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  1. - 4 pounds of butter and a stick of margarine
  2. Again... why not? Do they not represent the Tomb Kings scrolls adequately in terms of armament and feel? Do Mantic Salamanders not do a good job representing Seraphon? Stretching it further, if I wanted to run PP Trollbloods as Ironjawz, why should that be a problem? They have an appropriate base. They have an appropriate stature. There are models in that line that have appropriate weaponry. I can see the argument if I was like "this bro with the gun represents a bro with a 2 handed axe," but I fail to see the issue if I say "these bros with 2 hande swords represent the bros who wield 2 handed swords." ESPECIALLY in an independent shop. I guarantee the shop won't tell someone "don't buy that army of Trolls because the AoS guys want you to play GW models only. " No. They're going to be happy to sell another army of the shelf. I personally take more issue with zero effort "counts as" minis. Trollbloods, continuing the example, could be Ironjawz with zero conversion. They don't look like anything from AoS, so being Ironjawz is as simple as telling the opponent they are Ironjawz. Using a Troll Hag that has been painted green and calling it a Gret Unclean One with no conversion? That's more problematic for me. Now you're using a GW model to be another GW model. That hurts the ability to "recognize at a glance" than a whole army that is armed correctly and/or heavily converted with its own unique look.
  3. Wow. @Auticus - how many points do you the the pills should cost? You know - the valium your opponents need to be taking if they are that high strung about a miniatures game.
  4. Have they tried it? It's a little hard to condemn it just based on what they read.
  5. When I wrap my current one, I'll see if my guys want to start a new one at the shop. It's a great way to work on a new army. If no one else wants to join, that's their problem. I'm all in for a new gaming group - but I'm not the type of person to dictate how or what version of Warhammer I should play.
  6. I'm afraid the joke escaped me, then. The original post threw up a couple goofy things and asked if they were filthy. No other content at all. So the whole thread was started as a joke? I guess I'm missing something here...
  7. If there is one thing I've become convinced of over the last 15 years, it's that "balance" is a term that has no true meaning and is often utilized by people who want an excuse for why they lost. We've made no modifications to the rules and find that the scenarios do a lot of the balancing for us. We also refrain from intentional ****** moves. Sure, our Death player could try to roll up a Mournghul every turn, but he realizes that would hold about as much fun as smoking a 3 year old in a foot race. Does that mean he doesn't summon? Heck no. He tends to use summons to help his army when he needs it, rather than trying to build a 'free' army before the warbands collide. Currently, or rankings are like so: Stormcast (me): 6 GP Death: 4 GP Chaos Khorne: 2 GP Chaos Tzeentch: 1 GP I've played 2 games, manged to win both. Both were 3 player games and I won both stealth style because my two opponents became infatuated with killing each other and practically forgot about me. I got lucky and spiked both d3 rolls. Our Death player has had 3 games. Our Khorne player 2, and our Tzeentch player 1 (he joined the campaign last session). We all agreed that it really doesn't matter how many games each person gets, because even when someone hits 10 GP, that someone has to win their next game. Which we will probably do as a multiplayer game - meaning gang ups are likely. It's going to be great. Do yourself a favor. Throw words like balance out the window. Try some of these things as written. If you don't like then, modify them for next time. If you do like them, you'll find that you worried about balance for nothing.
  8. I LOVE campaigns. I'm playing Path to Glory straight out of the General's Handbook presently and we're having a BLAST. But even more, I love absurd campaigns. With maps and stories and made up items and rules for changing seasons and non-player armies controlled by the Games Master (usually myself), and all that stuff. They are, to me, the core of what a wargame should be. An excuse for grown men to play with toys, drink some beers, and roll some dice.
  9. I don't think anyone here can truly answer that for you. "Filthy" is a topic that needs to be explored by you and your gaming group. After all, of you ****** off your local players by using something they consider filth, they aren't going to suddenly feel better about it if you justify your lists by saying the Internet didn't find them filthy. There are groups out there that might consider a Kunning Ruk batallion to be super filth that they never want to see, while another group 10 miles up the road that wants to fight against them as much as possible to help hone their game. A good rule of thumb to live by - how would you feel playing against either of those? If you're in tune with your meta, that should give you a feel for how it will be perceived.
  10. Social media is all well and good, but it does not make up for boots on the ground. Pick a day and make it "your day." Maybe it's every Monday night. Maybe it's one Saturday a month... whatever. Pick a date, let people know the date, and be there. Every time. On time. And offer anyone remotely interested a game. It is hard, thankless work. But it is the only way to get where you want to be.
  11. If you give them a chance, at least, that's enough. You might be surprised how many shops CAN get those through sellers. Sometimed they don't even know until they check. But I think you should always try local first. If the shop CAN'T accommodate, do what you need to do
  12. Why? What's the justification?
  13. I think you know my opinion on this, given that I was part of that conversation. But I still say that since GW is not sponsoring the group, it's not a GW store, and the store owner doesn't care about sticking to GW. As long as the model has the proper equipment on the scroll, I can't think of any legitimate reason for disallowing 3rd party models. I would prefer people limit themselves to models they can get through the local store... but that is a part of a whole different "pay where you play" discussion.
  14. I have to weigh in with the Celestant Prime. He can come in at any time. He can come in at any place. He can almost guarantee himself a charge, and he's absolute murder in close combat. Very little can survive his attacks, especially if he doesn't come on until Turn 3 or 4. His 3+ Save isn't awful, and mortal wounds tear him down, sure... but the question was about "combat" and whatever he puts himself in combat with will likely be dead before it gets a chance to swing. And isn't that the best defense one could ask for?
  15. Thanks for that image. I really want to see the game that ends in a fist fight now... I feel like the bystanders need to be shouting encouraging things, such as: - Missed a punch- YOU CALL THAT A 3+ TO HIT?? - Someone goes down - OH! THAT'S A FAILED SAVE! -One person kicks the other while he's down - D3 DAMAGE! D3 DAMAGE! Fisthammer. It's gonna be a thing.