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  1. Criti

    2e Core Rules

    GW has also stated on the community website that the Maggotkin book was specifically written with 2.0 in mind. The Maggotkin book states "roll a dice at the start of the first battle round of any battle that includes Nurgle armies, before rolling to see who has the first turn." Page 59. That would indicate a distinct and printed statement of intent. Since intent is so easy to argue both ways, until and unless an FAQ changes the wording, the only valid of interpretation would have to be the construct of language, which is this case is stating a directive (roll every battle round), following by an if/then pair of clarifiers (as they are part of a single sentence, they are properly expanded to "if there is a tie, first player of last turn chooses and if there is a tie, player who finished deploying first chooses.)
  2. Criti

    2e Core Rules

    Quoted for truth, and so I don't have to go through the effort of saying the same thing.
  3. A quick reminder that rules tell us what we CAN do during a game. There is no stipulator whatsoever that I see that would imply either player would get to choose which model counts as the closest in an equidistant scenario. Until we have an FAQ, both models would fit the criteria for the closet model, which would lock the model in place. I suspect it will be FAQ'd to stipulate that the active player may decide, as that as been a trend. But really, until it's in writing, that's jist supposition.
  4. Criti

    2e Core Rules

    They roll, and the person who finished deploying first is the tie breaker. The key is in the sentence breakdown. The comment about first done deploying picking is added as a "but" to the sentence detailing how to handle tied rolls, not to the sentence about the decider.
  5. Criti

    2e Core Rules

    It is quite clear. At least as close to the nearest enemy model as it was at the start of the move. If the closest enemy model is 1" away at the start, that same model must be no more than 1" away at the end. You can do whatever you want on top of that...just don't get farther from that model than you were when you started.
  6. Agreed. There was a sweet spot hit just before the vitriol that made the board interesting to read, but not a big "let's hug it out" circle. I get that we'd like to get back there, but I think this announcement takes it too far to the "Everything is Awesome" phony mentality. In fact, given the low quality of posts coming out since this announcement and the general response lately of the mods to the interesting responses across multiple threads, I have come to the conclusion that this "community" is being pushed toward being nothing more than a "Stepford Wives" style illusion that can be trotted in front of GW so Ben and Co. can show them what a "good job" they're doing "promoting the community." Where there used to be 2-3 posts a day that are worth reading, there are now less than 1 a week, and it's a real effort to create interesting conversation anymore. I've made the decision to vote with me feet and will be walking away from this board until at least the new year. I'll force myself to look at least once at that point, but if it's anything like the game "sunshine and lollipops" it's currently being pushed toward, I don't see myself coming back. To those I've had good discussion with, fair thee well. Criti, signing off.
  7. Criti

    Help with army building

    You can adjust the size of the Warband, of course.
  8. Criti

    Help with army building

    Stop thinking about armies. Just stop. Completely. Okay, now go buy the Skirmish book. Now pick one of your unfinished armies. Now build a Skirmish warband, I recommend 50 points consisting ONLY of models that are not done. Build and paint them- and ONLY them. Pit all the other models away. Out of sight, out of mind. When you finish that project, go play with it. Them write anther warband. Same rules as above. Rinse and repeat until your armies are done. I forget where I heard it, but I once heard the following that can apply here as it can apply to so many aspects of life: "The only time you should look into your neighbor's bowl is to make sure he has enough to eat." I think it's a great saying to live by. Never look to be better than anyone else or have more or whatever. You do you, and make sure you help anyone along the way who has less.
  9. Your sarcasm not withstanding, that's the least of it. See my other points about true measurements. And for some people, pulling models out can be more of a challenge than you realize. Speaking solely for myself, I can tell you that I have 6 full Sabal Army Transports, a KR4 bag, 5 extra KR trays and about 15 or so large, foam lined shoeboxes holding painted miniatures right now. I haven't touched my Seraphon in over a year, so I couldn't even begin to guess what container they are in. So I would have to just start looking through them one by one to even find a Saurus Warrior to help you. And then we get into the measurement issue. Without more specifics on what measurements you want (details listed in my first comment), I could end up spending a whole lot of time only to give you unhelpful info. I don't think it's a stretch for me to say that I try to be helpful when I respond to a thread... and I'm trying to be helpful here, too. I am in no way saying "****** you, I can't be bothered." I am asking for information I consider important to help you properly.
  10. I don't think anyone misunderstands the question. It's just not, for lack of a better words, a good question. You're asking people to go measure "any " models, but with a specific focus on certain models. It is, suffice to say, a very bizarre question, especially with no context as to why you need these measurements. It's also a very annoying question in some regards. Speaking for myself, in order to answer this question I would to need do the following: 1) remember the question when I get home (I imagine a good number of people here check the board on their phones whenever they get downtime during the day) 2) dig models out of multiple army bags 3) attempt to measure the right model accurately (you say Saurus Warrior...is that with hand weapon or spear?) 4) hope I'm actually getting the right measurements (for example, when you say height, do you mean model height foot to head, or true height from bottom of base to top of absolute highest point, which could be a feather on the tip of a banner) 5) come back on the board and post those measurements. It's a surprising amount of effort that, without context, frankly feels like we're secretly being filmed for a practical joke show about Wargaming. Like @BURF1 I assume the question is related to model storage or transport...in which case it's easier to ask what you need to acheive that. But I might be wrong.
  11. Criti


    Not exactly. They move "immediately" at the beginning if the opponent's charge phase. Meaning you would interrupt your opponent at the start of the phase, move the Aetherwings, then your opponent declares charges. Could your move block a lane? Absolutely. Can you declare the move in direct response to a charge declaration? No.
  12. Criti

    How has your list changed?

    Nah. I'd still prefer to enjoy the game. 😚
  13. Criti

    How has your list changed?

    Short answer: lots. My main tournament list was anchored by both a Vanguard Wing and a Hammerstrike Force and was running very tight on points to begin with. With the increase to batallions, I'm back to the drawing board entirely, as the list' s support elements were very finely tuned and I can't see the overall effectiveness working if I removed any of those pieces.
  14. Criti

    NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    To play Devil's advocate, there's very little benefit to GW to cater to people who AREN'T buying new armies. The painful reality is that someone who is playing exclusively "complete" army, or an Army out of production does them no good. Some might argue the intangibles of losing players, but there is no way to put a number on the value of old players. Maybe they are losing a valuable ally who could have brought new people into the hobby. But I would venture a guess that there are far fewer people with old armies inviting new players into the hobby than those who don't. And GW obviously assumes that as well. Really, this is no different than any other industry. Nintendo doesn't want to focus on the guy who waves his SNES around, telling everyone how great it is. People buying SNES products doesn't help them. They want people talking about the Switch. In fact, if I comb through my own life, I can count on maybe 1 hand how many companies DON'T do this. We as gamers tend to just take it more personally and respond to it by jumping to another system because we think a certain company is "more friendly." It's not. You mentioned KoW. If you are an event goer, you have another few years, tops, of using your Warhammer minis. The big Mantic run events are already starting to implement Mantic-only requirements for a certain percentage of your army. Give them time to actuslly finish their range and they'll go to a 90%+ standard. And when they do, most of the independent scene will follow suit, just like it did for Warhammer while GW was still running events. The game is moving forward. Some things are going to get left behind. It sucks, yes. I have plenty that is falling off myself. But it is what it is.
  15. Criti

    Stacks are out! New FAQ

    Only problem is that this question is still in the FAQ: This, of course, implies some abilities will still be able to stack.