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  1. Goal 1 - I have to check my tracking log, which I don't have on me at the moment. Goal 2 - so far so good. First quarter, I attended a local tournament where I came in 2nd and Crucible Orlando where I won Best Painted and also won 1st in the Team Tournament. Second quarter, I attended a local tournament where I took first. I don't know what I'll be attending 3rd quarter, but I'm lined up for Crucible Orlando 6.5 in the fourth. Goal 3 - no final success yet. But I have had people at a local shop reach out to me for some private demos through my club (the group at that shop is apparently too "close minded" according to them but they are interested in the game), and I am doing some demos in about 2 weeks for some local students interested in a possible school league. I am also running a 40k demo at our club for someond new this weekend. So hopefully this goal will be acheived.
  2. Explain how. Rulings are meant for vague spots. The rule here is quite clear. See my earlier reply for explanation.
  3. The official answer is right on the scenario sheet. How do I control an objective? How do I score points? If I don't have a Hero at the 3" bubble after ANY move, I don't control it. Period. Most common possible objection - so I can claim it in my Movement Phase, then charge away from it? No. Because a charge is still a move. Even says so right in the Charge Phase description. So the charge MOVE ended, my Hero isn't within 3". I no longer control that point. The eligibility of control, PER THE SCENARIO SHEET, is determined after any move is made. Incidentally, this would allow a character to snag an unclaimed objective with a pile in. That's the Rules as Written argument. Please also note that the scenarios that allow you to walk away specifically state you can walk away. This one does not, leading to the implication that you can't. That's the Rules as Intended argument. If your opponent's are claiming they can walk away, they should have their reading comprehension skills tested.
  4. Why does it matter? ****** happens. No plans survives contact with the enemy and all that. At least they're being responsible enough to reach out and admit that things went sideways and that they're trying to make it right. Let's be honest. That's all anyone can ask for.
  5. Step 1: Pack all your minis snugly in cases. Step 2: Buy a bunch of round bases. Step 3: Buy a bunch of new minis. Step 4: Mail me all your dirty square based minis. I will dispose of them appropriately. Step 5: Profit.
  6. With the addition of Staunch Defender, I'd say a Stardrake with a Thundershield certainly rates up there
  7. So? The warscroll itself could only be more clear if it physically manifested a spectral form and hand wrote the keyword on the other scrolls. And if that doesn't convince you... ...the FAQ explicitly states that any models in the batallion would gain the keyword at the top of the batallion... ...which is clearly Swifthawk Agents. On a side note, as a 15 year GW player, let me tell you that bizarre oversights are common and a blip in Azyr is not something to fuss over. The biggest flub I've ever seen was an older Space Marine Codex (the 4th edition one, I think that had the rules for Terminator Armour in the items section (2+ Save and 5+ Invulnerable), but the army list entry for Terminators themselves listed them as having a 2+ save and did not explicitly state in there entry that they were equipped with Terminator Armour. I don't think there was a player on the planet would would have tried to argue that because it wasn't explicitly listed on the list entry, Terminators didn't get all the benefits of Terminator Armour. And that was in the Codex! So don't let an app hiccup worry you.
  8. This. If it helps, remember that this is meant to be a simulation of a constantly moving and swirling your back rank shield guys really aren't "standing still." The models are only stationary because while it would be awesome for GW to sell us tiny living Orruks that actually waged war on our tabletops, it would also be very messy and also illegal thanks to the 1983 ruling by the UN that made the sale of living 25mm scale sentient beings for the sole purpose of fighting an international war crime.
  9. Even though the Swifthawk batallion is an option, I personally like the Eldritch Council approach. Reminds me of the only good part about the Storm of Chaos finale, when Teclis and his 300 Swordmasters waded into a swarm of Daemons. They were chopping up Daemons and protecting Teclis while he prepared the auto-win spell of doom...then denonated it, leaving just him and a handful of Swordmasters standing. The 17 year old kid I was back then loved it. The man I am now would scoff at the convenient writing...but would still love it.
  10. Off Topic... but I ran a D&D game once in which I allowed a player to run a Minotaur Rogue with a two handed axe who was racist against humans. Much to the delight of the party, he wild constantly attempt to hide in the shadows, even while people were looking right at him.
  11. Test #1? C'mon man...that's "documented Test #1 done by a practised hand." Where's the asterisk or the quick talking announcer who says "Results not typical. Your results will vary."
  12. This is terrible... there is no way Dan Heelan can pronounce "sepulcral" correctly...
  13. Alcoholics go to meetings. I go to game tables. Is gaming addiction a thing?
  14. If you're like me, you're already in too deep for professional help. Best to just remember that he who dies with the most unpainted models wins. Or... you could try to tackle your backlog and motivate yourself simultaneously. I am currently working on the Shadows Over Hammerhal box, a Tzeentch army, some reinforcements in the form of Pallador for my Stormcast, a Death Guard army for a league I'm in, and an Iron Warriors army for the same league (yeah... I took on 2 armies for it... wanna fight about it?). Sitting nearby, but not active right now are several Batman crews, a survivor warband for a d20 Zombie skirmish game I have, most of my Dreadfleet ships (unlike most, I adore that game), and about 40,000 points of unpainted minis across multiple systems. I stay focused through the use of a kanban board. There are many free ones available online. Kanban boards are also easy to set up with post it notes and a dry erase board. The general concept is that you lay out your minis on the post its (I used a different color for each sub group - Order is Red, Batman Crew is a Blue, Riddler Crew is green, Death Guard are other green, for example). Then you make sections on your board for hobby steps. Mine is divided into To Purchase, to Build, to Clean, to Base, to Prime, to Paint, Painting, Rebasing, Banked, and Completed. Then, you sort all your post its to whatever column they fit under and get to work. As you complete a step, you move that model's or unit's card across the board until it hits the Completed column. The staying focused comes with you add stipulations to yourself. I've found that I can effectively paint 5 units simultaneously. So I put a big note on the Painting column that reads "FIVE ONLY." I know I can't have more than 5 cards there, so no matter how much I want to paint something else... I need to finish something in order to squeeze it in. I also attach dates to my Painting column cards. If a model sits in that column for over a month, I know something is wrong and I need to address it. Focus also comes from reward. You may have noticed the column named "Banked." That is my reward column. When I miniature is Painted, I moved the card there. Once I have 10 models in that column, I am allowed to purchase one miniature. So if I want a box of 10 minis, I need 100 minis on the Banked column. Once I make the purchase, I move those 100 minis to Completed so I don't give myself credit for them twice. I picked 10 because I have a MASSIVE backlog. Maybe for you, the number is 1, or 2, or 5, or 30. I am held accountable by my dear wife, whom I have asked to help me maintain focus. If I come home with a model or one shows up in the mail, she's checking the board for my 10:1 ratio. If she doesn't see the appropriate number in the Banked column, she takes the new model away from me and penalizes me by 5 (meaning on a box of 5 models, she won't hand it over until I show her the original 50 plus 25... 5 more for each model in the box). You can also help hone your focus with painting times. I can get everything I need to get done every morning finished if I wake up at 6:30. So I set my alarm for both 6:00 and 6:30 every morning. Every morning at 6, I get up and do "odds and ends." This includes, sanding bases, cleaning models, applying large washes, priming, etc... basically, the things that would interfere with actually painting. Then, when my alarm goes off at 6:30, I go get ready for my day. Every evening, I set an alarm for 10 and 11. My wife is the opposite of me, schedule wise. She prefers to do her daily routine at night - and it allows takes her about an hour. So at 10, she heads off to do her thing, and I head to the painting table. When the alarm rings at 11, I stop and get ready for bed. I get something done every single day - but I don't do marathon sessions that might burn me out for the next day. Of course, I have the luxury of having a small child and a job with steady daytime hours. This pretty much guarantees that I have to be home most nights, and I can set myself to a schedule. Some of you whippersnappers are out there chasing girls and listening to your rock and rolls and your Justin Beibers and whatever else it is you kids these days do... so a set schedule may not be very exciting to you. But if you get your projects organized and work on them consistently, they will get done.