warriors of Chaos.. How to Arm them.

    prob would help peeps explaining your list and how you intend to play it sorry for missing that detail A trend im noticing is that you need to give people all the facts /ideas for better engagement
  12. Warriors of Chaos.. How to Arm them.

    i would say decide what role you need them to fill & arm them based on your requirements. Its a little bit of an open ended question as you may only want to run units of 5 and have them as objective holders or may want to run a unit of 3 and be a front line tar pit unit etc etc
  13. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    I just cant get enough time off work to drive down with the Toowomba boys & cant afford flights to sydney & drive up with some of the clan flith dudes Like i said if i could I would appreciate the offer but!
  14. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    the important part, money unfortunately! its ok there is always next year ^^
  15. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    i wish i was able to go