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  1. Ok then! Here is the story of the birth of Moldek... First I rolled some d100 and d1000(!) to get a description of the dude : starting body, already we're in pretty creepy territory : giant leech + dog (front legs) then you roll a number of times on the huge Chaos Attributes table (keep in mind that some attributes can take the form of d3 more rolls on this or another table) : bestial face - dog / well he does already have dog legs spits acid / always useful right? beaked / Beaked leech-dog, sure manic fighter / Probably pissed off about only having front legs cloud of flies / A classic mood setter for your DIY chaos deity crossbreed snail (snail shell) / Snail leech doggy! vampire / makes sense, he is a quarter leech after all tail / at this point why not? I think this part is from a different, demonic attributes table, probably Chaos Rewards : mouth captive / just some dude trapped in its mouth vents (holes blowing steam) / more dramatic! reborn / he keeps dying and being reborn, like the most fucked-up phoenix you've ever seen familiars - snails & leeches / Probably chose that one myself to go with the theme weapons : knives, length of chain, wooden club / nooot a lot of hands to use them with but what do I know? I'm not a Chaos God So my god, Moldek, can be described as a huge leech whose body extends into a serpentine tail, dragging himself around with a mangy's dog front legs. His head also looks like a dog's but curves into a rapacious beak, dripping with acid. One can sometimes hear a muffled scream or catch a glimpse of creatures trapped inside the beak, slowly drained of their blood, at least until he swallows... On his back is a huge, ancient, worn out snail shell, with creeks and holes that cloud him in a foul fog, where carrion insects buzz endlessly. Small leech-snails crawl over and around him, feeding off any blood they can find, including their master's. His skin is slowly shrivelling up, hair falling and limbs getting shaky. As he seems to reach his dying point, unable to carry his own shell, he drags his dried-out husk inside the shell with a raspy sigh. After a short while, a slightly different, but still oddly similar creature emerges, fresh skin and sharp claws, and starts crawling... I tried to imagine what kind of worshippers he would attract, what human emotion he could feed off, and came up with this : Moldek is the god of preys and parasites, cowards and runaways, pariahs and scavengers. He is the one people turn to when they are lost and running for their lives, when their mind is urging them to find a dark hole and crawl into it. A minor chaos deity, Moldek draws his power from weakness and vulnerability. He does not aim to submit great warriors or mighty wizards. His worshippers are the gangly thief scheduled for hanging, feverishly trying to dislodge a stone from his damp cell's wall, or the terrified farm girl, trembling inside a dead tree after abandonning her baby to the wolves. I also generated his various demons and his table of rewards to his followers and wrote some more fluff, I'll post it if anyone is interested, but right now I need a break from writing...
  2. Love this thread! My brother actually bought both of the original realms of chaos books a decade ago (slaves to darkness and lost and the damned), they are really fascinating and filled with lore. Also so many random generation tables Now that I'm back into the hobby, the first project I'm working on is a warband of followers for a minor chaos god I created using their random chaos god generator. You can generate the description and attributes of your god, his daemonic pantheon (greater demon, lesser demon and beast), the kind of gifts he bestows upon his worshippers... If anyone is interested I'll post up the description and basic fluff that I got from these tables
  3. @VBS this is really cool! I didn't know that guy at all but I love it, great stuff On the modeling side I just found this crazy army from someone called rebecca, some of you probably have seen it already. It's 40k with a strong blanche / inq28 vibe, but A lot of the ideas could fit in aos too :
  4. @cheetorI love your blog, came across it a few days ago Good job on the terrain, I'm in the process of painting a garden of moor too, great kit even though it's a bit rich in terms of skulls... Looking forward to more stuff from you!
  5. Nice! Are you building your own garden of morr?
  6. @VBS great stuff! I love that realm of chaos vibe... There's also plenty of inspiration in renaissance art, the most notorious are probably bosch and bruegel, but for terrain / mood another great one is piranesi. His drawings of real and imaginary ruins have a crazy sense of scale and darkness that really fits the vast universe of aos imo :
  7. Excellent choices @WarbossKurgan ! Iron Sleet was probably the blog that got me wanting to get back into painting and converting, they have great projects with excellent photography, very powerful atmosphere... @Bigbossredskullz 's work I first saw here on TGA, but I stumbled into his blog a few days ago while feverishly clicking every link I could find on some other blog. Great stuff too! WilhelMiniatures looks really cool, this is a style of painting and color choices that I'd love to emulate. So many great stuff online! I remember when I only read white dwarf, and the rare article about stuff like ally morrison's Mordheim possessed warband just blew my mind! Now I just keep finding new awesome projects everyday, it's almost overwhelming sometimes... Not technically AoS most of the time, but with a lot of great, old-school style stuff is Amateur Hour. Also some cool scenery and a bit of scuplting, which is always a plus in my book
  8. @ArcheiosAggelos they look great! It's cool to see some "good guys" warbands, with that nice variety of looks and not just the same uniform / size for every model. It always seems so much easier to convert cool stuff when you make chaos models, or maybe it's just my personal taste... Can't wait to see the other models painted. It's also cool that you have a campaign with some npcs, I'd love to play games with that kind of rpg feel,that makes the setting feel much more alive. As for something I'd like to see more of, if you have some terrain I am VERY interested, as I am in the process of trying some stuff out for my first real gaming table
  9. Hello everyone, I'm sure we all have a favorites folder full of inspiration for dark fantasy miniatures, I know I've been scouring the internet for dark art and hobbyist blogs, and I thought it would be cool to share and discuss Porst anything that inspires you, whether it's a short story, a kitbashing blog, a bosch painting or some vacation pictures! As long as you feel it adds to the myriad of dark recesses one could find in the vast universe of Age of Sigmar... I'll start off with my latest find, although a lot of you probably already know it : Gardens of Hecate is a croatian hobbyist's blog, tremendously inspiring, wonderfully dark stuff with strong influences from John Blanche and Ian Miller, eastern folk tales, oldhammer and others. Every post is awesome and full of creativity, makes you think "why didn't I think of that?" So now... Show me what you got!
  10. Very nice! I've read your fluff and I love the idea for this guy- feels very unique and like something out of realms of chaos, characterful and with that nice bit of randomness. based on the illustration you posted that you said inspired you, I wonder if it might look cool to have a white eye shining in that empty socket - might give that crazed vibe... just my 2 cents other than that this is a seriously cool model with a great paintjob, well done.
  11. Very interesting, I love seeing wip shots of projects like this, especially the terrain
  12. This looks really cool! I hope you're still making it The modular warmachine terrain you linked too is also really awesome, too bad it stopped being updated...
  13. @bottle don't know if you're looking for this but I'd love to contribute to Hinterlands. While I don't play much at all I am an artist and I'd love to have a project that lets me do some dark fantasy illustrations. I know I'm far from the level of GW illustrators but I want to work on realistic drawings, and if I can offer some illustrations for your Hinterlands book I'd be thrilled Here are some illustrations I did during my latest Mordheim kick three years ago (holy ****** time flies) : I don't know if I'd be able to do big scenic drawings (though I'd love to try) but I know I can manage small decorative illustrations like there used to be in the old GW rule books. You know, a crow on a couple of skulls, a far away warrior contemplating a ruined tower, a mysterious treasure chest, that kind of stuff... I understand that style is a matter of taste so no worries if you're not interested, and additionally to anyone reading this, if you need a couple of drawings feel free to ask me and I'll try to provide!
  14. Nice! Must be cool to play on that
  15. Here's 2 other guys that are 90% done, I'll post them up with some flavor text when they're fully finished. Can't seem to be able to format well on mobile so here they are in order : the swine thief, The inbred fear-serf ,and my most recent kit-bash, the Deserter. I know the pictures are not great but I'm open to any criticism and tips, about painting or converting